The Goblin, continued

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Dec 12, 2006
1976 FJ40
Rustic Green / grey interior
Drivetrain: SBC, Sniper, H55F, Split case
35x12.50R15 KO3s on widened 15x8.5” Toyota Rims
OME 2.5” lift
4-plus bumpers, Warn 8274 Winch

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The truck seems to have suffered for a lack of PM. Don’t have time this week for a baseline, and out of town next week, but just as an example: it arrived with the PCV cracked in half (clearly the PO), and the hose was a wee bit too long (likely the PO, but possible before that.)

Fixed that, put a 1/2 gal of 50/50 anti-freeze in it, fired it up and took it for a spin.

When I get back to town, I’ll put plates on it and it will be a driver. Drive to work, drive home, drive to the bar, drive home.

Then I’ll baseline it.

But lots to do.




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  • Rebuilt the rear brakes, new shoes, drums, one slave cylinder was leaking
  • fixed the fuel leak near the intake. Runs better now, less fuel smell, and the sniper will stay in closed loop
  • Fixed the loose bolts on the steering box and welded the bottom of the bracket to the frame (WTF?)
  • Removed the roof rack
  • Replaced hardtop gaskets the PO had pinched when he replaced the top (@under_psi had installed new in 2019)
  • Went all new stainless hardware on the hardtop and doors
  • Fixed the ground on one turn signal
  • Changed all fluids
  • Went back to factory mirrors with new heads

  • Fix the stereo (only one speaker works)
  • Install antenna (none exists atm)
  • Install 4° caster shims (PO removed when he installed the OME lift)
  • Go back to 33x10.50 km3s (PO installed 35x12.50 km3s)
  • Replace wiper blades w/stock
  • Figure out why the column is clocked CCW
  • Find and install WRN-98273 boots on 8274
  • Install billet dash knobs
  • Maybe have someone tune the sniper setup
Thinking about taking it to CO for the summer.

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