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  2. FZJ80 named Sue

    For Sale  LA / Pasadena | Brand new Wits’ End 80 series (spare) tire leveling kit

    FOR SALE - just installed this, but immediately removed it due to change of plans for my spare. I already painted it, only thing missing is a zip tie. $100 (retails at $115 plus tax & shipping) Pick up in LA is preferred or can ship (USA only) via USPS priority at $7.75. Cash or Venmo
  3. LandSnoozer93

    Shot in the dark, willing to trade my 60 or my 1st gen 4runner rock crawler for 80 series

    *I suck at forums, if this isn't allowed please let me know.* Hey folks- hope everyone is bearing down during these trying times. I'm looking to get into an 80 series. I'd like to offer my 60 series or my 1stgen 4runner rock crawler up for trade. Doesn't have to be built up, stock is fine...
  4. Land949Cruiser

    For Sale  Looking at selling Otis the 3x Locked FJ80

    This is a low miles FJ80 OME 2.5 lift and many extras. Moonglow pearl - Best 80 series color. Bull Bar, LP9 lights 170k miles All upper engine work done in last 2k miles. Dialed in and ready for the trail. Not sure on pricing... So will start by taking offers.
  5. Larry Haun

    Best tire size for FJ80 stock wheels on a 2” OME lift?

    Installing a two inch Old Man Emu lift kit on my 1997 FJ80 and want to keep the stock wheels. Planning on going with BFG A/T tires. Any suggestion on the best size tire? Don’t want too big but don’t want too small either. Want it to look proportional. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  6. D

    Fixing electric seat sliders fj80 fzj80

    Hi guys, I have a videos on how to fix electric seat sliders on a fzj80 & fj80. I hope this helps you save money. There is a playlist in the channel for the fzj80 and more videos to come. A subscribe or a thumbs up are appreciated. Thanks:)
  7. D

    Fixing headlight adjustments fzj80 & fj80

    Hi guys, I have two videos on how to fix headlight adjustments on a fzj80 & fj80. Total cost is less than $15 with basic tools. I hope this helps you save your oem headlights and save money. There is a playlist in the channel for the fzj80 and more videos to come. A subscribe or a thumbs...
  8. wbrad99


    My 80 was making a loud clunk noise from the driver side wheel during sharper turns and this morning when I went into reverse the same wheel locked up. I parked uphill and went into neutral and when I rolled back, same thing. The wheel would lock up, then you could hear it pop, then roll back...
  9. bubfuji

    FJ62 Smog related air injection check valve.

    Hello, The Toyota OEM air injection check valve on my FJ62 came apart. The physical check valve components separated inside the valve body, the rivet holding things together plugged one of the air feed tubes into the cylinder head. This part as many others is no longer available new from Toyota...
  10. Laurren Kanner

    For Sale  CO: FJ80 OEM battery tray 93-97 $30

    EOM plastic battery tray (Part Number: 7404360010) from my 94. I do *not* have the hold down clamps, just the plastic liner. Cleaned and in pretty good shape! $30 for local pickup in the Boulder area. Happy to ship anywhere you want using my bulk discount shipping rates.
  11. FasInFish

    No Start Head Scratcher

    I have been reading thread after thread about potential no starts but none have solved my problem. I have a '97 40th anniversary edition that I cannot get to turn over. I got it as a parts car but after poking around it only needs minor body work (hood, fender, airbags, airbag module...
  12. DesertCruiser80

    Bottle Jack Question

    Quick question about the OEM jack (p/n 09111-60060): How tall is the jack? Also, does this jack telescope a second section out? (see picture from ebay for example) Reason I ask is that mine was rusted frozen so I drowned it in WD-40. It loosened up, but I only seem to have 1 section extend out...
  13. trevyunk

    For Sale  Seattle Area: 1992 FJ80 RH & LH Bumper End Caps

    Hey all, I am selling the components of my bumper that are still any good after a little incident I had a few months back... no worries, all the more reason to look into aftermarket products... These end caps are available single or as a pair. Pretty beat up, but serviceable. Let's talk price!
  14. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 GREY Seatbelts in xlnt condition- see years below

    These are all the outer belts that attach to the sides of the roof. FRONT ROW: DRIVER SIDE $85, PASSENGER SIDE $75 (clasp pattern is round on top- see picture) The front row belts are ONLY for 1991-1994 (check your clasp pattern as pictured below) SECOND ROW: Either side is $45 SQUARE CLASP...
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Los Angeles Area 1991-1994 Grey Seatbelts - XLNT condition

    All 6 belts are as nice as you can find. Driver Front Outer Belt $85 (top of clasp is rounded - see picture Passenger Front Ourter Belt $75 (top of clasp is rounded - see picture 2 nd row belts $45 each side (outside belts only) (Clasp is square pattern - see picture) 3rd row belts $40 each...
  16. Deathvalleypaul

    Parting Out  Los Angeles area 94 FJ80 (non locker) complete, bad head gasket

    Pretty nice car in primer, all panels are very straight. Grey interior. Powder coated wheels. Was running great and passed smog, no engine codes. Head gasket failed and water is going directly into one of the cylinders. As of 4-22-20 all parts or entire car is available. This was a daily...
  17. K

    Transmission issues - what is normal?

    I've read a bunch of threads but none of them seem to mention my collection of transmission "issues" - trying to determine what is normal vs what I should take it to a shop to get worked on. I have a '91 full time 4WD which I understand is the A440F auto transmission with ~247,000 miles on it...
  18. K

    Too much rust for 10K? Lots of pics, Carfax

    New England car with about 200k miles. Seller is asking 10k but my hunch is that it's too high. How's the rust level? Any other red flags? Thank you all-- this community is awesome!
  19. S

    Wanted  80 series land cruiser damage multiplier brush guard

    If anyone has a "damage multiplier" brush guard for an 80 series land cruiser for sale, or knows a website where I can purchase one please let me know. Can't seem to find them anywhere.
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