1. 80lover

    Broke College Kid Build Thread

    I've spent countless hours reading the amazing builds of so many others here on MUD that I finally think that with the whole situation around the world I should probably spend my down time and put my 2 cent into the jar. Acquiring the Cruiser Backstory: So at this time, I am 17 and it's 2018...
  2. Prime

    Builds  Prime builds a 200

    Hey y’all, usually not one for build threads but hoping to add to the community some. Will recap the last few months over a few posts. Really happy with how this thing is coming along so far! Dec 2019. First day home after picking it up from the dealer. Was passively in the market for a while...
  3. V

    1986 Toyota Pickup

    Picking up this bad boy this weekend for $1500. No rust, underside is looking pretty mint for being a Arkansas/Missouri truck. Anyone have any recommendations for a carb rebuild kit? 22R 5 speed?
  4. jason ladd

    J Ladd's 1977 FJ40 Frame Off

    2014- Prior to Tear Down
  5. E

    Builds  1978 FJ40. Waking up the ‘ol girl!

    Well after lurking and drooling for years, I am excited to be starting my own build thread. This isn’t my first 40 but it might as well be. My first car at 15 was a blue ‘74 that had been rolled. My dad said he would match what I saved knowing I couldn’t save much! I saved up $300 bucks and...
  6. Marbleless

    Builds  Overcoming Inertia - An FJ45LV Arises

    She whispered “I’m alive” today for the first time in twelve years... As sweet a sound to my ears as honey’s taste to an emergent spring’s bear. Her frame-off restoration is nearing completion - interior is planned, and weatherstripping is being figured. But this weekend she purred - and then...
  7. bcomnes

    Builds  bcomnes' 1991 3FE FJ80 Build

    Here is my build thread for a 1991 3FE FJ80 Land Cruiser. I'll be using this thread mainly as a build and maintenance log (at least for the halfway informative and interesting stuff), re-documenting my questions I have along the way and information I found helpful to address those questions...

    Builds  A Sinister Cruiser - 1996 3x Locked FZJ80 Build

    Well my first Cruiser is base lined now, so I suppose I should start a build thread as the fun mods begin. After trading in my 15' Tundra Platinum my garage was without a Toyota for 2 years. Then I went down the Land Cruiser YouTube rabbit hole, which let me to google and finding Mud. After a...
  9. runcooker

    1985 FJ60 Upgrades and a Rookie Mechanic

    I own a 1985 FJ60 2F that for the better part of the last 25 years has been a “seasonal” vehicle used as the primary vehicle at my in-law’s vacation home near Glacier National Park and more recently as my hunting/camping truck in Bloomington, Indiana. As my daughter will earn her license in...
  10. SteveH

    Builds  Build: Steve's 82 Longbed

    I bought this from the original owner last weekend. I have all receipts from the last 37 years. I knew of this truck 25 years ago (worked with the guy) and it has sat since 2012 un-driven, mostly stored indoors. Was repainted a different color years ago - started life as metallic gray. Now, it's...
  11. xstogiex

    Builds  xStogiex's 1986 Toyota Pickup 2WD 4 Speed Restomod

    1986 Toyota Pickup Standard Cab, Standard Bed, 2WD, 22R, 4 Speed. So, I have never done a build thread before, or even posted on this forum, so I figured I'd dive right in. I'm sure people love seeing new builds, and it'll be good for me to help keep track of my own progress. I have typically...
  12. Roketdriver

    The Adventures of Chungus (Build)

    This past summer, I had a number of encounters while out on the road that made me realize that a low-slung Miata was not the ideal camping vehicle. While it's an absolute joy to drive, my '90 just wasn't cutting it as a camping vehicle. Nor was my Mazdaspeed 3. It got really frustrating trying...
  13. kenavt

    Builds  Kara the white '84 FJ60!

    I've never owned a big SUV before, but something about the wonderfully square and '80s wagon look, Instagram, and overlanding just kept FJ60s in my mind. Due to how expensive they've gotten in the last few years plus living in dense San Francisco, I thought I wouldn't own one for a long time...
  14. R

    Builds  1978 FJ-40 Rebuild - "Mater"

    It is finally time to start a build thread. I purchased a 1978 FJ-40 in 2011 fully intending to rebuild it at the time. Up until now other projects have gotten in the way. When I bought it my wife thought it was just as rusty as "Mater", the tow truck from cars. The name has somehow stuck. This...
  15. AKFJ

    Engine swap time.

    After taking forever to get my act together and stacking parts it's time to start the engine swap on my truck. A 4.8l Chevy motor is getting swapped in. I've got two months to get it finished. When mocking up the headers and engine mounts I was able to get the mounts to clear by moving...
  16. patrickk

    My FZJ80 journey begins...

    So I just bought a CE 1997 FZJ80 from @flow. He was generous enough to sell me the fruits of his labors. The advert can be seen here. I'm not new to Toyota's, but I am a fairly novice mechanic. I've previously owned a 1995 Pickup, 1985 FJ60 (all too briefly), and a 1988 Samurai (that was...
  17. O Ironman

    Ironman 4x4 Lexus GX460 Overland Build ep. 01

    Why consider a Lexus GX460 as a family overland vehicle and a daily driver? The first episode of a 10 week series following our build journey. We discuss the Pros and Cons of the GX460 and things to look for when shopping for a preowned one.
  18. goldman

    Builds  1987 FJ60 "Pearl" Amateur Hour Build

    First off, Im not a professional Im going to post things here as I go. One because I want to document some of this stuff and two maybe it will help someone else. "Pearl" as by father in law called her was bought new in 1987 and was his primary car. The sales slip says it came into the US...
  19. aznxfactor

    Builds  My 200 Series: Built the long way

    What's up everyone! First I must say thanks to all the members here that post and share their information on 200 series here. I wouldn't have gain so much valuable information to help make my build out possible. I've learned so much information that allowed me to move in the direction of my...
  20. B

    Builds  Built for Family Adventure

    I have had a few folks ask if I have a build thread, so I figured I probably should start one to document some of my modifications and answer any questions. I'll work on getting better pictures this week and as the build progresses, but this will get me started. I've gathered lots of info and...
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