1. Deebow

    80 Series Noob answers

    All: New guy to the Forum. Love me some Land Cruiser, especially the 80 (partial to the 60 series too, but not as much.) I spent a quarter century in the Military and traveled extensively overseas in 38 countries; and in every one of them Land Cruisers were ubiquitous. So know a bit about...
  2. Zeus0623

    For Sale ***SOLD*** 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

    ***SOLD*** 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale, $4,000 OBO. Great truck that needs some TLC. I have two other Cruisers that I am focusing on, hence the sale. Runs and drives great, will not restart after operating without using starting fluid. There appears to be a grounding issue in the wiring...
  3. J

    For Sale NC FJ80 1992 3FE

    Looking to sell my 92 FJ80. I have found a 100 series i am looking to buy so this one has to go. Looking to get $13000 for it. This sounds like alot but once you see all that has been done you will understand why. I have a lot of money tied up in this rig. Much more than $13000. Let me know if...
  4. R

    FJ80 land cruiser oem brush guard

    Hi, i'm looking for an oem brush guard for a 1997 lx450. Does anybody have one they can sell me? I live in Philly and can travel as long as it's not insanely far.
  5. NSBG

    Replacing Knock Sensor Circuit 1 in 97 LX450 With Video!

    Hey guys; i know this topic has been beat to death already, but i thought maybe a video could help people in the process of replacing the KS#1 for those who have the P0325 code. Here is a short step by step and i also made a video, which is here. Tools Needed Ratchet Various Extensions...
  6. J

    1991 FJ80 trouble starting- with a twist!

    After going through winter with no issues, I wound up having a really hard start today. The starter and battery work fine, since I was able to crank the engine a fair bit. After keeping at it for perhaps 10-15 turns of the key, the engine eventually started, stumbled a bit and everything was...
  7. Fj80pathfinder

    ARB Rear Bumper Lights Wiring Help!!!!!

    Hello Guys , New to the forum Looking for some help !!!!!! I have a 1992 Fj80 I purchase a use bumper, so i didn't came with the instructions how to wire the lights on it to the Car lights ,, I have try to look for wiring instructions on the web and I haven't been able to find any , I have check...
  8. S

    Fluid flowing/gurgling or rod knock noise from the engine - 1FZ FE

    So my buddy finished cleaning up and doing a whole bunch of maintenance in the engine bay ('97 LX450) including fixing an oil pump leak (with kit from Wits End), new pump, new thermostat, heater control valve, filters, replacing all the coolant hoses including bypassing the rear heater core, new...
  9. Spencer Lerman

    Parting Out Part Out. 1991 Landcruiser FJ80 3FE

    Lots of parts of available pulled from a 1991 Toyota Landcruiser FJ80. Dashboard x2 Lower front valance Driver corner rear bumper. Pass side for parts only Fuel injector wire harness 3fe headers. Pass side headlight good. Drivers side no glass. Gray carpet complete or pieces Front Grille Air...
  10. Spencer Lerman

    Lerms Customs - FJ80 3FE EGR Kits, Machine Shop Services, Parts

    Hello Everyone. Ive started this website to sell Toyota Landcruiser Parts, Tools and I also offer rebuilding/refurbishing services. You can visit my website at Thank you.
  11. TruckeeTruck

    For Sale (NorCal) Full set of leather seats - 1991 FJ80

    For sale: a full set of grey leather seats from an FJ80. The front seats are in poor condition. Both have large rips in the leather, but the padding is all intact. The passenger seat is patched with Gorilla Tape. The middle and third row seats are in better condition. One large tear on the...
  12. Firerunner

    Firerunner's 91 FJ80 build

    So... My wife decided that she wanted more seatbelts and room than her 96 4runner had. I found a FJ80 with a whole lot of miles (313k) for not a whole lot of money (1300.00). The rig is sort of a conflict in maintenance history. On one hand, I think I have every single smog certificate...
  13. M

    For Sale Tucson: 1997 FJ80 40th - Updated with Revised Pricing and Pre-Buy Performed

    Selling my 1997 FJ80 40th, as I'm inheriting my wife's 100 series. Tough to say goodbye, but have to choose 1. 176k Miles No Lockers 3" OME Lift Newer Radiator, Fan, and Hoses EGR Valve replaced Remote Start, Entry, and Revelco kill system (For Camping, hiking, hunting, etc) Front Seat Bottoms...
  14. Bjorn Ogderlund

    New Seats for the Thunderbus

    After 230K miles and some 14 years of ownership, the seats in my 25 year old FJ80 were beat. Add losing 50 lbs, to the equation and my "used to 290 lbs" OEM seats just weren't holding my 240 lbs as well as they had. (Put the "B" in bachelor lean) After searching the forum and looking for a...
  15. T

    engine swap ?

    I have a 1991 fj80 with a 3fe it's my daily driver the motor locked up due to an oil hemorrhage. I found another engine out of a 97 fj80 it's the 4.5liter they want several hundred bucks for it. can i swap the two engines easily meaning can I just drop the new one in or is there alot of extra...
  16. D

    Low Rough Idle After Changing Battery

    Hello, I recently got a '92 FJ80 and have been working out the kinks to get to run better. The truck was bought with a broken ignition cable for the 6th cylinder. I have replaced spark plugs, cables, distributor cap and rotor. The engine was still idling rough and at low RPM after that so I was...
  17. P

    For Sale FJ80 94 Middle Seats Grey SoCAL

    Middle Row Seats- Decent condition $200
  18. missinglink

    For Sale 1997 LEXUS LX450 230,000mi (no lockers) - San Diego, CA $8500

    230,616 miles - please call me 858-405-6733 Has been well maintained, drives and runs great. -Does not have E-Lockers! -Has Rubber Weather mats Front Middle and Rear -Pioneer Headunit & 4 Speakers -32" BFGoodrich All Terrains 285/75/16 -16" Black Level 8 Wheels -3rd row included I've done in...
  19. jjdeneen918

    Parting Out SoCal. 1996 LX450, 108,000 miles

    I’m parting out a 1996 Lexus LX450 with 108,000 miles on the odometer. Silver with tan interior. I started dismantling the interior last week, so a bunch of items are removed & ready to go. Let me know what you need, send a PM, & I’ll get back to you. Car is currently covered in tarps...
  20. blahblahblah

    For Sale 80 series fender flares - black - trimmed in rear - NorCal - $100

    These came off of my 1997 fzj80. The tabs are all there, with a couple split / stretched out. Nothing a little rtv won't fix. I also have some of the inserts. The rears were trimmed up 1" for a 4x4 labs rear bumper. This is good if you have this bumper, but is not good if you want to run the...
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