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  1. theglobb

    Semi-Float Rear Axle Rebuild Questions

    My rear axle oil seals are shot leaking a bunch of diff fluid all over my drums, I have received the kit to do the seals and bearings just one question. Do I have to go inside the rear diff and undo a C-Clip to take the rear axles out or is that just in 40s and 55s? Sorry if this has already...
  2. A

    Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Europe

    Hi, is somebody here, from Europe that has a rear axle for Toyota 80 series?
  3. S

    For Sale  Florida 100 Series e locker rear diff with switch plug and play

    I have a 98-02 (4speed) 100Series rear E-Locker for sale. It Comes with a new 12v guy actuator harness and switch and has been tested. Here is a video $900 Freight Shipping Hub to Hub should be around 250. Let me know you zip and I can get a quote for you
  4. TundraTex

    40 Rear Axle Seal and Bearing Compatibility

    I've looked all over and haven't been able to find anything conclusive, so I thought I would just make a post to ask the question and establish a concrete answer. When I look online at rear axle seals and bearings they appear to be split into pre-73 and post-73 packages. Reading online the...
  5. krs2fur

    For Sale  SOLD - E-Locked rear axle - Sacramento, CA

    E-Locked Toyota FJ80 / FZJ80 / 80 Series Landcruiser rear axle 9¼" diff (chunk/drop out also compatible with FJ60/FJ40 axles) Full Floater (I was told from a 1993) Complete MINUS all brake hydraulics (no calipers, hoses, hard brake lines) - I got it this way. If you've got a 93-97...
  6. B

    full floating rear axle help!!!!

    so i am about to rip my hair out beacause o the bolts constantly breaking. i run 35 inch tires and knkow people who have run 40 inch tires with no problems. i am wondering if som kind smart person have modifications to make it last
  7. Jprice

    Rear Axle Help FZJ80

    Regrettably, my first post on here is not as positive as I would have hoped. I recently purchased a 1997 LX450 with a bit of a rust issue. It turns out that it is a bit worse than I originally thought. The shop that I have it at, just informed me that the entire rear axle needs to be replaced...
  8. Jprice

    Wanted  Complete Rear Axle Locked FZJ80

    I am looking to replace the entire rear axle on my newly acquired, '97 LX450. Need one with factory locker. Located in East Texas.
  9. MexicanNewby


    Hi, I am trying to get the semi float pair for offset diff as the previous owner decided to drill bigger holes to make way for wider bolts/studs, yeah this includes the drum as well! Does anyone know the spline count on these? Or the year they changed specs? I live in Mexico but have someone...
  10. O

    dually wheels on a series 60 rear axle?

    Hi there, I got a Hilux 4x4 camper with series 60 rear axle. Due to the heavy load I would like to put 16'' dually wheels on that rear axle but have troube finding rims the clear the drum breaks for the inner dually. Has someone done this sort of modification before? Any info is much...
  11. HDJdreams

    Make the 80 Great Again! (Prelude to a turbo)

    Regardless of your political affiliation, I'm sure you'll agree that MAGA is overused. But as that slogan was getting tossed around all the time during the campaign, I couldn't help but think: Make the 80 Great Again! (M80GA) A few years ago, I was getting discouraged about the condition of my...
  12. oaxaca100

    Alignment isssue - slight dog tracking - is my rear axle bent?

    Hey ya'll I've been chasing an alignment issue as I've been baselining my 2001 hundy with 235k miles for several months now. She pulls slightly to the right, but VERY consistently. I drive a lot of hwy miles and it drives me crazy always having to correct the steering. Most recent alignment...
  13. 73tlcv8

    FJ40 rear axle vent

    I have been (and still am) looking for a genuine Toyota rear axle vent, it is the longer one that also holds the brake line tee to the axle also. I was also wanting to extend the vent instead of having it right on top of the axle, so I was also looking for one of these: No luck so far, so...
  14. F

    1983 Rear brake job questions.

    Well I just spent a LONG time doing my first front axle job on my 1983 FJ60. I want to do a rear brake job as well. Not only is it long overdue on this truck, but when I bled the brake system for the front axle job the passenger side rear would not rotate with the e-brake off/on (not matter...
  15. Lowrecoil30

    Wanted  FJ80 Rear Axle

    Need a FJ80 rear axle to finish my build. Ideally looking for a full floater with disk brakes. Don't need the 3rd member if it makes any difference. Located in Sacramento, CA area
  16. cruisertom

    For Sale  FJ62 rear axle shafts and driveshafts

    Have a pair of FJ62 rear axle shafts from an 1989 FJ62. $75 for the pair plus shipping. Also have a rear housing backing plates are shot. $25 don't want to ship. Also various driveshafts from fj60, fj62 and early small pattern yoke from probably a 40 or 55. $50 I am about 1.5 hours south of...
  17. T

    Mini Truck build-FZJ80 Rear axle leaf spring perches

    Know where I can find Leaf spring perches for a 93-97 landcruiser rear axle. I plan on swapping a full float onto my mini truck for a camper platform. thoughts, I want your 2c.
  18. Sarge24

    Rear axle rebuild question

    I have pulled the rear axle out of my '95 to swap into my '97. It does have the e-locker. I have read in other posts that the axle should be locked when i re build it. True or false? The FSM does not mention this.
  19. mongoose2231

    For Sale  HJ60 rear axle complete

    I have a complete HJ60 rear axle with the sway bar attached. Will include a picture. Axle is complete, with third and drums still on. Never opened it and I have no use for it. I was going to keep the third as spare but I never wheel hard and I will probably never need it. Gearing may be 3.73:1 I...
  20. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Full Float Rear Axle Non Locker 4.10 Complete

    SoCal $500 firm. This is fully complete, with brakes etc. I have an engine hoist to load it into your truck or trailer. It is out of the Land Cruiser and ready for pickup. If you want me to ship it, add $50 to put it on a pallet and strap it down and deliver it to your shipper. Make your...
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