1. DangerNoodle

    Building Up a 1978 FJ40

    Thanksgiving break has finally rolled around for me, and I am starting to work on the family FJ40. I've been wanting to do this for a while, as has my dad, so this is really exciting for me. I've wanted to build up a good wheeling / crawling rig, and the plan is to do that with this 40. This...
  2. Ronthebiker

    For Sale  Set of 5 wheels and tires off FJ40

    I have a set of 5 wheels and tires for sale that came off of my Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. The white ones are 15x9" with 4" backspacing and 6x5.5" bolt pattern for Toyota's. They have General Grabber AT2's in 31x10.5r15 on them with maybe about 30% tread left. The silver one was my spare and is...
  3. FJKrabill

    For Sale  Franklin, TN: 1986 Land Cruiser FJ45 Pickup

    Sadly I am selling my 1986 Land Cruiser FJ45 Pickup- I manage a Toyota dealership in middle Tennessee and had been looking for a unique toy for events like cars 'n coffee with the family when I originally purchased this truck back in April of this year. We were later blessed to hear that we...
  4. mrjordann

    Hardtop-to-Tub weatherstrip... how do I install?

    Hi, I recently bought the 2-piece hardtop to tub gasket kit from CityRacer LLC. I'm sure if you've tried to install one of these, you'll realize how difficult it is. Can somebody give me any useful information? My main issue is that the top keeps tearing the outer piece off of the rib of the...
  5. GrizzlyAdams

    Atlanta-area Body Shop?

    Morning Mudders - I know @ACC Toyota is the place for any and all things mechanical, but wanted to know who you all recommend for body work (cutting out rust, replacing front door bottoms, blasting and painting) in the Atlanta area? While I'd like to take it all on myself, family time...
  6. DangerNoodle

    Questions about doing an FJ40 SOA with 80 axles

    Hey all, I'm looking for some information about doing a Spring Over Axle conversion for a 78' FJ40. I'm pretty new at all of this, and looking to help my dad switch from stock 40 axles to 80 axles. The axle conversion doesn't seem too hard to do, however, I am looking at doing a SOA conversion...
  7. ScottMilk

    Stretched FJ40 hardtop kits?

    So I am planning a build and want to use Aquala's aluminum 18" stretch parts/kit but it doesn't come with the sides or top. Does anyone make these? Or is it something you have to fab yourself? If fab, is there any tutorials or threads on here (or anywhere) that explain how to do it?
  8. T

    For Sale  Vintage Con Ferr spare tire carrier (San Diego, CA)

    No a bit of rust on this thing. Super solid. $250 plus ride
  9. T

    Wanted  Passenger side running board FJ40

    Anybody have one in good shape? Edit: for a 71
  10. SaskFJ40

    New to site, just bought 71'/78' FJ40

    Hello everyone, and thank you. I have been lurking a while but not owning a land cruiser I felt weird about joining. The good news is, I now own one. This site has been very helpful in my search and will be invaluable to my build. The background story to this point is a little..... backwards...
  11. Basskidcorey

    LS mated to stock 40 series drive-train

    Hey Guys i'm interested in getting an 40 series but I want it to be a bit more functional for daily driving and the occasional offloading/camping as well as be able to tow an 18ft fishing boat. I've been seriously considering many options of various price points and difficulty levels. I have...
  12. cruiser7

    For Sale  1977 FJ40 - Great Mechanical Condition - REDUCED PRICE!

    Asking $9,450 Location: Western Springs, IL Clean 1977 title (matching engine compartment VIN# tag), 1982 frame & rebuilt 1984 2F engine Approximately $20,000 invested ($17,690.06 in hard copy receipts). You could drive this truck home today and make it a great weekend warrior off roading and...
  13. wngrog

    Builds  Weenie 3 - Bringing another 40 back from the dead

    Rustic Green 40's are stacking up around here in Mississippi. 3 in my group of friends alone, hence the "3" in the name. Green Weenie 3, aka Weenie 3..... Backstory: This 40 was bought new in Louisiana in 1974 and lived a hard life on a farm, I have a mound of registration papers stretching...
  14. cruiser7

    For Sale  1977 FJ40 - Great Mechanical Condition

    Asking $10,950 Location: Western Springs, IL Clean 1977 title (matching engine compartment ID tag) 1982 frame & rebuilt 1984 2F engine Approximately $20,000 invested ($17,690.06 in hard copy receipts). You could drive this truck home today and make it a great weekend warrior off roading and work...
  15. L

    For Sale  Westside Los Angeles - 1974 FJ40; Yellow; 63k miles

    1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40; original engine and interior; tastefully upgraded exterior. 255/85R16’s on Alcoa HD rims, Aussie style bull bar and frame-attached spare carry. Marine Grade stainless steel bolts and fasteners, ManAFre bumpers and shackles. Bilstein shock absorbers. Simply put the...
  16. Fuentesfranko

    Mysterious Cover

    When I purchased my 1973 FJ40 in Vancouver, Canada. The seller included this cover. I've never unrolled it, but the seller said it's shaped specifically for the FJ40. It's super heavy duty and super HEAVY. Looks like military grade. Previous owner said to keep it because it's very valuable. I...
  17. Y

    FJ45 Ute Retractable Roof Mod

    Hi Every one First post here. I am thinking about setting up the roof so that I can unlock it and then slide in back so it sits behind the cab between the cab and the tray. The plan would be to put some rails on the back of the cab and then have some roller-dore like things on the roof so it...
  18. DMKinHI

    1972 FJ40 Land Cruiser questions - newb

    Considering buying a 1972 FJ40 - on Oahu. Asking price is $20+k ... it looks legit with extra original pieces / parts. Looks amazing as restorations go - Appears to be original engine- straight 6/ 3 speed. X-msn -Modification includes disk brakes up front, Webber carb. New...
  19. alohamade

    For Sale  PRICE CHANGE: Toyota Seatbelts FJ40

    I think these are for the jumper seats. not sure tho, you can tell me if you know. I don't have jumper seats :( and too cheap to buy them and ship them to Hawaii. Seatbelts are in pretty rough shape. one will not release ( labeled in photo), but it used to. The other one works. if you want...
  20. F

    Universal FJ40 Turn Signal Switch?

    Is there a universal GM Column turn Signal switch that replaces the Toyota Turn Signal switch? I’m in the middle of replacing my wiring harness with a universal wiring harness that i purchased from Spectra Off-road. It’s similar to the Painless wiring harness. Based on everyone’s posts in the...
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