1. Jeffe13

    For Sale  San Diego - 1997 Land Cruiser

    1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Special Edition Has 311038 original miles This is a mechanics special - Perfect Project car or Offroad vehicle THIS IS AN AS IS SALE. Will not pass CA emissions test as it is now. The Check Engine light is on. Code P0171-System lean. Most likely needs a mass air flow...
  2. Z

    FJ80 - Broken crank

    Just wanted to quickly post the results of post-mortem on my 3F-E: The missus drove my car while I was away interstate, made it 2 blocks away from home, car stalled, wouldn't start again. Dragged it home, wrenched for 5 days to no avail. Discovered cranking would turn the accessory pulley but...
  3. Rollinn

    Wanted  SoCal: Looking for FZJ80 Landcruiser Fender Flares, Front Seats (Tan), Rear factory bumper

    Hey all, I'm looking for the OE fender flares for a 97 Landcruiser with hardware as well as the Factory front seats for the same vehicle in Tan. And a factory rear bumper.. Call or Text (949) 767-7070 or email/DM me. Thanks Rob
  4. Bluetribal

    For Sale  FJ80 grey cargo area carpet - San Diego, CA

    I have for sale the main section of the rear cargo area carpet in grey. It is not perfect, it has a few stains but the backing is still firmly attached. The front plastic strip in intact as well. Asking $150 and that should cover shipping to any place in the lower 48. I can accept Venmo or...
  5. bcomnes

    91' FJ80 Air/Climate Dash Bulb replacement

    I recently picked up a 91 FJ80 and am loving it. However as you can see the bulbs for the dashboard are burnt out. I'm not looking to do a full LED upgrade at the moment, just replace with a bulb that matches the rest of the dash. What kind of bulb and how many do I need to get the climate...
  6. Victor Gor

    Good mechanic recommendation needed for FJ80

    Hey guys i just got a new to me but old 95 Land Cruiser. need to install ARB OME lift 3inch. can someone recommend a good mechanic for that project in the Pittsburgh area for FJ80? Im from Cranberry, PA. also the cost estimate will be great! thanks for your help in advance
  7. JareBear89

    3FE Fuel in oil

    Hey guys, Long time listener first time caller... Have fuel in my oil, changed oil ~1000 miles ago and now oil is above full line (was below for several days before commuting for a week) Seen a few people post about this but no real resolution. Some say leaky injector, some say PCV valve is...
  8. Spencer Lerman

    Parting Out  Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 & FJ80 Partout Laughlin Nevada

    Parts pulled from a 1991 Toyota Landcruiser FJ80 with 3FE and A440F transmission. Fuel Tank $100 Fuel Tank Guard $100 3FE Engine $500 A440F Transmission $400 Gray Leather 3rd Row $200 Gray Cloth Second Row $150 Muffler $100 Gutted Cats $100 passenger side front fender(small dent) $100 Fender...
  9. TGJ80

    1997 FJ80 Liftgate Tailgate Lock Assembly Question

    My 1997 FJ80 is missing the vertical lock lever assembly in the upper tailgate door (i.e. the plastic knob assembly above the door handle that you can pull up and down to lock or unlock the tailgate when inside the vehicle). Does anybody know what the part number is? I have attached a...
  10. Spencer Lerman

    For Sale  Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 FJ80 3FE Engine and A440F Auto Trans-Laughlin Nevada

    Toyota Landcruiser FJ80 3FE 4.0L Engine and transmission. 220k miles on the ODO. Engine had a head gasket failure. A440F Automatic 4 Speed Transmission is good with no known issues(Untested) Located in Laughlin Nevada. I would prefer not to ship but i can if needed. Any questions feel free to...
  11. G

    looking to put leafs under my fj80...

    im swapping out the front axle for something more beefy, ive done some reading on 3 links one set up would cost me about 450 with everything i need (not counting welding and cutting). as for the rear ill have a stock axle looking at the arms with at least a 6in lift im not sure how the geometry...
  12. LoneStarCruiser

    For Sale  TX: OEM 91-92 Alloy 15x7 6-bolt wheels

    I got a set of FJ cruiser steelies for my axle upgrade and don't need the smaller 15s since they don't fit over the big brakes. I'm hoping to part with the whole set, 5 total. Just started cleaning them up today, will post pictures of all 5 if desired...
  13. T

    For Sale  FZJ80 Head Gasket, Head Bolts, misc

    I have a few things that I ended up not needing for my engine rebuild. These are brand new, OEM parts. Might trade for ARP head bolts or cometic gasket. Head Gasket- $75 Oil Cap- $10 Head Bolt Set (Qty 14)- $175 Parts are in OKC, OK.
  14. D

    fj80 / fzj80 AC condenser fan repair

    Hi Guys, Back in August 2019 my AC condenser fan started to make a horrible noise. My father and I checked it and it was a bad bearing. We upgraded the type of bearing and made custom carbon brushes for the motor. and we made videos of the repair. You guys might find the videos helpful...
  15. Napster

    Builds  Gr80 Build

    Sooo... my 40th is coming up and I want to do a big trip but the pig is in pieces. I am not sure how I talked my wife into it but I figured I should buy another rig! Newer, but since I have a small budget I was shopping for something that needed work. I was open to 4runners, Tacoma, fj80, fj60...
  16. BakerFJ

    My First Accident

    Got in my first accident ever the other night... Figured I'd post the story and my progress on repairs here as I'd kinda like to talk about it and seek some advice on repairs. So the other night it was raining pretty hard, no biggie. I've always been a good driver. I was driving down a curvy...
  17. dmsimon

    For Sale  FJ80 1997 Land Cruiser For Sale or Parts

    MONTANA PICKUP Toyota Land Cruiser for parts!! Or for sale as is for $3750 OBO! Serious inquires only. Will be out of town so if you are a serious buyer we will make arrangements. Located in White Sulfur Springs MT Vin # JT3HJ85J60152649 197,000 miles Toyota Land Cruiser in fair shape but...
  18. D

    Softer Ride FZJ80 Daily Driver

    Hey Guys,I need your advice. I have a bone stock FZJ80 1997 AWD GCC Spics , I use it 100% of the time on road as a daily driver. The Stock ride is very very harsh ,I changed the shocks with Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable Shocks and it made the ride much better. I can not lower the tires PSI...
  19. O

    For Sale  1991 Toyota Landcruiser (FJ80) - Salt Lake City

    1991 Landcruiser 80 Series in great condition. Asking $12,000 OBO. 186,000 miles with original interior. 2.5” OME lift kit, virtually no rust on the frame, steel front bumper with spot lights. Steel rear bumper with spare tire mounted in the trunk of the car. Bluetooth radio, sun roof, snorkel...
  20. B

    Japanese Import FJ80 -- Deal or Waste?

    A friend of a friend is selling this FJ80 that's piratically brand new. Imported it himself and only has 90K miles on it. He's asking $20K. Is this a screaming deal or am I wasting my money?
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