1. JCGPS

    For Sale Phoenix Triple Locked 94 - Needs Engine Soon

    203,527 - $7000 OBO I bought this FZJ80 in 2020 with a knock. My original mechanic said it was due to a possible wrist pin issue, stating it may have been rebuilt and the wrist pin wasn't properly heated/expanded. He said it would be I drove it back and forth between AZ and CA for 2...
  2. Chefajc3

    SOLD NJ FJ80 Antenna Mount

    For Sale: Rago Fabrication Antenna Mount for 80 series land cruiser model #R9097LCCBAM-P New never used asking $35 plus shipping obo Located in New Jersey 08234 Message me with any questions Thank you
  3. F

    For Sale Dobinson 3'' Flexi Springs & Fox Shocks FJ80/FZJ80/LX450

    Dobinson 3'' Flexi Springs and Fox Shocks. Everything is in great shape. I ran them for about 5k. I added a lot of weight to my truck so I bump up to a heavier spring and reservoir shock. Yes they do flex well. Dobinson 3'' Flexi Front Springs C59-612V...
  4. 913FE


    Hi all, Hope i'm posting in the correct place. Just purchased a 1991 FJ80. Brand new to the Land Cruiser world but have been a long time admirer. I really had no idea what a huge following this brand has! It's amazing! Our 80 runs good but has some oil and exhaust leaks from what i can tell...
  5. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ80 & FZJ80 , HZJ80 & HDJ80 parts

    Description: 1. Outer Mirror Switch 12V 2. key cylinder Lamp 12V 3. Antinna Switch 12V P/N: 84870-20050 81870-60011 84760-60030 Condition: New & OEM Fitment: 1. Outer Mirror Switch 2. key cylinder Lamp 3...
  6. CruiserCam

    Parting Out Seattle WA: 1995 FZJ80 White 80 Series with 1FZFE, Grey interior

    I bought this stock triple-locked 80 series as a doner for the axles for our HDJ80... so we're parting everything else. It has been a WA vehicle, so we liked the lack of rust on the undercarriage. And only 214,000mi. The 1FZFE has a hole in the bottom end and seized... so parting everything...
  7. schneagle

    For Sale FZJ80 Frame and Rear Axle - $1000 - Austin, TX

    I am selling an FZJ80 Frame and Rear Axle. Straight/clean. Located in Austin, TX. I was going to use for an FJ60, but am selling that project now. -Brent
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Four 275/70-16 All Terrain Tires -SoCal

    33 inches tall.. This set came off an FJ80. They are All Terrain Tires and have good tread. and came off the Land Cruiser a few weeks ago. $175 for all 4 tires. Not Willing to ship but Local delivery is available upon purchase within 15 miles from my home. I am located between the 10...
  9. txzuk1988

    For Sale FJ80 Steering Box Tapped For Hydro Assist

    FJ80 Steering Box that is tapped for Hydro Assist. Ran it on my Samurai Buggy with FJ60 front axle and it worked awesome. Parting out my Samurai. So this has to go. $400 plus shipping Located in Houston TX text 713Four1990Seven4
  10. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale SoCal Set of 4 All Terrain 275/70 R16

    From an 80 series. Taking up driveway space. $150 Firm for all 4 tires. This is a steal. I also have one only nice 16 inch wheel $100 with good 265 spare. $110 with tire removed.
  11. N

    Loud alarm sound from under hood

    Hello guys, my Fj is making a loud alarm sound from behind the battery box. Doesn’t matter if the engine is on or off it still makes the sound so long as the battery is connected. I pulled fuses with no luck. I can’t identify what’s causing it so I can really tell what to pull and what to...
  12. T

    96' 80 Series Airbag Question

    Hello fellow 80 series enthusiasts! Long story short, my neighbor hit my 80 while it was parked on the street. The front fender had to be replaced, and the door had to be repaired. There was also some suspension damage. Luckily the insurance company took care of everything. I got the car back...
  13. C

    SOLD Alabama 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser 7.5k or best offer will reduce price for motorcycle

    Everything you need to know is here in this link, it not triple locked.
  14. agfx000

    SOLD 80 Series (94), passenger mirror assembly, Boston MA

    Hi, Looking for the passengers mirror assembly for a FJ80. Thanks!
  15. L

    Body Damage on 1995 FJ80

    Hello All, I hope this the right place for this. A buddy of mine had his beautiful 1995 FJ80 hit while parked this past winter. He's tired of paying to have it stored and is willing to give to me for next to nothing. (already got the insurance payout) Has anyone had any experience with...
  16. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale SoCal 80 series wiring harnesses for 95-97, Engine harness for 1991-1992 3FE ALL ARE US MODELS Left hand drive

    Under dash harness from US 80 series Land Cruisers $125 (two available) Firewall to tailight harness L and R $75 per side Transmission harness. Call for other harnesses. Harness for under hood 3FE 1990-1992 80 series Paypal and shipping is available.
  17. H

    SOLD Lodi, CA: 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80

    Asking price: $15,000 I'm selling my 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser. It has has a single family ownership, and has never been in an accident. This vehicle comes with the original mats, owners manual, and jack kit/tools. Just had all brakes redone. Drives great, and will not disappoint! No major...
  18. MSP1989


    Description: 4 WHEEL DRIVE CONTROL SWITCH P/N: 84724-60010 Fitment: FJ80, FZJ80, HZJ80 & HDJ80 90’-94’ Condition: NOS Price: $120.00 Shipping : DHL worldwide to $29.33
  19. ILikeMud80

    For Sale 1992 Toyota Landcruiser FJ80 (Colorado Springs)

    "The world is filled with all sorts of capable and interesting cars, all ferrying us humans from A to B and back again. WRONG. There is only one car. It is the 1990s Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80. This is the car. This is the car of motion. This is the car of travel. This is the car of exploration...
  20. claudiosalva

    What Differential oil and how much to use on 92 FJ80

    Hello, It's been a while since I haven't changed the differential oil from my FJ80 for a couple of years. Recently checked the oil and it's due. Any recommendations when changing it? What kind of oil and brand should I choose? I always try Napa autoparts. Thank you!
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