1. A

    LX 450 Blower Motor

    Hey, I wanted some advice about how to fix my front blower motor. A while back my front blower motor in my 97' LX450 stopped blower air, it's started getting real hot so I'm trying to fix it up. As it stands right now, the rear blower motor is working, the heating is working but the front...
  2. A

    LX 450-FJ 80 Mechanic, NJ-NorthEast Area

    Hi, I recently decided to get some work done on my 1997 LX 450, I was wondering if there is any reputable person/organization that I could go to get some work done. I'm in NJ, so I'd prefer if it is something in the tristate area. Let me know if you guys have any recommendations, any advice...
  3. F

    Why do they say these don't fit?

    Hello, I like these wheels. Not too flashy and I'd like to pair them with some 35x11.5 if I can find any but these websites say that they don't fit my lx450 and I find it hard to believe. https://rimsoutlet.com/product/km719-canyon-km71978568400/# I don't understand why these websites say...
  4. MurderBird45

    FREE  Richmond, VA, LX450 Rear Center Bumper

    Tried to make it work on my 94 80 series. Gifted to me by a friend here in RVA so passing on the good fortune to anyone who needs it.
  5. S

    SOLD  Baton Rouge, LA - 1996 LX450 factory wheels

    looking to sell a set of freshly refurbished 1996 LX450 factory wheels (no center caps). $500+shipping. I am in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and will meet for an exchange in Baton Rouge.
  6. Brutus96

    96’ LX 450

    Got one I need to get rid of. Electrical issues and no time to deal with it. Used as a trail truck so all exterior parts are of no value. What is a good asking value for someone to take it off my hands?
  7. R

    rjpan's 1996 LX450 LRD/TRD Pro Spec Build

    Hello everyone, My name is RJ Panlilio and this is my 1996 Lexus LX450 My plans are to build it up to a TRD Offroad/TRD Pro spec'd 80's Series with some modern updates. Ultimate Recreational Vehicle Purchase Date: 2/26/21 1996 Lexus LX450 Exterior: Dark Emerald Pearl (6M1)/Dark Gray Metallic...
  8. patchagan

    For Sale  Arkansas: 1997 LX450 Triple Locked Not Mine

    1997 LX450 Triple Locked found on marketplace Seller wants $5500 Engine knocking, project truck
  9. J

    SOLD  Flares rubber gasket new lx450 80 series

    Flares gasket new Never used, since I went flareless bought from a vendor here summit cruiser 30 shipped
  10. J

    For Sale  Driver window motor lx450

    Used, Bought new one thinking it was broken it turns out my main switch was broken. Works great 30$ shipped
  11. J

    SOLD  4 door speaker covers lx450 fjz80

    4 door speaker cover They came from a lx450 1997 All $50 shipped
  12. J

    For Sale  Lx450 fender flare full set

    Lx450 fender flare set. No hardware, and some broken clips. Dark grey in color 800$ for full set plus shipping. Rear quater panel is from a landcruiser. Also have side steps cover only. Also have to lower part of tailgate not in pictures. And all 4 fender caps
  13. Justintheweb

    Wanted  So Cal: 275/70/16 all terrains or similar

    Looking for a set of 4 or 5 ; 275/70/16 all terrains or similar. Anything less than 6 years old with at least 50% tread to get me through the build process. Still in baseline status but current tires are 14 years old and cracking. Completely unsafe.
  14. Clunka Junk

    SOLD  Sandy, Utah 1997 LX450

    1997 Lexus LX450 (non locked). 207,700 miles total. Approximately 10-12k since engine rebuild due to spun rod bearing. Rebuilt in March of 2018 i believe? And has warranty until March of this year. I've had it since January 2020. Since I bought it, I have had the knuckles rebuilt, serviced...
  15. BigSh00ts

    Trade  South FL - My CLEAN 97 LX450 (240k) for your 03+ 100 series.

    Here's my for sale thread with tons of detail and photos. https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/south-florida-1997-lexus-lx450-240k-miles-possible-trade-for-03.1235521/ short version is i'd like something with the LATCH system for 2 car seats, and i miss my 100 series!
  16. BigSh00ts

    SOLD  South Florida 1997 Lexus LX450, 240k miles (possible trade for 03+)

    Edit: may consider trade for clean '03+ 100 series (prefer no AHC) or GX470/460 Another thing. the price will only be the price for a short time, as i'm likely going to be ordering some parts for it (such as new suspension and stuff) She's at the shop getting all new fluids and filters and...
  17. LandCruiseCzar

    Wanted  Lifer Vehicle - FJ80 (or LX450) Clean and Solid!

    Hey Guys - I've been on the hunt for a lifer vehicle. My dad's had a '94 FJ80 since I was a kid, and I'm looking for one of my own. This is going to be my 1-vehicle. So wiling to prioritize quality > over price. Tried with a couple eBay sellers that turned out to be rusty duds. So now turning...
  18. senatedestroyer

    Lx door restoration?

    my rig: 96 lx450, 181k, I bought my 96 lx a little under a year ago. I’ve noticed over that time the windows have loosened up (rattle when not fully up, sliding out of the track about 1/8th in.). Wondering if anyone has restore these; replacing clips/brackets, updating mechanics, replacing...
  19. jdlsantos

    For Sale  Katy, TX: 94-97 FZJ80 AC Condenser AC - Evaporator - Ac Compressor

    Katy, TX: 94-97 FZJ80 AC Condenser AC - Evaporator - Ac Compressor I have various Air Conditioning parts come from my LX450 1996, the rig have been parked for 4 years on a dry way getting so many leaves. Shipping is from Katy, Texas, 77494. Compressor Denso - $90 + shipping PN: 471-1166 - Few...
  20. SoCal 450

    New to this and new (to me) LX450

    What's up! I am new to this forum so I thought I should introduce my new baby. I just picked up a '97 Lexus LX450 yesterday. From the research I did, I am pretty sure I got a pretty good deal. It's got 155k on it, drives smoothly, but there's a few negatives here and there. Emergency brake...
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