1. E

    Wanted Alberta, Canada - Looking for a FZJ80/LX450

    Looking for a decent shape FZJ80/LX450, preferably triple locked but not a deal breaker. No rust, clean title. Maintained with service records/history. Would like to work with someone locally or within Canada or US who is willing to work with me in getting the vehicle shipped (if far enough...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale SoCal: Good cylinder head for 1FZE

    The head is from a 1996 and interchanges with 93 to 97 but please check with your installer to be sure. The head will be cleaned and tested for warpage, cracks and other damage. Only sold as a complete head with camshafts etc. You will need to provide your own head gasket, valve seals and new...
  3. F

    SOLD Dobinson 3'' Flexi Springs & Fox Shocks FJ80/FZJ80/LX450

    Dobinson 3'' Flexi Springs and Fox Shocks. Everything is in great shape. I ran them for about 5k. I added a lot of weight to my truck so I bump up to a heavier spring and reservoir shock. Yes they do flex well. Dobinson 3'' Flexi Front Springs C59-612V...
  4. B

    Wanted NorCal - LX450 Front Bumper

    Hello all, I'm looking for a Grey front bumper for my LX450. Its been bent up in a shape for awhile and I'm trying to get my hands on finally replacing it. Let me know price and I'm flexible on location. Willing to drive up and down the coast if the price is right.
  5. Hilndr1701

    For Sale Evanston Wyoming. 1996 Lexus LX 450

    https://cars.ksl.com/listing/8021661 1996 FZJ80 mostly the same as the Toyota Land Cruiser Front, Rear, and Center diff locks 3" OME lift 315/75 R16 Duratracks with a winter's worth of tread left. 30/30 Nitro chromolly birfs Line-Xed custom roof basket with sunroof cut out and insert Custom...
  6. donlexus450

    For Sale 1997 Lexus LX450 Sacramento/Folsom/El Dorado Hills

    1997 Lexus LX · Suv · Driven 245,056 miles FS: 1997 Lexus LX450 +Center Lock diffs only ---------------------------- NOT TRIPLE LOCKED ---------------------------- +Clean title + Rust free California vehicle Minor front and rear collision by previous owner I’m the 4th owner. +245,056 miles...
  7. N

    Wanted Who wants to sell me their lx450 cladding?

    My cladding on rear driver side fender well decided to pop off on a 75 in the middle of Dallas and didn’t want to die trying to retrieve it. So I’m in the market for some cladding if you want to part with yours. I didn’t see anything with a search that’s recent for sale. I like the look of...
  8. N

    Loud alarm sound from under hood

    Hello guys, my Fj is making a loud alarm sound from behind the battery box. Doesn’t matter if the engine is on or off it still makes the sound so long as the battery is connected. I pulled fuses with no luck. I can’t identify what’s causing it so I can really tell what to pull and what to...
  9. M

    Help! Does anyone know what this is?

    I have been in the process of rebuilding transmission (a343f) and the transfer case and now as I’m putting it all back on the car I have this part left over in my parts container. I very easily could have picked this up off the ground and just through it in with the others or it may have come...
  10. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale SoCal. 80series, LX450 toolkit

    Very good condition and very complete. $125. Shipping USA 50 states is $10.90 Local Pickup in L.A. area is available. Jack is available. $30 + $30 maximum shipping 48 states. I have no control over shipping prices, but I shop for your best rate always. Paypal, Zelle accepted. LEFT OVER...
  11. MATT0404

    SOLD 1997 Lexus LX450 - No Longer For Sale

  12. donlexus450

    For Sale LX450/80 tailgate In champagne gold

    $100 no dents and damage, top coat is in good condition, no peeling and missing exterior trim Door latch maybe a bit misaligned. Located in Sacramento metro area Will post pictures tomorrow.
  13. T

    Wanted LX450 OEM Wheels (Set of 4)

    Looking for a set of stock Lexus LX450 16" wheels. I'm going to get the set powdercoated, so condition of the finish doesn't matter too much. Just looking for some in good shape without major scuffs. Located in Sacramento, CA. Thanks! Kyle
  14. Rollinn

    For Sale SoCal - Brand New set of Spidertrax 1.5” spacers Toyota 6x5.5

    Brand new in box set of 2 prs (4 total) wheel spacers. $240 for the set I also have another full set of identical spacers I put on yesterday on my 80 I will be removing today and will be up for grabs as well. Didn’t drive on them. The wheels I have have way to negative of an offset and tires...
  15. SoCal 450

    LX450 Chrome Center Caps

    Hello, I bought my 80 about a year and a half ago and at the time did not know that chrome wheels were rare. One of the chrome center caps was missing and I thought, "oh no big deal I'll just buy one off someone else." I was wrong. I can't seem to find them anywhere and at this point, I'm...
  16. 96eighty

    LX450 vs LC front fender pads/trimlock

    Can anyone verify if the LX uses the same fender flare pads as the LC? I've searched all over and havent been able to find anything. I am aware of the minor differences but am wondering if I can cut the pads on the LC to make it fit on the LX and make it look decent.
  17. totallyatoyota

    My oil smells of gas

    I just got a 97 lx450 and the oil smells like gas. also sitting in the garage smells like straight gas with nothing leaking. I suspect is a leaking fuel injector. if so, does anybody know a good video on how to replace them and what is a good injector to get? Thanks in advance
  18. baktasht

    SOLD 1997 LX450 - Texas

    Bringatrailer auction went live today!! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1997-lexus-lx450-47/ This LX450 is showroom quality. I just submitted it to BaT (Bringatrailer.com), but I'm also open to selling it to a MUD member since I have heard it takes BaT a while to process new submissions...
  19. js0k

    For Sale HTX- 1FZ machined head and short block $1,200 OBO

    Selling a 1FZ out of a 96 LX450. Had about 220k, then Blew a head gasket. Had head inspected by a machine shop and cleaned and machined accordingly. 25 thou was taken off and she’s ready to run again. Bottom end should be good to go too, didn’t knock or anything, but I could bang the pistons...
  20. 97BigPig

    SOLD South Carolina 1997 FJ80 Lexus LX450 Landcruiser Triple Locked

    1997 FJ80 Lexus LX450 Triple Locked / Toyota Landcruiser $20,000 Don’t waste our time with unrealistic offers. I will consider reasonable offers. If you’re a serious buyer I will send any additional pics requested, PM me with info and email. Great vehicle but if I keep she will end up with an...
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