1. J

    For Sale  Sacramento: 1997 LX450 Black Onyx

    1997 LX 450 147,208 miles Sacramento, CA $20,000 obo https://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/d/sacramento-1997-lx450-fzj80-low-miles/7329538810.html
  2. ExpoMax

    New Dobinsons VT series dual rate coils

    Hey everybody Huddexpo here! I was on the phone with David Otero earlier over at Dobinsons and I'm happy to announce a total redesign of their signature Tapered coils for our trucks! This new design will be replacing the existing tapered coil line. As far as I know across the board for all...
  3. I

    FSM Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission - 1995 Supplement (pdf) 1995 Supplement

    Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission - 1995 Supplement (pdf) FZJ80 HZJ80 80 series
  4. N

    Starter ID?

    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I just replaced the starter on my 1994 fzj80 with an aftermarket one. (2.2kw version, thanks AC Delco!) but when removing my old one I started thinking it might be worth keeping the old one for a rebuild if it's still an OEM one. Problem is the...
  5. M

    1996 FZJ80 6BT 47RH Swap

    This thread is an in depth post about what I have done to swap a 6BT Cummins with a 47RH (A618) into a 1996 FZJ80 with the stock transfer case. I am bad at taking pictures during the build process and I apologize in advance. I will answer any questions I can. I also apologize for any typos. Here...
  6. R

    1997 LC - Shift Solenoid P0753

    hello. new to 80 series. Just picked up a 97 Collectors Edition 220,000 mi. it was running good for about 400 miles before I decided to clean the interior. I pulled the carpet and center console out. Unplugged and reconnected everything back. It ran for maybe 100 miles then it threw a code...
  7. R

    For Sale  Bay Area, CA: 80 Series grey leather seats, decent condition, working motors

    Howdy again, I got a set of some grey leather seats from my 80 I'd like to sell before I ruin them even more. I'll probably replace them with some Corbeau seats. Drivers seat: Decent condition, some leather tearing and cracking. Front/Back motor kinda works, only one side of the track...
  8. R

    SOLD  Bay Area, CA: FZJ80 AOE 4x4 Front bumper

    Howdy. For sale or trade: Front AOE4x4 bumper, asking $1000 w/o lights or trade for trail gear tube bumper Front: Powder coated, winch mount. It currently has a Procomp 30" LED light bar and two KC ditch lights, I'd like to keep them but for the right offer I'd sell them. Asking: $1000 obo w/o...
  9. Nikofzj80

    PHH and Rear Heater bypass questions.

    Hi! So I read countless posts on the matter. I will try and tackle this subjects ASAP. I got from WitsEnd the PHH kit 1, PHH kit 2 (workaround) and rear heater bypass kit. For the PHH, should I use both kits? It seems as kit 1 is for installation with the OEM hardline and kit 2 to get rid of...
  10. C

    Replacement Headlight Assembly, non OEM

    Hi, has anyone had any luck with replacing their headlights with something like this?
  11. FJAK

    Dome lights and clock completely inop

    Any ideas? Dome lights don’t work in any position, even with any door open. Clock inop as well. Fuse is fine. Bulbs are fine. Relay? Control module? Room Lamp Control Module aka Ignition Key Cylinder Light Relay (85965-60010)? Any other ideas?
  12. Jsway7

    “Sully” 1994 FZJ80 Light Build

    Hello all, I'm a new member to MUD, but I’ve had a few Toyota’s in the last few years. My passion started when I test drove a base model 1986 Toyota pickup. Single cab, short bed, 5 speed. 4x4. 22r. I then moved on to a 3rd gen 4runner. I currently own a 1985 Toyota pickup Xtra cab 4x4 and a...
  13. C

    FZJ80 or HDJ80...

    Hi everyone, I am an owner of 1997 Lexus LX450 - 3x locked, 140k miles, bone stock, clean body w little surface rust on rear tailgate, above the windshield, and underbody, clean for being in Canada- and I am seeking your expertise today. I have recently been looking closely at diesel 80 series...
  14. Ian Kirchhofer

    SOLD  Columbus ohio. 1997 toyota landcruiser fzj80 for sale!

    Hello all. Have been trying to sell my beloved 97 landcruiser and had pretty terrible luck so far. Really need to sell her sadly so im very motivated to sell. She's had lots of various maintenance recently biggest being i went thru the birfs in the front and also did the wheel bearings and seals...
  15. BigSh00ts

    SOLD  South Florida 1997 Lexus LX450, 240k miles (possible trade for 03+)

    Edit: may consider trade for clean '03+ 100 series (prefer no AHC) or GX470/460 Another thing. the price will only be the price for a short time, as i'm likely going to be ordering some parts for it (such as new suspension and stuff) She's at the shop getting all new fluids and filters and...
  16. C

    What noise is this?

    Hey guys, was hoping someone could chime in on confirming this issue. Just finished putting this motor in, it came from a wrecked donor vehicle. Started it for the first time today and this is what I hear First thought I have is did the wreck cause rod knock? Motor ran great before, but it...
  17. hadacol

    Wanted  NC: ‘95 FZJ80 drivers side visor (tan)

    Looking for a tan interior visor, drivers side, that isn’t droppy. For a 1995 FZJ80L. Thanks
  18. junkxj

    For Sale  N.C. OME 2860 coils SOLD

    OME 2860 coil springs I used these in the rear of my 1996 land cruiser for around 8 months and 2500 miles They give roughly 2.5 inches of lift I swapped these spring for 2864 because of a heavy aftermarket bumper and pulling a trailer I think they will also work in a 100 series? No shipping...
  19. Adventurefixn

    For Sale  Sandpoint, ID:PNW: Triple Locked 1995 FZJ80

    Location: Sandpoint Idaho Price:$21,000 Miles: 251,100 miles. -Lockers work great, I have cycled them on and off at regular intervals to keep them active. -Most of the maintenance has been done by yours truly. -Last Fall I had the entire front axle gone thru and all parts replaced as needed, to...
  20. Captain Sanuk

    SOLD  Lincoln Ca. 1993 FZJ80 Unmolested

    1993 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale. This is an unmolested, completely stock truck with all the upgrades you could get for the year. This truck has been owned in California and has been garaged since new. The white paint and clear coat are in very good condition, it is rust free and is very...
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