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100-series FAQ

Discussion in '100-Series Cruisers' started by e9999, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. e9999

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    Sep 21, 2003
    Featured trucks:
    100 series featured trucks

    Photo threads
    100 series pics

    100 series basics
    Newbie guide to the 100, models, and inspection of a used vehicle (by Slee Off Road)
    How big of a tire can I fit with no lift?
    What is the thing/weight on the passenger side frame rail?
    Comparison of the Land Cruiser and LX
    Differences in safety features between 100 and 80 models
    Suggested spare parts for the trail
    Discussion on how to use the A-TRAC system effectively - with vids

    TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins)
    TSBs for the Toyota Land Cruiser UZJ100
    TSBs for the Lexus LX470

    Toyota Information Services (pay site for online factory manuals)
    Free download of 2004 Factory Service Manual and owner's manual
    Toyota maintenance schedules
    Diagnostic Trouble Codes list for check engine light codes
    Timing belt replacement photographs from ppressle
    Timing belt and starter contacts from spressomon
    Timing belt replacement write up from scottm
    90k parts list
    Excellent O2 sensor diagnosis and replacement write up
    Front diff oil change
    Rear diff oil change
    Transfer case fluid change
    Driveshaft lubing schematic
    Flushing brake fluid out
    Replacing/adding the cabin air filters in the LX/LC
    AHC suspension fluid replacement
    Replacement of serpentine belt / tensioner
    Access, disassembly, cleaning, and repair/replacement of telescoping motor for steering column
    Preventive replacement of heater hose Tees (those will become brittle with age and can break with potential coolant loss)
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