1. KennyG

    ABS and CDL Light Always On - Losing My Mind 1995 FZJ

    1995 FZJ80 Sorry if this has been posted or talked about before, but no matter how much I have searched, I can't find anything about it. We bought this 80 series at our shop, and after inspecting everything, we found out that the previous owner had removed the CDL and ABS bulbs out of the...
  2. L

    3rd Brake Light Not Working

    Hello, I purchased my 02 LX470 several months ago and was going through the car top to bottom and discovered the infamous water leak from the 3rd (high mount) brake light on top of the tailgate. The PO attempted a bodge job with butyl tape to seal it. The housing was bowed from the sun and...
  3. Grimmjow

    Headlights - Can We Make a Definative Guide/Thread?

    Ok, I've done my due diligence and searched the forum, but most the threads I found are outdated or don't provide all the info needed. I need a new set of lamps, housing and all. I'm not looking for a retrofit or how much of a tan I can get by standing in front of them. Just a solid plug-n-play...
  4. J

    Wanted  Vintage Fog / Driving lamps for FJ62

    Looking for that last part to really add the wow factor to an FJ62 restoration. Would really like a set of amber or clear aux lights that have either “Toyota” or “LandCruiser” on the grill/cover of the light. Need to be 12v. I know Koito made some really neat JDM ones. Preferably metal housing...
  5. pozzi

    Wanted  WANTED: early FJ80 front corner turn signal pigtails

    looking for both front socket harnesses for early (1991) FJ80 corner turn signal lights... parts that are circled in the attached photo bulbs are a bonus but nothing necessary I'm in Northern California but will pay to ship if needed Thanks!
  6. alohamade

    For Sale  Hawaii: FJ40 Assorted Lights

    Shipping from Hawaiʻi Buyer pays the shipping costs- between $10-$20 depending on size The second picture is the backs. Split them into boxes, indicate what you want with the numbers- will sell them all for $30 1-$5 2-$10 3- $10 4-$10 5- $5 6- 10 all these lights are pretty worn, some rust...
  7. DanMedeiros

    Instrument lights are dead. How to diagnose??

    Hello everyone, Last week I got super bogged down with installing SLEE's upgrade and aux harness. For whatever reason the version I received had the wiring color backwards from what was in the instructions. According to Slee, went I hooked up the aux harness incorrectly it sent power backwards...
  8. Nathos

    For Sale  Charleston, SC miscellaneous light parts

    Random exterior lights in various conditions. Take it all for $15+Shipping
  9. N

    FJ80 Headlight Housing LEDs

    Hey everyone, I just stumbled across this picture the other day after doing an LED conversion for my '97 LX450. Even though it won't offer any more light on the road I find it an ingenious way to give an LED rig a little more character. However, I can't seem to find anything on this particular...
  10. MaverickFiveO

    Flood lights in Fog Lamp location

    I've been searching on here, but I have not been able to find anything related to this. I would like to drop a pair of spot and flood lights in each side of the bumper where the fog lamps currently are. I know some people have put light bars down there, but I'm hoping to get a mixed pair on...
  11. offroadvegan

    Installing cube lights in ARB front bumper

    I picked up a cheapo set of LEDs on Amazon for whatever reason, and they were sitting around. Last night I thought it would be a good idea to cut up my ARB bumper and install them on the wings. It actually turned out really awesome, and I tested it last night. Having the aux light on the...
  12. Tony Slick

    Element LED off road lights - any experience?

    I've been following the Instagram for Element, and I happen to see their lights on other trucks around the internet. Does anybody have any experience with them? They have a really good price point and comes with a lifetime warranty. Seems like a no-brainer... any thoughts or experience? I'm...
  13. mrjordann

    I need help re-wiring.

    Hi, I am getting desperate for a wiring solution. My engine is getting machined at the moment and I will have it back in a few weeks. I want to have my FJ40 (1973 for context) re-wired by then. Right tow, everything is a mess. Previous owners screwed up all of the wiring under the hood, and on...
  14. Swampfox58

    04 Running Boards

    I have an 04 Limited and I can't get the foot lights on the passenger side to work. I've replaced the bulbs and checked the connection underneath, all seems to be good. Any suggestions? Is there a fuse I'm missing?
  15. S

    For Sale  Fog Lights

    2012 OEM Tacoma Fog Lights $40.00 for the pair attachment hardware included
  16. B

    PFran Interior LED's

    I just received and installed the PFran interior LED's and they are awesome. I don't know what else to say. My old lights were like having a glow-in-the-dark sticker on the ceiling.
  17. dubyahard

    For Sale  Driver side (LH) Headlamp assembly w/ amber side marker

    I'm selling an OEM left hand headlamp assembly with amber side marker. The glass has a hole, smaller than a BB. All the tabs are intact and the adjusters are functioning. $35 plus shipping or local pickup in Portland area.
  18. offroadvegan

    SOLD  Custom Front Tube Bumper w/ lights for FJ80 $350

    I have an awesome prerunner style front bumper for FJ80, FZJ80 and Lexus LX450. It came off my 1993, and I assume it will fit other years of the same model Land Cruiser. Nice and light. Will NOT accommodate a winch. Has two light tabs on each side for offroad lights (not included) Located...
  19. Manona

    Electrical Help

    The dreaded question... Can you recommend anyone in the area who is a wiz with and not too crazy expensive to fix electrical issues? I changed the directional lights on my 40 to something more "original" and can't get them to work. Nor could my husband. Or my father. The wiring harness map...
  20. S

    Best Aftermarket headLights For Fj40

    Looking to make my headlights a bit brighter on my 79 fj40. Anyone have experience with any brands? Any brands and lights to avoid? Thansk
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