80 series

  1. Karl Andersson

    SOLD  SALE PENDING - 80 Series Headlight Upgrade - DEPO's LED mini Projectors, LX450 Corner lights

    DEPO glass housings LX450 corner lights (OEM) mini LED projector low beams (H4) LED high beams (H1) $300 + Shipping for headlights $350 + Shipping for headlights and corners Need these gone, I will accept reasonable offers. Will fit all 80 series 91-97, however you will need the wiring...
  2. CPACruiser

    For Sale  Lancaster, PA - 80 Series 3rd Row Seats Grey

    $100 local pickup/meetup Perfect condition garage stored
  3. Karl Andersson

    For Sale  80 Series Square Quad Headlights Full Set. All Genuine Toyota Parts.

    This is currently for sale on eBay. Please message me with an offer if you are interested and I will end the eBay listing and sell direct to you. eBay takes too many fees. https://www.ebay.com/itm/196327577248 Full quad headlight conversion for 80 Series Land Cruiser - 1991 - 1997. I will...
  4. ICY80

    4x4 Labs Front/Rear Bumper set ups

    I Looked and didn’t find a thread for 80s with Luke’s front/rear bumpers. Just bought a rear from him but can’t decide if I want to run his front or an arb. Anybody mind posting their rigs with 4x4 labs front or rear bumpers?
  5. ryaneddy16

    For Sale  6BOOST Turbo manifold 1fzfe

    Been holding onto thisafter I changed directions in my project thinking I'd get to use it. I don't seeing myself use it anytime soon haha. 6boost vband manifold for 1fzfe. This one is setup to fit in a fzj80 . There is no wastegate v band because I didn't know which one I wanted. I am asking...
  6. Crusherowner

    Seeking Advice on Selling ‘95 Land Cruiser FZJ80 With Supercharger

    Any advice from fellow members is appreciated on listing my 1995 Land Cruiser FZJ80, a rust-free, reliable workhorse located in Houston? Dealer-installed supercharger has helped haul a 34’ Airstream and gotten me through some tricky merge maneuvers on the highway. I feel conflicted posting...
  7. landcruiserlover8

    6BT Cummins 12v swap into 80 series FZJ80

    Should I do this? I have a friend who can sell a working 6BT 12v to me for 500 bucks. Asking whether or not it would fit. I assume so.
  8. DriveUncommon

    For Sale  1994 Turbo Diesel Land Cruiser HDJ81 VX Limited: 45,981 miles, Automatic, Center Locking Differential

    This 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limited is a Japanese-market HDJ81 model powered by a Turbo Diesel 4.2-liter inline-six mated to a four-speed automatic transmission, a dual-range transfer case and a center locking differential.The truck is finished in Toyota Dark Emerald Green (color code 6M1)...
  9. N

    SOLD  1995 FZJ80 Land Cruiser

    1995 FZJ80 Land Cruiser 306,823 miles $12,500 See the full post and pics on Facebook Marketplace (LINK)
  10. exakt0h

    TOYOLEX Shirt

    TOYOLEX shirt by Rare Pops
  11. dogfishlake

    SOLD  Slinky 75MM springs for 80 series $400

    I have a set of slinky 75mm springs for an 80. I took them off a truck I had worked on. I don't think they have much if any miles on them but they are a bit scratched from being moved around. Pretty sure they are 75 mm. I'd like to get $400 for them plus shipping. I will have to weight them...
  12. cruisinthe80s

    Alarm delete HELP!!

    I’ve got a 96’ 80 series with an alarm system that is killing me! It is so sensitive and I want to delete it. I took apart power dash to discover the module and sensor with all the wires, was able to cut out the speaker, but still trying to figure out how to delete the module without any issues...
  13. Hblock

    For Sale  Southwest Missouri - 80 SERIES HIGH CLEARANCE FRONT BUMPER KIT

    Selling my Coastal Off-road 80 series high clearance front bumper kit. Asking $750
  14. Krawczyk80s

    New fzj80 owner

    Hey guys, Recently purchased a 1997 80 series, triple locked(not that I'll probably ever use it) . I've noticed my knuckles gently weeping. I have a factory service manual, and read through the posts on here. Thanks for that. I was wondering if anyone in the area of Western MA/CT would be...
  15. J

    Parting Out  80 series at pick your part Sand Bernardino

    Just FyI there is an 80 series at the LKQ pick your part in san bernardino with some goodbody parts and some parts on it for those of you , that need
  16. fjlau

    1997 fzj80 turns over and shuts off immediately. HELP!!

    Just some background info in case it helps. 1997 1fzfe 80 series 315k miles. Recently installed a new exhaust system which blocked off the EGR port. Ran fine for 3 min after the exhaust install then died and never started again. The motor turns over and it starts for about a half a second and it...
  17. AlbertoSD

    For Sale  OH - 80 Series Diesel Tachometer and Instrument Clusters

    Posting these on the Diesel and JDM section. I have for sale 2 complete diesel gauge clusters for 80-series diesel trucks. These Tachometers are almost a must if you want to Tach to work after putting a Toyota Diesel Engine in your 80. 1. 80-series Manual Transmission Diesel Cluster (Note the...
  18. Tank5

    For Sale  91 80 series ac condenser

    I pulled this out of my 91 Land Cruiser. The ac system didn’t work when I bought the 80 and the condenser is no longer available, so I sent it to a shop to have it cleaned and pressure tested, the shop also gave it a crappy black paint job. I paid $107 to have it checked out with the intent...
  19. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  OH - 80 series Diesel Fuel Filter Assy with Heater + Mount

    For sale is an 80-series diesel fuel filter assembly with fuel heater. Additionally, this has the pedestal mount (as shown above) to install it on the correct location if you are doing a Toyota diesel swap on your 80 (see photo below right in front of the brake booster). The mount attaches...
  20. TurboScott

    For Sale  H150/1F 5 Speed Transmission Rebuilt

    Looking to do a 5 speed swap? We have rebuilt H150/1F Transmissions available - $3500. We can include (for added cost) pedals, flywheel, clutch, clutch pressure plate, master and slave cylinders....whatever combination you need! Check out the listing on my website...
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