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Got a car package from the desert. Let's see who's got keen eyes, what do you see :)
Is that a mast hoist at a local boat ramp??
Yes it’s near a local ramp and there are no power lines between the hoist and the ramp. Stays in a slip for the season.

Just a standard 15amp diode from Amazon. Can get em everywhere I assume.

MCIGICM 20Pcs 15SQ045 Schottky,15amp Diode Axial Schottky Blocking Diodes Amazon product

THANK YOU!!!!! I thought I was going crazy when this started happening. Praise this forum!!!!!
Monday on the way to work, I stopped at a light and got a rough idle. In park/neutral seem fine (but I can feel it a little), but drive and reverse are really bad idle. On the way home it threw P0306/0305 (cylinder misfire). I though spark plugs, wires, and or injectors. I had @landtank upscale MAF kit and @NLXTACY boosted tune-up on the shelf so it was the perfect opportunity to get it done. Have to give myself a pat on the back for doing it without supervision. . . its was a PITA.

Not a spark plug guru, but these look ok.

This was bore and looked like someone glued it on.



Took about two day (and one of the days was my daughter's birthday.

New spark plugs, wires, vacuum hoses, injector wire connectors, spare upper plenum cleaned and painted, and everything that comes with the up up-scaled MAF.

Fired up strong, but didn't solve my problem. Throwing misfires P0306/305/303. Also I think I hear "ticking" when accelerating. With a quick look, the wiring harness doesn't appear to be damaged from the EGR, but if I get time tomorrow, ill cut into the loom for a better look. Still about to purchase a new wiring harness.

If you have suggestion, please PM me. I dont want to takeover this thread with trouble shooting. Thank you in advance.
Got this

rolling along great and noticed this


after I had it here

So broke out the gin and made the bumper a drink holder. Sat back and thought about it and decided to break out the YETI to go hit the trail in the am and come back take it apart and clock the clutch handle 90 degrees and start over....
Repaired differential compression tester and built an adapter out of an old spark plug to do leak down check and to pressurize the cylinders to change 280,000 mile old valve seals.
Also installed some new parts😁



The cruiser has been being driven as my pizza delivery car (hey don’t judge money is good) and road trip car for the past 2 months now since my last beater with a heater died. But today I found a new cheap daily that I am super excited about! I found this miata that looks super clean but would crank but not start. I decided it was worth the risk so I decided to tow it on home. So I called up U Haul and thought I ordered a car dolly. Turns out I did not and I reserved a dual axle trailer. Didn’t really know how would it would do with RTT on top and all my other crap but it totally blew my mind! Loaded up with a 3,000 Miata and what had to be a 1,000-2,000 pound trailer I honestly did not feel it nearly as much as I thought. 65-75 AC on and with the occasional downshift taking it out of overdrive and it was easy as could be. Coolant temps never got over 192. Supercharger makes a world of difference genuienly it would not speed up super fast but from the drive from Denver to Colorado Springs it never got to the point where I had to floor it it really did maintain speed really well and never felt weak. Besides the brakes I am really happy and comfortable towing with it.

Got the Miata home and believe it is dead due to a bad fuel pump but we will find out for sure tomorrow

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It’s not so much the “going” that’s a concern. More important is the “stopping” capacity.


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