1. choyota

    2002 LX470 Black Onyx Build Thread (IG: @choyota)

    *This is somewhat for personal record-keeping and a little bit of sharing. I'll go back and refine some of the stuff I listed with actual model numbers and some pics here and there. Picked up an Black 2002 LX470 in May 2023 w/ 235k on the odo, bone stock (aside from a AHC-delete), from a single...
  2. benc

    Custom lx600 builds!

    Hey everyone! I have some good news. Now that the lx600 is becoming slightly available we have opened up our build side of the shop to take on some lx600 full builds. For now due to our limited capacity we are focusing on full package builds. We have about 5 in the queue currently with...
  3. 80SeriesNomads

    80 Series Active Vacation Fitout

    Hey guys, not sure if this is the right forum, but I got my hands on an 80 series active vacation edition. I'm going a different path, so I don't need the Setup. No idea how much to ask for, but I hope you guys got more experience and knowledge or even being interested. I'm from Brisbane...
  4. LDRF

    Good Times - 1992 HZJ73

    It's been a while for me to get things going on my 1992 JDM HZJ73. I picked it up in October of 2022 and drove it 800km home. A few things about it. It's a ZX model that came in white, color 045 with trim FC10, but is painted blue with "Good Times" graphics/decals. It has 232,000km, a...
  5. jakemccurdy

    Idiot YouTubber Builds DIY Platform to Set His Beers on...

    Made me a board.... to put stuff on... : )
  6. swhme

    [Builds] “Marsha” The Swiss Army Knife Build

    When the end of the line for the 200 series was announced, we immediately called our dealer and got an allocation for a 2021 Heritage Edition in Blizzard Pearl with the intention that it would be my wife’s daily for a few years, then I’d build it up for adventure. We took delivery in April ‘21...
  7. roaminglost

    Roaming Lost: 1990 HDJ81

    I'm really hyped on this one; I picked up a 1990 HDJ81—triple locked, 1HDT diesel motor. The first drive home was 8 hrs, and did it with no issues. It's pretty wild that a 33-year-old truck runs like a dream! The first thing I had done was a PDI intercooler and trans cooler. Also added...
  8. swhme

    Experience with Slee builds?

    I'm thinking about having Slee do a build on my '21 HE. I'm sure there are folks here who have gone through that process, but my searching came up empty. Did you have Slee build out your 200? Would love to hear about your experience!
  9. R

    93 FZJ80 Swamp Thing Resurrection

    What started out as a donor vehicle purchase for my 97 LX has now turned into a resurrection project. I originally picked Swamp Thing out of the woods where it sat for 4 years as it was one of the infamous "ran when parked" vehicles. At the time, I was looking for some donor parts, rocker...
  10. texdoc77

    Amateur Overlander

    I introduced myself a little earlier in the week, but I was able to pick up our "new" Land Cruiser yesterday evening. It is a 1995 with sunroof and leather, not sure what trim that makes it. Has 179K miles, which was about as low as I could find without resorting to highway robbery. Paid $10K...
  11. Ocho77

    Stella: Giving life to a FJ62

    I received this FJ62 in a barter with another MUD member quite a few years ago. He had pulled the engine and rebuilt it. Long story...but that engine ended up going into my wife's FJ62, "Urkel", which has it's own thread. Needless to say, the truck was pretty nasty inside. We cleaned what...
  12. Cruiser Innovations

    Father and Son Fully Custom Off-road Buggy Builds

    I just had to share a long time project my son and I have be working on that is hopefully nearing completion in the coming weeks… Btw… I hope this is the correct place to post this 😬 So we started off with two Chinese Kandi GKM model 150cc buggies we picked up shortly after the 2018 Campfire...
  13. alberta mac

    any builds with a fj40/45 and a toyota v8 ?

    i'm wondering how much is involved in mating a sequoia and an fj40 ? Are there any builds out there ?
  14. BenjaminCA

    Project Wrong Way builds the “Tauler Jack”

    I ordered the “Tauler Jack” kit from Brennan’s Garage. It’s a kit that converts a 8000lb trailer jack to work like a hilift, but better. But if welding, and it’s ready to rock. Worth looking into…
  15. CrewzerITIS

    Builds 91 J77

    Finally found the ac condenser in stock in AUS through Cruiser Brothers in California. The original part no. for the 77's was unavailable anywhere (Japan, UAE, AUS). I ordered this recommended replacement. The drier was wrong. Also, the flared fitting on the tube connecting the condenser to the...
  16. Zeus0623

    Building the Ultimate Forever Rig (Advice Needed)

    Hello Mud Friends! It has come time to do some rust mitigation and as things typically go, they are now snowballing and I need some advice. We have owned our family 1983 FJ60 in 861 blue for over 7 years now. She came with some rust in the rear quarters that has progressed over the years. She...
  17. 1

    RCLT 2003 GX470

    Hey guys, wanted to post my GX470 Build on the forum. A few of you may have seen the car already but, here goes 2003 Silver GX470 King 2.5 Long Travel Front Suspension on 600# Coilovers King 2.5 Long Travel Front Triple Bypass RCV Axles Radflo Adjustable Bumpstop RCLT +2.5 LC200 Steering Rack...
  18. Dino2007

    My 07 GX470 Build - "Dino"

    Hello all, Here is my modest build done over a few years. Started with a 07 truck with 85k miles on it, completely stock out of a soccer mom's garage. I started with replacing worn leather for RRW upholstery kit. Then changed out the stereo and speakers to a Garmin nav receiver by Kenwood...
  19. faeriej55

    Evenstar - the 1970 FJ55 Family Car

    Hello all! Let me introduce you to my recently named pig Evenstar. Back in the 80s my parent's bought her from a miner in Northern California and she's lived out the rest of her days in Southern California. Growing up, the Land Cruiser was our family daily driver/camping/road trip car that...
  20. A

    Builds  2006 GX470 Build, Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ

    August 17, 2021, the day it all began. This is one of the first photos I took of the vehicle, which had approximately 170k miles from 2 previous owners. The offroad upgrades had already begun by this point, including: (1) RRW stealt bumper; (2) XO-Fab DIY welded sliders; (3) Falken Wildpeak AT3...
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