1. FZJ80 named Sue

    For Sale  LA / Pasadena | Brand new Wits’ End 80 series (spare) tire leveling kit

    FOR SALE - just installed this, but immediately removed it due to change of plans for my spare. I already painted it, only thing missing is 1 of 2 Zip Ties, but you only need one 😉 $100 (retails at $115 plus tax & shipping) Pick up in LA is preferred or can ship (USA only) via USPS priority at...
  2. Grantskys17

    Builds  College Kid's '96 FZJ80 Build

    Well looks like I'm finally getting around to this. To start, I'm 19 and have owned my cruiser around ~1 year now. My dad has owned and sold upwards of twenty 40s, 60s, and 80s series so that's where my passion comes from. Anyway, last year I found this clean 1996 FZJ80 in Texas and hopped on...
  3. D

    Fixing electric seat sliders fj80 fzj80

    Hi guys, I have a videos on how to fix electric seat sliders on a fzj80 & fj80. I hope this helps you save money. There is a playlist in the channel for the fzj80 and more videos to come. A subscribe or a thumbs up are appreciated. Thanks:)
  4. FZJ8xero

    For Sale  SoCal FZJ80 Smog Parts PAIR Valve + EGR Valve + Interior Parts

    Hi folks, Up for sale are some FZJ80 parts. These were for my 93 that I no longer own. Someone with a 93-94 will benefit from these parts, if you need help passing smog. If you need to pass CA Smog, these are the parts you may need: PAIR + EGR Valve - $120 1FZ-FE AIR CLEANER FILTER BOX ASSEMBLY...
  5. J

    Wanted  80 Series, Clean, Northern California

    Hi all - On the hunt for an 80 to use as my DD (I have a '87 that is my weekend fun car). Would prefer to spend more on a clean car that needs minimal work done. Having a tough time figuring out what is a good value as prices are all over the place. Based in Sonoma county - would prefer...
  6. R

    SOLD  1997 Toyota Land Cruiser (Triple Locked)

    Up for sale is my 1997 TLC with 195,XXX miles. Vehicle is still driven so miles will change. I have owned the LC for about eight years and it has been on and off daily driven. When not driven daily, it was driven regularly. I have done maintenance on a regular basis and the it starts and...
  7. ARFCOM15

    Spark plug reading

    Hi all, hope your Friday is good! Anyone want to try and interpret the spark plugs below? Been chasing a code 26 "lean" condition on my '94 for months. Erratic idle and poor, sluggish acceleration. Hopefully someone is bored enough to indulge me 😬 I'll post up the other two next.
  8. K

    No crank start

    Having a no crank no start situation. Full power, all accessories working, battery ok and connections seem fine. Just a loud click and nothing. Ordered a fusible link replacement and preparing to take out the starter. I had someone try to turn it over and noticed a hissing sound after the...
  9. fzjmemphis

    80 Series Electrical Nightmare... Help!

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 96' LX450 with around 176k on it and a T-MAX dual battery system. It's just about as solid of a truck as you can find mechanically, but I've been experiencing some crazy electrical problems that seem to get worse as the weeks go on. I've done crazy amounts of...
  10. yodathegreen80

    94 transmission issue

    Hey guys, I was driving home from work today and after I got on the freeway I was expecting the transmission to shift down into 4th gear and lower the revs, but it held steady at 2800 rpms at 60 mph. I slowed down to 50 and the rpms dropped to about 2100 - 2200. I didn't want to blow the engine...
  11. Drake2

    For Sale  WI - Haynes (60, 62, 80, FZJ80) & Chiltons (1970-1988) Manuals

    The books are in good condition. Haynes - $16 shipped Chiltons - $11 shipped Paypal F&F drake.m@phoenixdyno.com
  12. B

    SOLD  San Antonio : 1993 Triple Locked

    I bought this back in October 2018. I had hoped to build this out so I could travel with my wife when I retire next year. I have health condition now that is limiting any travel, so rather than sit i want to pass it on. I had posted before but took it down as I thought there was a leak that...
  13. mrq

    SOLD  FJ80/80's Series Grill/Brush Guard – Portland, OR ($275 OBO)

    Does anyone need a grill guard for an 80's series? I just installed an ARB bumper on my rig so I took this grill guard off – and don't need it anymore. It is in great shape – structurally perfect. It looks super rad and is so easy to install (less than 10mins). I am pretty sure it's an original...
  14. CaptainAussum

    Rebuilt Power Steering System Sucks Now?!

    I have a ‘97 LX450 that was squealing like a pig every time I turned the wheels. So this weekend I fully rebuilt the PS pump and gear box using the fine resources on Mud and OEM rebuild kits and a new bearing in the pump (original one was absolutely toast). After the rebuild, torquing...
  15. bryson

    For Sale  80 series 2nd row (middle) seats grey leather SLC, UT

    Selling a set of 2nd row seats out of my 1996 FZJ80. Grey leather in good shape - not perfect, but no cuts or tears. Fit all 80 series and LX450. A few odd wrinkles and deformations in the pictures simply because they've been folded up for a few days. $250 In West Jordan, UT. Definitely...
  16. 91FJ80Super44

    JDM/aftermarket LED fj80/fzj80 cargo light install

    Parts needed: #1. O'Reilly's part #: 23804 (led innovation 12in led light strips (these are a 2 pack) $24.99 #2. wire strippers #3. Small flathead screw driver #4. Electrical tape #5. (Optional) trim removal tool #6. A safety pin #7. A wire coat hanger This guide is going to be a how to on...
  17. exakt0h

    For Sale  SoCal: OEM Running Boards (1995 FZJ80)

    Factory running boards for sale. Came off my 1995 Land Cruiser with all the pieces + hardware to mount. $175 Local Pick Up Only. Arcadia, CA (91006)
  18. Ace4

    Parting Out  Portland, OR 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series FZJ80

    Parting out or selling entire 1993 Land Cruiser. 264,756 miles. Blown head gasket. Purchased for the locked axles. I'll be taking those and so I'll also have some 1991 axles from my current rig for sale. DM for details, send an offer or ask what is available. Right now I'm trying to get some...
  19. Panick619

    93 1FZ-FE EGR Valve w/no Temp Sensor

    My 93 FZJ80 is throwing the Code 71. After cleaning the modulator and replacing all the lines, I ordered a new EGR valve. My issue is that my new EGR valve did not come with the temp sensor hole, assuming it's from a 95-97. Can I still use this valve and have a functioning EGR system? And/or...
  20. Jeffe13

    SOLD  SOLD!!! San Diego - 1997 Land Cruiser

    1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Special Edition Has 311038 original miles This is a mechanics special - Perfect Project car or Offroad vehicle THIS IS AN AS IS SALE. Will not pass CA emissions test as it is now. The Check Engine light is on. Code P0171-System lean. Most likely needs a mass air flow...
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