1. Rdgcruiserjr

    The road thus far

    Well, a bit late but better than never. This build thread will forever immortalize the pain and hardships, the sweat, tears and all the busted knuckles and thrown wrenches it takes to build a 1969 fj40 from the ground up! With much help from the fabled Reddingcruiser my plan is to have this rig...
  2. mrjordann

    How do y'all fit your Tuffy consoles?

    I made a post a week or so ago, I asked which center console I should buy. I got a lot of responses recommending the Tuffy console. So I bought the 6" (smallest) Tuffy console for sale. Upon installation, I really had to smash it between the seats and it did not feel good. I attached a picture...
  3. C

    For Sale FJ40 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Steering Wheel Emblem Button OEM

    $50 plus shipping Thank you!
  4. J

    Trading a 99 Land cruiser with 100k miles for a 1971 fj40

    I’m trading an excellent condtion stock 99 Land cruiser with 100k miles for a 95% stock 1971 fj40. I’ve never owned a 40 but have always wanted one to tool around town in and maybe hit some local hills. The owner claims to replaced the old engine with a 1974 i6 F with 64k original miles. There...
  5. HJ47

    For Sale MN - OEM FJ40 Bucket Seats - '79-84 US Spec, complete with Headrests/Posts, Metal Seat Backs

    MN - OEM FJ40 Bucket Seats - '79-84 US Spec, complete with Headrests/Posts, Metal Seat Backs $750 local pickup (Twin Cities, MN) or actual shipping (Greyhound to local terminal approx. $90, UPS Ground door to door approx. $125) Please review pics for the actual condition: Hard to find...
  6. mrjordann

    Best center console for FJ40 with bucket seats?

    I didn't use to like the idea of a center console. I thought they were ugly, bulky, and not period-correct. But daily driving my 73 fj40 got me thinking about some creature comforts. My doors don't lock, and neither does my glove box. I'd like somewhere that I can leave semi-valuable things...
  7. mrjordann

    Are these rubber bumperettes for a 40-series?

    Hi, I found these rubber bumper things on ebay. I've never seen them before, does anyone have these or have a picture of them installed? Do they replace the metal bumperettes, or bolt over them? Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. OffRoad911

    1984 FJ40 Softtop to Hardtop Conversion with Ambulance Style Doors

    I would like to convert my factory fitted softop to a hardtop with ambulance doors. A friend suggested, the tub will need to be modified, cutting and welding etc to fit the ambulance style doors. I am gutted because I was hoping to keep all the factory frame and rear doors that came with the...
  9. OffRoad911

    Sealing the Tub - Full Frame Off Restoration

    Another question for those who have done a professional full Frame Off restoration. Once you have removed the insulation material applied to the areas near the foot wells, how do you replace it? What material is used to replace the original material? What purpose does this serve? Also the...
  10. Olallafj40

    Wanted OEM FJ40 Wheels with Hub Clips

    I am located in Washington, looking for 4 or 5 OEM wheels with hub cap clips for a FJ40. Willing to pay for shipping or pick up if semi-local. If interested in trading...I want to get rid of the aluminum wheels that are on the vehicle now.
  11. HJ47

    SOLD MN - FJ40/45 HJ45/47 OEM Rear Tube Fuel Tank/Jerry Can Carrier

    Sold! MN - FJ40/45 HJ45/47 OEM Rear Tube Fuel Tank/Jerry Can Carrier Note: Jerry can holder has never been installed, but has been modified to attach on the right side @Racer65 OEM Jerry Can Holder he offers bolts directly on to this carrier. Very rare OEM item. $250 plus actual shipping...
  12. yotadude520

    craigslist 1973 "Custom" FJ40

    Browsing CL and came across this gem that I had to share. $40k for a 1973 FJ40 that has "custom rear quarter panels"(rust covers) ,no wiper arms, "custom" ARB front bumper, and no dash currently but it is "being custom made right now". Oh and it has only two pictures on the ad. This guy's...
  13. sigorama

    For Sale FJ40 Long Jump Seats - $500

    I have a good pair of Toyota LandCruiser FJ-40 rear long jump seats. $500 for the pair. Metal in good shape with no rust. Operates up and down nicely. View more pics here: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Long Jump Seats Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Long Jump Seats
  14. AlexMoore91

    For Sale FJ40 Short Jump Seat Frame - Charleston, SC

    Needs some work but fully functional with all mounting tabs. Have original cushions and cover but they need to be replaced. $100 + Shipping
  15. OffRoad911

    BJ40 4 Speed to 5 Speed Conversion

    Would like to hear from anyone who has successfully completed a 4-speed gearbox conversion into a 5-speed gearbox. If so, what was the improvement and are there any long term issues with any of the components used to align the system?. What speed difference has been noted on the B Type Diesel...
  16. E

    Wanted '76 fj40 windshield frame

    LF '76 windshield frame. will pay shipping. PM if selling!
  17. Economist LC76

    “The mighty BJ” - limited edition 200 cars

    In 1979 Toyota produces the limited edition of Land Cruiser 40 “the mighty BJ”. Another name Toyota RV or RV80. Only 200 cars, Japan only. Blue or black color, white rims, chrome bumpers, black hood locks, spare tyre cover, front disk brakes, “velour luxury seats”. I wonder if someone has...
  18. C

    Wanted Canvas FST and door skins for 1965 FJ40

    I'm looking for a high quality soft top and matching door skins for an early 1965 FJ40 FST we are restoring. In browsing the forums, it looks like there were a number of options years ago (e.g. paktops), but those vendors don't seem to be active anymore. Anyone have an army green one in good...
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