rear axle

  1. cruisertom

    For Sale FJ62 rear axle will separate 4.11s

    Disassembled for spring over, never got around to finishing project. Will ship individual components on your dime, backing plates are pretty well shot. $150 complete. $100 for 4.11 diff, $75 for both axle shafts. Located 1.5hrs south of Chicago.
  2. Bripars40

    For Sale [AR] 70 Series Rear Axle Semi Float E Brake

    I have a spare 70 series complete rear axle. It has drum brakes, E brake with associated cable, and it's a semi floater. The spring perches have been removed and a set of RUFFSTUFF perches will be included with the sale. This would make a great upgrade for a 40 series wanting to have an axle...

    Where can I buy rear axle hub tool in the US?

    Found many on EBay, but all from down under where the shipping is more than the actual tool :meh: Where can I get one in the US? Any of our sponsors carry them? Yes i know one can easily be made or substituted with a pair of screwy drivers, but I'd rather just have the right tool on hand ;)
  4. RedJed78

    Replacing Rear Axle Bearing and Seals

    Does anybody know where I can find a Video on how to remove the rear axles so I can replace the bearings and seals? I have done the front bearings and seals and knuckle bearings already, plenty of videos on the front but not the rear. I looked on youtube but its either the wrong series of LC or...
  5. MountNGoat

    Wanted '93-'97 80 series rear axle

    I'm looking for a 1993-97 80 series rear axle assembly, non locker. Thanks in advance.
  6. twigg

    For Sale '94 Fj80 rear axle nonlocked

    Selling my '94 rear non locked complete axle. Unknown miles on it. Picked it up for my '91, but sold it before I had the chance to install it. Located in Colorado Springs, willing to meet anywhere in Colorado for a small delivery. Will work out price depending on distance. Looking for $400 obo.
  7. Broknrunner

    Rear axle strength?

    So I'm upgrading to RCV's up front, what are the best options for the rear axle? I primarily wheel in the snow where weight does matter a little, but it would also be a really bad place to get stuck if an axle fails. I'm definitely on a budget due to having too many projects, but I know that a...
  8. cruisertom

    For Sale FJ62 complete rear axle

    Complete rear axle from 1989 FJ 62. Disassembled to start spring over and sold project. Factory 4.11s backing plates are pretty well shot. Will sell components if wanted. $200 complete will ship on your dime. Located in Granger Indiana
  9. Bludozer

    Wanted 80 Series Unlocked Rear Axle

    Ideally low mileage but has to be completely rust free. Located in VA, so the closer the better but I'd be willing to pay for shipping if you can put it on a pallet or something. Let me know what you got, thanks!
  10. El Burro Negro

    FJ 40 Rear Axle Horizontal Play

    Hello all, I got a challenge for you! I have a 1976 FJ40 in Nicaragua, i say that to preface the fact that anything goes, take nothing for granted when pondering the cause of my issues, and parts are very hard to come by. I was noticing a loud clunk in my rear end, so I propped it up and...
  11. waLIEN

    Need advice on a rusty rear axle

    I bought a LX450 from the rust-belt (IL). It's a low mile example (88k mi), but does suffer some rust in the rear undercarriage. The rear axle's spring mounts seem to be collapsing a little (at least the mounts seem to be slightly bent inward). When I tried to remove the brake line mount clips...
  12. nvrfollow

    Wanted FJ62 Rear Axle Shafts

    Need a set of axle shafts for FJ62. Also, if there is an aftermarket option I would love to hear it! Thanks
  13. C

    FJ62 Rear Diff leaking

    I am new to wrenching in general and super new to my Cruiser. I am the 3rd owner. I found it for what I thought was a steal and figured it would be a good truck to learn on. Unfortunately, I think the first two projects that need to be done seem to be above the basic level I have right now. The...
  14. CruiserWeight

    HELP! Semi-Floating Rear Axle?

    How common are semi floating rear axles here in the states, I just picked up an fj60 with a semi floating rear axle but I see so many of them with full floaters. Basically my concern is if its the original axle or the previous owner took the full floater from my 60 and slapped on a semi. I will...
  15. grizzlygibbs

    Rear axle rebuild question

    I dove into the rear wheel bearing rebuild yesterday and got everything all buttoned up. When I installed the hubs and torqued for preload, I did not install the disc to the hub. Will having the preload set to spec without the disc installed mean the preload is heavier or lighter? I am...
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