1. logicbyondreaso

    SOLD  NJ: 1996 LX450 New Motor and OEM Subtank

    Vehicle sold.
  2. BBLX450

    TECH Question: Mechanic says my LX450 might have a blown head gasket

    Let's try this again and frame it as a TECH question which will force me to be more candid with my situation... In the summer of 2022, my car was totaled by a hit and run drunk driver outside my house. Insurance gave me a total loss check for $12,000. Used car market was so high that I couldn't...
  3. E

    Wanted  LX450 Rear Wheel Well Cladding for 1997 Lx450

    Looking for both sides cladding for a 1997 lx450, let me know what you want shipped to utah 84010. Need both sides. Send me a pm.
  4. J

    Info Needed: How To Dismantle LX450 Driver's Seat

    Want to dismantle the seat to replace bolster and reupholster the seat. Looking for a video or file that shows how to remove the seat back and break down the seat. Seat is out of vehicle and on the bench. Thanks Jim
  5. mcbs

    New-To-Me 1997 LX450

    Hey Y'all - First time posting here. I am at best an amateur mechanic. Currently mostly-rebuilding a gm 2.8 V6 in an 89 Isuzu Trooper. Wife and I decided to pick up a bigger rig that we can keep as our family grows so we pulled the trigger on this 1997 LX 450. She has 180k miles has a...
  6. BigTree69

    How much metal shavings is too much in the oil pan?

    So my 1 FZ FE isn’t doing so great. My transmission wasn’t shifting into 2nd or 3rd so I had to drive in 1st to get home. I kept the engine just below 5k rpm (red line) and eventually got home but at some point it started making a ticking sound and the oil pressure gauge dropped to about 1/4...
  7. lt403

    LX450 cladding removal

    hi everyone, are there any tips and tricks to removing the plastic cladding off the truck? getting ready for paint and thought i'd remove the stuff myself. thanks
  8. sutton

    Wanted  Minnesota: 1996 LX450 - Cylinder Head

    I’m looking for a 1FZ FE cylinder head that I can buy. Mine is warped .009 and it is recommended that I try and buy a parted out head assembly. Any thoughts or input is appreciated.
  9. J

    LX 450 OEM match leather?

    Hi - I'm looking at reupholstering the leather on the front two seats of my LX. However, it looks like all replacement options are not really a match for the grain. The original leather is ultra soft with a very fine grain pattern and I want the exact same thing if possible. I believe the LS...
  10. mjulaw

    LX450 Rebuild Estimate or Sequoia swap?

    1. 1996 model LX450 ‘slung a rod’ several years ago at 275k miles. I bought at 70k from a rich dude, it literally looked brand new. The next 200k miles, all oil changes etc and only 93 octane. This vehicle has literally never been off road (sorry to disappoint everyone, just not my thing...
  11. HosGasamanian

    Newish member after years of absence

    i was on this forum a long time ago and happy to be back. Im an owner of a 1996 lx450 which i have had for about 2 years now. I had to sell my old one years back but i was almost always in a Toyota. Glad to be back in this community. I’m in southern california and more specifically in Los...
  12. djawahir

    For Sale  FZJ80 LX450 E Brake Parking Brake Handle

    $20 plus the ride! Works great, just some marks on the grip. I didn’t use it for my project, so it’s got to go!
  13. N

    Wanted  WTB: Best LX470 or LX450 in $20-$25k range

    Hi All, So glad I found this forum, what a treasure trove of amazing information. As the title implies, I have $20-$25k to spend on a 100-series or 80-series. I'm combing the classifieds daily, but thought it couldn't hurt to post a WTB here. Since "best" means different things to different...
  14. B

    Wanted  Utah: 96' LX450 - Driver Side Mirror - Black

    Looking for replacement for wobbly mirror on drivers side.
  15. SADSZN

    Parting Out  Salem Oregon LX450 WHITE doors and misc

    Have left over components from 1996 Lexus lx450 Mainly looking to sell doors and inner fenders. There is misc. trim in the back but its rough. WILL NOT SHIP PICKUP IN SALEM OREGON Shoot me a message. Open to trades also
  16. Jprice

    For Sale  Price Drop For Sale NE Texas

    For Sale - Price Drop - $14,000 I have found something I'd like to get. Just need to get this moved along. Shoot me an offer. I have a 1997 Lexus LX450 (FZJ80) Triple locked with 280K miles Located in North East Texas. Clean title LX450 – I have owned this truck since 2018 and during my...
  17. D

    Wanted  GA. Passenger front fender LX450 or LC80

    Looking to buy a passenger front fender for LX450 or LC80. Willing to pay shipping
  18. A

    For Sale  TX - LX 450 Driver Seat Cushion

    Toyota/Lexus 71512-60070 Driver side, lower seat cushion. New, never installed $250 shipped/pick up
  19. Cruisers and Co

    Cruisers and Company 80 Series Turbo

    We've been teasing our turbo kits for awhile now and they are finally available on the website! In this post I hope to answer most questions that we have been receiving over the last couple months since we started teasing this. It's going to be a long post so bear with me! First off for those...
  20. O

    SOLD  Triple Locked 1997 Lexus LX450 (80 Series)

    $27,000 Triple Locked 1997 LX450 / Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Clean California Title in hand Registered through September 2024 180,000 Miles Owned by me since August 2021 Originally a California vehicle, garage-kept in Aspen, CO for a time, then on to Texas (prior owner who did some of the...
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