1. missinglink

    For Sale 1997 LEXUS LX450 230,000mi (no lockers) - San Diego, CA $9500

    230,616 miles - please call me 858-405-6733 Has been well maintained, drives and runs great. -Does not have E-Lockers! -Has Rubber Weather mats Front Middle and Rear -Pioneer Headunit & 4 Speakers -32" BFGoodrich All Terrains 285/75/16 -16" Black Level 8 Wheels -3rd row included I've done...
  2. jjdeneen918

    Parting Out SoCal. 1996 LX450, 108,000 miles

    I’m parting out a 1996 Lexus LX450 with 108,000 miles on the odometer. Silver with tan interior. I started dismantling the interior last week, so a bunch of items are removed & ready to go. Let me know what you need, send a PM, & I’ll get back to you. Car is currently covered in tarps...
  3. blahblahblah

    For Sale 80 series fender flares - black - trimmed in rear - NorCal - $100

    These came off of my 1997 fzj80. The tabs are all there, with a couple split / stretched out. Nothing a little rtv won't fix. I also have some of the inserts. The rears were trimmed up 1" for a 4x4 labs rear bumper. This is good if you have this bumper, but is not good if you want to run the...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Factory Steering Column Cover FJ80 for 1991-1994

    The nicest one I have ever found in a car! These are also called clamshells No damage in any way. No cracks, No warp, No broken connector arms. Really Nice In SoCal $101.40 including shipping within USA. It has not been worked on or patched. It is for cars that...
  5. jjdeneen918

    For Sale FZJ80 complete Engine 108,000 miles

    i acquired a 1996 LX450 as a parts car. Previous owner bought, removed locking axels, wheels, & seats. Then listed rig for sale. Previous owner stated he tried to start engine, but there was no crank. After purchase, I discovered the factory alarm ECU was unplugged & wouldn’t allow it to...
  6. tway

    Wanted FJ 80 Slee Rear Bumper/Tirecarrier

    ISO a tire carrier/rear bumper. I would prefer a single swing carrier (older style) but am not picky. Located in Southern California
  7. S

    For Sale SOLD - 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser 3 x Locked Complete Stock

    This Land Cruiser is in excellent condition. The mileage sits at 297k and I drive it daily. It had the same PO before me and it was kept immaculate. It does not have any leaks drips or errors and the lockers all work just like they should. The interior is in fantastic condition and the pics...
  8. krs2fur

    For Sale OME J Lift + goodies

    OK, so I've come to the realization that I need to enter a bit of a recovery mode from the holiday season & replenish the bank account. Over the last several years, while building my FJ80, I've managed to accumulate quite the stash of goodies. Hoping to acquire another FJ80 to build for one of...
  9. nicopodaca

    FJ80 Crank no Start

    My vehicle is a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser. I'm somewhat mechanically inclined but still learning; detailed responses would be greatly appreciated! About a week ago I sprayed off my engine bay (engine not running) to clean it up. Right upon start up it idled rough and sputtered as if it had...
  10. P

    Wanted Needed FJ80 shifter with PRND32L pattern

    Swapped from a442f to a440f, so need 7-position shifter like on pic. No metal part needed. Basically, need two of these for two rigs, but would be happy if can find at least one. Anyone?
  11. P

    Wanted FJ80 shifter with PRND32L pattern

    Swapped from a442f to a440f, so need 7-position shifter like on pic. Basically, need two of these for two rigs, but would be happy if can find at least one. Anyone?
  12. A

    Evaluating the value of my FZJ80

    Hello! Please notify me if this is not ok to post in tech forum, I wasn’t sure the proper location. Not listing classified just looking for help in valuing my ride as I am considering selling! Specs: 1994 FZJ80 lives in AZ for its first 20 years with one owner. I purchased 5 year ago and...
  13. mleichty

    For Sale FZJ80 Seat Foam for Cloth Driver’s Seat

    Brand new driver side (left) seat foam for the cloth seat 80 series. Part number is 71512-60020. $150 shipped in the US.
  14. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Wiring Looms for 1995 - 1997 Land Cruiser

    SoCal Engine Looms, Interior Looms, A loom, B loom, light looms, all of it or some of it. Prices range from $40 per section to $200, Let me know what you need. Send me a message doing your best to describe the section you need.
  15. Chache80

    Power Steering Gearbox Plunger Nut

    Rounded off the plunger nut to the power steering gearbox, I have one more that I am trying to rebuild, anybody have tips to get it out? I tried hitting it with some pb blaster, but I don’t think it would tech the threads and make a difference. The metal seemed pretty soft, as it didn’t take...
  16. blistovmhz

    60/80 rear steer axle?

    I've seen a couple guys on here talking about rear steer 60/80 axles. Wondering how they've held up. I've got a 6.0L YJ truggy on 60 hybrid axles and 42's. Front flipped DD and widened 3", and rear centered and still on IFS SF shafts. I'm of course snapping SF shafts (right at the spline where...
  17. Doombuggy

    Rear Main Seal?

    I think I have a rear main seal that is leaking pretty good any one had this issue before? I looks to be leaking there the block meets the transmission. Just looking for what i can expect from anyone who has messed with this before.
  18. M

    For Sale Misc. 80s series Parts For Sale

    Selling parts off of my wrecked 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. I'm hoping my old girl can live on in some of your rides. More pictures coming soon. If you want more pictures of something specific let me know. Make an offer. Trying to sell quickly. Buyer pays shipping. Front driver seat leather tan...
  19. F

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Land Cruiser - Northern Virginia

    Cross posting the CL listing here. Would much rather this truck go to an enthusiast. Contact details are in the listing below. 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 FZJ80
  20. dividedwood

    For Sale USA-NE | Miscellaneous (new) FJ80 parts--plug wires, distributor cap, Wits End knuckle kit, etc.

    Got rid of my FJ80 this year, clearing out some parts I bought but never installed in the truck. All parts are new. Prices do not include shipping. I'll ship via the method of your choice on your dime, unless you buy the bunch, in which case I'll throw in shipping for free to the CONUS. Album...
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