1. RFB

    Liftgate problems

    Ok made it to expo west hung out with @Cruzilla and his lovely wife but as soon as I hit the desert both my rear lift struts failed awesome right. So I ordered new ones shipped to Moab and made do. I used a small metal flashlight to hold gate up while doing my thing but then forgot it was...
  2. X

    For Sale FZJ80 Side View Mirror Right Red

    Decent shape, some obvious fading and a few light scratches, and electrical working condition. Has been stabilized from wobbling with zip tie trick/mod internally. $75 + shipping
  3. T

    For Sale Salt Lake City, UT 1996 FZJ80 37’s gears, air lockers

    1996 Toyota Landcruiser 1FZ-FE straight 6 A343 Automatic transmission Full time 4wd 225k miles 37” Pro-Comp AT Sports tire warranty thru 4wp Front ARB Air locker Rear TJM Air locker 4.88:1 gear ratios F/R Full Float rear axle 2.5” OME suspension+1” spacer in front. Man-A-Fre radius arm caster...
  4. vegansbane

    Not-quite-RTH: Good downstream O2 sensor readings? '96 FZJ80

    I'm having a heck of a time troubleshooting an issue keeping my 96 FZJ80 from passing smog, and I'm hoping the braintrust on Mud can help me out with some diagnostic data. Does anyone have a graph showing good downstream O2 sensor data (at temp), preferably both idle and up in the 2k+ rpm...
  5. RFB

    Lithium/red arc power system

    Ok heres the plan, I cuurently(no pun intended) have 170AH worth of odyssey extremmes under the hood a 70AH starter battery and a 100AH house/auxilary both fed off a 150amp seqoia alternator TO A NATIONAL LUNA dual battery setup I installed with battery the house battery runs to a bussman...
  6. M

    For Sale 1996 lx450 triple locked in Pennsylvania

    Willing to take 8k with the new $1500 dobinsons lift if bought today or tomorrow. Life happens. Again this car has a brand new own Toyota power steering pump a new lift waiting in boxes. New oil pump seal new spark plugs and wires and cap and rotor and new pcv and a new oem intake house. All oem...
  7. NSBG

    Replacing Knock Sensor Circuit 1 in 97 LX450 With Video!

    Hey guys; i know this topic has been beat to death already, but i thought maybe a video could help people in the process of replacing the KS#1 for those who have the P0325 code. Here is a short step by step and i also made a video, which is here. Tools Needed Ratchet Various Extensions...
  8. ArmyFJ

    For Sale Columbus, GA: 1995 FZJ80 w/ H151 Transmission | ARB Lockers Front and Rear - $15700

    1995 FZJ80 with H151 transmission - $15700 So I am reluctantly selling my ’95 FZJ80. I purchased this rig in July 2018 and I have loved working on it with my kids and taking trips with the family but unfortunately I need to sell it. Vehicle title is clean. VIN: JT3DJ81W9S0105997. Odometer...
  9. jpoole

    Factory roof rack rust cause found?

    I recently pulled my factory roof rack for inspecting and rust treatment and believe that I may have found a leading reason why the factory rack mounting points often rust out so badly. It looks like water flows in from above and then gets trapped inside the rack feet. See what look like water...
  10. bpm

    BPM’s FZJ80 Family Cruising/Exploration Machine

    I wasn’t initially planning on doing a build thread but I am inspired by Boxrocket and the threads of others. It’s neat to look back at the history of the vehicle to see where it was and what is has become. So here’s the beginning of my story… My wife and I moved back to Colorado after a little...
  11. R

    For Sale FZJ80 1997

    1997 Toyota LC FZJ80 no lockers, no leak, runs great.
  12. RyanTomorrow

    New exhaust, new CEL

    Hi y’all, So I finally got around to installing a full exhaust replacement for my 1997. On the recommendation from @beno I went with a Magnaflow y-pipe and cats, with a Borla cat-back and brand new Denso O2 sensors. Since install, I’ve been getting a CEL with a code P0125, insufficient...
  13. P

    For Sale FJ80 94 Middle Seats Grey SoCAL

    Middle Row Seats- Decent condition $200
  14. 96LandcruiserPJ

    Weekend trips

    We are trying to get a routine of taking the Landcruiser off road with the dogs. I have been looking at All Trails (=off-road-driving&f[]=dogs']Offroad + Dogs) and it looks like there are several opportunities not too far from the IE. Does anyone here have another web site or suggestions on...
  15. TNFJ80

    Parting Out Knoxville, TN - 80 Series Brush Guard, Dobinson Springs, OEM Shocks

    I have some take offs from the vehicle I picked up a couple weeks ago. $200 - Brush Guard - Good shape, no dents, bends, broken pieces. Much more stout than I imagined when i saw it in pictures. Has some chipping paint on top bar. $100 - 2 month old Dobinson factory height front springs. I...
  16. A

    For Sale Davis, California. 97 FZJ80 Fully Locked, salvage title

    $6800 obo, currently best offer is $6500 but not sold until a meeting date is set and title is transfered. I will take this posting down promptly after sale. Looking on selling my 1997 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ80 triple locked. Front center and rear oem lockers. Truck does hold a salvage title...
  17. M

    For Sale 1996 Lexus Lx450 Triple Locked

    Less than 182,000 miles. Raptor liner paint job. Several maintenence things done including a brand new pen power steering pump. New spark plugs and wires new distributor and rotor new pcv valve new oil pump seal new belts new air filter and oil done less than 1000 miles ago. Tires and battery...
  18. blahblahblah

    For Sale 80 series fender flares - black - trimmed in rear - NorCal - $100

    These came off of my 1997 fzj80. The tabs are all there, with a couple split / stretched out. Nothing a little rtv won't fix. I also have some of the inserts. The rears were trimmed up 1" for a 4x4 labs rear bumper. This is good if you have this bumper, but is not good if you want to run the...
  19. Miamedia

    FZ-J80 / LX450 Head unit & speaker MasterSheet

    Crutchfield sent me the attached MasterSheet for the removal of all of my OEM dash & door speakers and the main stereo head unit. Please note that the CD changer and center console speaker are not covered in the attached.
  20. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Factory Steering Column Cover FJ80 for 1991-1994

    The nicest one I have ever found in a car! These are also called clamshells No damage in any way. No cracks, No warp, No broken connector arms. Really Nice In SoCal $101.40 including shipping within USA. It has not been worked on or patched. It is for cars that...
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