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Jul 30, 2016
Nov 1, 2023 update

PSA for the current assemblies flooding the USA from facebook.

narness set is 220+ shipping.

Anyone with the pigtails and the connectors that come with your FB assemblies has an easy task of hardwiring it with the PDF non nav workbook posted.

I will continue to make harnesses, in the order received and as parts trickle in.


Update Dec 25 2022.

2003 4 connector perm a link

AXXESS wiring perm a link

Update Aug 2019 to include harness install and explanation pics.

This is the parts list.


55902-60110 PANEL SUB ASSY, A/C

Part Number: 84014-60350 for 01/2006 and later production

88650-60B80 AMPLIFIER ASSY, A/C 2005-7 only.

the 88650-60821 ac amp board is for 2003&4 and up to 05/2005
The 88650-60810 ac amp is also recommended by some dealers.
There is also a 88650-60820 ac amp that works, or has been reported to work in early years.


83240-60220 CASE ASSY
83265-60220 COMPUTER

the double din plastic surround- only place I've found USA ISO double DIN sized.
Toyota OEM stereo surround # 55412-60310, not ISO double DIN.

non nav brackets 8620860030 (left) 8620760030 (right) Alternate bracket numbers are
86208-60020 and 86207-60020

Note for 2003 LC&LX
The 2003 LC has the same screen connectors as the 2002. Labeled as M5-M8. All the wires are there to use in one or the other of those 4, but I don't have an adapter for that.
The rest, 2004-2007 are all the same regarding the upper harness.

The PDFs of the nav and non nav for every 2003-2007 LC are attached at the end of the next couple posts. If you have a 2003 I recommend looking behind the screen to see if you have 4 or 3 connectors.

Assembly notes.

Most of it is pretty self explanatory. There's basically the top computer, the plastic face with the security light, and clock and stuff. Those two bolt and clip together. That mounts to the double din fascia from wherever you choose to get one.

Then you have the heater panel sub assembly, that's the lower half of the plastic fascia, you have to get the knobs for it also. The button covers for the lower four buttons come from your own cars rear, defrost, etc.

Behind that, the board sub assembly, wire integration. That screws directly down with six or seven screws.
The AC amplifier assembly is just a PCB that slides into the heater housing, two screws to mount that down. There is a small harness that connects the two boards. (red wires) The heater board PCB has the two pigtails that connect to the side panel vents for hazard, center lock and antenna on one side and the red seatbelt reminder in the pre JAN 2006 editions, FOr the post JAN 2006 there is also an airbag on/off yellow indicator. The sub assembly integration panel is different for those years, with 5 wires coming out to the vent panel, where previous years have 3 wires. Also a tiny three prong harness to connect the temp knob to the board. All that comes as complete packages, Nothing extra is needed except screws to mount the boards, and four screws for the heater housing, the black box to the back of the panel sub assembly.

Also I have the upper and lower harnesses plug and play versions with adapters for the M5 and A45 (or A47 on the LX 470) available.

if you have a harness set none of this is applicable, the harness sets make it so it's plug and play.
wire move description.jpg

Harness set installation info

there are two harness sets. One for the top section and one for the bottom (AC area)

The bottom is the shorter one with three open connectors.
The small male connector c28 accepts the stock female C28.
the one with the shrink wrap is the other male connector that accepts the cars stock A45 connector, the 40 pin.
Then the bottom of that harness has the female A45 that plugs into the new AC amp you bought.
That is all for the bottom harness.

The top harness is the small M9 connector with the longer bare wires and another wire for the temp sender pink wire in A47 #1. The M9 is the one that goes into your new security computer, the top one that shows mileage info and temp, etc.

The other end of that harness with the big adapter / shrink wrap/ goes into the cars stock M5 connector. That is the bigger one from the old screen. 26 pin I believe.

so then you're left with three wires, the two longer ones with the white and black stripes and the one bare ended pink.

the pink wire goes into the A47 plug in position 1. as seen in the pic I will email you if you got a set up from me.
or posted on the first two posts in this thread.
The bare pink wire needs the terminal from the A47 #1 temp sensor wire. This is in place if you received pigtails from FB. You just connect the bare pink wire to the cut pink wire in A47#1. If you did not get pigtails or don't have the terminal for that it's 82998-12640 from toyota. I don't include it because it's expensive and hard to get sometimes.

the long wires go behind the instrument cluster, also described in photos emailed or posted here.

that should be it. call or email or message for help with harnesses

C16 connector points..jpg


olivertwist A47 (2).JPG
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This is what the 03+ crowd has been waiting for...


  • non nav workbook feb 24.pdf
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  • 2007 stock nav.pdf
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  • 2007 stock non nav display.pdf
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Time to call on some favors from friends living in Dubai. Probably cut the cost in half if i can source these parts used.

Thank you SO much !

Thanks very much for your time, research, and detailed posting. :clap:

Im good with my NAV today but its comforting this NAV delete option is now available.

Mods - This needs to be added to FAQ without question
yes, I want that right hand steering wheel blank switch if you can find the number. That and the center console lower black plastic box where the dvd changer was would make it complete, mostly complete, I think.
I think this is doable with the 200 series also. I am going to get an EWD and see how similar it is to this and the pre 03. I have found the parts I just don't have a 200 yet :)
If your asking me @jerryb you've got my VIN, I can't offer more than that on steering wheel blank.
For the console box, a older model may work, try crossing with my VIN.

How much time did all this take you: Research, parts locating & ordering, tooling up then hands-on?
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84258-58010-b0 thanks for that picture. That's it. 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner Black Steering Wheel Dumby Switch Right Side New OEM | Factory OEM Parts

Paul, I spent a few days searching before I started ordering. Then I really searched everyday for two weeks. I have more than 100 pages of written notes and print outs. I don't have a job at the moment. So I have lots of time.
I had the assembly out for two days, back in with the new heater on day two because I had to drive that night. Then the stereo the next day. mon-wed. You can drive and lock it without all that in there also.
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