1. Mike Shull

    SOLD Denver, CO: 1978 FJ40 Axles

    For the most recent information, including the description, price and contact information, please use this link: 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser Axle Housings Complete - auto parts - by... -
  2. T

    Advice - FJ60 with SOA, extended Bilsteins, arched springs

    Hi everyone, Looking for a little advice on a potential purchase. I'm looking at an FJ60 that has a solid body/frame, normal wear and tear on the interior but definitely in need of a bit of love. Mechanically, the thing is a beast: SOA, extended Bilsteins, 35" tires, re-arched springs, air...
  3. P

    For Sale Build FJ40 Axles: Santa Rosa, Ca.

    Selling complete pair of Semi-Built FJ40 axles. Includes wheels, tires, axles, steering linkages (set up for Saginaw power steering), and drive lines (sized for LS and 4l60e with stock or Orion transfer case) Front Axle: Sprung over with stock springs. Cut and turned housing for correct pinion...
  4. AlbertoSD

    For Sale Marlin High Steer - 25mm Steering Upgrade Kit w/ Arms

    I have a brand new set of Marlin High Steer arms, with the 25-mm pin upgrade (versus the stock 17-mm ones). These will work on 40-series, 50-series, 60-series, and 70-series (pre 5-lug change) if/when you are planning to do Spring Over Axle (SOA). I also bought an extra set of four (4) knuckle...
  5. redneckweldin

    Land Ranger (82 BJ60 + 97 Ford Ranger) Build

    So been reading lots of great information on this site and figured I'd better join and start a build thread. I bought a 1982 BJ60 a couple years ago bone stock. Was my daily and it was great. However the body was in really rough shape and I have a new daily so it's time to turn the 60 into a...
  6. AlbertoSD

    For Sale 4x4Labs Cut and Turn SOA Axle 40-series

    I have a never installed before 4x4Labs Cut and Turn front axle for a Spring Over Axle (SOA) conversion on a 40-series. The axle is fully welded and it has longer spring perches and the Marlin knuckle gusset kit with (with incorporated shock mount). Asking $300 o.b.o. plus shipping from...
  7. DangerNoodle

    Builds The LF40 Wheeler Build - Twin Turbo & 8 Speed Auto FJ40

    5/14/22 EDIT: New engine and transmission swap begins on page 52. To all the purists out there, sorry in advance. Build starts on page 4. This build is going to be my more hardcore offroading rig. It is getting FJ80 axles locked with ARBs, 5.29 Gears, an 8l90, Twin Turbo LF4, 3.8 Atlas, 3-link...
  8. DangerNoodle

    Questions about doing an FJ40 SOA with 80 axles

    Hey all, I'm looking for some information about doing a Spring Over Axle conversion for a 78' FJ40. I'm pretty new at all of this, and looking to help my dad switch from stock 40 axles to 80 axles. The axle conversion doesn't seem too hard to do, however, I am looking at doing a SOA conversion...
  9. Fieldtester96

    Questions about an SOA for a broke college student.

    So i know this is been talked about a lot but i have some questions about steering when doing an SOA. I have a stock fj62 and want to get some more ride height so i plan to do an SOA. I understand everything that goes into it apart from what do do with the steering. I understand that you need...
  10. Ianominous

    Spring Over Axle on the FJ (SOA)

    I have read a lot on here about the Spring Over Axle. The majority list it as one of the top 5 mods for the FJ. I also know people that have done many and say that it made it ride worse and they switched back. My question to the crew is... why do you all love SOA? Is it just the chassis...
  11. reddingcruiser

    For Sale FJ40 Front and Rear Axles with Lockers

    I am selling my not-so-stock FJ40 axles. Front axle has a large pattern knuckles, disk brake axle set up for SOA, 4Plus extender sleeve and 62.5 +/_ WMS-WMS, ARB, oil fill plug relocated to compensate for SOA and C&T. Ruff Stuff spring perches. Set up to be installed WITHOUT out-boarding the...
  12. Hojack

    Builds Project Snowball ❄️ 85 FJ60 4BT Cummins/NV4500/ SOA/OVERLAND/CAMPING AKA- “The Other Woman”

    4BT/SOA OVERLAND BUILD January 10th, 2018 Fellow FJ60 Cummins diesel enthusiasts. I've followed IH8MUD for a couple years dreaming of one day beginning a diesel conversion in my 85 Landcruiser. I've been searching long and hard for a suitable donor motor still...
  13. Randy88FJ62

    For Sale FJ62 rear SOA semi-float axle and spare semi-float axle shafts

    I am upgrading to a 97 FZJ80 Full Float rear axle so the stock FJ62 axle and spare axle shafts are up for grabs. I have at least one set of spare rear axle shafts (short and long side) plus the entire rear axle complete. Seals and bearings done on rear axle recently. Drives good with no issues...
  14. php74

    For Sale 1975 FJ40 no rust, 440 v8, ps, soa

    Never thought I'd do this, but selling my FJ40 (or trade for 4wd Tacoma). SOA, power steer setup (done right all new Saginaw) disc front (wilwood), hi steer frombi set up (4x4 labs), 440 mopar v8, 727 torqflite auto trans, rebuilt knuckles w less than 20 miles on them, new Humvee shoulder seat...
  15. csd1982

    What's your ground to fame height? SOA with 37s?

    commemt on the distance between the ground and the bottom of your frame if you run SOA and 37's. Also comment if have extended your wheel base and what axles you are using.
  16. A

    For Sale Awesome '87 FJ60 Diesel Conversion with 37" BFG's, ARB Lockers and Armor, NC

    We purchased this vehicle (aka: Silver Surfer/Toyozu/Bruno) in March for a seven month trip around North America. It has been fun, but time to get back to work. This 1987 FJ60 Land Cruiser has an Isuzu 4bd1 diesel conversion with a Chevy Turbo. It is a great bug out vehicle, adventure mobile or...
  17. S

    Hj75 trooper SOA suspension

    Hey everyone, first post on the forum here haha, I have a 90' hj75 troop carrier with a spring over axle setup and the shocks have passed its time, it currently has the rancho 9000's in but I want to know what other shocks people recommended for this application ? Any help at all is appreciated.
  18. FreedromRedFJ62

    New Truck, New Things to Fix

    So I recently purchased a 89 FJ62 and had two questions that I needed some guidance on. 1.) The previous owner added a SOA lift on the truck but had blown shocks and failed to re-add the sway bars. My question is, what's the good/bad of just adding new factory shocks to the old mounting...
  19. franken60

    New death wobble all of a sudden

    Hey guys, I've owned this truck for 2 years (1981 bj60 SOA) and never once had a death wobble, at any speed, any terrain. the steering box has been a bit sloppy the whole time I've owned it but its never caused me grief. I installed a high steer kit from 4x4 labs with the GM 1ton ends a few...
  20. franken60

    The SwampDonkey

    Ok so as I approach 2 years owning this cruiser I guess i should have a place to compile all the pictures and upgrades I have been slowly adding to this truck. I always thought it looked a bit like a moose...tall, gangling, kind of awkward. Then I heard the term swamp donkey and thus a name was...
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