"The Green Bastard" My free 85 4Runner

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Jan 8, 2006
Ashland, OR
Here's a few pics for those interested.

I'm still not sure what the plan is for it, but whatever I do you can bet I won't spend much money on it! :D Hehehe :steer::clap::wrench:

Step one is to clean it out, step two is to make it run when not parked. When you have completed those two steps, come back for the rest of your assignment.
Nope, they are different. Damn... Well... Id clean it if you bought my ticket out there, let me visit D'animals cruiser collection, then shipped me back.
Nice paint job. Did they use a mop? :D

I've got some extra taillights if you need them.
Well, I've decided to give it a second life! :D I'm going to wheel the $#(*%&#$ out of it!

It left the realm of free today... But I want it known that I got it running before I spent any money on it!!!! :D

I fixed half a dozen wiring issues today, and I had to cut out a large pile of aftermarket wires... but the stock wiring is surprisingly unmolested, I'm happy! I got the half top bolted down, and one of the side windows installed today.

I drained the tank a few days ago (about 4 gallons came out, and I put 5 gallons of clean gas in), and today I was going to use the pump to clear the lines out by removing the cold start injector, but instead I just jumped the fuel pump and let it recirculate back into the tank for a few minutes before trying to start it....

None of the 3 batteries that came with it would take a charge.... oddly... :D So I ended up putting my battery in, and after 20-30 seconds of cranking, it started to sputter!!! Then it reluctantly fired up, and I say fired as in, it ran enough to know that the engine wasn't total junk... I later found out that one of the plug gaps was closed up with carbon, and the other three were not in great shape.... The plug wires had been chewed on by mice, so it got new plugs and wires and it's much happier now! It has a couple coolant leaks, and one slight oil drip from a pan bolt...

So now the "YouTube or it didn't happen"! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZnpeHw68io

Did I mention it had been stolen? That screech is the power steering pump I think... It went away once it warmed up.

Total $$$ spent to date: $90 on plugs, wires, oil, 90 weight and an oil filter.
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To do list:

Rebuild master cylinder!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek: Pump pump pump pump brakes.... Hehe

Install new inner oil seals in front axle

Check parts stash at my Dad's for lower dash, ignition switch parts, misc. bolts, and a second transfer case for dual case set up.
I need to get out more.....I never see any free trucks, much less solid axle toys. nice find!! I would spend a few hundred on it and not feel bad, it's worth the money. have fun!
save your self some time and just send it to me.

put some brake fluid in it, that res looks way low.
give them a good bleed.

alternator belt is loose and glazed.
be sure to check your fuel and brake lines in case the rats got to those also.

where is the steering column?

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