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Jun 23, 2002
Madera, CA
If you've done a build-up or major project on your wagon, post up a link here and I'll add it to this top post.

Suspension & Drive train:

-- LCOwner's Build-up 1.0 SOA, SM420, ToyBox

-- weak-link's Build-up SOA, ToyBox, A440 auto

-- Freds40's build-up SOA, Axle extension, SM465, ToyBox

-- chicago's build-up SOA

-- kavik's build-up SOA

-- kling-onon's build-up, bob and other misc mods

-- paulwolf350's HJ60 build-up, Xtra-cab, flat bed V8 (Holden) & coil suspension

-- 88chevota's SM465/NP205 and centered cruiser axle project.

-- Talos' frame swap with coils and body mods. Iceland build.

-- Mor4wd puts an 80 series axle and coils in a 60 series.

-- brokenparts' buildup. A Lot of suspension and some drive-train mixed in for good measure.

Engine Swaps; V8, diesel, EFI, etc:

-- VTCruiser's Project Overland. Diesel, frame swap, paint, body, etc.

-- Boots4's build-up. Cummins engine swap, SOA and misc. goodies. Linked pics may not show if your organizational policies prohibit access. Thread located in Hardcore-Corner.

-- iaintscared1969's project-D-Max-FJ6.6-begins. Duramax engine swap.

-- MANUCHAO's Vortech engine swap.

-- Elbert's 5.7 Vortec V-8, H55F swap.

-- lowtideride's project Uranus; FJ60 body to FZJ80 frame.

-- kevinmrowland's 2F to 1HZ-T swap thread (located in Diesel Tech and 24 volts Systems)

-- Mace's porject Bob. Bob'd 60 with cop car power.

-- gswest's Vortec swap by Iaintscared1969.

-- MrZero's Vortec swap by Iaintscared1969.

-- meatloaf's Vortec swap by Iaintscared1969.

-- Snow Cruiser's Vortec swap by Iaintscared1969.

-- mel lowe's diesel turrbo swap, body and chasis resto too.

-- Mountain Goat's Toyota diesel swap.

-- CruisinFJ60's Fiona geta a "2FE"

-- Tofudebeest's Sheila's evisceration and birth of an HJ62. Diesel swap

-- rover67's Vortech swap

-- Gary's Marriage BJ60 Build

-- Bluehawk's - Toyuzu FJ60 (Rootbeer Diesel Build)

Body, chassis and interior. Got Rust?

-- Landcruisin60s total frame off rebuild

-- Project60's build-up. Lots of rust repair and frame swap.

-- Tapage's soft top chop.

-- 5280Hawk's paint and body resto.

-- IndianDoc's build-up. A little bit of everything.

-- SKINNER's 84 FJ60 Resto. Frame off resto and rust repair.

-- cfdlighthouse's 1983 fj60 build up. Body armor, OME lift & general fix-up.

-- chukardog's Ol Double ugly Cancer surgery

Cruiser Jimmy's Restoration and now Cummins 2.8 Install.
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Already started pulling the threads together. Just give me a couple of days to get-er up..
Does mine count? Links in the sig.
cool idea.

In the next month or 2 ill be starting a thread of the SOA on Fiona
Thanks for the add.
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