Scored 2007 Unicorn. The holy grail of 100 series. (7 Viewers)

Nov 4, 2007
Thank you, very kind of you to say.

New owner is going to have painter reshoot areas like hood & fender to eliminate rock chip touch up spots and other imperfection. Then add clear bra. Also very import where it's going, having undercarriage and inside panels coated with rust preventive on a regular basis.

At some point he'll probably have Ko2's put on and do more stuff like o2s, coil springs, seat bolster foam. It's going into a family of car enthusiast that appreciates what they have. This is one special rig that is just going to be getting better as it ages.

I don't think we've seen the last of The Unicorn!
Aug 5, 2005
Ontario, Canada
This is a great thread. Thanks for taking the time to document everything so well.

Once set to TDC I back off 45% to release tension of cam from valve springs. It will still jump clockwise (as we face it) a bit, but this is where FSM recommends to set. I marked timing belt just incase it jumped on me, it did.

A bit late to the party, but I never noticed this subtle detail (the above is from page 5).

2007 LX/LC require counterclockwise turning of the crank to 50deg Before Top Dead Centre (BTDC) and then back to TDC. However timing belts for '98-'06 models are changed at 50deg After Top Dead Centre (ATDC).

I was changing the T-belt on a '08 GX470 today and the '05-'09 models also require counterclockwise turning to BTDC. What is the reason the procedure for the '07 models LX/LC is different from the one for '06 models? Both are VVTi (as well as all '05-'09 GX470's).

The confusing part is that the rear cam covers still have the embossed 'T' on them and I was expecting to be changing the belt at the 'T' setting. My belt jumped on me as well.
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Nov 4, 2007
IDK. I thought all VVT use same procedure (I don't have 06 FSM, only 07), and it say approximately 45deg BTDC. My non VVT FSM's state approx 50deg ATDC. IIRC @abuck99 told me he just set his non VVT at TDC and cams didn't move as belt removed.

Too make things more confusing; Some manuals when giving instruction on "backing off cam slightly to release tension" use CW or CCW as if sitting in drive seat where others as you face engine.

I've not like the instruction either set of FSM gives, but I've always followed them. I may play around with this a bit, on a VVT engine I've got on the stand.

I heard of a Dealerships techs blowing a VVT engine setting timing to the "T"
Nov 4, 2007
I managed to suck up enough water to hydrolock the engine. I am going to be dropping the new engine in this weekend.
On what the 06 GX?
How did it happened and how'd you verify the damage?

Word of caution: Don't force the bellhousing into engine. One shop I know tried pulling together with clamps and busted the bellhousings ears/mounting points. Make sure torque convert seated in transmission all the way.
Jul 22, 2014
Goodyear, AZ
yea my 06 GX. Was going through a deep water crossing and the engine died. tried to crank it and the crank gets to cylinder 8 and stops. Verified with a socket on the crank and there was standing water in the intake manifold lol.
Nov 4, 2007
Wow that was deep.:cry:
If "socket on crank" test was with spark plugs out, that is bad.
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Sep 11, 2018
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I replace a few wire housing & hose getting at starter to install wire harness (needed to swap): main hose from water bypass to A.I. switch, water bypass pipe to water pump O-ring and water bypass rear gaskets.

By looking at first two picture you can see how starter wire(s) are released. This is hard to see when leaning over fender to do a starter job. I also found three different ways to pull starter. Easiest is to pull rear water by-pass and A.I. stuff as one unit then starter.
View attachment 1680251 View attachment 1680252
View attachment 1680253 Water by-pass gaskets PN # 16341-50020 GASKET (WATER BY-PASS JOINT, REAR & front (2 each))
View attachment 1680254 I use Dawn dish soapy water to lubricate O-ring for easy install into water pump, just as FSM recommends. Interesting the mechanic in WI Toyota Dealership used some sort of grease (presumably coolant and O ring safe) here and on larger water inlet to pump O-ring. In a rust belt state, this would make removal easier years from now of the water inlet. I like that, not like some of the idiots that use FIPG as a lube (I hate that). Those using FIPG on seals (bad) are likely using the 102 or 103 FIPG that is for oil not coolant. When only Toyota FIPG 1282B should ever be used on coolant application, but even that should not be used on O-rings.
View attachment 1680255

Hands down the best write up I have seen thus far. What computer program do you use for service manuals? I just order a printed one from factory service manuals.
Nov 4, 2007
Hands down the best write up I have seen thus far. What computer program do you use for service manuals? I just order a printed one from factory service manuals.
Thanks for saying so.

I have a stack on hard copy, more than 15 volumes of FSM. All my electronic stuff if form I like hard copy in the shop the best, and they show it!
Nov 14, 2018
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Hi, I am planning to convert a 2006-2007 Land cruiser or a Lexus LX 470 to a manual transmission... looks like you know cruisers in and out, I actually have a thread open if you want to comment or give any advice that would be valuable. You probably know the firewall by heart and what would you think it would take to drop a clutch and brake assembly and physically what would be the hurdles in doing this, cross members on the frame to do the swap etc. Also would you consider taking on a project like this? Minus parts what do you think a project like this would cost? Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.
Nov 4, 2007
Very interesting and ambitious endeavor. I appreciate your confidence in me, but as I strive to bring 100 series back to factory spec for it's VIN, I've no experience in customizing.
Nov 4, 2007
Did the screws twist out with vice grips once you drilled the heads off?

Starting with good sharp small drill bit, then working my way up in drill bit size. I drilling off heads of screws so wire can be removed. This is first step in the process.
ABS rusty screws (5).JPG

ABS rusty screws (6).JPG

I then keep drilling until near nothing left of screw at contact plate.
ABS rusty screws (8).JPG

Them used my cold chisels to gently tap the nut out from under contact plate.
ABS rusty screws (10).JPG

The trick is to not damage plastic in any way, and remove little to no amount of metal from the contact plate.
ABS rusty screws (13).JPG

Then clean, grease with dialectic and install new OEM nuts and screws. Factory also recommends new wires.


Jun 3, 2004
Northern Colorado
Yep the search is over, I scored a Silver 2007 Unicorn Land Cruiser w/Thunder Cloud trim and stone interior.
View attachment 1637001

I started this hobby of restoring 100 series, after getting the bug! A bug perpetuated reading mud, as a distraction from the stress of trading oil futures contracts 23 hours a day. I'd already been a 100 series owner since 2004 (01 LC No Nav The King), and a wrencher since birth.

I then decided to find a high mileage minimally maintained 100 to see what it would take to bring back to near showroom ready (restore). I found the "WhiteLady" 01LX w/215K, bought it, went to work/play. While playing with it, needing a hood I searched the internet daily for months and months for paint matching hood. While searching I found a few others that turned into project like "Graybear" a 00LX w/274K. One rule I laid out from day one (only way girlfriend would tolerate) is hobby must pay for itself. Second was a goal to work my way up the food chain, one day getting a Unicorn to play with. Got it!

For those that don't know, all 2003-07 series 100 import through normal channels into the lower 48 states of the USA, came with the NAV optional system. With the NAV option also means, the climate controller is integrated into NAV.

Here's the Unicorn's climate control, which has had an aftermarket radio and backup camera installed. Notice the differences, like it has a fan control.

View attachment 1637007 View attachment 1637008
For comparison here is a typical 07 USA 100 series.
View attachment 1637009

Can't tell you how excited I was to pull this off the auto transport with The King:
View attachment 1637014

Below you'll find what I did to bring this back to as close to factory spec as I reasonably could. Basically going through the Toyota recommended Preventive Maintenance (PM) from 0 - 120K miles. Replacing parts that are no longer serviceable according to Toyota Factory Service Manual (FSM).

Additionally; Correcting or improving issue that I've learned are best practice.
As example: Painting between #3 crossmember and frame. This is a rust location that can lead to a very expensive repair beyond the Toyota designed 25 year life.

Also doing extras.
This is replacing parts that are still serviable, but will fail or reduce driving experience now or in near future.
Example; Replacing front Drive shafts and hub flanges to get ahead of the game and yield a better driving experience.

Had this not pre-sold and I'd kept for myself as was intended, much of this would have been done over next 3 to 5 years as time and budget allowed.


Fuel Tank draining, by removing fuel pump. Page #1, post #7.
Engine removal. Post #7
Engine tear down to near barebone long block starts at post #62 page 4
Assembling 4.7L 2UZ-fe VVt engine from bare long block to conform to a 100 series. Starts at post #74 with Oil pan.
Oil filter bracket, oil cooler and cooler block to oil cooler hose starts post #77 (also see post 233 & 234 for resealing while engine in bay)
Exhaust manifold install starts at post # 81 page 5
Oil sending Unit post # 87.
Thermostat post # 87
VVT difference and use post # 90.
Fuel injector rebuilding, cleaning & testing at post #95
Intake manifold install starts on post # 96
Throttle Body Post #97
Fuel Injector & fuel rail install and fuel crossover pipe with union bolts starts at post #98
Fuel pressure regulator (FPR) and vacuum switches post # 99
Vacuum lines and hoses. page #6
Flushing heater cores with a 12 volt pump. Post #105.
Water bypass pipe & water bypass joint rear hoses connecting heater cores via "heater Tee's" replaced Post #105
Head cover (AKA: valve covers) bolts. post #112
Coils & spark plugs post #113
Main Wire Harness ECU to engine. Starts at post # 114
A. I. exhaust air tubes, LH & RH install. Page # 7, post #121.
Oil dipstick guide tube with new O-ring. Post #122.
NEW OEM Engine Insulator (AKA Engine Mounts) installed. post #123 & #139
Attaching AC compressor post #124.
On Engine stand ready to install. post # 125
POR-15 painting a few small spots in engine bay. post #126
Engine install. starts at post # 137
Finishing up engine install. Page 8.
New pipe flange to manifold Exhaust Gasket and Nuts. Post #145
New pipe flange to manifold Exhaust Gasket and Nuts. Post #146
Transmission cooler lines along engine block attaching to bracket. Post #147
Drive plate (AKA Flexplate) to torque convert bolting up. Post #148
Generator Assemble (AKA Alternator) install. Post #149.
ECU wire harness pushed through into cabin, hook up to ECU and buttoned up. Post #150
Fan & clutch assembly & install. Post #151
Fuel return line & VSV vacuum hose LH side connected. Post #153
PCV valve & hoses. Post #158
Heater Tees install. Post #159
Fuel line from filter to fuel rail and fuel pressure pulsation damper install. Page 9, Post #161
New Air filter & MAF sensor cleaning. Post #162
New radiator (aftermarket) being ready for/and installed. Starts at post #163
Air box install & hooking to hoses, Battery wires, Fluids and Customizing a transmission fill plug. Starts post #166
Transmission ATF level procedure. Post #174 INCLUDED TSB for lower ATF temperature range to use when setting level.
Power Steering, Rack NEW OE rubber mounting bushings pressed in. starts at post #175
Steering system rebuild continued page 10. Vane pump install post #181.
New suction & return line at reservoir. Post #182.
New Double vacuum hoses on Vane pump (steering pump). Post #183.
Power steering flush. Post #184
Front differential bushing replacement. Post #187
Reconditioning #3 crossmembers bolt, bolt guide and contact points are rusting. Post #190
Front Drive shaft (new OEM) install. Post #194.
Steering Knuckle install. Post #197.
Dust Cover reconditioning & install. Page 11, starts at post #202
Wheel bearings hub flange cone washer removal. Starts on post #209
Cleaning Wheel hub. Post #211.
Wheel hub & bearing packing with grease. Post #212
Wheel hub install. Setting breakaway preload with spring scale. Post #213
Hub flange install. Post #214.
Snap ring of hub flange, setting the gap is so important. Post #215
Snap ring of hub flange inspection & replacement with wheel & tire on. Page 17, Post #327.
Brakes, disc (rotors & drums) replacement. Starts at post #216
ABS to booster pump wire inspection & repair. Starts at post #218.
ABS to booster wire, new nuts & screws install. Page 12 post #221
All gearboxes flushed. Post #222
Fuel filter installed. Post #223
Battery post cleaned & greased. Post #224.
Starting engine and Dealing with Issues. Starts on post #233.
AC; oiling, vacuum testing and charging. Post # 235 lining to: So now I need to oil and charge the AC system?
Oil filter bracket & cooler resealing, Staring post #233.
Video of engine running, flushed the AHC, engine oil add 44K. Post #236
First long test drive. Post # 239.
Cabin Air filter door retrofit. Page 13, starts at Post #244
Cleaning the HVAC cabin sensor. Post #248.
Steering telescopic motor replaced. Post #249.
Firewall antenna wire hole sealed. Post #250.
AMP battery wire fuse block custom bracket. Post #251
AMP location under PS frt seat, clean up. Post #252.
AMP cover (molding) bracket and footwell carpet PS. Post #253
Carpet ripe repair DS front seat. Post #255
Front seats, under and sides clean up and installed. Post #257
Center console pulling apart and cleaning. Starts on post #258.
Center Console removed. Page 14, Continued post # 261.
Console upper panel & cup holder removal. Post #266.
Interior minor repairs as I clean inside. Post #267.
Rear Vent Switch bulb replacement. Post #268.
Rear tail light LH replaced. Post #273.
Turn signal blinking rapidly. Post #273.
PM of lower windshield molding (rust preventing). Post #275.
3rd row seat clip. Post #280.
Body fuel door color match replacement. Page 15, Post #281.
Coil (COP) going bad. Post # 287. Also see When to replace Ignition coils.
Rust PM. Front bumper support and fender leave traps. Post #294
Wobbling rear view mirror, interior. Page 16, post #301
B1153 DTC "seat position sensor assembly" wire repair. Post #302
No more DTC, but one tire pressure sensor no reading. Post #303
Door interior courtesy light lens replaced. Post #304
AHC, reading pressures in tech stream. Post $305
Coil spring spacer installed. Post #306.
Stabilizer links and bushing installed front and rear. Starts at post #307
Skid plate rust PM and bottom radiator foam ("cooler pack") pad install. Starts at Post #316
Updated final parts list. Post #317
Perfecting body paint. Post #320
Cutting paint with correction compound. Page 17, post #321
Paint chip repair. Starts post #323
Snap ring of hub flange inspection & replacement with wheel & tire on. Post #327
Fuel door replaced. Post #329
Windshield molding rivets replaced. Post #331
Cleaned the leather seats. Post #335

Parts list:
Total count>> 307 Parts
Various 200 Miles driven for parts & Machine shop
3/21/18 1 Engine 2UZ-fe Vvti w/shipping,$2,175
9/30/17 1 Engine $500 for 4runner engine (bad purchase)
4/2/18 1 Shipping Shipping
8/31/17 0.2 FSM Pro rata
1/15/18 0.5 Window wash Fluid top off from shop
Air filter
4/6/18 1 17801-50040 Air filter element
Drive Belt
4/11/18 1 National 203-ff Bearing, tensioner drive belt
1/18/18 1 16604-0F010 Idler Pulley & bearing
Spark plugs
4/5/18 8 SK20R11 Denso SK20R11 or NGK IFR6A11 (AA $9.99, $5.94. Last yr. $4.49, $$4.48 w/$20OFF)
5/23/18 1 44k
4/6/18 1 23300-50090 Fuel Filter engine compartment
3/22/18 1 77285-60540 Clamp,3 Fuel tubes below brake master
11/27/17 1 77169-33020 Gasket, Fuel Suction Plate (fuel pump to tank)
Fuel rail
4/6/18 1 23280-50050 Fuel Pressure Regulator 2004-07
4/13/18 8 23291-41010 2329141010 INSULATOR, INJECTOR VIBRATION
4/6/18 1 23232-41081 23232-41081 (GASKET (FOR FUEL PUMP HOSE to damper))
4/6/18 1 90430-12026 90430-12026 GASKET(Fuel hose to rail held damper union bolt)
4/11/18 4 90430-12026 90430-12026 GASKET(Fuel crossover pipe to rails) 4)
4/3/18 8 Fuel Injector Specialists - Home - Wheat Ridge, CO Fuel injector clean rebuild & test
Intake manifold
3/30/18 2 17171-50030 Gasket intake manifold to head (2)
4/3/18 1 22271-50050 Gasket, throttle body
Vacuum Hose
4/5/18 1 23829-50161 2382950161 HOSE, FUEL VAPOR FEED
4/6/18 3 90999-92003 Toyota Vacuum hose 2' section
3/30/18 1 17342-50180 Hose AI No. 2 (longer RH water)
3/30/18 2 17376-50010 GASKET (2), AIR TUBE No 1 (Exhaust)
3/30/18 2 15692-50020 O-ring (figure 8, filter bracket to oil pump)
3/30/18 2 90301-67004 O-ring (large FOR OIL COOLER)
3/30/18 1 15777-50030 Return Hose
5/23/18 1 Oil Filter M1 filter
Oil pan
5/22/18 1 EPR BG
5/23/18 1 MOA BG
4/5/18 6 5W-30 Advanced Auto synthetic oil for 15min warm up with ERP BG oil flush
9/1/12 8 M1 5w-30 Oil
3/30/18 1 90430-12031 Gasket, Oil plug Drain washer
3/30/18 1 96721-19010 O-ring, oil dip stick guide tube to pan
3/30/18 1 15147-50011 GASKET, OIL STRAINER (pickup tube)
3/30/18 1 00295-00103 FIPG 1207B Sub is 103
Mounts engine
4/21/18 2 12361-50121 1236150121 INSULATOR, ENGINE MOUNTING, FRONT
4/6/18 2 90080-43036 Pipe Gasket
4/6/18 16 90179-10070 16 Nuts exhaust manifold (non reusable). 9017910070
4/11/18 6 90080-17187 6 Nuts Exhaust manifold pipe to front pipe (3 nuts each side) Look like
Timing Belt
4/5/18 1 13503-0F010 13503-50011 Idler pulley (Koyo
4/6/18 1 13505-0F010 13505-50030 Tensioner pulley assy (Koyo)
4/4/18 1 13540-50030 1354050030 Tensioner (Asisin BTT-502)
4/6/18 1 12261-50070 Hose, PVC DS
4/6/18 1 12262-50080 Hose, PVC PS
11/25/2017 4-18 3 Coolant SSL pink 50/50
4/5/18 1 Dist. water Dist. water
4/5/18 0.1 08826-00100 Seal packing 1282B (shop supplies pro rata)
4/5/18 1 90916-03100 Thermostat
4/5/18 1 16346-50010 gasket, Thermostat-Water inlet housing.
4/4/18 1 16210-50102 Clutch, fan May 05-07 VVTi (Aisin FCT-075) Amazons looks good
4/5/18 1 16307-0F010 Bracket, fan (Aisin FBT-002)
5/22/18 1 G1000130859CSF Radiator CSF
4/5/18 1 16401-67150 Cap
5/23/28 1 16572-50150 Lower Hose
9/1/17 1 16571-50150 Upper hose
6/5/18 1 88578-60100 Packing, Cooler (Foam between #1 & radiator)
Heater tee's
4/6/18 2 87248-60460 8724860460 PIPE, HEATER WATER
Water by-pass
4/6/18 1 87245-6A220 87245-6A220 HOSE, HEATER WATER, INLET A Bypass to tee inlet to core
4/6/18 1 87245-6A191 87245-6A191 HOSE, HEATER WATER, OUTLET B Tee out to bypass pipe
3/30/18 2 16341-50020 GASKET(WATER BY-PASS JOINT, REAR & front 2 each)
3/30/18 1 96761-24019 O-ring, PIPE SUB-ASSY, WATER BY-PASS
5/2/18 0.2 MISC Tools & Oil
4/27/18 2 90069-08007 O-ring, pipes on compressor & pipe "H" to/at radiator RH side
07 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser A/C Receiver Drier - Climate Control - Denso - PartsGeek 24067-05169619 A/C receiver drier
5/1/18 1 R1043393863ND Drier Desiccant Elem Denso
Drive train
3/16/18 1 Propeller shafts & spiders Grease shop supplies
6/1/18 1 35178-30010 Drain & level check washer
4/5/18 8 00289-ATFWS Qtrs.. WS ATF
5/12/18 2.5 08886-81221 Suspension Fluid (2.5qts from shop)
9/28/17 5 49177-60010 AHC accumulator bleeder cap
Transfer case
3/16/18 2 90430-A0003 drain and fill washers
3/17/18 1.5 Qtrs.. M1 75w-90.
Rear differential
3/16/18 2 12157-10010 drain and fill washers
3/16/18 3.6 Qtrs.. M1 75w-90
Front differential
3/16/18 2 12157-10010 Gaskets, drain & fill washers
4/5/18 1 90311-47013 Axle seal, LH
4/4/18 1 90311-47027 Axle seal, RH
5/7/18 1.8 Qtrs.. M1 75w-90
4/6/18 1 41651-60010 Cushion, Differential (front press in)
4/6/18 1 41653-60010 STOPPER DIFFERENTIA (front top cushion)
4/11/18 1 41653-60020 STOPPER DIFFERENTIA (RH rear top cushion)
4/13/18 2 90105-12240 90105-12240 Bolts, #3 crossmember plus side bracket (4)
Front Drive shaft
4/6/18 2 43430-60040 Axle Assembly (snap ring included)
Steering knuckle
4/6/18 2 90316-A0001 Oil seal (inboard)
5/5/18 0.1 Shop Supplies grease
5/5/18 0.1 Shop Supplies Marine grease
Axle Hub / Wheel bearings
4/6/18 2 43421-60060 Hub Flange
5/5/18 2 43422-60070 Hub Flange gasket
4/6/18 12 42323-60030 cone washer
4/6/18 1 90520-31007 snap ring 2.4mm. To Hub flange D
5/1/18 0.3 Shop Supplies Solvent
5/1/18 1 Shop Supplies Wheel bearing grease
Power steering
4/15/18 1 ATF Qtrs. M1 MV full synthetic ATF
3/16/18 1 44327-30040 Hose & tube assembly LH gasket, Power steering HP line 03-07
3/16/18 1 44327-30030 Hose & tube assembly RH gasket, Power steering HP line 03-07
returned TAB-UZJ100-KIT Steering rack mounting bushings, (Febest rubber) Quality iffy)
4/12/18 1 Rubber Mount bushing CVJ $42 or eBay deltaap57 $54.95
4/6/18 1 17030-50150 Vacuum hose assemble
4/6/18 1 44348-60320 Power Steering Suction Hose
4/6/18 1 44412-60280 Power Steering Return Hose
5/21/18 1 89232-60022 8923260021 8923260022 Motor power telescopic
5/9/18 4 31478-30010 31478-30010 CAP, BLEEDER PLUG(FOR REAR DISC BRAKE)
47715-60020 PIN, Cylinder slide (slave lower pin w/rubber spacer) Rear
3/16/18 4 93319-15008 Screw w/washer ABS wire leads
3/16/18 4 94130-60500 Nut, ABS wire leads
Front Brakes
5/1/18 2 43512-60171 43512-60171 Rotor DISC, FRONT each
5/1/18 1 04465-60230 04465-60230 PAD KIT, DISC BRAKE, FRONT both side (4 pads)
4/28/18 1 04945-60010 04945-60010 SHIM KIT, ANTI SQUEAL, FRONT both sides (all 4)
4/27/18 1 04479-60040 04479-60040 CYLINDER KIT, DISC BRAKE, FRONT
5/8/18 4 90240-06024 PIN, w/hole
Rear brakes
5/2/18 2 42431-60281 42431-60281 Rotor DISC, REAR
5/1/18 1 04466-60070 04466-60070 PAD KIT, DISC BRAKE, REAR
5/1/18 1 04946-60031 04946-60031 SHIM KIT, ANTI SQUEAL(FOR REAR DISC BRAKE)
4/3/18 1 04948-60010 04948-60010 FITTING KIT, DISC BRAKE, REAR
4/27/18 1 04479-60250 04479-60250 CYLINDER KIT, DISC BRAKE, REAR
4/27/18 2 47493-0E010 Plug, E-Shoe adjusting rear rotor drum
Aftermarket Brakes
5/2/18 4 DOT 3 or $ synthetic
5/1/18 0.2 Shop supplies Caliper lube & cleaning solutions and brushes & sand paper
5/3/18 1 Custom Brake line set frame to diff Whisler RH 15 1/2" & LH 14"
5/9/18 1 STF1089 SS brake Line 6 pc SLEE OFF Road
4/6/18 2 Struts hood Hood Lifts Monroe Max Amazon
7/1/18 3 wash/cleaning Shop
10/5/17 1 Paint detail 1F7 Sliver
6/13/18 1 Paint chip Detail sup paint chip & wind molding ploy clean
6/11/18 1 77350-60061 Lid Assy, Fuel filler door Used from LX with 1F7 (silver) Door
6/6/18 1 75730-60041 Molding assy, RR D
6/1/18 6 90467-08108 Clips windshield lower weather strip
4/6/18 1 81561-60680 LENS & BODY, REAR COMBINATION LAMP, LH
5/1/18 1 Bulb Rear tail light
6/4/18 4 Bulbs HL HB4 Low beam 51W
6/4/18 2 Bulbs HL HB3 High beam 60W
6/1/18 1 Carpet Carwash shampoo at car wash
58297-50020 Grommet, for floor mat hook
4/3/18 1 88891-60040 Cover, Cooler unit, face plate w/filter door hatch
4/3/18 1 88891-60060 Door, cooler unit face plate door
5/30/18 1 81231-33010 Lens, Courtesy Lamp RR
05/24/18 1 84999-10310 Bulb, DASH wing window light
6/11/18 1 Hatch Oil filter hatch
6/11/18 2 Hatch bolt Oil filter hatch bolts
6/14/18 Oil drain plug hatch from shop stock.
Stabilizer systems'
4/6/18 4 90948-01003 Cushion, link
4/6/18 2 94184-61001 Nut, link top
4/6/18 2 48820-60032 link w/bushing lower pressed in
4/6/18 2 48815-60111 Bushings, Stab Bar
4/6/18 4 48817-30010 cushions, link
4/6/18 2 90385-11021 Cushion, Bar to link
4/6/18 2 90560-10275 Collar, Bar to link
4/6/18 2 48815-26250 Bushings, w/AHC
5/4/18 2 OME80PR05 5mm OME spacers
5/4/18 2 OME80PR10 10mm OME spacers
6/1/18 2 Running boards Each side 1D2 used (local)
6/4/18 4 Running boards Nut 8x1.25
5/8/18 1 85143-60110 Grommet, RR Wiper
6/1/18 1 Bumper skin Front bumper skin 1D2 used (from SLC in 2017)

Thanks for adding these links!

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