1. Drool624

    What's the best engine?

    I wanna put a new (different) engine in my 1965 fj40. Toyota preferably, diesel would be nice but with some sort of noise reduction or insulation? At very least something with multi-port fuel injection. If it could match a th350 tranny that would be very sweet! A complete package ready to run...
  2. R

    Wanted  1967 FJ40 Transfer Case High/Low Shift Linkage

    Hello, I am looking for a linkage member for my 1967 FJ40. I have the original dash mounted, vacuum-assist 4wd, but the link I have, (shown below) I believe is for a 4-speed and is about 2-3” too long. I am hoping to avoid cutting this down and rewelding it to the correct size, so please let me...
  3. C123MS

    Wanted  Working Early 1980 Speedometer Assembly

    Looking for an early 1980 speedometer assembly (See picture below for the full Speedometer, for reference). Really only need certain parts (specifically, the plastic housing that holds the mechanism together and clean dials), but will buy the whole assembly, if the price is right. Thanks,
  4. C

    For Sale  S. Florida - 1971 FJ40 - Very original - Amazing Condition - Barn Found - 2 owners

    Beautiful 2 registered owner FJ40 produced for the USA with 3.9L I-6 motor. Originally purchased in Asheville, NC then shipped and spent most of its life on a Ranch in Wyoming. Repainted in what is believed to be its original Spring Green color, otherwise all original. Odometer shows...
  5. Toler

    For Sale  PS Sanden Compressor Bracket for 1F Engine

    Greetings all, Just bought am A/C system from Old Air and need to source a passenger side mounted bracket for my Sanden Compressor. Searched the forum with spotty results - thought I'd ask for guidance from the community. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.
  6. N

    Wanted  Front heater core - 1971 FJ40

    Looking for a heater core in good condition for a 1971 FJ40. Can be the entire assembly or just the core- thanks!
  7. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - FJ40 40/42/45 Series OEM Tailgate Drop Gate with Full OEM Hardware

    ************SOLD************SOLD**************SOLD**********SOLD FJ40 40 Series OEM Tailgate with Full OEM Hardware Now sold $750 plus shipping (or local pickup) Tailgate from 1974 transition year, so the license plate bracket on left is for the later two light holder. Excellent condition...
  8. Tomarchio

    79 FJ40: Back Soot & Fuel Additives

    I have a 1979 FJ40. I am seeing black soot spots on my garage floor when I start the engine. What could this be an indication of and would anyone suggest any additives that they use?
  9. bowtied

    For Sale  San Diego, CA. 1974 Fj40, Classic Restomod, V8 Conversion.

    Long Post. Ask is 26K. Will do my best to paint an detailed picture. Sorry if any redundancy. Written this over a few episodes. Up for sale. Honest and I believe rust free '74 FJ. Very nice truck. Paint is likely 30+ years old. No slight of hand bondo tricks. Original factory original...
  10. J

    '83 FJ40 Survivor - Variable Engine Starting Issue - Suggestions?

    Sometimes my U.S. '83 FJ40 starts right up, and sometimes I have to re-charge the battery multiple times before it will start. It is in northern Michigan, but it doesn't matter if the temperature is 90 F in the summer or 10 F in the winter. Sometimes it starts right up. Sometimes I have to...
  11. LADAWG

    For Sale  Hot Springs, AR - 5 FJ40 OEM White Spoke / BFG's

    Set of five orig1980 FJ40 OEM Steel White Spoke Wheels with 31x10.50R15 BFG MT's with less than 2k miles. $1500 for the set. Thanks for looking.
  12. CreeperSleeper

    For Sale  Oregon: 1973 Toyota FJ40

    It is time to sell my 1973 FJ40 that has been built up as a trail rig. The body is pretty straight at the only rust is in the rear sill and a quarter inch hole where the factory fuel tank used to be. The rear quarters are comp cut and the front fenders have been cut as well. It has a Kayline...
  13. ryanaltom96

    Axel Swap Fj40 1975

    Hi all, New to all of this so hopefully someone can help me out. I have an fj40 and would like to swap my axels with fj60 axles. My question is can the fj60 axels just bolt onto my fj40. The fj60 has 3.73 gears and I am unsure what mine are. What will I need to do for this conversion. If you...
  14. 74fj40Oregon

    For Sale  1974 Complete F.5 Motor only

    I have a F.5 out of my 12/74 fj40 that I’m looking to sell. It’s a complete motor and was not running when I pulled it out. It’s a complete motor and turns over. I also have everything that goes on it. Carb, hooker headers, alternator, distributor, bell housing, clutch assembly air filter and...
  15. C

    For Sale  Miami, FL 1972 FJ40 White Hard Top for Sale - Original Liner - great condition

    Guys, Im buying a soft top for My Fj40 and need some Cash so I'm selling my Original Hard top and its lateral panels with back door included. Located in Miami, Fl Want $1400 for it. Great condition. Inside Original liner in great condition.
  16. Frankenforty

    On the hunt for a FJ40 roof and surround!?!

    On the hunt for an FJ40 roof and surround if anybody has one or can point me in the right direction cheers Forgot to say where I am lol I'm in brisbane but willing to travel or ship if I can find the right thing. I need a roof, side panels and will also need to source rear doors
  17. houstonfj40

    1976 Mustard Yellow FJ40 addition

    Looking forward to taking care of this 76 FJ40. Very clean AZ truck. Driver and getting it ready for the family and use locally and in CO. Got the plates yesterday and 30 miles so far today. Working on the first and always tank of ethanol free. 2f smogged Lockers/ARB compressor and tank 3.70’s...
  18. Scubaextreme

    Wanted  FJ40 Front Bumper Extensions

    Looking for a set of bumper extensions to fit a 1974 FJ40. Picture for attention, not mine.
  19. C123MS

    SOLD  Jack Handle - Brown Cast - FJ40

    Looking for a Brown Cast jack handle. Should be years 79-83, per the forums. Let me know. Thanks,
  20. C123MS

    Wanted  02/80 FJ40 - OEM Radio ANY Condition (provided most of the parts are there) or Parts

    Looking for an OEM 1980 FJ40 radio in any condition. Honestly, I would prefer that it not work because I want it cheap, just want to use some of the parts (faceplate, nobs, buttons, and AM station back plate, and mounting bracket), and don't want to deprive the world of a working example. Would...
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