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Jun 10, 2022
This is a permanent (sticky) thread which will attempt to categorize and post discussions on commonly asked questions about the Landcruiser FJ60 and FJ62 series trucks. I am NOT the expert here, but will be reviewing posts. gathering and combining information from members responses to questions posted in the Cruiser Tech section.

This should help owners and caretakers to access the IH8MUD braintrust.

Buying a 60 / 62

FJ60 or FJ62?

FJ 60 / 62 gas mileage

60 Series Paint Color Chart

Just bought an FJ62 - What's next?

Smog issues

Smog pump rebuilds and emergency fixes

Emission System demons

Removing Smog?

Why do I have to recurve my distributor after desmog

Silicone Air Injector Pump Hoses

Vac Hose Routing

Common repair / replacements

New seatbelt alternative using 79-series belts

Modify the fan shroud to make water pump or fan belt access MUCH easier.

Water in your floorboard? Repair your leaky rain gutters.

Poor Heater Performance? Look Here!

3FE Fuel Pulsation Dampner - may improve your MPG

Intake and exhaust

Where to find GOOD new vacuum hose

Tips for installing Old Man Emu Lift

Common Torque values

Oil Galley Plug Fixes

Rear lift gate support arm replacements

Hood shock conversion

Do your own alignment

Aisin Hub Rebuild-from the 4Runner Section

FJ62 Door Lock circuit breaker fuse location

Fuel or temp guage spikes and goes back down occasionally.

FJ-62 T-case actuator solenoids

FJ62 4WD Vacuum solenoid fix for cheap


The A/C Amp Thread

fusible link

FJ62 Starter Rebuild Instructions
FJ60 alternator rebuild reference

Driver side front power window auto down relay

Power window permanent fix.

Electrical Gremlins
_____Specific Issue Here Read port #21 for the why.

Ignitor repair
Igniter Repair for Cheapskates

Temperature Gauge Calibration - How To

Tuning and problem solving

Camshaft discussion

Tuning 3F and 2F for better performance

Valve Adjustment on an "F Series" engine

3FE Specific valve adjustment tips

3FE Specific Timing adjustment (in the 80's forum)

3FE fuel supply problems

Carb Circuits - Aisin 2F FJ60 USA - Troubleshooting

Weber vs Asian

Overheating - what to do?

FJ60 Fuse Panel data

Reading 3FE engine codes

3FE top end engine mods

Charcoal Canister / High Fuel Pressure in Gas Tank

Chasing Vacuum Leak / Vacuum Understanding


Lubrication Secifications - 60 and 70 series Gas and Diesel Enigines

Engine oil choices for the 2F & 3F engines

Conventional or Synthetic oils - what do our members run?

The Oil Filter Discussion Thread

Oil pressure readings - senders and gauges

Automatic transmissions

Changing Tranny Fluid

More info on cleaning the filter and flushing the transmision

FJ62 Transmission Oil cooler install

H55F Toyota Manual Transmission swap into an automatic 3FE FJ62

Loose shifter automatic shifter fix

Loose shifter automatic shifter fix - permenant solution

Valve body install

$13 ATF temp "gauge"

Official "How long does an A440 last" thread

Suspension and Steering

The Front End Clunk Thread

Improved handling for a 60

Fixing common steering problems

When and how to rebuild the knuckles

Jim Phillips detailed front end (Birfield and knuckle) repack

Morgan's knuckle rebuild

FJ60 – FJ62 stock spring packs

Old Man Emu and alternatives

Old Man Emu Install with pics

Parabolic Springs - discussion and photos

Talking about shackles


Thoughts on SOA (Spring over Axle)

Extended sway bar and LSPV on a lifted FJ62

FJ60 hydro assist porting

Steering Box Reseal

Differentials - gears, lockers, etc.

Feedback on what IH8MUD Board members are running

How to modify a Vacuum shift 62 transfer case to manual shift

Wheels and Tires for a 60 / 62

Aftermarket wheels that work & part numbers

Rims and tires

Tires the iH8MUD members are running...

Engine and drive train swaps

My H55 swap thread

More power from the 2F - an alternative

Looking for a definitive guide for Vortech conversion for 60s

Bottom line for a Diesel swap in a 60 series

Installing an H55F Toyota 5 speed in a PRE August, 1985 FJ60

Installing an H55F Toyota 5 speed in a POST August, 1985 FJ60

H55F conversion parts list

Adapting the stock tach for use with a V8

Building a 2FE from a 2F and a 3FE

Split case ratios and Modifying a 62 vacuum shift case to a manual shift.

Popular modifications

Best mods under $50

Just bought a 60 Series Cruiser? Suggestions on 'must have' modifications

Long range gas tank

Dual Battery installs and battery isolation schemes

Maximizing performance of the stock alternator

Brighter Headlights for the FJ60

How to - Headlight wiring harness upgrade

Questions about wiring driving lights

Bed liner on the exterior

4 Runner brakes - easy bolt on brake upgrade

Sound Deadening

FJ60 Dual Alternator

Appropriate winch for 60 series

Getting rid of the exhaust crossover pipe (rock catching) on the FJ62 Exaust

Sway bar disconnects

Extra grab handles in a 60 series.

Very cool Under Seat Storage

Sluggish windows fixed for $40!!!! Dial-up grab a coffee

62 Power Window Help

2WD LOW t-case mod

FJ62 Headlight upgrade

4Runner Calipers, T100 MC, Rotors and Backing Plate Eliminator install
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hey guys,
anyone know where I can get a good rebuild kit for an HJ61 brake master/slave cylinder and booster? mine is leaking!
Tie Rod & Drag Link Information... Graciously provided by Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters...

(Not trying to advertise one business over another - This is just helpful information).

Tie Rod Thread Diameter and Pitch: 23x1.50mm
Drag Link Thread Diameter and Pitch: 21x1.50mm

We do have the taps here in the shop but not something we sell. Unless you are using them often it's actually cheaper just to buy new tubes which we offer here:


6x Series Replacement Links/Tubes (OEM Toyota)
Tie Rod - Fits 1980-90 6x Series LHD/RHD - Part# TRET69105 - $97.50
Drag Link - Fits 1980-90 6x Series LHD/RHD - Part# TRET69055 - $121.50

6x Series Replacement Links/Tubes (Japanese Aftermarket)
Tie Rod - Fits 1980-90 6x Series LHD/RHD - Part# TRET69105JP - $67.50
Drag Link - Fits 1980-90 6x Series LHD/RHD - Part# TRET69055JP - $87.50

Please give us a call if we can further assist with parts. Thanks!

I can't seem to access the links...anyone else having this problem? It keeps taking me to another page to log in then says it's just for admin
Just checked and I am having the same issue.
The links all point to OLD vBulletin URLs...they need to be updated by the FAQ owner/moderator.
Tagged the wrong woody. Not sure what his exact username is.
okay, I'll start on it tonight.
Are there any new"ish" knuckle rebuild threads that can be added to this sticky? Of the two listed here, one no longer exists and the other has no pictures, etc.






Rear Heater (From rear heater tubes to heater under passenger seat)


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