Builds The LF40 Wheeler Build - Twin Turbo & 8 Speed Auto FJ40

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These are good points. I’d only point out that I live at 6000’ feet and wheel up to 8000’. I take it down to Moab and get out on the rocks. If it stalls, it’s generally my fault. The HEI is probably another pat of the equation, it just plain works. The real advantage, though, is that parts are everywhere and their dirt cheap.
The quadrajet is a great carb, but it’s no FI. My point is you said you want simple, carbs are infinitely simpler than any FI. That’s just my opinion, your experience may vary. In full disclosure, I’m switching to an ls- once I spend the coin on all the bits and pieces. I mean everything I said about the quadrajet/HEI combo and that’s the only thing slowing me down from the swap. But the siren call is in my ear...

A carb sure is an easy solution. I usually wheel up to 13000 feet on a lot of the passes I do. With dirt bikes, which is the only carbs I've ever run up that high, you start to feel them run rich, loose power, and want to start to die. I have them jetted for around 9-10k feet. God forbid if you stall one one those and have the joy of starting it flooded. I would assume it would be pretty much the same for a cruiser, as the carbs all pretty much work the same. Its also the reason I like the 350 swaps, as the 2fs dont have much power to begin with, and you just keep loosing it as you climb. I would love to have a stock drivetrain, but its not super practical up here.
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I also have the chance to pick up a 99 gm nv4500 for $150. It came off a demo derby truck, but I think it would be ok for a core swap. Its just missing the shifter and comes with the transfer case. What do you guys think?
If you have documentation on your current engine, you can find some rat rod guy that will pay good money for it. Probably enough to pay for most of a low mileage LSx.

A low mileage complete engine is about as good as you can get. Way back in the day(10 years+), I got a 30k mile 6.0L LSx for ~$1700. Here is a picture of what I got:

There are three plugs on the right side to deal with; mainly power wires but also a few wires for in the cab. If you don't want to pull unused parts further back(rear o2, auto tranny parts), you don't have to.

Most aftermarket setups are some to lots of tinkering with(ie tuning)
Where did you find your ls? Everywhere I have looked they have been 3-4k+ for an ls1, and that is for just the engine. The turnkey ones are going for 7+ it seems.

What engines would you look for? There are so many different ones.

With the nv4500, I got it down to $100, and I am looking at doing a core swap. You buy a remaned one, and then they ship it to you, and you are susposed to send the old one back. I wouldnt have to deal with the whole opening a can of worms if the shafts are bad, the company does. I could also probably choose an older one for the 6.x 1st.
Where did you find your ls? Everywhere I have looked they have been 3-4k+ for an ls1, and that is for just the engine. The turnkey ones are going for 7+ it seems.

What engines would you look for? There are so many different ones.
I paid $450 for my engine and $50 for the computer last summer. It has 176k I believe. Just for reference.
I picked up the nv4500 and the rebuilt and locked differentials yesterday.

Amazingly, it all fit into a subaru outback. Said outback now really smells like old diff fluid. Sorry dad.

We are currently underway to Utah to pick up the parts cruiser.


Anyways, that's all for now.
Fueling up in Grand Junction. About 5 hours till we get to St. George.

Here are a few pictures.

I70 by Copper Mountain

Rifle CO


Grand Junction CO


Thats all for now.
Made it to Utah!


Goblin Valley




We also caught a pretty cool sunset.


Stopped in Cedar City for dinner and ate at Lupita's. It was really good mexican food at a good price. If you are in the area stop by.

Going to pick up the cruiser in the morning, so I'll see you then.
Picked up the cruiser and and met Chris (Don't know your username, sorry).



All the parts that I need seem pretty clean, which is great. The frame is pristine. It's been powder coated for the past several years and there are no rust bubbles or anything, it also seems to be coated on the inside rails pretty well which is great.

We drove by Sand Hollow and went through Toquerville.

I can't wait to come back here. The area is great and the scenery is a nice change from Colorado.

Should be getting home tonight and getting unloaded tomorrow. @cbmontgo I know you said that you wanted to see the cruiser. Care to drop by tomorrow? Let me know.

Other news, the turbo bearing just started to fail on the truck, so that is fun. Another something to fix.

Anyways, thats all for now.
Yeah, I’d like to swing by. PM me when you get settled in tomorrow.

Drive safe!

Will do. And if you could bring your cruiser over it would be great!
Nice winch you got there. I’m rebuilding one now.
How many gallons does that tank hold?

The winch was a surprise. I didn't know it was on the bumper till I looked at it. Its really cool to have one. I think it will look good on this build.

I'm not sure exactly how many gallons that tank holds. I'm guessing between 25-30.
Well, it's been a while. Work took over my life for a bit, so I haven't had too much time to get stuff done. New rotors and pads are on the way for the 80 axles, along with new seals and bearings. Those will hopefully be completed tomorrow so I can get them out of the garage.

I got the 76 40 off the trailer. It was one of the more nerve-racking things I've done in a while.



Here goes the frame!


I still can't believe how clean this thing is.

I got the other 78 out of the garage.

Some funny looking ape decided to join the picture too. Hi, dad!

We put my dad's top on it so we could use the back as storage.


Here is the resting place of the 40 for the winter. Don't worry, they will all be covered up, but I'm just waiting on the sheriff to get around and complete a certified vin inspection so I can get CO titles before covering everything.


I'll update as the axles start going back together.
Rear Axle Rebuild
Well, I am officially back at school for the spring semester, so new updates will be limited. This will probably be the last one until I have time to get home and get more things done. For now, the parts chase continues.

Here is the rear 80 axle going back together. I wasn't able to take too many pictures as I was rushing to get things done on the last day of my break.

We did a full seal replacement and repacked the bearings and hubs with moly grease. The bearings seemed to be in good enough shape to reuse for a while.


Cleaned up the diff with some diesel. The stuff works wonders against heavy grease.


Routing the airline for the ARB locker.

It's starting to look more like an axle now.

I also got an engine stand for the 350 and put that up. As soon as the weather warms up past 50°, I'd like to paint the block and get the headers ceramic coated by some friends. I'm thinking a black block and engine bay. What do you guys think?

You all ever seen anything like this?


This was the front carrier. The PO before the car was parted out ran this thing into the ground. The pinion gear was kind enough to start cutting its own track on the carrier, and it seemed to do a pretty good job. All the bearing parts were from most of the front bearings. not many survived.

I also got all the cruisers and parts covered, so it can snow if it wants to now.

Anyways, that's all for now.
I'm using OnShape since its full version free for students. It has a free version but I'm not sure exactly what it can do.
@Bluegrass40 & @DangerNoodle If you need any help with the CAD, I have been using Solidworks for the last 17 years. As long as OnShape can import different file types I can export the Soildworks files.
@Bluegrass40 & @DangerNoodle If you need any help with the CAD, I have been using Solidworks for the last 17 years. As long as OnShape can import different file types I can export the Solidworks files.

I've been meaning to teach myself Solidworks for a while. I have just never got around to it. It is also free for students and I have it downloaded, but I just need to give myself some time for me to learn it.

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