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May 25, 2017
New Hampshire
Looking to make my headlights a bit brighter on my 79 fj40. Anyone have experience with any brands? Any brands and lights to avoid?
X2 - Very happy with mine after running crappy halogens for many years! :)

Still prefer old school halogen (h4) bulbs and E Code lens.favorites are Cibie E Codes, IPF and that order

A nice headlights harness to get full voltage is a must IMOP, but dont think its neededn if running LED.
Been running Hella E codes for 25+ years. A friend was just asking me the other day why my headlights were so bright... and I'm just running stock 55/60 bulbs and updated wiring.

Were I to buy new headlights, @Racer65 would be getting my money. I was impressed with how quickly he responded to all of my inquiries.

Unfortunately he didn't have the headlights my Ford E350 needed. So the Ford got Hella's new version of my Fj40's headlights which must be 30+ years old now. Best $20 I spent at the wreckers... 25 years ago.
As someone who has Roundeyes on my FJ60 and the Amazon equivalent (same?) LED CityRacer lights on my FJ40 at the same time...both are way better than OEM sealed beams.

But the CityRacer lights are so good I've thought about ditching the Roundeyes on my FJ60 and getting another pair of the CityRacer types.
Are the round eyes glass? Personally I only like city racers if they are in the square bezel. In the round bezel they protrude out too much for my taste. I'm running h4 Hellas, with led bulbs and the lexan bubbles people used to use as covers in the 60s and 70s. Very hard to find but my dad had them on his 40 when I was a kid so I had to find some. Found them on a old school mini Cooper website. With the lights off they give the headlights cool different sheens depending on the light reflecting off of them.

Just ordered a set from City Racer. I am out on an elk hunt, and those stock head lamps do not give me enough light, trying to come back out of the boonies after dark.
I need the stock OEM lamps for my BJ40, if you don´t need/want them, please let me know, I´ll buy them. Thanks!

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