1. HDJdreams

    200 Slinky Specs?

    @AutoCraft Aus @dockbox There’s a lot of information about the Slinky kit for the 80 series. (Shock lengths, spring rates, need for rear bumpstops, longer brake lines, etc.) I was wondering what the specs are for the 200 (shock lengths, spring rates, front/rear lift) and what else is needed...
  2. GW Nugget

    Compiled 80 series suspension component spec thread... shocks, coils & more.

    80 series coil & shock specs A few years back 80 series suspension was fairly easy to figure out & purchase since there was only a few of options to chose from. Recently there has been a few suppliers stepping up to play in the USA 80 series market offering more options. Now with a plethora of...
  3. Ali M

    Slinky Long Travel Stage 4 question

    planning to add 3" lift and I am looking for long travel suspension and smooth ride like my 200 on my recently purchased 80 and came across these Icon stage 4 kit and wondering if 80 owners had tried these and how's the ride overall on and off road? is it worth the money? Red Line 80 Series...
  4. 06Yoda

    Builds  Tanner's 96' FZJ80 Build

    I bought my first Landcruiser in April 2016 after years of deliberation and conflict about selling my beloved 2006 Toyota Tacoma. I absolutely loved that truck but something always kept bugging me internally about getting rid of it and was never fully satisfied. I finally convinced myself to...
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