1. Drcrane

    Amateur Franken40 Build

    Hi, my name is Dan and I’m a toyotaholic. Long time lurker, and finally far enough along on my build that I felt it was worth starting a build thread. A little about me, my first car I bought was a ‘99 4Runner that I modified lightly, and began wheeling a few years ago. After getting into some...
  2. L

    For Sale Bend, OR 2001 Lexus LX470

    A story as old as time. I’d been on a hunt for an LC for some time I was able to find this LX here locally in Central Oregon. My plan was to buy this and sell my wife’s 2014 outback Daily and she’d drive it and then on weekends we could have some adventures in the LC. She prefers her Subaru...
  3. C123MS

    Wanted 80s FJ40 Air Conditioning Parts

    Looking for parts (working or not) for a 1980s FJ40 air conditioner. Need to use them to spruce up my cruiser's original A/C unit. If someone has a core or parts to the unit, please let me know. Pictures of the A/C unit in question are below (out of a 1980 FJ40). Generally looking to see what...
  4. overton

    For Sale Iowa 1979 FJ40 - V8, PS, Fiberglass Tub - Soft Top

    This 1979 FJ40 Restomod runs and drives well. There is no rust. There are no issues of consequence at all. She's looks great and is ready to enjoy. Not for the purist however in my opinion, she's indeed a bargain. Highlights 20 Years Owned High Quality Fiberglass Tub - (No Rust) Small Block...
  5. mrjordann

    Help! FJ40 Roof Cap Resto- How do I install these rivets??

    Hey folks. Thanks to everyone who's responded and helped with my roof cap project so far. Now I'm ready to install the new rivets... The ones cool cruisers sent me are like aluminum mushrooms and they are not the type which work with a rivet gun. What rivets do you recommend? I notice a lot of...
  6. Max in DC

    For Sale More FJ40 parts in DC

    Lots of misc parts for sale, shipping NOT included Center console $45 Front Grill $50 Radiator Screen $50 Running Boards and perches $100 Skid plate $85
  7. HeavyD

    For Sale Knoxville, TN 1976 FJ40

    Hey guys, I just listed my 1976 FJ40 for sale on Marketplace if anyone is interested. I've had it for around 7 years and have done tons of upgrades and tried to keep it as original as possible. I have hundreds of pics, so let me know if I can answer any questions. Hate to sell it, just out of...
  8. mrjordann

    Wanted Portland, OR: FJ40 - Bell Housing Wanted!

    Hi, I'm just north of Portland. Need a bell housing for my 73 FJ40 as my current one cracked. Thanks!
  9. StinkyPig

    I have questions about the Jeep Wave protocol...

    I have noted, this year it seems more prevalent, that when I am driving my FJ40's the Jp folks tend to shoot me the Jp wave more often than not. 1. Is it because they don't know what a Jp looks like and mistakenly wave? 2. Or this because they are bowing to the superiority of the Land Cruiser...
  10. cruiserjunktion

    SOLD 1974 fj40

    1974 Toyota Land Cruiser ·94,412 miles Selling my USA edition 1974 fj40. Original paint. Hardtop and doors included. Desert find that I’ve mechanically gone through with a plethora of new Oem Toyota parts, OME suspension, new steering, 5x new bfg ko2 tires and Sor interior. Runs and...
  11. Last Flight Out

    What is this stuff leaking from my Power Steering Box?

    I have a mini-truck PS/Box conversion on my '81. Do not know what year this mini-truck box is from (possibly '79-80), but it is a conversion kit from JTO. Box was refurbished as well as a OEM Toyota Pump (did not use the pump provided in their kit). The fluid I am seeing is at the main worm...
  12. mrjordann

    Installing Badlands Winch on OEM FJ40 bumper

    Hey, has anyone installed a harbor freight winch on a factory 40 bumper? I bought a new 12000lb winch and it didn't come with any instructions (or at least I can't find them) ... Never owned or installed a winch before. Does anyone have experience or pics of during/after installation? Thanks
  13. I

    For Sale San Diego, 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, Sky Blue.

    1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Mostly original, California delivered, 102,600 miles from new with the original 2F motor - with California CARB compliant Downey numbered headers (IYKYK). I love this truck. It has quirks but is the best sounding 2F I have ever heard and gets more good happy...
  14. Thewjsand

    For Sale MN: FJ40 1980 factory suspension clean no rust

    1980 FJ40 factory suspension, shocks, shackles and all hardware. Super clean. Rear springs were a bit saggy. Better pictures upon request. PM me if interested.
  15. hdman90

    ISO this 1972 FJ40 in Indiana

    All, I'm not really sure where to post this, so here I go... I am in search of a 1972 FJ40 that my father owned when he was in highschool (early 1990's). It came from Arizona, being brought up by a family friend for resale. We live in Erie, Pa, and after swapping the engine and making some...
  16. hdman90

    ISO 1972 FJ40

    All, I am in search of a 1972 FJ40 that my father owned when he was in highschool (early 1990's). It came from Arizona, being brought up by a family friend for resale. We live in Erie, Pa, and after swapping the engine and making some modifications, he sold it to a fellow in town around 1990/91...
  17. B

    Wanted Toyota fj40 fj45 dashboard shelf

    ISO ….Looking for this dash shelf but for left hand side … or any info where I can get one would be much appreciated
  18. Clubtroy

    Parting Out Houston, TX: 1974 FJ40 (missing hard top & doors) but it is Camo

    Howdy Mudders, I bought this rig for a couple parts I needed for the frame off Restoration I am doing on my 75. The rest is a summer work project for my 13yr old. Trying to get him interested in helping dear old dad with my resto project. He also needs to learn how to use tools and feel the...
  19. StinkyPig

    SOLD Toyota Power Steering Pump

    Condition unknown but was told its good. $75 free shipping in the lower 48 States.
  20. TXLC2018

    Fj40 & LC 200 Intro

    Good Afternoon. Checking in as a longtime Toyota addict. LC 200 and FJ40 in the stable along with a Tundra, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, and Sequoia as other current or previous vehicles. I'm located in Tyler, Texas and looking to get more involved on this page. Mostly here to share tech tips, build...
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