1. mrjordann

    Are these seats factory?

    I found this picture on google images, but I can't find any information on it. When I click on the page, the picture can't be found anywhere. This looks like very late model 40 series with carpet and different rear seats. Does anybody...
  2. A

    Importing FJs from 70s and 80s, Fully Restored into the United States

    Ladies and gentlemen, Hello, I hope this thread finds you all well and healthy. I am, in a way, testing the waters to find a market for fully restored FJ40s being brought into the United States from Central America. These restored FJs will be coming with their own video of the restoration...
  3. mrjordann

    Rear Jump Seats Do Not Match (1973 USDM FJ40)

    Hi, this is peculiar. One of my jump seats sits too far toward the center of the vehicle, and the rubber feet don't sit where they're supposed to. I attached pictures of the mechanism on the seat which pushed it out farther. I'm assuming this can't be factory... Was one of my seats replaced...
  4. marcuslamont

    1969 FJ40 - Felt Spindle Dust Seal Installation

    I have a 1969 FJ40 with drum brake spindles that I am attempting to rebuild. I have been trying to search to find an answer but because the key words seem to be "dust seal" and "felt", all I can find are posts relating to the seals on the inner side of the knuckles. When I disassembled my...
  5. Eggy78

    Wanted  Fj40, 2F flywheel.

    Hi all, I have a 1976 FJ40. All original except for the chevy V8. I am converting it back to the stock 2F engine configuration. Does anyone have a stock flywheel for sale? Also. If anyone is interested in the Chevy 327cid engine for their build, it will be available when my 2F is ready for...
  6. M

    SOLD  Atlanta, GA FS: 4 New OEM Toyota Genuine Steelies and Caps $400obo

    Garage clean out today, time to give up the dream. My cousin purchased the 4 Wheels and Caps below while working for Toyota. Local Pickup preferred but will ship at your cost. I am in Atlanta, GA.
  7. mrjordann

    What was mounted here? ...Holes in my rear quarter panel

    Hi I'm wondering what could've been mounted here based on the bolt pattern/spacing. It's a US 5/73 model FJ40 if that helps. Thanks!
  8. Y

    FJ40 broke my heart yesterday

    Hello all! This is my first day, first post on this forum and unfortunately it's a sad one. I confirmed yesterday my 1978 FJ40 has a blown head gasket and to be honest I came here with the intention on posting in the classifieds to sell it. Like many forums you can't do that with your first...
  9. massey66fj

    Wanted  Oregon FJ40 OEM roll bar

    I’m looking for a factory fj40 roll bar in or near Oregon. I have a local company that makes a weld up reproduction but would really like the real thing. Thanks for the help Sean
  10. scoobiedubes

    Wanted  FJ25 (and early FJ40?) Differential parts

    I'm looking for this little gear that goes behind the carrier bearings. I'm not sure what they're called exactly, but we need two of them for the FJ28 restoration. EDIT: @pardion looked this up in the 1958 manual and they're called a "Nut, differential adjusting. PN RS 41312". Looks like this...
  11. tglaser

    For Sale  FJ40 Front Seats - Austin, Texas

    Have a set of front seats that I believe are out of a ‘79 FJ40. Planned to use them in my cruiser but ended up going different route. Price is $400; preference to locals, don’t want to ship unless necessary. Email at tglaser2 @ Gmail, or text @ 512 757 1664
  12. My 1977

    My 1977

    1977 FJ40 95% OEM
  13. mrjordann

    Anyone seen a Full-covering FJ40 Bikini Top??

    Hi, found this pic of a Jeep with a soft top which covers the whole vehicle, but not the sides. Here's a pic Anyone seen this for FJ40? I have a bikini top from bestop, but it makes the back seats basically useless. Thanks!
  14. Ronthebiker

    SOLD  '69 FJ40 Hardtop Sell or Trade Tucson, AZ

    I am selling my hardtop which I removed a few months ago, the vehicle has lived most of, if not all of it's life in California and then Arizona so there is little rust except for where some of the joints were. Originally the entire truck was baby blue and it has been resprayed to tan at some...
  15. jjh123

    SOLD  1980 FJ43 OBO - 37,298 km

    1980 Toyota Land FJ43 - 2F - H55F 5 speed - 37,298 km This truck has been my daily driver in Austin, Texas for the past two years. I acquired it from Bogota, Colombia in 2018 a couple of years after it underwent a frame-off restoration. This was done by the 2nd, and 3rd owners sometime around...
  16. Bripars40

    SOLD  FJ62 Front Hub Assemblies

    FJ62 front hub assemblies in great condition! Just disassembled this weekend. Comes with Aisin locking hubs, calipers, slotted rotors. Great for FJ40 disc brake swap or upgrade to large pattern knuckles. I have the FJ62 axle housing, steering arms and linkage as well. I took this apart to...
  17. cjosulli

    Wanted  ISO: FJ40 Tub Midwest

    Hi Everyone, New guy here looking for a ~3/4 tub for a 71 FJ40. I recently acquired an FJ40 which has been one of my dream cars for many years! Being in Michigan, of course the tub is shot. Willing to travel a bit to pick one up or ship it. Trying to keep it authentic as possible, so looking...
  18. F

    Loose Flywheel - Is there a possible way to tighten it without removing the transmission?

    After replacing all the main bearings and rod bearing because I believe there was a knock coming from the engine, I went to turn the engine by and and noticed that the flywheel was loose and was most likely the reason for the engine knock (the bearings weren't great so the change should be ok)...
  19. Mark Dickey

    For Sale  FJ40, FJ60/62 Parts. Body parts mostly (Dickey Sales) Through Offer Up App (California) Parts include at this time... FJ60/62 SOR me Ratio of cost top tail top gate w/o wiper Glass 350 Top tail top gate w/o wiper $425.00 255...
  20. cruiser7

    SOLD  1977 FJ40

    1977 FJ40 - Great Mechanical Condition Asking $9,450 Clean 1977 title (matching engine compartment VIN# tag), 1982 frame & rebuilt 1984 2F engine Approximately $20,000 invested ($17,690.06 in hard copy receipts). You could drive this truck home today and make it a great weekend warrior off...
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