1. K

    Wish List - FJ 40 - What you would have done if you got to rebuild a 40 all over again?

    What would you wish for when rebuilding a FJ40 for camping Suspension Upgrade? PTO Winch? ?????? Anything and everything counts The BEST entry wins a fully refurbished Steering Wheel FJ40 (70's) style .................... Starting off with a 1966 FJ40 - Condition is very bad - Have to...
  2. Grouchy

    For Sale  1974 FJ40 stock suspension

    Springs, Ubolts are original to the truck. I replaced the shocks with new OEM shocks a few years back. Shocks have ~2500 miles. looking to accept any reasonable offer. Don’t need or want. located in the South Bay Area California.
  3. H

    Inherited 1977 FJ40. Where to start for restoration?

    I inherited a 1977 FJ40. It hasn't run in about 15 years I believe but has been garage kept for at least the past 20-30 years. Where would you start with restoration? I'm looking to keep the original 2F engine. I am new to landcruisers. The frame is in good condition and has just a little bit of...
  4. J

    For Sale  1971 Toyota FJ40 3-Speed Project AWD

    Hello! Hope everyone is doing amazing! I have a clean title 1971 Toyota FJ40 AWD Project. The truck ran and drove when parked about 2-3 years ago. It is rusty! The frame seems solid though. The wife wants it gone. Needs a new loving owner to come dig it out of my back yard! Super cool truck with...
  5. L

    2F intake/exhaust on a 1F

    I have a 7/70 FJ40 that I'm trying to get back to as close to stock as possible. I can get a later 3 piece intake/exhaust that I want to put on my motor. I've seen a few opinions and couldn't come to a clear yes or no. Will the setup below bolt on? Thanks.
  6. SlimerP98

    Wanted  1969 FJ40 Air Cleaner Assembly

    I am looking for an air cleaner assembly for my late 69 FJ40. I have an air cleaner that I believe is for a 1 barrel aisin that came with my truck if anyone would be interested in that as well.
  7. Cdaniel

    Getting out of the TLC life :(

    Selling the FJ40. Trying local and Mud before other internet madness.
  8. Cdaniel

    For Sale  Arizona: 1977 FJ40 Rock and trail rig

    1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, 145k miles on ODO $25k Highly modified. Competent rock crawler that is still streetable. If you are a Toyota purist, it’s not for you. If you’re looking for a rock and trail rig this could be for you. Same owner for the past 30 years. This rig has evolved and been...
  9. cyrilward

    For Sale  FJ40 front doors

    Two new doors (a set) purchased off eBay and showed up with a ding on the interior of one, where your arm would rest with the windows down, Definitely could be fixed. Looking for $1000 for the set plus shipment. Located in Corpus Christi, TX
  10. C

    For Sale  1970 FJ40 Sandpoint ID

    Hey all, I have a really nice FJ40 for sale. Very little rust. No rust in the floors. Minor in rear sill and at spare tire mount. All original paint. Great patina! A really honest rig with nothing hidden. Low mileage original engine. Recently ordered a carb kit from Mikes and now it runs great...
  11. R

    I swear I am not stupid but where is the pinstripe thread?

    someone suggested i post a pic of the pinstriping of my FJ40 in the "pinstripe thread" and i figured such a thread would be easily found but I guess not. I also cannot find my wallet, keys, glasses, or phone.
  12. Fj40owen

    Confused - 1F running rough (and sometimes not at all)

    Thanks in advance for the wisdom and guidance here - 1970 FJ40 with a F155 Engine. Compression 110, 110, 120, 120, 120, 120 Points checked and adjusted Rotor checked and cleaned Adjusted and Verified timing Adjusted and verified valve clearance New plugs and wires OEM Carb rebuilt by Classic...
  13. D

    Wanted  FJ40 rear fender corner guards

    Anybody have a set of aluminum corner guards to sell? Thanks Todd
  14. R

    77 fj40 started right up after like 10-15 years of sitting.

    i changed the oil, bought a battery, and had to unfreeze the primary butterfly. made sure it had spark and then did a gravity fed line to carb. (gotta replace some fuel line first,, when did autozone start charging 10$ a foot for 5/16 fuel line, wtf!??) quite pleased. now i gotta get a...
  15. Cruiser Cult

    For Sale  Mechanical fuel pump rebuild kits

    Have an old or original mechanical fuel pump in your 40, 45 or 55 and looking to refresh it? We are proud to offer high quality made in Japan rebuild kits! The kits include all new rubber diaphragms, main spring, rubber seal and spring land, new valves and valve gaskets. Kits for the earlier...
  16. nicocali

    For Sale  San Diego, CA: 1974 FJ40

    Had this FJ40 for 13 years. Bought from a local seller that had purchased in Arizona and brought to San Diego. Have had it serviced at the Truck Shop (TLC specific mechanic) in SD the entire time. Have receipts for literally everything done over that time. Smog exempt in CA. Chevy 350 SB engine...
  17. Cruiser Cult

    For Sale  58-72 Coolant overflow bottle kit

    Excited to release our new coolant overflow bottle kit. We partnered with @Racer65 to offer a complete package! :) The kit comes with the stainless steel bracket, mounting hardware (oem bolts), tubing and clamps, bottle and the cap. Everything you need to get going for your 58-72 FJ40. It uses...
  18. D

    Wanted  FJ40 sliding rear windows from Specter

    I know this is long shot. We have 3 dogs, need 3 windows to hang heads out in the wind…. Anybody have a set of these laying around they’ve decided not to use??? If they are already in a top, I’ll buy the whole top (ours has soft top and want to start driving it in the winter)…. PM me if you...
  19. FJ40MtnMaserati

    Wanted  67107-90300 Rear Hatch Board for a 73 FJ40

    Looking for a 73 FJ40 67107-90300 Rear Hatch "Board" and/or the T-Handle Assembly as well. Thanks in advance!
  20. T

    SOLD  Buffalo, NY FJ40 wiper arm pair late 70s early 80s

    I believe these are OEM 50 plus ship for pair
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