1. B

    Japanese Import FJ80 -- Deal or Waste?

    A friend of a friend is selling this FJ80 that's piratically brand new. Imported it himself and only has 90K miles on it. He's asking $20K. Is this a screaming deal or am I wasting my money?
  2. G

    What is this port by drivers side feet area

    Hi all! I’m new to ih8mud so I’m sorry if this is the wrong area to ask. I have a 96’ FZJ80 and saw this open electrical port by the driver side area. I’m just wondering if anyone could tell me what it is for! Thanks!
  3. AlanCruiser


  4. AlanCruiser

    Fj80 carbon fiber parts

    I know it’s unusual to see carbon fiber parts on a fj80, but does anybody know of someone who makes carbon fiber hoods for example
  5. S

    For Sale Parting out '96 Fj80

    Have various parts from fj80 for sale including many interior parts (tan/dark brown) door panels, window motors, wall panels, floor heater, etc. Also selling tons of mechanical parts including 1FZ engine, transmission, transfer case, wheels, frame, and so on. If you don't see it listed, ask me...
  6. 74bruiser

    For Sale Gobi Rack for FZJ80. Aspen, CO

    got a Gobi rack in great shape, it includes the sunroof insert and awning mounts. $1495 new. I think it's the nicest rack for an 80. And if you know about this company they take forever to get you a rack if you order it new. But I'm going another route so my loss is your gain. 970-274-2089...

    Hi guys! I'm new here. Quick Q about new springs!

    Hey everyone! Super excited to join the forum! A few months back, I purchased a '92 FJ80 Landcruiser. Very nostalgic! I've loved these things since I was a kid! It currently has an 2.5" OME lift w/ med springs. I just ordered a front winch bumper + rear tire carrier bumper (NW Trail...
  8. SoCal FZJ80

    For Sale SoCal - 3Fe Engine Block For Core Or Rebuild

    I have a 3Fe engine block that came from a FJ62 Engine had 220k and was running. Crank, pistons still installed. The head and bolt on accessories have already been used for other projects. The block is sitting covered on a pallet, it is good for a core for rebuilding your engine or? First $225...
  9. SoCal FZJ80

    For Sale SoCal - FJ62 A440F Transmission for Core

    I have automatic trans that came from a 1990 FJ62 Cruiser had 220k and was running. Trans only worked in reverse. Valve body and all internals intact. The transfer case has already been used for another project. The trans is sitting covered on a pallet, it is good for a core for rebuilding your...
  10. AlwaysFailing

    Let's Play a Game...What's this sound?

    Hey everyone, After owning countless other Toyotas, I finally found a Land Cruiser some poor guy loaned to his kid and he then proceeded to put it on its side. Now I'm in tear down diagnostic mode. This forum is awesome for solving some of the common problems, but I've got a tough one I can't...
  11. C

    What’s it worth

    A recent death in the family is forcing me to sell my 1991 FJ80. Fairly clean body, no rust, and no engine. I never planned on selling it but now I have to and have no idea what it’s worth without an engine. Any help is appreciated, thank you. Sorry I don’t have any picture on hand , and sorry...
  12. PeruFJ80

    Wanted FJ80 non-US Chrome Headlight rim, Landcruiser logo on grill, Front Side lights and rear bumper

    I imported my FJ80 non-US 3F carb, 1991 Cruiser from Peru this month. I have found parts on Australia Websites, but they won't ship internationally. Any thoughts on where I could get these parts? Chrome Headlight rim, Landcruiser logo on grill, Front Side lights and rear bumper
  13. reedrogers5

    For Sale Fort Worth, Texas: 1997 Triple Locked LX450

    I am selling my 1997 Lexus LX450, white and tan exterior color. 283,XXX miles with lockers 2.5" OME suspension lift 33" BFG All-Terrains with full sized spare ARB front bumper and LED light bar Full sized roof rack with 4 spotlights on top (haven't had time to wire them, never been used), has a...
  14. F

    Wanted Oregon/Washington: Looking for FJ80 rear coils to lift the rear of my 3rd gen 4runner

    I'm still learning what the difference between 7 wrap and 9 wrap and the paint code but i'm looking for a pair to lift the rear end.
  15. Hankst3r

    what land cruiser to pick from?

    Hello, i am about to turn 16 and i am currently looking for a car. we already know that Toyota are bulletproof. its just an issue of what model would be best. i do not need anything fancy (power locks, automatic, power steering, etc) i am looking for something that is capable offroad, and ok to...
  16. Brisco94

    1994 FJZ Stereo Upgrade - 3D Printing and Other Custom Stuff

    Going to be posting progress as I upgrade my 94 FJZ80 Stereo. Going for a factory look wherever possible, and getting creative with 3D Printing to overcome the small, shallow door speaker limitations. Here's the gear I'm working with so far: Front Door Speakers: Morel Maximo 5.25 Components...
  17. deadman1689

    LSPV Delete? Or part replacement?

    My LSPV on my 1994 FJ80 is leaking and needs replacing. The part is real pricey from Toyota. My question is 2-part: 1) Is a delete or bypass safe? 2) This is the OEM part: Is this cheaper part...
  18. izzymonkey

    For Sale Visalia ca, Toyota, land cruiser, fj80 1991 SOLD!!!!!!

    1991 toyota land cruiser fj80. Mileage 212k. Rebuilt 3fe motor. Safari land snorkel. 2.5” ome full lift with medium springs. 1” front and rear spring packs. Trail gear hd steering rod and stabilizer shock. Aisin locking hubs. Full time 4wheel delete in transfer case. 4low lock delete mod. 4.88...
  19. T

    Parting Out 94,95,&96 Landcruiser whole parts trucks- LA/MSLa

    I'm out of the Landcruiser loss your gain. Priced to sale! I've got three trucks in various states if dis-repair. Red 1994, no engine, 230k'ish $800. Teal/grey 1995, complete but rough. Burnt wiring harness and ecu, 200k'ish $900. 1996 anniversary edition. Rolled over in ditch. Most of...
  20. 8

    Fj80 3fe

    Hey there everyone! I have just bought myself a Fj80 3fe cruiser, Was doing a couple of google searches and stumbled across this website, Awesome Info on here! I am new to the cruiser scene and am after some help, First of all I am curious of what oil I should be using and how much? Also the...
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