80 series

  1. Cortooncowboy

    80 series rebuild

    Hi guys, new to all this just looking for some pointers, I have just bought a’91 80 series 4.2td and it is in need of some tlc, I’ve seen a few things about taking the body off, just wondering is it a mammoth job or is it doable, I need to repair some things like rear coil spring cups and then...
  2. csanders

    Shift lever assembly question

    Hello, I am new to Mud so I apologize if this ends up in the wrong place. I have stripped the interior of my '94 80 series to carpet clean and soundproof, and as I was cleaning around the shift lever, a small piece fell out (pic 1 & 2) and I cannot figure out where it goes back into the lever...
  3. B

    SOLD  San Antonio : 1993 Triple Locked

    I bought this back in October 2018. I had hoped to build this out so I could travel with my wife when I retire next year. I have health condition now that is limiting any travel, so rather than sit i want to pass it on. I had posted before but took it down as I thought there was a leak that...
  4. Silencer002

    Provent 200 nightmare

    So I decided to go with the Provent 200 for my HDJ81 and if anyone is looking to get one as well, just order all the hardware online. The Provent itself comes with nothing if ordered on amazon. So I found some threaded 19mm adapters from AU and hose that I'm waiting on now. Does anyone have some...
  5. gamesogre

    Heavy Clunk Shifting Issue on 1996 Lexus LX450

    I'm trying to figure out why my automatic transmission 1996 Lexus LX450 shifts hard. The truck has about 185,000 miles on it, and the transmission is original. I filmed this lurching issue while parked with a GoPro on the concrete underneath. My strategy was to shift from park to reverse...
  6. B

    For Sale  “Built” 81 pickup for sale or trade. Located near ST.Louis MO

    I’ve got a first gen pickup that I’m thinking about selling or trading for something I can fit my kids and wife in. Something geared more towards overlanding. Anybody interested in trading or buying? Asking $5000 for truck and $6500 for truck and trailer. Propane injected 22R All Pro 5” lift...
  7. L

    Wanted  Front windshield wiper linkage for 97

    Hi everyone - looking for a front windshield wiper linkage for my 97
  8. TheRealDeal124

    4 years in the making new 80 Series Owner

    On Saturday I purchased something I've been wanting to get my hands on for a long time. A Toyota Land Cruiser. After years of research and envy and reading many posts on here and buying books and magazines about Land Cruisers I finally have one to call my own. Up until I found out what a Land...
  9. Ace4

    Parting Out  Portland, OR 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series FZJ80

    Parting out or selling entire 1993 Land Cruiser. 264,756 miles. Blown head gasket. Purchased for the locked axles. I'll be taking those and so I'll also have some 1991 axles from my current rig for sale. DM for details, send an offer or ask what is available. Right now I'm trying to get some...
  10. twigs

    Rough price of non-running 1HDT 80 series cruiser

    My '92 1HDT cruiser recently copped the infamous big end bearing failure... I am weighing up my options on whether to get it rebuilt, new engine, sell it as it is etc. The problem is, cash is tight at the moment so i'm not too keen on dishing out the cash to get it rebuilt. The interior and...
  11. overlandnomad

    SOLD  Santa Cruz, CA - ARB Roof Rack and ARB Simpson III RTT

    <<I NOW HAVE A DEPOSIT ON THE RACK>>I'm selling my alloy ARB Touring Roof Rack (measures 49" x 87"). This rack has a step down in the back for attaching a soft sided rooftop tent (ARB, Tepui, CVT, etc.) while still allowing for gear to be stored in the front section. <<I NOW HAVE A DEPOSIT ON...
  12. H

    Rear hatch fitting

    I HAVE A 1994 Lamdcruiser and i just got hit from the back in an off road accident unfortunately. Im trying to purchase a 1992 rear lid/gate assembly. Question is will it fit on my 1994? Please help i would appreciate it. Also are they hard to install. I would appreciate some help and thank you
  13. L

    Fzj80 running boards

    I just removed running boards off of my 93 land cruiser let me know if interested in them.
  14. U

    80 series problem. Please help us out.

    Gday guys how are we. New on this site. I have a 96 80 series Landcruiser 1fzfe I’m having problems with ruff ride and handelling. experiencing harsh handeling off road Driving on a dirt road that has ripples or little rocky bits and little holes in the road hitting it all getting very rough...
  15. RFB

    SOLD  NEW IN PACKAGING 1FZE OEM Engine wiring harness and 2 NEW knock sensors NEW 575.00 shipped

    I bought 2 of these new in OEM packaging with 2 knock sensors( as they will likely break in harness swap) this is brand new, not pulled form another truck. 575.00 for harness and 2 new in package knock sensors shipped CONUS text me ONLY is serious please. Richie 508-718-8253
  16. PDXadvokat

    LC-curious about a daily driver

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for a change to a more capable daily driver, cruising around various sites getting wild ideas and thought you lot seemed open and helpful for a newb with questions. Don't want to jump off a cliff before checking with the experts! Thanks for putting up with the...
  17. melmwood

    SOLD  80 Series Rear Wind Deflector / Spoiler - OEM, Freshly Painted

    My listing on eBay. Free shipping if you buy it from me off ebay (I save on fees, you save on price) and pay via Venmo or PayPal. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153751518676
  18. firefight

    For Sale  5- 80 series rims SoCal still available

    Selling 5 stock rims off 80 series Land Cruiser. 6 lug pattern. Good condition. There are mixed tires on them, hold air, about 33 inch tires, but no Guarantee on them. Im in Lake Arrowhead. Can meet in the Inland Empire if needed. $400 Will post pictures tomorrow.
  19. TGJ80

    1997 FJ80 Liftgate Tailgate Lock Assembly Question

    My 1997 FJ80 is missing the vertical lock lever assembly in the upper tailgate door (i.e. the plastic knob assembly above the door handle that you can pull up and down to lock or unlock the tailgate when inside the vehicle). Does anybody know what the part number is? I have attached a...
  20. A

    Oil leak for 1hz Exhaust Gasket.

    Hi All, I have found oil leaking from my 1hz's exhaust gasket (or so it seems) at the 1st and 6th exhaust outlets (see photos attached). I Initial thought it was the head gasket leaking or the valve cover gasket, but the more I look at it the more it appears to be coming from the exhaust...
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