1. cruiser7

    For Sale 1977 FJ40 - Great Mechanical Condition

    Asking $10,950 Location: Western Springs, IL Clean 1977 title (matching engine compartment ID tag) 1982 frame & rebuilt 1984 2F engine Approximately $20,000 invested ($17,690.06 in hard copy receipts). You could drive this truck home today and make it a great weekend warrior off roading and work...
  2. L

    For Sale Westside Los Angeles - 1974 FJ40; Yellow; 63k miles

    1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40; original engine and interior; tastefully upgraded exterior. 255/85R16’s on Alcoa HD rims, Aussie style bull bar and frame-attached spare carry. Marine Grade stainless steel bolts and fasteners, ManAFre bumpers and shackles. Bilstein shock absorbers. Simply put the...
  3. Fuentesfranko

    Mysterious Cover

    When I purchased my 1973 FJ40 in Vancouver, Canada. The seller included this cover. I've never unrolled it, but the seller said it's shaped specifically for the FJ40. It's super heavy duty and super HEAVY. Looks like military grade. Previous owner said to keep it because it's very valuable. I...
  4. Y

    FJ45 Ute Retractable Roof Mod

    Hi Every one First post here. I am thinking about setting up the roof so that I can unlock it and then slide in back so it sits behind the cab between the cab and the tray. The plan would be to put some rails on the back of the cab and then have some roller-dore like things on the roof so it...
  5. DMKinHI

    1972 FJ40 Land Cruiser questions - newb

    Considering buying a 1972 FJ40 - on Oahu. Asking price is $20+k ... it looks legit with extra original pieces / parts. Looks amazing as restorations go - Appears to be original engine- straight 6/ 3 speed. X-msn -Modification includes disk brakes up front, Webber carb. New...
  6. alohamade

    For Sale PRICE CHANGE: Toyota Seatbelts FJ40

    I think these are for the jumper seats. not sure tho, you can tell me if you know. I don't have jumper seats :( and too cheap to buy them and ship them to Hawaii. Seatbelts are in pretty rough shape. one will not release ( labeled in photo), but it used to. The other one works. if you want...
  7. F

    Universal FJ40 Turn Signal Switch?

    Is there a universal GM Column turn Signal switch that replaces the Toyota Turn Signal switch? I’m in the middle of replacing my wiring harness with a universal wiring harness that i purchased from Spectra Off-road. It’s similar to the Painless wiring harness. Based on everyone’s posts in the...
  8. alohamade

    SOLD 1968-1974 Wiper Motor & Link Assembly

    IN HAWAIʻI $50 + shipping. also, I will probably need to disassemble linkage to a point to get it in a reasonable box. Your call I have never tested, came with my rig, everything looks good. I can send more pictures if you want.
  9. 4WDMan

    PTO Winch and 4WD Operation

    I have a 1970 FJ40 with 3 speed on the column. I have attached a picture showing 3 items. I am trying to figure out how to engage the 4wd and how to work the winch. Could someone enlighten me on both and the correct sequence?
  10. Cklayko

    Poison Spyder body mount spare on FJ40

    Wondering if anyone knows the dimensions of this product? I wrote Poison directly and they replied with a "we don't have dimensions of our products as their built specific to vehicles...." ughhhh.. I'm building a frame up FJ40 and i like this mount, just trying to figure out if it will clear the...
  11. 7

    Need help: Aux fuel hose from outside into the tank..

    Hey everyone, 76 FJ40 here... A couple weekends ago I notice a large spillage of fuel on my garage floor from my rear tank after a fill up.. I siphoned out the gas from the rear aux (passenger side) and nailed it down to the hose connecting the exterior inlet and the aux tank. (See photo...
  12. C

    For Sale 1970 FJ40 w/350 LT4, AT, lifted $22k

    1970 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Asking $22,000 VIN: FJ4071163 Engine: LT4 - from '97 Chevy Transmission: Automatic - 4L60E Miles: TMU (shows ~3k) - It is my understanding that there has been roughly 3k miles since the build Title: Clear, in my name Original body and chassis (Frame up resto)...
  13. J

    MUDShip Denver, CO to Miami,FL [Transport or Recommendations]

    Hello, Need to transport a 1971 FJ40 from Denver, Co to Miami, FL. Pick up on Friday, September 6 or 7. If anyone can help by transporting or give me any recommendation on a good transport service. Thank you!!
  14. Kourosh

    SOLD 40 Series Front Turn Signal Assembly + lenses

    Used 40 Series front turn signal Assembly. (front lenses on both are broken) see picture Two OEM Lenses USD 75+shipping
  15. JBs69FJ40

    For Sale 69 FJ40 For Sale

    I've got a 1969 FJ40 for sale. Does not run. Restoration project or buy to part out. It sat from 1994 to this past April. It is fitted for a Ford 289 motor, which I have yet to pull. Reason I'm selling: I currently have no place to store it and if I did I wouldn't have the money to restore it...
  16. K

    For Sale Panama City Beach FL - 1976 Toyota FJ40 Project Build

    Regrettably, I have to sell my project 40 I have been messing with for awhile. Asking $20K. Frame - Sand Blasted and coated in POR 15, frame has been heavily fortified and beefed up, modded for LM7/4L60E mounting. Over 7K in fab work. Axles rebuild with longfield axle shafts in the rear...
  17. R

    Racing Seats front and rear

    I am currently in the process of building my 1975 FJ40 and was wondering if anyone has ever installed 4 racing seats front and rear. I would like to fab up racing seats in the rear facing forward and have 4 or 5 point harnesses all around. My family really enjoy off roading and want to make it...
  18. alohafj55

    For Sale Hawaii: RARE TEQ Factory PTO Transfer case for FJ55 (Came off a 1979) EASY SHIPPING

    I have a RARE Factory Dual Direction PTO Transfer case for FJ55. In GREAT condition ready to bolt on to complete your restoration. See Pics. Easy to Ship. These are soo difficult to find. Verify Bolt patten to make sure it will fit your vehicle. Asking $700 obo (knuckle attached not included)
  19. Hankst3r

    what land cruiser to pick from?

    Hello, i am about to turn 16 and i am currently looking for a car. we already know that Toyota are bulletproof. its just an issue of what model would be best. i do not need anything fancy (power locks, automatic, power steering, etc) i am looking for something that is capable offroad, and ok to...
  20. T

    Fj40 losing power

    Hey everybody, I'm having an electrical issue with my 1977 fj40 Landcruiser, and I am completely lost on what to do and was looking for some guidance/ advice. It seems to be the voltage regulator, but after testing two new ones and also the original one, it is still losing power. After driving...
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