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Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA
80 series coil & shock specs

A few years back 80 series suspension was fairly easy to figure out & purchase since there was only a few of options to chose from. Recently there has been a few suppliers stepping up to play in the USA 80 series market offering more options. Now with a plethora of options, it has become confusing to figure out.

I compiled a bunch of specs on suspension components that I have researched & I wanted to get it all in one place for reference. Enjoy.

(If you see any info wrong then please PM me to get corrected.)

Links that I have resourced specs & info from.

80 shock thread - familiar territory could use update

Slee - 80 Series Land Cruiser Newbie Guide

OME Lifts discussion for the FAQ

OME shock length just doesn't make sense!

Collapsed shock minimum length question

Dobinson 3 inch Flexi coil review

Dobinson 3 inch Flexi Coil Review Pt.2

Reconstruction after rollover - building the White Rhino 3" Tapered vs 4" Flexi

Going from OME 50mm to Dobinson 3" Tapered Coils: What All Is Needed?

OME pdf spec carts
Start at page 145 for 80 series coils.


Terms for different type of coils.



This will help with the mm dimensions.
Millimeters to Inches (mm to in) conversion calculator


Stock Shock Specs

Factory fronts 13.9"/23.7"
Factory rear 14.2"/23.8"

I'm still working on this mess below
Stock Front Coil Specs

These spec are all approx., reason is most people "speak or write in general."

Referenced resource :
LC coil spring Color codes - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum

FJ80/FZJ80 Vs LX coil springs

(3-FE weight is more than 1FZ-FE)

3-FE 91-92 LC
48131-60230 FR 15x6 steel wheel
48131-60810 FL 15x6 steel wheel
48131-60260 FR 15x7 aluminum wheels
48131-60820 FL 15x7 aluminum wheels

21" Grey Orange White 9.25 wraps (91/92)
20.75" Blue Pink White 9.25 wraps (91/92)

Equipped on trucks with 1HD turbo diesel and mechanical (PTO) winch.
Part number 48131-6A760
20.25" tall. 8.5 wraps. 0.583" wire diameter.

48131-6A470 LH 01.08.1992 - 01.11.1993 FZJ80
48131-6A480 LH 01.11.1993 - 01.08.1994 FZJ80
48131-6A490 LH 01.08.1994 - 01.01.1995 FZJ80
48131-6A470 LH 01.01.1995 - 01.07.1995 FZJ80
48131-6A490 LH 01.07.1995 - 01.01.1998 FZJ80
48131-6A460 RH 01.08.1992 - 01.01.1995 FZJ80
48131-6A450 RH 01.01.1995 - 01.07.1995 FZJ80
48131-6A460 RH 01.07.1995 - 01.01.1998 FZJ80

20.25" .558" Blue/ Yellow/ White/ 8.75 wraps LF (96/97 LX450)
19.5" .555" Green/ Yellow/ White/ 8.25 wraps RF (96/97 LX450)

19.5" .570"/ Purple/Green/White/ 8.25 wraps (1993,1997 D side)
19" .561"/ 2 Purple/Light Blue/White/ 7.5 wraps (1993,1994, 1997 P side)

19.25" 2purple/ green/ white/ 7.75 wraps (1997)

19.25” 2purple/ dark Blue/ white/ 8 wraps (1994 D side 1997 P side)

1FZ-FE US FZJ80 front coils # as per year
48131-6A470 LH 01.08.1992 - 01.11.1993 FZJ80
48131-6A480 LH 01.11.1993 - 01.08.1994 FZJ80
48131-6A490 LH 01.08.1994 - 01.01.1995 FZJ80
48131-6A470 LH 01.01.1995 - 01.07.1995 FZJ80
48131-6A490 LH 01.07.1995 - 01.01.1998 FZJ80
48131-6A460 RH 01.08.1992 - 01.01.1995 FZJ80
48131-6A450 RH 01.01.1995 - 01.07.1995 FZJ80

48131-6A460 RH 01.07.1995 - 01.01.1998 FZJ80

Coils still available
FL (48131-6A480) 18.75" green/ orange/ white 7.75 wraps
supersedes 6A470 & 6A490
(I'm still needing a picture of this coil)
FR (48131-6A570) 18.5" 2purple/ grey/ white 7.5 wraps
supersedes 6A450 & 6A460


Stock Rear Coil Specs

Rear left 48231-6A120 Rear right 48231-6A250

97 LX 450. Color listed in order from bottom to top. Rears have 6 coils
RR- 2 blue/ Red 5.5 wraps
LR- 2 White/ White 6.25 wraps

18.5" .600 15.2mm 2 pink, yellow, 6.25 wraps (1997)
18.75"" .610 15.5mm 2 green, green 6.25 wraps (1997)

Here is a picture of a Land Cruiser FZJ80, Lexus 450, and an OME 850J (all front)
FZJ80 19.5" .570"/ Purple/Green/White/ 8.25 wraps (1993,1997 D side)
Lx450 19.5" .555" Green/ Yellow/ White/ 8.25 wraps RF (96/97 LX450)
OME 2850J 20.27" 9.75 wraps

If you like you ride & handling of the stock coils but want to use a longer shock like the L shock then one can just add a 30mm coil spacer on top of the stock coil to get enough free height to prevent the coils dropping out at full extension of the longer L shock of 26.5"

AS basic as I can tell you is the L shock was made for an 850J coil which the free height = 20.27"/20.67" The shortest OEM coil stands at 18.5" then add the spacer 30mm/ 1.18=19.68". I ran a 850 equivalent free height coils of 19.48" with the L sock without any issues of coils falling out, so it is safe to say as long as your free height is at least 19.5" you can run a shock the extends to 26.5" like the OME L shock without coil falling out. Does this make since?
GW Nugget's Family Haulin Lx450 build page #12 post #224
If you add a 30mm coil spacer to stock coils one can run the longer OME L shocks.
The OME L shock suits the 850J coil which is 20.27"/20.67" in free height.
If any other coil with same free height or taller can run a OME L shock which extends out to 26.5" measured at the collars.
So, if you add a 30mm to a stock coil of 19" then it comes out to 20.18"
Even the shortest replacement coil (48131-6A570) at 18.5" will work.
I have ran 850 coils with L shocks no problems... they are 19.49"/19.88"
See picture below.
OME shock length just doesn't make sense!

What is my lift height?
I found this.

Another I found... its very close to the above, but shows where to measure the rear.


Also the general consensuses is 20" from center of hub to bottom of flare (COHTBOF) is were 20 year old spring generally net. So, if you have a 23" COHTBOF it is a good indication it is approx. 3" of lift front & rear.

@TRAIL TAILOR posted in one of his threads this:
A few years back we put new Toyota springs on Andrea's 97 from the dealer. After the new springs, the front was at 20.375" and the rear at 21.125" I just measured it and my 92.

97- 3 year springs and 24,680 miles on them-- Front 20.00 Rear 20.625"
92- guaranteed these are original with 206K on them-- From 20.00 Rear 20.50"

King and TD say their coils are based on lift over factory "showroom" heights.

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Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA
Old Man Emu

OME pdf spec carts
Start at page 145 for 80 series coils.


OME shocks

Standard Nitro Charged shocks
60070 front 14.133"/24.291" (359/617)
60071 rear 14.88"/24.6" (378/625)

Longer Nitro Charged shocks
60070L front 15"/26.259" (381/667)
60071L rear 15.236"/26.496" (387/673)

My actual measurements.
My measurement of the 60070L is .25" longer than spec. 15.25"/26.5"

Pics below is of front 6007L shock

The hybrid or level combinations are as follows for lightly loaded rigs.

One can use the longer L shocks (60070L/60071L) to keep coils captive.
1.5" lift 861/862 plus 30mm spacers
2.5" lift 850/860
3.5" lift 850J/863

Below are some pics & links to support my theory of level stance.

Here is a 850J/863 install from @Tools R Us
Tire Lowering on Rich's '80


850J front, 863 rear, 37s?


Installed 850J/863 L shocks


100 Series springs for level stance

OME 866 on a 80 series?



Old Man Emu dual rate coils are the 861, 862 & 866 see charts above.
2861 front 10mm lift ~170/250# rate ~ 480/490mm (18.89/19.29") ~ 16mm wire ~ 10.4 turns
2862 rear 20mm lift ~ 170/260# rate ~ 460/470mm (18.11/18.50" ~ 17mm ~ 9 turns
2866 rear 40mm lift ~ 240/300# rate ~ 465/465mm (18.3/18.3") ~ 18mm ~ 9 turns

2862 or 862 below

2861 or 861 below


New addition to the OME line up P-51 adjustable

BP51's measurements are below:
Front 5160012: 14.33" - 23.85"
Front 5160014: 15.31" - 25.8"
Rear 5160013: 15.27" - 24.05"
Rear 5160015: 16.25" - 26.02"

@bryson wrote: I think it should also be noted that of all shocks listed in this thread so far, the OME BP-51s are the ONLY bolt-in bypass option for an 80 at this point. Some others are adjustable, but are not actual bypass shocks.

More info here thanks to @cruiseroutfit


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Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA
Dist through Apex Overland , Land Cruiser Heaven & Dobinson USA & more.

Dobinson carries several types of coils Linear, Flexi and Tapered in many lift heights.
Dobinson Catalogue Toyota is on page 34
Dobinson linear coil specification chart

Specs for newer updated VT coils:
Here is a good resource link.
Dobinson reports that stock height is 20" front & 21" rear
(Folks have reported back heavy loaded 23 to 23.5" lightly loaded 24 to 25" hub to flare measurements)

2.5" front C97-146VT (23.43/23.82") 18mm wire @15.5 turns, 140/220/290# rate
2" rear C97-147VT (21.06/21.46") 19mm wire @10.4 turns, 160/215/285# rate

(Folks have reported back heavy loaded 24 to 25" lightly loaded 25 to 26 hub to flare measurements)
3.5" front C97-144VT (23.82/24.21) 18mm wire @13.5 turns, 140/200/290# rate
3" rear C97-145VT (21.06/21.46") 20mm wire @10.2 turns, 180/270/340# rate



2.5" Tapered lift
(Loaded 80s are netting 23" Center of hub to bottom of flare with the 2.5" coils)
2.5" front C97-146VT (The 4" or 6" lift shocks suit the 2.5" Tapered front)
2" rear C97-147VT (The 4" lift shocks suit the 2" Tapered rear coil)

3.5" Tapered lift
(Loaded 80s are netting 24" Center of hub to bottom of flare with the 3.5" coils)
Dobinson 3.5" Tapered vs 4" Flexi
Going from OME 50mm to Dobinson 3.5" Tapered Coils: What All Is Needed?
3.5" front C97-144VT (The 4" to 6" lift shock suit the 3.5" Tapered front coil)
3" rear C97-145VT (The 4" lift shock suit the 3" Tapered rear coil best)


Variable rate stock height replacement coils
Stock height suspension options - Dobinson
Stock height variable rate suspension review
Front C59-210V - 160-239lbs - 475/485mm (18.7/19.09")
Rear C59-221V - 166-239lbs - 460/470mm (18.11/18.5")

1.5" Dual Variable Rate 40mm lift
C59-220V ~160-239lbs ~ 495/505mm (19.49/19.88")
C59-269V ~ 160-239lbs ~ 480/490mm (18.89/19.29")

2" Dual Variable Rate 50mm
Front C59-222V ~ 182-239lbs ~ 525/515mm (20.67/20.27")
Rear C59-223V ~ 160-264lbs ~ 445/455mm (17.52/17.91")

3" Flexi
Dobinson 3 inch Flexi coil review
Dobinson 3 inch Flexi Coil Review Pt.2
(The 3" or 4" lift shocks suit the 3" Flexi coil)
Front C59-612V
Rear C59-613V

4" Flexi
(The 4" or 6" lift shocks suit the 4" Flexi coil)
Front C59-614V
Rear C59-615V


Dobinson Yellow Shocks
(Rec BS= Recommended Back Space)

0"-3" lift shocks
GS59-683 Front 14.56" - 24.72"
GS59-682 Rear 15.03" - 24.80"
4" lift shocks
GS45-912 front 15.35" - 26.37"
(Rec BS .5")
GS59-687 rear 16.02" - 26.77" (Rec BS 2")
6" lift shocks
GS59-684 front - 16.53" -28.66"
(Rec BS 1.5")
GS59-685 rear - 17.00" - 28.74" (Rec BS 3")

Yellow shock Bump Stop Recommendation
(As per David Otero @ Dobinson)
4" lift shocks:
GS45-912 needs about .5" of bump stop extension with a minimum of 525mm/20.67" coil length
GS59-687 needs 2” of bump ext. with a 505mm/19.88" minimum coil free height to stay trapped
6" lift shocks:
GS59-684 needs about 1.5” bump stop spacing with a minimum coil length of 570mm/22.44"
GS59-685 needs a 3” extension and minimum of approx 555mm/21.85" coil length to stay trapped

The 4" lift Dobinson yellows are a bit longer than a OME real L shock.
(Hmm... Also notice there is a little play room to stack additional washers to change shock length)

I have been told the Dobinson yellow shocks are softer on compression & slower on rebound compared to the OME L shocks.
OME versus Dobinson shocks
Installed rear 4" lift shocks

Dobi MRR shocks
Front: MR59-60682 - 2.5" Shock body / 1" Piston rod / Progressive valving / Remote res.
Rear: MR59-60683 - 2.5" Shock body / 1" Piston rod / Progressive valving / Remote res.
Front right
Rear right
Below is a set of 3.5" Tapered fronts.

3" Flexi rear vs. OME 863

3" Flexi fronts vs OME 850J


Dobinson 4" Flexi Coils

@Nay added these comments in post #92:
Hopefully adding something useful this time. First @GW Nugget is right - the color scheme is meant to be:


It’s like adding teenage girl nail polish to toxic sea foam.

Second, the free height of the 4” Flexi rear coils is almost 23” - that spec was missing in the original post. Having seen the rears in person now I have also ordered the fronts.



@Nay added these comments in post #139
Dobinson’s front 4” Flexi installed. This coil is shorter than the rear, about 22.5” free height. Way more coil than the front can use in any case - I dropped the whole front end on both sides to the stretch point of the brake line, leveraged out the old coil with a 4’ bar and kick method, and then used compressors again for the Flexi.


As compared to the FOR Gen II it replaces.


I’ve picked up about an inch of lift at all four corners. I’m right about 25.5 hub to fender (no flares), wrapped around the tire. I’ll measure more carefully tomorrow in the daylight.

Ride quality for my relatively light rig with the Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks is outstanding. The front feels pretty much the same outside of what I think was some coil damage from my accident - the front driver’s got torqued pretty good with frame bend and a bent radius arm and it had lost about a half inch of height.

It’s the rear that feels like it has more control - there is a lot of extra coil and it feels extremely well dialed. This seems a shift in rear coil design philosophy, more than just “longer shock”.

Definitely a clean 4-4.5” lift and seems very well thought out and executed. My 37’s are going to look a little bit small now. The coil color, OTOH, is perfect.

Pic of the stock replacement variable rate coil C59-210V

Stock height variable rate suspension review

Stock height coils
Stock height variable rate suspension review
Front Coils
C59-210V - Standard height, stock load - variable rate (best riding option)
C59-174 - Standard height, stock load - linear rate
C59-168 - Standard height +15mm lift (0.6"), with 250LB load (bumper and winch) - linear rate. Picks up the front a bit taller than stock with the heavy load to reduce some rake front to rear
Rear Coils
C59-221V - Standard height, stock load - variable rate (best riding option)
C59-243 - Standard height, stock load - linear rate
C59-169 - Standard height, heavy load with 300LB load (rear bumper, etc) - linear rate.
Front Shocks
GS59-683 - Heavy duty twin tube nitro gas shocks - For 0-3" of lift
SD59-824 - Heavy duty big bore steering damper with new fittings - works with or without lift
Dobinson full 80 series coil listing

Convert mm to inches
Millimeters to Inches (mm to in) conversion calculator
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Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA

TourFlex & Tough Dog
dist. through Trail Tailor

Trail Tailor carries two brands of suspension lifts from stock height to 6"

Tourflex Lift Installation


(All TourFlex coils can run up to 26.5" shocks)
F = Light Flex 0-660#
HF = Heavy Flex 661-1100#

TDC-948/2F ~ 600/590mm ~ 13.5-16.5mm ~ 12 turns ~ 190/250#
ALL other fronts are a Heavy Flex for use with bumper, winch and add second battery.

Below is 75mm Heavy Flex Front coil springs
Tapered 17mm to 13mm diameter wire design
270/220# Free height 545-535mm (21.45"-21.1")

Pictured below is 75mm TOUR FLEX 80/100 Series Rear
Light Flex
0-660# load range 250/170# Free height 590-580mm (23.23"-22.84")
Heavy Flex 660-1100# load range 320/180# Free height 555-545mm (21.85"-21.46")

50mm TourFlex rear coil springs for 80 series
These will be the same dual rate tapered wire design as my 3" coils.
Pictured is TDC-949/2F
Tourflex vs OEM


Tough Dog Suspension

Tough Dog 2" Suspension Kit - 80 Series

Stock height coils are NLA, The 25mm is a more common item I usually stock.
1" Front TDC948SL ~ 490/480 ~ 16.5 wire ~ 200/250# ~10 wraps
1" Rear TDC949SL ~ 490/470 ~ 17mm wire ~ 220/280# ~ 8.8 wraps

Convert mm to inches Millimeters to Inches (mm to in) conversion calculator

Tough Dog Shocks - 80 Series
Trail Tailor Foam Cell Shocks Review

Tough Dog has 40mm & 45mm 9 stage adjustable along with a 41mm foam cell non adjust.

41mm Foam Cell specs:
0-3" lift Front 16.25" - 25.75" (Rec 1" BS)
0-3" Rear 15.50" - 25.50" (Rec 1" BS)
4" lift ???

40mm 9 stage adjustable shocks:
0-3" lift ???
4" lift ???

45mm 9 stage adjustable fronts:
2" lift 16.06"/24.05"/8" (Rec .5" BS)
4" lift 17.12"/25.9"/8.8" (Rec 1.5" BS)
6" lift 17.87"/27.87"/10" (Rec 2.5" BS)

45mm Rear:
2" lift 16.06"/24.05"/8" (Rec 1.5" BS)
4" lift 17.75"/26.53"/8.77" (Rec 3.25 BS)
6" lift 18.92/28.93"/10" (Rec 4.5" BS)

Aussie Shock Comparison Test

This is posted by @malteserunner
@malteserunner posted this install What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?Knocked out the rear Tourflex suspension. Everything fit as it should. Very nice quality on these parts!
  1. img_20180222_133603_186-jpg.1639549

    image (1).jpg

  2. OME L shock compared to 41mm Tough Dog...


    Obligatory coil comparison. OME 863J and Tourflex 3".


    41mm foam cell shocks are made by either Gabriel or Tenneco (Monroe) in the US or Mexico. Then sent to AUS for QA/QC, batch testing and final assembly/packaging.

    Mine have Gabriel on the bushing.

  3. And, done with the front...


    OME L front shocks are a bit longer than the 41mm Tough Dog.


    And, the springs side by side. Tourflex 3" vs. OME 850J.


    Very pleased with @reevesci 's excellent service, great communication, and quality product. Look forward to my next purchase from him, the redneck skid plate.

    You can find these suspension pieces here... Featured Products

@NateMob #s for the 2" heavy TourFlex
948/2HF Front center hub to flare edge, 22.5"
949/2HF Rear center hub to flare edge, 23.5"
35/12.50/17 Goodyear MTRs



@NorCal97 came by this morning and I got to see the 3" TourFlex on his rig with 315s.
Sitting at 24" F and 25" R with a 1" Body Lift.
5 degree castor plates, 41mm fronts and 45mm 9 stage rears, Adjustable RLCAs, 3F rear coils and F & R adjustable panhard bars.



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Jul 25, 2014
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Slinky Long Travel
Dist. through
Mill Creek Overland

Resourced from:
80 series Slinky/ICON Long travel suspension officially coming to the U.S.A.
Slinky Long Travel Suspension Systems
Auto-Craft Suspension Kits
Auto-Craft Suspension Kits
50mm info 97 LX450 Build

50mm lift
50mm Int. front AC5300 (21.5"/21.75") 10.5 turns
50mm Int. rear? (I don't believe they offer a Int. 50mm coil)

50mm HD front SC50804F (70mm Patrol coil) 160/240 dual rate ~ approx 14 turns
50mm HD rear is a 75mm Int. 7501 coil
(These coils can be ran with the longer option 28" shocks)

Woody's 80 runs this lift see pictures below
Darren @AutoCraft Aus thank you for sharing the rate of Woody's 80 series 50mm front Patrol coils in this thread post here Slinky Long Travel Suspension Systems of 160/240 lbs.
With such a low COG and tall free height that allows the longer 28" shock, I believe this to be a true little hidden jem.
It seems to be more like a Intermediate coil rather than a HD coil though. To suite lightly loaded 80s, does Slinky offer a true 50mm rear intermediate coil?

75mm lift
75mm Int. front AC7498 (23.62/24.21")(13.5/18.5 wire) 13.5 turns 160/260#
75mm Int. rear AC7501 (21"/21.13)(14.5/19.5mm) 10.5 turns 160/270#
75mm HD rear AC7511 (21"/21.25)(15mm/20mm) 10.5 turns 160/320#
AC7511E extra HD 330# linear coil

AutoCraft Spec Icon 2.0 IFP SHOCKS
Front AC56509 15.35"/26.17"
Rear AC56510 15.6"/25.67"
Front AC56511 16.85"/28.17" (Rec BS 1")
Rear AC56512 16.85"/27.42" (Rec BS 1")
(Bump stop recommendation by Dylan)

AutoCraft Spec Icon 2.5 SHOCKS
(I'm working on specs)

Woody's 80 below


22-3/4 front 50mm HD front SC50804F (70mm Patrol coil)
23-1/2 rear 75mm 7501 coil
Center hub to flares



Above is the 7498 Int fronts & below are the Int. 7501 & HD 7511.


7501 75mm Intermediate 10.5 turns~160/270#


7511 75mm Heavy Duty 10.5 turns~160/320#



On rig under weight

Slinky vs OME 850J

Slinky rear bump stop is 30mm taller than stock. (this would equal a 30mm bump stop extension).

Resourced from:
80 shock thread - familiar territory could use update

Our slinky coils front AC7498 are 260 lb [SNOWY has these]
rim to fender is 800-825mm, and because the last 2 5/8" thick coils are completely dead, it allows us to trim heights to suit by removing a coil if we need to.

We also have a 290 lb front for fully loaded diesels. This is a linear coil for the 670mm shock length, but not Slinkies. Its an 810 - 820mm rim to fender height.

Our AC7501 rears are 270lb intermediate, 810-830mm rim to fender and AC7511 320 lb HD 810-830mm rim to fender.

330 lb longer lineear coil 30mm higher AC7511E extra HD 830-850mm rim to fender.

We also have a 495 lb rear coil for big heavy extended chassis tourers 830-860mm rim to fender.

All our slinky coils are 160 lb on the tapered wire section.

We normally try and work to a 30mm [1 1/4"] rake when vehicle accessory fitted but unloaded as we see it to install.

Our intermediate coils drop approx 12mm [1/2"] per 100kg [220lbs] of load.

Our HD drop approx 8mm [.315"] per 100 kg [220lbs] of load.

How we measure those, rim to fender, for 80 we talk 16" rim, and add 12mm for 17s, 24mm for 18s, etc.

This makes it easier with deep dish wheels, than centre of hub, and removes tyre pressure variants.


Millimeters to Inches (mm to in) conversion calculator
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Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA
Icon Vehicle Dynamics
ICON 1991-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Performance Suspension Systems & Shock Absorbers - ICON Vehicle Dynamics

80 shock thread - familiar territory could use update

3" Icon dual rate suspension

53005 front is 190/300 ~ 21.5"
53006 rear is 220/280 ~ 20"
Rear coil rate changes between 12.5" & 13.5"

2.0 VS IR shocks 0" to 3" lift
Front 56509 15.35" - 26.17"
Rear 56510 15.6" - 25.67"

2.0 VS IR shocks 4" to 6" lift
Front 56511 16.85" - 28.17" (Rec BS 1")
Rear 56512 16.85" - 27.42" (Rec BS 1")
(Bump stop recommendation by Dylan)

2.5 VS RR resi 0" to 3" lift
Front 57801P 15.35" - 26.68"
Rear 57802P 15.97" to 26.30"

2.5 VS RR resi 4" to 6" lift
Front 57803 15.95" - 27.88"
Rear 57804 16.97" to 28.3"

VS = vehicle specific
IR = Internal Reservoir
IFP = Internal Floating Piston

Stage 1 kit below with 2.0 shocks

Notice these coils do not touch each other.

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Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA
TJM 2" Progressive
80 Series Coils | TJM USA
Shock Absorbers | TJM USA

(Contribution of specs by @Shoredreamer from the thread Where to buy TJM progressive springs?)

TJM Front 50mm- 770FR80C: 21.2”/20.8” free ht. 16.5mm coil, 10.2 winds
TJM Rear 50mm - 770RR80C: 20.27”/19.8” free ht. 17mm coil, 8.8 winds (145/250lbs)
They are a taller coil with more winds vs. OME medium/heavy which likely means a more supple ride and lower spring rate. Very good on an unladen 80.

TJM Tiger 9 way adj shocks-
Front 14.6”/24” 9.4” stroke
Rear 15.15”/24.25” 9.1” stroke





After a lot of reading I have found that most people who have stock to light rigs really love the suspension it's really great but once you start putting heavy thing's in your rig like armor and bumpers and drawers and stuff these rear coils just can't handle the weight. @Shoredreamer had this set up till his 80 got fat.
@Heckraiser posted this about his 2" TJM 50mm lift.

For reference, this is TJM 50mm progressive with 315's no extra weight in rig. No 3rd row = pretty level, very minor stinkbug. 2nd and 3rd row out = slight stinkbug. Squats just a little bit with my trailer hooked up (about 120# tongue weight?) No bump stop spacers and no issues with 315's *as long as you keep the weight down*


SuperFlex kit



Data here for the Iron Man Foam Cell Pro


Other Suspension kits

Terrain Tamer

FJ 80 Terrain Tamer suspension install

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Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA

Specs & pics from @spyduh

SOF4FM 4" Medium front is for plus 150 lbs
Driver Side 505mm/Passenger Side 515mm ~ wire size approx. 19mm ~ 12.5 turns

SOF4RHP 4" Heavy is for plus 300 lbs
Driver Side – 510mm/20.08"/Passenger Side – 520mm/20.47" ~ wire size 21.5mm ~ 10.25 turns

As per @baldilocks post:
The heavies are a 4” lift spring if your rig weighs something like 7k pounds. Mine lifted my rig almost 6” empty and what I call a full load only mashed them maybe an inch to 1.5” inches so I still had at least a full 4” of lift with my version of a heavy load. And they don’t ride harshly unloaded. A high quality product.


Front SOF4FM 4" Medium Approx. 19mm

SOFR4HP Slee 4” heavy Progressive rears vs OME 868 +30mm



1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450
Slee 4" or 6" Suspension Upgrades

Photo Gallery

The Slee lift kits were designed to give you the ultimate in off-road ability yet retain great street manners. Offered as a direct bolt on or DIY kit.

These kits consist of all the parts necessary and recommended to lift the 80 Series correctly while addresses all of the drive line and steering geometry changes when going to a 4" or 6" lift. Using proper spring rates and adjustable rods and arms, together with caster correction methods that does not require drop brackets, you achieve the maximum under carriage clearance without sacrificing driveability.

Slee 6" Lift Kit

* Subject to change

The 6" lift kit was develop as the ultimate off-road kit available for the 80 Series Land Cruiser. This kit approaches the maximum possible lift for a 80 Series Land Cruiser before one enters the world of custom fabrication and redoing the link system due to excessive angles and possible damage/binding when articulating. Although the truck is still 100% drivable and has handling, this is the kit that we recommend for the people that want to run 35" or larger tires and want to play hard.

The Slee 6" coil springs are a heavy spring rate to accommodate most accessories commonly fitted to off-road trucks. The SOF5FM and SOF5RM Medium Load springs are set up to handle 250 lbs in the front and 400 lbs in the rear and still yield a 6" lift. For extra heavy applications the SOF5RH Rear springs can be installed.

The stiffer spring rate were chosen for minimal body roll on-road, yet still retain good articulation off-road. This offers a much improved ride over using a softer spring with spacers to achieve the same lift height.

Caster is addressed by custom Slee front control arms that machined as a single piece from 1.75" plate. The arms are ready for installation with Toyota OE bushings installed. The arms correct both caster and the positioning of the front axle.


Panhard rods (sometimes called lateral rods or track bars) are supplied with custom machined adjustable joints ensuring that the axle tracking can be dialed in 100% for each vehicle, no matter the lift height.

Vibrations are addressed by a double cardan front drive shaft to ensure smooth operation. The rear drive line angles are adjustable by using the rear adjustable upper control arms. In most cases the pinion can be rotated down to correct the rear drive line angle changes. In rare occasions, this is not possible and a rear double cardan shaft must be installed to ensure smooth drive line operation.

To prevent over stretching of the brake lines, a set of direct replacement Slee DOT approved lines are supplied. These lines come complete with clips, and feature a sheath covered woven steel braid. The lines are 4" longer than stock length.

The necessary drop brackets and spacers are supplied to return sway bar close to stock positions. Bump stop drop blocks are supplied to ensure that the supplied OME Nitrocharger Sport Series Shocks are not over compressed and damaged. The kit is supplied with longer direct bolt in OME shocks to ensure proper articulation. Slee Shocks can be substituted for additional performance.

1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450
Slee 4" Lift Kit


The 4" lift kit was put together for people that want to run up to a 35" tire, have good handling yet still use the vehicle on a daily basis for commuting or long overland trips. The spring rates were chosen to give a stable on-road ride, even for heavily loaded trucks.

As with the 6" kit, the spring rates of the SOF4FM and SOF4RM springs are chosen for 250lbs additional weight on the front and 400 lbs in the rear.

This kit contains all of the same parts as the SOF 6" Kit, except the springs yield 4" lift.

Instead of the front control arms, this kit corrects the caster with the Slee Caster Plates. These plates provide caster correction by using the stock front control arms but rotating the mounting points. Minimal cutting is required to fit the plates and a small amount of welding is recommended on the fitment.
Slee has theirs published as:
Front SOF1227: EXT: 18.0" COMP: 12.5" (STROKE: 5.5")
Rear SOF1230: EXT: 25.2" COMP: 15.2" (STROKE: 10.0")
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Shock specs & info

Screenshot_2017-12-09-11-36-31 (1).png

Shock manufacturers give specs without bushings & collars like pic above. You must add the height of the bushings & collars to get accurate mounting measurements.


1 bushing & 1 collar = approx. 1"


No coils sitting on stock bump stop info:

My compressed measurements for the shocks without coils sitting on OEM bumps measured from mount to mount (metal to metal) front is 18.5" & mount to eye bolt for rear is 16.5"

Collapsed shock minimum length question
Also here’s the rear axle sitting on bump stops +30mm (1.2”). Notice the coil bucket cushion touching at the same time. Take what you will from it.


OME shock length just doesn't make sense!


Both of my compressed measurements of the OME "L" shocks are 15.25"


(This is just a rule of thumb for bump stop spacing to protect longer shocks)

Since 1 bushing & 1 collar = approx. 1" you must add 1" to the shock on each stud end shocks.
The eye bolt end does not.
Plus add 1" for safety crush.

Look below, we have 15.25" OME L spec shock plus 2x1" plus 1" for crush = 18.25" mount to mount surface.
So from above we know the 80 series mount to mount measurement is 18.5" so the OME L shock below will fit without needing any bump stops.
So, now we know once a front shock specs out past 15.5" compressed it most likely will need a bump stop unless the manufacture gives a recomendation.
Does this help?

For the rear the 80 series mount to mount surface is 16.5" So a max spec shock length with out a bump stop is 14.5".
This is why a 15.25" rear OME L shock needs a minimum of .75" bump stop to protect it.

Stock shock specs

Factory fronts--13.9"/23.7"
Factory rear--14.2"/23.8"

Fox 2.0 non res IFP
(Internal Floating Piston)
dist by

Accommodates: 3" to 4" lift
Front 985-24-076 15.6"/25.95"
Rear 985-24-0787 16.65"/27.25"

Bilstein 24-014786 rear 594/365 mm 23.38"/14.37"
Bilstein 24-014779 front 591/380 mm 23.27"/14.96"

Pro Comp E9000
Pro Comp ES9000 Shock Information and Specs

Pro Comp

Model - Body - Min - Max - Range - Upper - Lower
924530 - 2.36 - 14.56 - 24.50 - 10.12 - Stud - Stud
924514 - 2.36 - 14.52 - 24.70 - 10.18 - Stud - Eye

927530 - 2.00 - 16.27 - 27.76 - 11.49 - Stud - Stud
927510 - 2.00 - 15.80 - 27.29 - 11.49 - Stud - Eye


Iron Man Foam Cell Pro

King 2.5 specs
Compiled 80 series suspension component spec thread... shocks, coils & more.
From @@Qball post
Won’t have my kings 2.5 3-4 inch lift shocks till next month but I finally was able to get some specs. They are NOT yet making 2.0 shocks for the 80 because the 80s are so heavy they don’t think 2.0 shocks will be sufficient at least not to their standard.

All kings current make are 2.5 with remote and the 2 models are with or with out compression adjust, I think the one with compression have additional feature of internal 1 inch bottom out bump assist. Both version have flutter valves to creat 2 zones/stages of damping. I didn’t find out about the bump assist or I would of coughed up the extra money for the adjustable version, maybe during my first rebuild. They are custom shock place so they can be order however valving you want and as many extra features as you want.

The King’s current 80 specific 2.5 shocks valving profile is developed on @@jtwopark 's 80, they had it for 2 months. So they definitely spent a lot of time refining valving for a heavy fully armored 80. They do have soft, medium and hard valving however to suit your needs, or just go full custom.

Kings 2.5 for 0-2 inch lift
Front 16.119 - 26.144
Rest 15.679 - 25.709

Kings 2.5 for 3-5 inch lift
#25001-351 Front 17.181 - 27.206
#25001-352 Rear 17.044 - 28.301

Kings 2.5 for 6 inch lift
Front 18.937 - 31.711
Rear ?????

Resourced from @@Qball post


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Bump Stops

Slee sells them at Slee - Toyota 80 Land Cruiser Suspension Spacers

Slee Bump Stop Blocks - 1993-97 Land Cruiser / LX450


@Hitit66 here on mud sells nice aluminum ones along with sway bar extension blocks.
80 series rear bump stop spacers 1 1/4''



1.5" front pucks




Also here’s the rear axle sitting on bumpstops +30mm (1.2”). Notice the coil bucket cushion touching at the same time. Take what you will from it.


King Shocks Bump stops

image (6).jpeg

image (5).jpeg

New Dobinson bump stops

Delta bump brackets for Icon 2.0 hydraulic bump stops
FJ80 Hydraulic Bumpstop Mounts w/ 1" Spacer
I've also read they now have 1/4 lift version.


These are called the Active Offroad Bumpstops by Timbren.

Active Off-Road Bumpstops - Timbren Industries Inc. Suspension Products

The front ones are working well for me without modification. The rears come with a very tall steel tower. Proper height can vary from one truck to the next, but in checking for accurate height on my truck I removed ~1.75" from the tower to get them to the right height for my lift and 37's.
I take back the "no modification" comment. These come with a round cup that goes between the rubber bumpstop and the frame bracket. I trimmed the sides off the cups so that they don't make contact with the coils in the front and with the tire in the rear.

Front timbren

Not fully compressed rear.

This is the rear bump before cutting 1.75" out of the tower.

Front control arms

SuperPro Lift Correction Arms for Toyota Landcruiser - SuperPro

80 Series 2- 6 dropped Radius Arms for Landcruiser FJ80 FZJ80 [SUPR_DropRadius3] - $1,499.50 : Extreme Landcruiser, Upgrades for Extreme Offroad Performance
Superior Engineering Superflex Radius arms for 2-6" lifts.


Slee front control arms. Designed to correct caster for 6" lift

Skinny Front control arms for more articulation.

Delta Vehicle Systems - FJ/FZJ80 Caster Correcting Front Radius Arms
If your rig is lifted, you NEED to fix the caster! Make sure you get all the extra flex your lift offers by installing our narrower arms.

Stock arms are ~36.2
2” arms are ~0.05" longer
4” arms are ~0.25" longer
6” arms are ~0.41" longer


FJ80 Delta Panhard Lift Bracket

Review: Delta VS Panhard Lift Bracket

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Caster correction:

Caster correction Bushings.
Most brands sell them TJM, Slee, Ironman etc..

OME Caster Correction bushings

Caster Plates.
Slee Caster Plates. Designed to correct caster on trucks with 4" suspension lifts


Landtank Caster plates (available through Wits End) to correct caster for 2.5" lifts


Landtank Caster plates (available through Wits End) to correct caster for 4" lifts


Drop Brackets
Man-a-Fre Caster correction drop brackets for 2-6" lift.


Caster Bearings
Slee Offroad sells 1* caster & 3* Caster/Camber bearings


Control Arms:

Rear: (Lower)

Landtank HD rear lower control arms available through Wits End from stock to for 4" lifts (photo comparing Landtank arm to stock arm)


Blackhawk (4xOverlandUSA/Slinky) HD lower control arms available through Endless Horizon Outfitters. 11mm added length/rubber bushings

Panhards (Trackbars):

Blackhawk (4xOverlandUSA/Slinky) front adjustable panhard. Rear adjustable panhard also available.


Slee Offroad adjustable F/R panhards


Slee Offroad DIY weld in panhard adjuster


Wits End DIY weld in panhard adjuster


Slee Offroad/SPC with xAxis joint rear HD lower control arms


Slee Offroad HD rear lower control arms


Metal Tech HD Adjustable rear lower control arms


Trail Tailor HD Adjustable rear lower control arms


Rear: (Upper)

Trail Tailor adjustable upper control arms


Metal tech adjustable upper control arms


Slee Offroad adjustable upper control arms


Blackhawk (4xOverlandUSA/Slinky) Adjustable upper control arms available through Endless Horizon Outfitters

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Good work Nugget! Might be cool to upload an image of individual rigs outfitted with each suspension setup so others can determine stance when considering options.


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This would've saved me a TON of research a few years back! Good job. :clap:
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It's about time you did this!! haha
So those 2'' lifts don't require caster adjustment right?? From your experience (anyone) what 2" springs would you go for...light wheeling, not loaded up much


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Some great info in here. I sent you some other info to add if interested. There’s a lot of decent springs out there (depending on setup) and it is unfortunate that not all supppliers provide rate information to the consumer.
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This. Thread. Is. Awesome. Thanks @GW Nugget! How you pried spring rates out of each company, I may never know. Can we sticky this and keep it up to date?
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Great job compiling the info!
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