1. Zypher

    Wanted 80 Series 12V Cigarette Lighter Assembly

    Mine never worked since I got my 80 two years ago. Anyone have the housing and assembly? My wires all work, just need the physical lighter piece you can insert a charger in and the small trim around it. Thanks!
  2. inneedofan80

    Wanted 94-97 White, Triple-Locked in CA

    As the post says, looking for a White FZJ80 in California. Must be triple locked and years 1995-1997 (with airbag) . Been looking everywhere, help me end the search. Shoot me a text, call me or message me. Please let me know. -John 949-922-4o81
  3. LndCruzerJoe

    Looking for an FJ80...

    Hey there, I am currently in the search for an FJ80 to build up a bit for overlanding. However, I'm a college student with very little money, so I am in the 5,000-7,000 price range. I am fortunate to already own a 75 FJ40, but it's sort of garage kept, and I want something to really mod. If...
  4. W

    For Sale Montrose, Colorado: 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser factory lockers

    This vehicle is equipped with factory front and rear lockers. 196,890 miles $12,500 OBO Changes in the age of our family and a new season of life leads us to part with our Land Cruiser. We have owned it since 2010 and it has served us well. It's primary purpose has been our part time driver...
  5. Tad Dayton

    For Sale *SOLD* 92 FJ80 Land Cruiser for sale, OME lift and 35 inch tires, needs work, 260 k miles

    had a breakdown in our beloved "ethyl" the FJ80 Land Cruiser on the way home from camping, and I've been too busy to work on it, or even find out why it died. It does not currently and is a project vehicle, sold as is. It has a Red Eye Fabrication Front bumper that is very heavy duty and a...
  6. inneedofan80

    Wanted 95-97 FZJ80 White

    Hey, I have been searching Craigslist, eBay, Bat, here, everywhere for an 80 for a couple weeks now. This will be my first Land Cruiser so I’m just trying to find the right one, thought I’d post here cause haven’t had any luck and this looks like a great community. I’m looking for a 1995-97...
  7. D

    3FE Power Steering Bolt

    Hello all, I am in need of a part number for a power steering bolt. I am refering to the one that travels along the channel, not the fulcrum of rotation. The one on the left in the picture. Anyone have the p/n? Also need any washers, nuts, etc. (I bought my fj80 without that bolt.) Thank you!
  8. juicy360

    Wanted Lx450 oak int parts

    Couple of things I need. #1 the passenger side second row plastic floor cover step thing (not sure what it's called). Goes over the carpet right next to the seat and door jam. #2 my power button won't stay down/on. #3 little black plastic covers that go over the bolts in the 3rd row seats...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Engine External Parts 3FE from 91-92 FJ80 - alt, PS pump, starter, EFI, Sensors Everything

    Los Angeles area - I just pulled and sold the head off the engine. Everything else is still here PS pump with pulley $60. Alternator (NOT HIGH OUTPUT) $500. Starter $50 EFI, Injectors Exhaust manifolds. Valve Cover - Clean and not multiple coats of chipped paint. Valve Train, Pushrods...
  10. W

    Wanted Wanted: 1991 fj80 transmission

    I live in Va, willing to pay shipping. Looking to see what is out there. Thank you.
  11. red66toy

    For Sale WA: new old stock 3FE idle air control valves

    Hey all, Selling a small lot of new old stock idle air control valves (IACV) for the 3FE ( 22270-61010 ). They are a little marked up in some spots due to poor packing by the original seller but nothing to affect them functionally (see photos). These are new Toyota parts that were re-bagged by...
  12. D

    Shaking Alternator Hits Exhaust Manifold

    Hey guys, I've been slowly base lining my truck and have an interesting problem. At a certain RPM, about 650, the alternator shakes back and forth hitting the exhaust manifold. I actually suspecting the engine was knocking because of the similarity in sound and the fact that it happens when the...
  13. FranzFJ80

    Axle/Birf/Flange Question for 1992 FJ80

    Hey all, I'm in the thick of a front axle job and wondered if you could help. I have a 1992 FJ80. I was working on the passenger side with my buddy yesterday, and he got a little rough trying to seat the new birf in the old axle shaft. Now the end of the axle shaft is gouged and won't even go...
  14. NSBG

    A-pillar switch pod project

    Hey guys, So i have many switches currently scattered around in the cab of the LX, and many more planned... Air Compressor Rear Locker Fridge Spot Lights 2nd Tank Pump Front Locker (planned) Rear Lights (planned) winch power (planned) Winch controls (planned) Inverter (planned) etc.... At...
  15. unwiredadventures

    SOLD FJ80-FJZ80 Quad Headlight System Australian Style (SoCal)

    $350 + shipping or local pick up in Pasadena, California Not plug and play. Be prepared to some harness work with your headlight sockets for proper connection of the 4 rectangle headlight modules. However, you might not need it because many Land Cruiser 80 series have already pre-wired...
  16. Zypher

    For Sale 1996 FZJ80 - 196k - 3 Locked - Oregon

    All info is in this Craigslist ad except I forgot to add that it has a new battery as well. Give me an offer, I had no idea what to price this thing at and my mechanic said list it at 15k. Would way rather sell it to one of you fools and my phone number is in the ad if you have any questions...
  17. X

    For Sale FZJ80 Side View Mirror Right Red

    Decent shape, some obvious fading and a few light scratches, and electrical working condition. Has been stabilized from wobbling with zip tie trick/mod internally. $75 + shipping
  18. T

    For Sale Salt Lake City, UT 1996 FZJ80 37’s gears, air lockers

    1996 Toyota Landcruiser 1FZ-FE straight 6 A343 Automatic transmission Full time 4wd 225k miles 37” Pro-Comp AT Sports tire warranty thru 4wp Front ARB Air locker Rear TJM Air locker 4.88:1 gear ratios F/R Full Float rear axle 2.5” OME suspension+1” spacer in front. Man-A-Fre radius arm caster...
  19. Spencer Lerman

    For Sale Laughlin, Nevada Toyota Landcruiser FJ80 OEM Running Boards

    Pair of OEM Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series Running Boards Side Step. Any questions feel free to ask. Thank you message me, call or text (661)666-1266 Open to offers and Trades
  20. B

    1996 FJ80 - seat bolts

    I recently bought 2 caps and 2 gears from gamiviti to fix the back/forward operation of my power seats. I successfully got the passenger seat operating again, but snapped the gear for the driver seat while pressing it onto the shaft. I reassembled the seat for now until a new gear arrives. When...
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