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  • 2fpower
    Not a big fan of rigid flaps. You go down a rock and they are crushed....
  • bloc
    bloc reacted to BAY2MTN's post in the thread Lowering the LC 200 with Like Like.
    I don't think the LC is the ideal vehicle for lowering, but do whatever floats your boat. Some would flip out over a modded '70s Porsche for off-road...I'd drive the crap out of it. :)
    94SRUNNER reacted to flintknapper's post in the thread Steering Rack question with Like Like.
    Yes, its 'Sounds Right' for the dealer to sell you a Reman and charge you what it would cost to buy NEW. Sarcasm off. Any number of places will sell you a NEW unit (shipped) for $540.00 or a bit less. So NO...'reman' is not your only option.
  • c2dfj45
    I guess doing a U-Turn has to be scheduled months in advance.
  • 2001LC
    Looks like was put on inside out. o_O
  • catz
    catz reacted to LCReunion's post in the thread Regearing to 4.88s with Like Like.
    Update: 4 more months later. Still LOVE the switch to 4.88's.. Makes all driving better, in town, off road, on the highway; the rig just feels right! And the bonus is: Using GPS numbers, I went from consistent 10mpg to consistent 11mpg. No...
  • Romer
    Romer replied to the thread Wheel bearing upgrade.
    I dont think this is true, that you need to change the wheel offset when you modify a vehicle
  • Scat Adams
    Scat Adams reacted to Vlad's post in the thread GXOR stuff with Like Like.
    I started a couple of shirts and goodies for GXOR logos if you all want some. coffee is in stock, a limited run of TEQ GXOR shirts, and the links at the bottom have other the new bumper mount bottle opener from Cruiser...
  • Coyomog
    Thanks! I will call him.
    NLXTACY reacted to scottryana's post in the thread Bolt on turbo kit with Like Like.
    Not upset, just making sure the information in this thread is factually correct since it is directly related to someone's livelihood that is selling this kit. It isn't me.
  • WarDamnEagle
    WarDamnEagle replied to the thread Builds Car souq pickup.
    More little fender skirts!
    • 1294BC6A-204A-456B-AAB0-DAA9F6ED431E.jpeg
    NLXTACY reacted to scottryana's post in the thread Bolt on turbo kit with Like Like.
    It is not simple as that. But thank you for coming into my thread and telling me it is that simple. Again it is the air density that matters. At the same PSI a small turbo that is intercooled can have more density than a large turbo that is...
    NLXTACY reacted to scottryana's post in the thread Bolt on turbo kit with Love Love.
    Semantics are correct, yours were not. You said air volume, which is not correct it is the air density which is mass divided by the volume. A small turbo with a high efficiency intercooler can end with higher density than a larger turbo without...
  • joekatana
    joekatana reacted to NM Frontier's post in the thread 24v Off Road Lights with Like Like.
    You can just swap out the 12v bulbs for 24v, and use 24v relays for the wiring. Then you can use the classic Hella rallyes.
  • joekatana
    Here it is, after being turned into a Crew Cab that never existed. I still have it.
  • joekatana
    From my servitude as a GM dealer Parts Manager..... "Trim to fit, paint as required." That was, without a doubt, the worst two and a half worst years of my professional career. During that time I bought a Dodge Ram W350 Cummins Turbo Diesel...
  • patrickk
    patrickk reacted to tacocat's post in the thread A bit confused about my dry balls with Like Like.
    Very sound advice all around. But know this: Some balls are held for charity, and some for fancy dress. But balls that are made for steering are the ones that I like best. My balls are always turning to left or to the right. It's my belief...
  • NMfjCruiser
    A few weeks ago I needed to be in Salt Lake City on business, and I live near San Francisco. Normally I'd fly, but I decided the Goat hadn't seen a decent road trip in awhile, and this way I could then head north to visit my son @JohnnyOshow22...
  • joekatana
    I took on the arduous task of installing light bulbs in the headlights:) These seemed to get pretty good reviews on Amazon. The 79s headlights are actually pretty good with decent bulbs....I was going to do a projector conversion(super popular...
  • fjgoober
    Rw I put the Orion in years ago and thought at the time that it was the best mod. I don't drive as much off road as I did 5 years ago but when I do I am thoroughly impressed with it.
  • mtn biker
    So apparently I am supposed to have a 2 barrel carburetor for my 60 F motor and the previous owner put a Rochester single barrel on there. I bought a carb rebuild kit on amazon for the correct 2 barrel now that i have the car off I see I got the...
  • WarDamnEagle
    Hummmmmm..... Parts.... I got the big gas tank 6 weeks ago and a box shows up today with a ugly hat and instructions. I find that hilarious for some reason :meh: this Marlin Crawler stuff is sexyo_O
  • smritte
    smritte replied to the thread My teardrop (ish) build V1.0.
    Heading out to the TDS event. I haven't been to that in 28 years. Not going to get much done structurally. Been doing small things after work. Got the main power feeds and rear tail light wiring layed out. The wiring runs through the frame. Using...
  • D21FJ60
    D21FJ60 replied to the thread Until Later....
    It's not all that bad, just needs an engine. And an interior overhaul. And some tires.
  • D21FJ60
    D21FJ60 reacted to PFMFJ80's post in the thread Until Later... with Like Like.
    Hahaha! Thanks, but have enough with the wife's pop up camper we are restoring!
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