Truck/4Runner FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (3 Viewers)

Jan 8, 2006
Ashland, OR
Jan 8, 2006
Ashland, OR
General Info and Links

Nut and Bolt size thread

Toyota Technical Hot-line maned by Wrist Pin:cheers:

Links to way too many Toyota sites...

Technical links

The Ultimate Component Location Guide

Spread the TLCA word with these flyers

Discusion on IFS vs. Solid axle... Plenty of opinions...

Toyota Truck/4Runner model info. Engine/Tranny/T-case/Axle specs, lots of good stuff here.

VIN plate decoder

Lift Laws by state

More lift laws

Truck/4Runner Model info. Engine/Tranny/T-case/axle/Brake/Steering Info, Great page.

Part number thread on 4x4Wire

Other Toy FAQ Links.... Careful, you may get sucked in!

More FAQ links and some FSM links Everything you ever wanted to know about the 1st Gen 4Runners, and more. A great site dedicated to exploration with a 90 Toy Pickup, lots of modifications.

Discussion on early Pickups

4Runner lineage, and Info

More 4Runner history

VIN decoder, fun if you're bored

Part number thread (in progress)

How to build a Toyota rock crawler

Tech Manuals and Literature

Toyota Online Electronic Parts Catalog!!!

Program that lets you save a website for later offline viewing

A few misc. tech things, and The Toyota Electronic Parts Catalog download, Scroll down. I have it, and it's a little hard to use, but there is a ton of info in there.

A bunch of FSM's for online viewing and download

93 Factory Service Manual, for online viewing

84 FSM frame diagrams

1985 FSM

A few FSM's for download and viewing, some still working, some not.

A number of FSM's from

Some more FSM links

FSM for the 1KZ-TE 3.0 Turbo Diesel

Site with a bunch of Toyota tech manuals for download

Site that sells new FSMs and other repair manuals

Misc. repair info, axle bearings, ball joints, drive shafts...
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