1. Hilndr1701

    For Sale Evanston Wyoming. 1996 Lexus LX 450

    https://cars.ksl.com/listing/8021661 1996 FZJ80 mostly the same as the Toyota Land Cruiser Front, Rear, and Center diff locks 3" OME lift 315/75 R16 Duratracks with a winter's worth of tread left. 30/30 Nitro chromolly birfs Line-Xed custom roof basket with sunroof cut out and insert Custom...
  2. MSP1989

    For Sale FZJ80, HZJ80 & HDJ81 Console Compartment

    Description: Console Compartment (SABLE Color) P/N: 58905-60010-E0 Condition: New & OEM Fitment: Model Name Model Models (Description) Period of issiue Area LAND CRUISER FZJ80L-GCPEKV FZJ80,HZJ80..VX..GCC SABLE,TRIM4# 08.1992 - 01.1995 GR See scheme LAND CRUISER...
  3. R

    96 fzj80 crank no start

    I've been neglecting my 80 because I've got other projects and now it wont start. When I turn the car on I don't have a CEL or codes. I replaced the pump but I still didn't hear the pump start up when I turned the car on. I've been able to spray starter fluid into the throttle body and get the...
  4. DirtyPepper

    1997 - fzj80 Cooling System Baseline Question - Water Inlet/Outlet

    Hi all! Another baselining question but this time, it's with the cooling system. I've gone through a bunch of threads regarding the updating of the cooling system but I didn't see anything about the water inlet/outlet housing... QUESTION: If I'm going through everything in the cooling system...
  5. J

    For Sale BNIB Dobinsons Caster Plate Kit FZJ80 Socal

    Dobinsons 5* Caster Plate Kit for 80 series Land Cruiser. Brand new in original packaging. Suited for 5-7” lifts. $150 picked up or will ship at buyer’s expense.
  6. DirtyPepper

    1997 FzJ80 - Let's Begin a Baseline!

    Hey everyone! I'll update this regularly but for right now, we're going with the basics for a baseline :) 1997 Fzj80 purchased in January 2015 with 200,xxx Miles for $2300.00 Current Mileage: 220,xxx NOT triple Locked Black Onyx with tan leather interior (6.5/10 interior condition - front...
  7. M

    Help! Does anyone know what this is?

    I have been in the process of rebuilding transmission (a343f) and the transfer case and now as I’m putting it all back on the car I have this part left over in my parts container. I very easily could have picked this up off the ground and just through it in with the others or it may have come...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale SoCal. 80series, LX450 toolkit

    Very good condition and very complete. $125. Shipping USA 50 states is $10.90 Local Pickup in L.A. area is available. Jack is available. $30 + $30 maximum shipping 48 states. I have no control over shipping prices, but I shop for your best rate always. Paypal, Zelle accepted. LEFT OVER...
  9. A

    CDL issue - '96 LX450 - Resolved

    Editing this thread so my stupidity doesn't confuse someone else who stumbles upon this in the future. 1996 Lx450, 152k miles, NO front or rear lockers. CDL Dash Switch, Pin-7 Mod. 4WD High and Low work fine, but the CDL hasn't locked since the day I bought it. When shifting into 4WD Low, or...
  10. coreygil18

    1994 80 Series Running Hot

    I am new to IH8MUD and love the content and help so far. I have a 1994 with 4.5l 1fz engine. It has been running a bit hot (half way between mid and red on gauge) when climbing hills only. Recently it started to jump up close to red. Even started doing it periodically on flat ground...
  11. BakerFJ

    Wanted ISO OBD1 1FZFE engine harness

    Looking to get a brand new, or low miles and uncrispy engine harness for my OBD1 1993 FZJ80 With 90% of my connector tangs broken, and just diagnosing the rear knock sensor wire pulling out of the connector, I'd like to find a brand new harness to install, although they are discontinued from...
  12. CPACruiser

    For Sale S. CENTRAL PA: 1995 FZJ80

    Price Drop $13000 $14,500 15,500 OBRO List of recent maintenance: Pesky Heater Hose (and subsequent coolant flush) Rear Heat Delete and new HCV Valve Cover Seal and PCV and PCV hoses Spark plugs and wires Rear axle seals (1/22) Front axle seals kit from CruiserTeq (2021) New fan clutch Aisin...
  13. CruiserCam

    For Sale Seattle: FZJ80 OEM front bumper

    This is off a 1997 LX450, so I believe that means it fits 1995-1997 80 Series. Good condition with a ding shown on the RHS (left in the picture)- Includes the chassis mounts and the bolts- Local pickup only... located in Bothell WA, just north of Seattle. $80
  14. P

    For Sale Millington, NJ: 1994/Toyota/Land Cruiser

    Up for sale is my 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser. I bought this vehicle to fix up and use daily, and have been using it daily since I bought it earlier this month. Non-locked, beige/brown cloth interior in good condition with 3rd row. The Good: Mechanically sound. Clean frame. Pesky Heater Hose has...
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale SoCal 80 series wiring harnesses for 95-97, Engine harness for 1991-1992 3FE ALL ARE US MODELS Left hand drive

    Under dash harness from US 80 series Land Cruisers $125 (two available) Firewall to tailight harness L and R $75 per side Transmission harness. Call for other harnesses. Harness for under hood 3FE 1990-1992 80 series Paypal and shipping is available.
  16. MSP1989


    Description: 4 WHEEL DRIVE CONTROL SWITCH P/N: 84724-60010 Fitment: FJ80, FZJ80, HZJ80 & HDJ80 90’-94’ Condition: NOS Price: $120.00 Shipping : DHL worldwide to $29.33
  17. A

    BaT No Reserve: 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 Collectors Edition

    Hello MUDers! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1997-toyota-land-cruiser-83/ My '97 CE is live at No Reserve on BaT and I wanted to share here. I've learned so much from the amazing community here. This Land Cruiser won't certainly be my last.
  18. lorenzo816

    For Sale Concord NC: FZJ80 rear axle parts and arb142

    I’m getting out of the 9.5” rear axle business. Going bigger. Have spare parts to unload and eventually the axle I’m running now which has nitro shafts, arp hub studs and an arb locker with 5.29 gears. Pair of backing plates $75 for both SOLD Arb142 for parts/rebuild needs spider gears and...
  19. MSP1989

    For Sale 30th anniversary Spare wheel cover

    Description: 30th anniversary Spare wheel cover Tire size: 7.50R 16” P/N: PZ328-60041 Condition: New & Genuine * There is a small tear highlighted in pictures Price: $333.33 Shipping: Dhl worldwide for $29.33 to USA , for other countries kindly contact us for quoting. Payment: PayPal
  20. H

    New member here 97 fzj80,40th. Anniversary

    just bought my first cruiser, no. 0282 anniversary edition 3x locked 80 series. Paid 3500 bucks for it and its in amazing shape over all, just a reminder there are still deals out there. My other vehicle is a 97 limited 4runner that i did a 5speed swap, manual hubs, and a jdm engine. What budget...
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