1. mep1811

    For Sale El Paso,TX 1977 FJ40 F/S

    I'm selling my 1977 FJ40 . I'm asking $23,500.00 OBO I've it it since 2005 and it time for a change. I am the third owner , the second owner never drove it , it just sat in his yard. This is a El Paso, TX truck. There is some minor rust in the usual places , most of it is surface. Truck...
  2. sisu240

    For Sale Palatine, IL FJ40 Tube bumper with hitch receiver.

    Very good condition and it came off a 1967 FJ40. It is just dirty in the picture. Would likely fit any FJ40 or possibly a Jeep.
  3. TeamJB

    For Sale NOS FJ40 Exhaust Manifold fits 58-67

    Hello NOS Fj40 exhaut manifolds part no. 17140-60010 available for sale. Manifolds have been repainted to avoid rust/corrosion as stored since long time. 300$ shipped.
  4. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale Dubai: FJ60/62 Tachometer TACH RPM

    1) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM: $250 83270-90A07 In Great condition. Cleaned and serviced. 2) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM: $150 83270-90A15 The locks have been repaired. 3) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM: $200 83270-90A10 In Great condition. 4) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM...
  5. J

    For Sale Price check on 77 FJ40?

    A friend is offering a 77 FJ40 with a 350 swap, lift kit, and off road tires for $8,500 (TMU). Truck has been sitting for a few years (albeit protected in a covered shed), but we put a little gas in the tank and a hit of fuel in the carb and she started right up...gotta love a 350. Body is...
  6. R

    For Sale 1979 FJ40 ADVISE

    I'm new to MUD and the FJ world. Looking for a FJ40 that is in good shape, but needs some restorations as a project for me and my son. I happen to find this 79' FJ40 w 90k miles with mostly original parts. Runs well. Some rust, a few paint issues (but is original), radio doesn't work, a few...
  7. BigBlackCruiser

    Differential ratios Fj vs Bj

    Hi, so I now own an ‘84 FJ40 (from Brunei) and an ‘82 BJ42 (from France). The French car is being used as a donor vehicle. I was just wondering what the ratios are on the front axle? I’m hoping they’re the same so I can swap them. Cheers guys
  8. Baja73

    Color of 1973 FJ40 Fuel Tank

    I had to buy a new fuel tank. I bought a new OEM tank. It came a flat black color and really looks like it needs to be painted. What is the correct color for a 1973 fuel tank? Thanks!
  9. Grouchy

    1974 seat foams for sale

    I replaced these with new foams when I did the seats. These aren’t bad. Need new home. Make me an offer. New owner will pay shipping. I am in Bay Area California.
  10. Sheppard

    SOLD FJ40 FJ45 OEM Tailgate hinge and latches

    These are extra parts I bought for a tailgate project I was working on. Plan was to flip one latch and hook for a functioning tailgate for my 79 FJ40 since the left latch has been discontinued by Toyota. I was able to find a left latch and hook so they are no longer needed. Offering parts for...
  11. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale Dubai: FJ40 / BJ40 Parts for sale. Paypal Accepted! PRICE DROP!

    Hello guys! Selling the following after restoring a BJ40 here in Pakistan. The spares are now in Dubai, and will be shipped from here. I accept Paypal (and not the mysterious Western Union) and shipping is tracked and included in the asking price :) 1) 1 FJ40 (originally 70 Series, also...
  12. B

    Transmission question

    Will an 8/80 fj40 transmission fit a 7/80 fj40? Mine is grinding in 2nd gear and I have no idea how to rebuild one or where to get the parts. Could it just be the clutch? It doesn't grind all the time. Any suggestions?? Thank you so much in advance!
  13. B

    FJ40 (soft) Suspension

    Good morning, I have had my FJ for over 20 years and love it thats why I still have it. I am looking for recommendations on a softer suspension setup. It has never been a soft ride I have had factory suspension, OME Heavy, BDS, and HFS. This last suspension setup is brutal! spine jarring...
  14. tancruiserjr

    For Sale Steamboat Springs, CO - 76ish FJ40 Front Doors

    Anyone need some tan doors? Grabbed these for a project that didn't work out. PO claimed they are off an 84ish but i'm a little skeptical. Includes what is pictured and no más. Surface rust on driver side, door card is in decent shape but vinyl is a little beat up. Passenger side door card and...
  15. TeamJB

    SOLD Fj40 PTO

    Hello Everyone I have a PTO for FJ40 in good condition. 525$ shipped Pls pm if intrested
  16. TeamJB

    For Sale FJ40 PTO

    Hello PTO for fj40 available in good condition. Pls inbox if intrested. 525 shipped.
  17. TeamJB

    SOLD FJ40 transfer case shift knob

    I have few shift knobs for fj40/bj40, 73-80 model. 25$+shipping.
  18. Josh Rosado

    For Sale RUBICON Ready '77 FJ40 Rock Crawler / Price Reduced !!!

    F O R S A L E . CRAIG's LIST: '77 FJ40 Rock Crawler
  19. Nathos

    Parting Out Charleston SC, All reasonable offers accepted

    Make a reasonable offer so I can get my garage back.
  20. J

    For Sale 1971 FJ40 RHD 4x4 - No Reserve

    Selling my 1971 FJ40 for no reserve on eBay. Starting the bidding off at .99 cents. Was a really nice car a few years ago and things went to s***. Sat at a shop in the 100+ degree Georgia heat and the paint started popping off. Wouldn't run after sitting either. Think the starter is bad. Hoping...
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