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    Where to start with an oil leak, dripping from red circle area of picture

    This car drips oil from the red circle spot, it seems to be collecting at that location based on the picture. I don't know what the source would be based on the collection/drip point but my first step is to degrease and clean the engine compartment. Based on some research, it could be from the...
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  8. 97AnnivEd

    For Sale  40TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION - Just 175k Miles For Sale

    One of the best and lowest-mileage FJ80 Land Cruisers out there - and a 40th Anniversary Limited Edition (No. 653). Driven 100% in Florida so has never seen salt or winter. Ready for the next 175k miles. Originally owned by MLB All-Star MVP Julio Franco and driven in the off-season (hence the...
  9. NGA60

    For Sale  Chattanooga, TN: 1992 FJ80

    1992 Fj80 in very good shape. Paint is in great condition, and no rust anywhere. Has Corbeau heated front seats, and rear seat cover. New BFGoodrich A/T KO2 tires, recent tune up, all toyota parts. PM if interested. $13,000
  10. Bshane

    For Sale  2 Third-Row Seats, ‘91-‘97 Land Cruiser FJ80, Beige

    ‘91-‘97 Toyota Land Cruiser fj80 pair of third-row seats. Beige leather, very good condition. See eBay listing; bids for pair start at $250, or buy now for $390: 91-97 Toyota land cruiser fj80 beige leather third row seats in very good shape | eBay -
  11. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Fj80 Front passenger seat belt.

    SoCal Very good condition, Brown Oak Color, can be installed in 95 to 97 retractor frame. No shredding or snags or issues. Check hole pattern where your male end plugs into female side to match the clasp pattern. $100 including shipping.
  12. S

    For Sale  Novato, CA. Fj80 sun roof glass.

    Replaced my sunroof glass and have the old one. Just want to see if anyone might want it before I throw it away? It has a spiderweb crack from where a branch fell on it. Doesn’t leak but I wouldn’t trust that for much longer. Thought someone might be able to use the frame from it or bed line the...
  13. R

    1997 LC - Shift Solenoid P0753

    hello. new to 80 series. Just picked up a 97 Collectors Edition 220,000 mi. it was running good for about 400 miles before I decided to clean the interior. I pulled the carpet and center console out. Unplugged and reconnected everything back. It ran for maybe 100 miles then it threw a code...
  14. C

    FJ80 No start!! Have read a ton of articles and need help!

    Hey there, I am a long time reader of this forum and appreciate all of the resources that come from this place. I have a 1991 FJ80 with 300,XXX miles on it. I have recently purchased this 80 as a parts rig for my original 80. My original 80 is currently getting the front end rebuilt and 4.88's...
  15. Stevenmjones144

    80 series comm issues

    Hey guys, I have a 1991 fj80 and I just installed a uniden CMX 760 CB and a Rago fab antenna mount topped with a 3' firestik antenna. It is mounted just above the passenger side tail light. I have tested continuity and everything seems fine, but i have an SWR reading of 2.5-3.5. I've done a...
  16. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  96 Y pipe complete with cats and 02 sensor, + rest of exhaust system

    SoCal From a 96 with 250K, no check engine lights. $225 Local pickup please, otherwise expect expensive shipping which I have no control over. Headpipe Tailpipe Muffler Exhaust manifolds Heat shields (for exhaust manifolds) have small cracks Complete system
  17. krs2fur

    FJ80 SF to FF Disc Brake swap questions

    OK, 'Mud community, I've searched & read for the last few YEARS and still haven't come to a real conclusion on this. Hopefully somebody here can FINALLYclear some of this up. I have a 1991 3FE FJ80 (Disc/Drum brakes, w/o ABS) However, I have a Full Float disc brake E-Locked rear axle, from a...
  18. FJ8097IDAHO

    For Sale  OEM ALTERNATOR 1993-1997, 27060-66070-84, 80amp.

    I ordered an OEM Alternator from Toyota in the fall of 2020. I ended up upgrading my Alternator and didn't need it for my FJ80 build. I am looking to sell the OEM one and am based in Idaho. Below is an image of the invoice; it's new and not refurbished. $200 seems like a good deal and includes...
  19. FJAK

    Dome lights and clock completely inop

    Any ideas? Dome lights don’t work in any position, even with any door open. Clock inop as well. Fuse is fine. Bulbs are fine. Relay? Control module? Room Lamp Control Module aka Ignition Key Cylinder Light Relay (85965-60010)? Any other ideas?
  20. 4runnerd

    SOLD  Escondido, CA: OEM LX450 wheels

    Hi guys, I have a set of OEM LX450 alloy wheels that were destined for a project truck that I sold a while back. I’ve always loved these, although that seems to put me in a minority ;) They’re in great shape; just some light scratches, and a few small oxidized spots. I’m in north San Diego...
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