1. ExpoMax

    New Dobinsons VT series dual rate coils

    Hey everybody Huddexpo here! I was on the phone with David Otero earlier over at Dobinsons and I'm happy to announce a total redesign of their signature Tapered coils for our trucks! This new design will be replacing the existing tapered coil line. As far as I know across the board for all...
  2. KZJ78Sasebo

    KZJ78 Suspension Install; DIY

    Hey guys! My KZJ78 is in need of a suspension upgrade since I still have the old shocks and springs from when I bought it in Japan. I ordered the 2” lift kit from Dobinsons and I have been going around to different shops in my area to see about getting the kit installed. The problem is that...
  3. C

    SOLD  Redmond, WA - 80 series Dobinsons rear bumper, NEW, still in shipping wrap.

    Price: $1830 - updated / corrected for the initially considered price; As title says, for sale 80 series Dobinsons rear bumper with dual swings - tire carrier and dual jerry cans...
  4. 06Yoda


    I'm selling a set of Front and Rear Dobinsons Variable Rate Tapered Coil Springs (3" Heavy). I had them installed for less than a week. Unfortunately they posted almost identical numbers as the Slinky Intermediate coils which I already have. So no since in having these around as well. My loss is...
  5. NudeLobster

    For Sale  Tucson, AZ: Dobinsons C59-675v medium duty progressive rate long travel rear springs for 4Runner/ GX470/ GX460

    For sale in Tucson, AZ are my Dobinsons medium duty progressive rate long travel rear springs. 1.75" lift. Less than a year old. You don't need long travel shocks to use these. They are buttery smooth for a daily driver. I only replaced them with HD varients due to increased weight load...
  6. OffRoadScott


    Hello, I am currently running an OME setup on my 94 Land Cruiser but thinking of upgrading from 35s to 37s, so a little more lift is in my future. I am looking at the Dobinsons 4" springs and ICON 4-6" lift shocks. Has anyone ran this setup in the past or currently? How was the ride, did you...
  7. Cass007

    80s with 35's - 37's suspension question

    I finally got what I thought was all the parts needed for my 3.5:F - 3"R Dobinson's install and 37s, but now having an issue that I need some direction on. The steering arm (I think that's the proper name) is hitting the radius arms on both sides. Can anyone offer a solution? It's severely...
  8. catfishhands

    SOLD  1996 LX450 Grove, Oklahoma

    1996 LX450 166k Miles Open diff New 37” Cooper STT Pros New 17” FN bronze wheels New 2.5” Dobinsons lift with Slee front and rear sway bar drops Slee extended stainless braided brake lines all the way around Dobinsons 3 degree caster bushings Fresh birfield rebuild New wheel bearings new...
  9. G

    Dobinsons 2" Coil Question

    I just installed the Dobinsons 302 Coils on the front of my 2004. The 302s are for stock weight and a 2" lift. I paired them with Blistein 5100s on the lowest setting (yes, I'm sure) and new Dobinsons top hats. My Question is whether it's normal to get 3" of lift on a 2" setup? I'm...
  10. Bill F

    Brief Review: Dobinson’s Suspension (Stock Height)

    By way of background, I am less than a year into the world of Toyota 4x4s – but like many, have always admired the iconic look of Land Cruisers and British 4WD vehicles. So, when an opportunity came to pick up this 1994 Cruiser with 225K miles on it, in good shape and at a decent price, I...
  11. GW Nugget

    Compiled 80 series suspension component spec thread... shocks, coils & more.

    80 series coil & shock specs A few years back 80 series suspension was fairly easy to figure out & purchase since there was only a few of options to chose from. Recently there has been a few suppliers stepping up to play in the USA 80 series market offering more options. Now with a plethora of...
  12. All washed up... new shoes

    All washed up... new shoes

  13. Comparison 33s vs 35s

    Comparison 33s vs 35s

  14. 35s Geolandar M/T+

    35s Geolandar M/T+

  15. half k cruiser

    Dobinsons 3 inch Progressive / Flexi Coil Review Pt.2

    In case you missed pt.1 you can view it here Dobinsons 3 inch Progressive / Flexi coil review . This thread will be my thoughts and photos from my most recent trip. This has been long delayed as I've gathered all of the various pics together and had to resize them for uploading. The trip was as...
  16. half k cruiser

    Dobinsons 3 inch Progressive / Flexi coil review

    I figured I will start recording my thoughts here in case anyone else is interested or I need to review later on. This is going to be a straight up comparison, apples to apples of the OME J lift and the Dobinsons lift. Before: Old Man Emu 850J front / 863 rears OME sway bar drops Fox 2.0 shocks...
  17. Bad80

    Dobinsons 4" Flexi Coils

    Hello everyone! two month ago I was looking to upgrade the rear suspension on my 93 80 series and found out that Dobinsons' springs were being sold here in the US. I was very interested in the 4" coils to replace my OME J springs. After talking to David from Dobinsons, I was set on the new 4"...
  18. crikeymike

    Dobinsons suspension components breakdown for 80 series

    We get calls from customers asking when they should buy a castor kit, or if they need castor plates, and what they need to do to their sway bars, realigning the front or rear axle, what size coil spacer (or trim packer) to use, and all sorts of suspension related questions that are separate from...
  19. LX450JC

    Dobinsons vs. Icon lift recommendations and why

    So I'm in the market for a lift and have narrowed it down to these two. I'm either going to go with the Icon stage 1 or a Dobinsons lift. I am currently running 4x4 labs front and rear bumpers, warn winch and a rear drawer system. I also have a roof rack yet to be installed. Does anyone...
  20. mdandashly

    Made the switch from OME to Dobinsons...couldn't be happier

    When I bought my 94 FZJ80 a few years ago, it had relatively new OME shocks and springs. They were decent, but a few years into ownership, they were torn to shreds and wreaking havoc on my tires and ride and drive quality. Funny enough, the rear shocks were blown out and the front had help up...
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