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  1. DPA200

    Events/Trails  Moab in July

    Heading to Moab for a few days in July and am looking for camping and trail suggestions. I'll be in a lifted 200, 33" KO2's on 17" Rock warriors, BudBuilt sliders, but no other armor. Factory skids and no bumpers or winch. This will be my 1st time off-road in Moab. I have some experience, but...
  2. GW Nugget

    Compiled 80 series suspension component spec thread... shocks, coils & more.

    80 series coil & shock specs A few years back 80 series suspension was fairly easy to figure out & purchase since there was only a few of options to chose from. Recently there has been a few suppliers stepping up to play in the USA 80 series market offering more options. Now with a plethora of...
  3. Kleatus

    The Badger gets a new Tough Dog suspension

    Since there doesn't seem to be a ton of info or end user reports yet out on there on the 60 series Tough Dog suspensions available from Trail Tailor ( @reevesci )I will post up, since I just installed one. My 1989 FJ62 is my DD, and has a lot of miles. Rolled over 391k as of this morning to be...


    About 2 years ago when visiting family in London, I got to ride in a Defender 110 with a Tough Dog lift kit equipped with adjustable shocks. I was absolutely blown away by the ride and handling compared to other lift kits I'd experienced in the past. Riding down the highway/motorway was one...

    Esme - '98 Build

    Hello all, After a 8 month hunt for a 100 I found the right one for my needs and the price/barter was extremely fair. It has been well maintained with good records. For an 17 year old vehicle I score the interior a 8.5/9 out of 10 and the exterior around a 7.5 out of 10. 1998 Jade Mica with...
  6. AaKnight

    Problems with Tough Dog Panhard --- What did I do wrong??

    So I fitted adjustable panhards from Tough Dog... and now im kind of in a bind .... LITERALLY. I did an OME 3" lift a couple months back, The axles were off, so I decided to get panhards. I looked around, and decided on the Tough Dog panhard. The rear went on fine. Trouble is up...
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