1. missinglink

    For Sale 1997 LEXUS LX450 230,000mi (no lockers) - San Diego, CA $9500

    230,616 miles - please call me 858-405-6733 Has been well maintained, drives and runs great. -Does not have E-Lockers! -Has Rubber Weather mats Front Middle and Rear -Pioneer Headunit & 4 Speakers -32" BFGoodrich All Terrains 285/75/16 -16" Black Level 8 Wheels -3rd row included I've done...
  2. M

    For Sale 1996 Lexus Lx450 Triple Locked

    Less than 182,000 miles. Raptor liner paint job. Several maintenence things done including a brand new pen power steering pump. New spark plugs and wires new distributor and rotor new pcv valve new oil pump seal new belts new air filter and oil done less than 1000 miles ago. Tires and battery...
  3. cclemow

    For Sale 1997 LX450-Black, locked in SC, 235k

    Guys, This should be a good truck for someone. I love these trucks and do a rebuild/restore job about 1-2 times per year on them with the mechanical help of Troll Hole Cruiser in Mauldin, SC. From my perspective, I missed on this one. My normal plan is to bring back to near perfect OEM...
  4. jjdeneen918

    For Sale FZJ80 complete Engine 108,000 miles

    i acquired a 1996 LX450 as a parts car. Previous owner bought, removed locking axels, wheels, & seats. Then listed rig for sale. Previous owner stated he tried to start engine, but there was no crank. After purchase, I discovered the factory alarm ECU was unplugged & wouldn’t allow it to...
  5. AtlWagen

    SOLD 1997 Lexus LX450 (Stock) --Sold

    1997 Lexus LX450 FZJ80 -Toyota Land Cruiser Feel free to peruse my posts, most everything I have done is on ih8mud somewhere. Leak free, and drip free. Passenger rear cladding single panel has been repainted. Oddly it matches the metal, just not the other cladding. And yes the 6 disc...
  6. tldagent

    Driver's Side Tail Light - Brake Light not working correctly 97 LX450

    Have a weird problem and I've searched for answers but found nothing that matches what's going on. For some reason my Driver's side tail light isn't working. I've looked over all the harnesses, unplugged and put dielectric grease on them. Everything is so clean and free from corrosion I can't...
  7. Gumybob

    For Sale 1994 LandCruiser

    1994 Toyota Land Cruiser - $6500 Mud Member, $7000 non Mud Member Full time 4x4, 4.5l 6-Cyl, Automatic, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Cruise Control, Tilt Wheel, Upgraded Stereo, Sun Roof, 3rd Row Seats, Burgundy Paint. The Good: Body in good condition, fully painted about 5 years ago...
  8. C

    Wanted Circular Air Intake Box LX450

    I'm for the circular air intake box with the air filter in it for my 1996 LX450. I've looked around online and haven't had luck finding one, and am wondering in anyone has one they're willing to part with. It's on the far left of the picture below
  9. D

    For Sale SOLD 1996 LX450 - Excellent Condition - NC

    Awesome truck in great shape. No lockers. Everything in full working order and tons of preventative maintenance performed. Asking $14,990 ~179,000 miles, oil changed at regular intervals Seat leather was replaced a few years ago by the previous owner Steering wheel, center armrest, and shifter...
  10. S

    Parts to upgrade/replace when upgrading brakes

    Hi, This week, finally got myself a 1997 LX450. With my 2000 Cruiser, I feel, I now have the best of both worlds - a 80-series and a 100-series :D 256k miles on it but the engine purrs. Has a 3.5" lift kit with 35" tires but I was amazed at how well it behaves on the street and freeway (I have...
  11. Mario12345

    Lx450 lift kit problems ..

    So I’m trying to lift my lx450 about a 4-6 inch lift and everyone’s telling me i cant do it because no one has the driveshaft which is needed for the lift .... i called Slee, arb, old man emu, iron man, and other company’s i wanna lift it about 4 inches does anyone know where i can get a...
  12. mryanangel

    For Sale 5 x Very Clean Landcruiser OEM wheels & Toyo MT's 265/75/16

    I have a set of 5 OEM Landcruiser wheels in very good condition wrapped in 265/75/16 Toyo MT's. The Toyo's have about 30% tread remaining. The wheels and tires are located in Midvale, UT. $500 for all 5 wheels and tires.

    New Lexus LX450 OEM Factory Head unit re-installed

    Hey everyone.... thanks to @asutherland I was able to get a new OEM Lexus LX450 head unit, and had my local Toyota Dealership install it. Here are the before and after pictures..... Really happy with the look and the center stack is slowly getting lit up, and will seen hopefully look like it did...
  14. Str8Razor

    97 LX450 Flashing Check Engine Light/ Vibration

    Truck has 195k miles on it and s***ty valve seals, Left for work this morning, accelerating through the gears and all of a sudden i get a heavy vibration and the check engine light starts to flash, truck was not happy and vibrating considerably over 2100 rpm, seemed to go away or calm down a bit...
  15. D

    For Sale 1997 LX450 with Lockers

    Just purchased (2) LX450's One has lockers and one does not. Bought for the soul purpose to resale. I presently own 1996 LX450 and have loved it for 10 years. Found these at an estate sell and could not pass up. The non-locker unit has 168K and the locker unit has 179K. I am waiting for the...
  16. Miamedia

    After market parts vs. Toyota parts

    Once the head gasket on my LX450 is replaced repaired and the head is machined + a valve job, I plan on having the following parts installed: -Radiator -Water Pump -Fan Clutch -Power Steering pump (it's a reman that has never worked right, according to the previous owner's records) and it...
  17. JohnnyFish

    For Sale 97 LX450 - triple locked - $12k

    SOLD SOLD SOLD on 11/2 =============== 1997 Lexus LX450; triple locked; 244k miles; I'm the 3rd owner. 2 1/2" Iron Man lift with their higher-end gel shocks. Marks part time conversion with Asin hubs from Slee. I haven't done the pin7 mod yet, so center diff only locks in low range. Front...
  18. Jprice

    Rear Axle Help FZJ80

    Regrettably, my first post on here is not as positive as I would have hoped. I recently purchased a 1997 LX450 with a bit of a rust issue. It turns out that it is a bit worse than I originally thought. The shop that I have it at, just informed me that the entire rear axle needs to be replaced...
  19. Unrealbarracuda

    For Sale 1997 LX450 80 Series Land Cruiser

    This particular 80 series land Cruiser is well maintained and had the same owner for 19 years. It still retains the new car smell, the wood trim is untampered, and the leather seats are plush. Unfortunately there’s no lockers however shifting to 4 low is no issue and smooth. Slight under...
  20. Miamedia

    LX450 Potential Head Gasket leak / Cracked Head

    I bought a well maintained ‘97 LX450 from a neighbor a few weeks ago. It has 188K miles, just had an oil change and it was running like a top before I took it to a local Midas yesterday for new belts (a/c, alternator and v-belt). Midas also replaced the fluid in both differentials and my...
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