1. J

    Tailgate cable instead of metal stays

    Has anyone ever fit cables for the tailgate on an 80? One of my stays got damaged and was wondering if cables were an option? Tried searching on here and didn't see any threads about it. Thanks, Andy
  2. Bhblaine

    SOLD  1992 FJ80 with 4BT

    1992 Landcruiser FJ80 $22,500 4BT swapped turbo diesel 700r4 auto transmission (built) 35” Nitto Ridge Grappler 65% tread Part Time Tcase conversion Twin Stick Tcase Manual Locking Hubs 4.10 gears( correct ratio for 4bt) Rear Spartan Locker New sound reading and Carpet kit Corbeau Reclining...
  3. logicbyondreaso

    SOLD  NJ: 1996 LX450 New Motor and OEM Subtank

    Vehicle sold.
  4. DirtSniffer

    SOLD  MN: FZJ80 Axles Unlocked

    Unlocked FZJ80 landcruiser axles, complete with links and radius arms. Going a different route with my build. Will be digging them out of storage in a month or so but can do earlier if needed. Not looking to ship. $1,000
  5. C

    For Sale  Houston, TX: 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80

    This 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series, is for sale near Houston, Texas. This FJ80 has received a lot of recent maintenance, see details below and has a 3.5″ lift(Pro Shock), new Mickey Thompson Baja 33″ tires, and Killmat sound deadening. Please let us know if you have questions about this...
  6. B

    looking for help with my FJ80 3FE, built 3/1992, CA emissions check engine codes 25, 26, and 71, 356,000 miles

    My first post, so take it easy on the new guy. 1. Bought my wife a 2000 LC, now has 318,000 miles, runs perfect, rustproofed, did all scheduled maintenance, 3 timing belt changes, 2 front wheel bearing changes, 1 rear wheel bearing change, 2000 to 2004 oil & filter was mobil 1 & synthetic...
  7. N

    Wanted  1992 fj80 cloth seats gray or brown

    Looking for cloth Manual sets for my 94. Specifically the gray color scheme from the 91s and 92s but I am open to other options. Need driver and passenger first but I am looking for all of them including jump seats. Edit: I have gray leather front seats with new leather from L Seat(power) and...
  8. Lordfairlane

    For Sale  Kitsap county WA. LX450 for sale.

    I've daily driven this LX450 for a couple years. Only selling cuz I got a tundra and dont have room for it. 265000 miles. Bone stock. Center locked only. I've replaced the starter and put on the bf Goodrich all terrains last year. Leaks a little oil. Mirrors do the jiggle thing. Has a couple...
  9. F6L312

    Which throttle cable for 1991 FJ80 3F carby

    According to the Toyota Parts list the correct part is 78180-60040. Obviously the part is not produced any more and I can't find it anywhere in the world wide web. Even not in the UAE where I already got parts for the not so common FJ80 3F. Does anyone kno.w if another part no from a FJ75 FJ60...
  10. USMCDocJ

    69005-6A260 late key/cylinder set in early FJ80?

    The original key/cylinder/locksets for '91-'92 FJ80s are NLA as far as I can see. Does anyone know if the complete key/cylinder/lockset, Toyota p/n 69005-6A260, for later FZJ80s can be used in the early ('91-'92) FJ80s? After my recent break-in and theft attempt, my door locks and ignition...
  11. TJ96TLC

    For Sale  Not Mine - 1996 Land Cruiser 3x Locked White 241k mi $25k Dalton, GA

    Local for me if anyone is interested..
  12. B

    Help! Looking for part # for 1995 FJ80

    Hi y'all hope everyones having a good start to the year - looking for a small plastic trim piece after a run in with an awful interior restorer who lost this a bunch of parts. Here's a small picture with the highlighted piece. Thanks everyone!
  13. PeterTheBeater

    SOLD  Sacramento, CA - OME 851/860 FJ80 2-2.5” EXTRA LOAD 175$

    Hello, I’ve swapped my OME springs to dobinsons for more lift. Selling my old springs to someone who wants a cheap lift. Reduced to $175 from $250. I believe these are 2” with additional load on the front. Verify fit and lift to your truck.
  14. TnTnola

    SOLD  (NewOrleans) GGM FJ80 bolt-on swing out $780

    Change of plans with my 80 series project. I’m keeping it stock and selling the 80 in the future. Bolt-on installation. Driver side swing out. Raw steel. The only thing missing is the swing out limiting strap and license plate relocation bracket which can be purchased from ggm website. Located...
  15. S

    Recommendations on best steelies for FJ80

    Looking for recommendations on best steel wheels to fit BFG KOs, I am looking to install 33's 12.5 ATs rubbers, they will go on a White FJ80 1991 3FE Flareless
  16. tmxmotorsports

    Parting Out  Currituck NC 1992 fj80

    Parting have title.
  17. V

    For Sale  Philadelphia: '92 JDM import FJ80 VX Limited, ~107k miles

    Selling this Japanese import FJ80, VX Limited *has suede seats, center console cooler/ice maker, factory bumper winch, Front/Rear discs, swing-away external spare carrier* all options that wouldn't have come on a US version. Factory electronic center diff lock. Very nice condition for it's age...
  18. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  SF Bay Area/ 80 series High Roof smokin deal

    smoking a tad. bubbles in the coolant overflow. but starts and idles well so i luckily caught it before anything occurred. I have no time to do a HG. I think i have a Toyota OEM gasket set for the job. And ARP head studs new. and possibly the witch hunter injectors- i also have an OEM...
  19. Goebeler

    Wanted  Wiper motor for my 1995 fj80 cruiser

    My cruiser wipers died and I have it in a shop out in Colorado. They are looking for a motor and or rebuilt one. May take several weeks. Does anyone have one for sale by chance? If so, please let me know cost plus some shipping to Gunnison Colorado. Thank you Goebs
  20. R

    For Sale  Tarboro NC 91 LS Fj80

    91 fj80 LS Swapped. 2006 LQ9/4L65, part Time 4wd kit + manual hubs, NOT triple locked, Tom woods driveshaft, like new 285/75-16 bfg all terrains, vision wheels. $19,000
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