1. jloughfzj80

    For Sale  Lansing, MI: 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 Triple Locked

    Clean title. Factory triple locked. New locking front differential installed at 151k miles. Black package (chrome mirrors and door handles). Rusty but trusty. When I was five years old, my dad, not wanting to be seen driving his kids to school in a minivan, bought this Land Cruiser. I took a...
  2. A

    For Sale  TX: 80-Series FZJ80 Magnuson "TRD" Supercharger New In Box

    I bought this and never installed it. I was waiting for my LX restoration to be finished before putting it on and now I am selling that truck as well (it's almost finished, will post separately or BAT it). This is new in an unopened Magnuson box. I've asked people way more knowledgeable than me...
  3. H

    Wanted  Front fzj80 chromolys or stock birfields

    Looking for stock front birfields or chromoly axles rcv nitro or longfields thanks
  4. Tennessee80

    Wanted  Nashville: fzj80 wiper motor

    Hey mud, As the title says, I am looking for a wiper motor, actually for my neighbor, he has a 95. Anyone? Thanks, Joel.
  5. Kylackey

    For Sale  Socal: FZJ80 ABS Lines Complete w/ sensors $60

    $60 + shipping or local pickup in Orange County. Text me at 562-665-8453 What you see is what you get. No idea if anyone even wants these anymore but I took them off my 93. Sensors function no issues. I did end up cracking one of the plugs to get it off the rear axle since it was brittle but...
  6. IXsokudo

    SOLD  Los Angeles South Bay FZJ80 Trail Tailor hidden which tray.

    a new with original hardware TT hidden winch tray for 95-97 fZJ80 will fit 91-94 with 95-97 front oem bumper. Mounted never installed winch Asking 350.00
  7. H

    Wanted  Wtb: ome L shocks fzj80 front and rear

    Maybe anyone have a spare set of L shocks front and rear. Socal
  8. CruisD64

    Just bought an FZJ80 and oil change is coming up...thoughts?

    Hey folks! So I'm definitely not new to the world of cruisers but it's my first time posting in the 80 subforum. I've had a 40 for 23 years and a 62 for about 4 years. This one's special, though. 97 40th 3x locked. 231k miles. Head gasket was never replaced but also shows no signs of needing to...
  9. WMaher


    Looking for grey carpet for my 1993 FZJ80, would prefer a whole set (front + cargo + wheel arches) but willing to settle for just the front passenger area. Not too picky on condition, as long as it doesnt smell like smoke/mold and can be cleaned, Ill take it. Located in Cedar Rapids, IA 52405...
  10. T

    For Sale  1993 FZJ80 evap system, power steering reservoir, exhaust system, bell housing, torque converter OH

    bell housing and torque converter have 137k miles all other parts have 270k miles. also have a transfer-case as listed in another add. Evap canister, can also have other EVAP system parts you may need $45 power steering reservoir $18 a442f 1fz torque converter $40 a442f 1fz bell housing $40...
  11. T

    For Sale  1993 fzj80 HF2AV transfer case- central ohio

    Bought with a transmission, said to have 137k miles. located in Delaware Ohio. tested center diff lock actuator works good. viscous coupling feels good when turning rear/front outputs. does not include chain. $350, can ship but may take a week or more before i can get it boxed up and sent.
  12. Underwood

    For Sale  Knoxville TN 80 Series / LX450 parts

    Sunroof Assembly $400 LX450 Tailgate $400 LX450 passenger front door (glass included) $450 LX450 passenger rear door (glass included) $450 Vehicle was gold, but was repainted white
  13. T

    Wanted  Bay Area: FZJ80 front mud flaps without running boards.

    Looking for a pair of front mud flaps for my 97 LC. I'm specifically looking for the version without the running board insert. Thanks!
  14. B

    Wanted  1996 FZJ80 - Complete working ABS Harness

    I'm looking for a ABS harness for my 96 Fj80. I really just need the front, but I'd be interested in the whole harness if available.
  15. HarryHarrison

    SOLD  Langley BC FZJ80 2 pairs of orange Corner Lenses

    Looking for $80 a pair plus shipping or p/u
  16. exakt0h

    SOLD  OEM JDM Headlights with Corners - Koito Japan

    Great condition OEM JDM Headlights Includes: Corners (l/r), Spray nozzles (l/r), bulbs (6) Built in fog lights (located on the high beams in USDM rigs). H4 high/low bulbs Koito Japan Mounting tabs have no cracks Can provide more pictures if needed $500 + Shipping
  17. Laurensdeboer

    For Sale  1993 FZJ80 Fully Setup For Camping - Melbourne, AUS

    We are selling our fully setup 80 series. It’s ready to explore the country. Low mileage of 245.000 km. Second owner. Rego until May 2024. Mechanically the car is in very good condition. There is no rust. Small exterior damages from previous owner. The interior is in original condition. At...
  18. MbGreen40

    Wanted  locker control module for my 97 80 series

    the front and rear lockers on my FZJ80 have stopped working. Chased power to my control module and nothing coming out of the box. Anyone in the LA area have one in hand? Need it ASAP!
  19. wbfzj80

    FZJ80 Wiring Loom issue 1993

    Hi all, I bought a 1993 FZJ80 with a blown 1FZFE. It a factory delivered Australian model My issue is, I have bought a new 1fz to replace the old one and having troubles with the new loom matching into the chassis. Everything plugs up alright, but this issue is the transmission. My model has...
  20. Emerald80

    For Sale  80 series inner fenders and radiator support $60

    From 1997 80 series. Passenger side inner fender has some damage. Take it all for $60. Located in Kelso, WA. Also have cowl and front valence for sale. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1212025546188364/?mibextid=6ojiHh
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