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  1. fionnroche

    Transmission fluid temp sensor help

    new code just came up on my OBD for my 80 series. “Transmission Fluid Temp Sensor Circuit ‘A’ malfunction” is this something i could switch out at home or is it better to just go to a shop? trying to save money. let me know thanks

    Hino W06ET / W06DT into 80 / 105 series Land Cruiser?

    Hi just wondering if its possible or if anyones ever fitted a HINO W06ET or W06DT into a Land Cruiser 80 / 105 Series? Thanks
  3. O

    For Sale  96 Lexus LX450 w/lockers - TX Ranch truck

    I’m unloading two of my three to hopefully make room for a 40. I haven’t had this one long and will do the best I can to describe what I do know. It’s not the prettiest thing ever and the engine knocks, but the engine still has full power and Texas rust free. I pulled it off a ranch west of...
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  9. Bardiya

    For Sale  JDM 80 Series headlamps with fog lamps and washers

    Headlamp and side markers from an RHD JDM FZJ80 In good condition minus reflector damage on one of the side markers 12V 280$
  10. 97AnnivEd

    For Sale  40TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION - Just 175k Miles For Sale

    One of the best and lowest-mileage FJ80 Land Cruisers out there - and a 40th Anniversary Limited Edition (No. 653). Driven 100% in Florida so has never seen salt or winter. Ready for the next 175k miles. Originally owned by MLB All-Star MVP Julio Franco and driven in the off-season (hence the...
  11. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: HDJ81 Toyota Land Cruiser Wiring Harness 24 Valve Diesel Complete Wiring (sans engine coil wiring)

    Ladies and gentlemen, An HDJ81 has been parted out, and a vendor here is selling the complete wiring (except for the engine coil wiring). Includes all that you see in the images, switches/relays... Based on what the vendor is asking, and shipping costs, this will cost $750-800 to ship...
  12. I

    FSM Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission - 1995 Supplement (pdf) 1995 Supplement

    Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission - 1995 Supplement (pdf) FZJ80 HZJ80 80 series
  13. I

    FSM Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission - Publication Number RM3145 (pdf) Publication Number RM3145 (pdf)

    Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission - Publication Number RM3145 (pdf) 80 series
  14. Vee

    Fix as RHD or convert to LHD

    So basically I bought an 1995 land cruiser RHD from auction with fire damage in dash. Thought it was going to be a quick wiring harness patch and plastics but unfortunately there was a lot more heat than what it looked like. Cowl harness is toast and everything to the left of the radio is pretty...
  15. V

    For Sale  Dallas: RHD 80 series

    Hi I have a 1995 HDJ81 Land Cruiser VX HD-FT 80 series for sale With Diff Lock ~135k miles New Batteries, Alternator Rebuilt Alternator V belts replaced Fan belt replaced Timing belt service done at ~ 200k KM Clean Texas Title in hand Can share more pics on request. Private message for price...
  16. G

    SOLD  1996 Land Cruiser Steering Wheel

    Oak leather. Usable condition if yours is ratty, but best as candidate to send off and get restored so you don’t have to go with a wheel for a month. price is $100 plus shipping. Located in Birmingham, AL
  17. R

    For Sale  Bay Area, CA: 80 Series grey leather seats, decent condition, working motors

    Howdy again, I got a set of some grey leather seats from my 80 I'd like to sell before I ruin them even more. I'll probably replace them with some Corbeau seats. Drivers seat: Decent condition, some leather tearing and cracking. Front/Back motor kinda works, only one side of the track...
  18. R

    SOLD  Bay Area, CA: FZJ80 AOE 4x4 Front bumper

    Howdy. For sale or trade: Front AOE4x4 bumper, asking $1000 w/o lights or trade for trail gear tube bumper Front: Powder coated, winch mount. It currently has a Procomp 30" LED light bar and two KC ditch lights, I'd like to keep them but for the right offer I'd sell them. Asking: $1000 obo w/o...
  19. a_traut_man

    SOLD  Looking for Used 80 Series 2" Lift with Shocks- Austin TX

    Hey guys, looking for a used 80 series 2" lift in decent condition. Don't need a heavy set up and no real preference on brand. Central Texas would be great but open to paying for shipping if need be. Will be going on a 1995. Thanks in advance.
  20. C

    FJ80 No start!! Have read a ton of articles and need help!

    Hey there, I am a long time reader of this forum and appreciate all of the resources that come from this place. I have a 1991 FJ80 with 300,XXX miles on it. I have recently purchased this 80 as a parts rig for my original 80. My original 80 is currently getting the front end rebuilt and 4.88's...
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