1. jroc467

    The Sandtrooper: 1978 fj40 project

    I’ve been meaning to get on here and share the process of my 78 fj40 I purchased her from Danny (solace in solitude) from right here on MUD back In October of 2020 he’s a pic when I got her right away me and my uncle got to giving her a facelift and changing a few things out more pictures to come
  2. 1UZJ80N60

    Long travel LX570

    Well I got the tundra LT arms on with factory shocks. AHC completely in tact. I've moved the ride hight up 4 in by adding hiem joints in place of factory AHC connection links.... this allows you to lift above limitations. The lower shock mounts were moved up 1 in with the design of the...
  3. BigHighBlue

    Goin' End To End 12/78 FJ40 "Yellow Truck"

    Bought my first 40, she's a 12/78. Not a lot of great history from the PO except that the previous owner to him used it in Montana for hunting. I think I made a decent buy although when I got it home I found gas in the oil. There wasn't any I could see when I did the walk around so I'm hoping...
  4. BIC JET

    Builds  BIC JET Build 2020 HE

    Starting a little late for this but so far the improvements are below: Removed factory YAKIMA Basket ARB Front Bumper BP51 Suspension upgrade HAM Radio Install Weathertech Mats White Knuckle Sliders BudBuilt full skids Duratrac 275/65/18 E Rated tires Hybrid Flux Capacitor On order: TrekBoxx...
  5. drews2566

    1996 LX450

    Many of you guys chimed in when I was contemplating a 40th Anniversary series outside of Portland. In the hunt though I found a 1996 LX 450 in Bend and flew out there this morning and picked it up. The pics made it look like it was in amazing condition, it wasn't quite "amazing" and...
  6. crozbcool


    Sold my first FJ60 a year ago but still have the FJ blood coursing thru my veins so picked up this one last weekend. Too much rust, actually, but hey. It was $800, interior is like new, and engine isn't locked up. Giddyup.....
  7. Leblet

    My HJ60 Build

    So I have had my 60 for about a year now and have decided to start a build thread on it, to help keep track of what I've done and share it with you guys. I Don't really use it for wheeling, just my DD, do a lot of towing and driving round the farm. so my 'build' isn't really a restoration or...
  8. LinkTheCruiser

    Builds  Link, the Cruiser, 2016, 200

    First of all - Thank you to everyone on this thread for being a wealth of knowledge. And for sharing. While this is my first post I've been here many times before as an observer. The information and imagery I found on this thread over the last 3 years has helped me choose how I wanted to...
  9. blackice00

    2006 GX470 w/Sport Package Build - blackice00

    Hello, I'm new to the GXOR world, but not new to building performance vehicles! I was shopping for a 4th Gen V8 4Runner last November to daily drive and occasionally tow my 240SX money-pit I have owned and daily driven since 2007. After having a vehicle sold out from under me and several other...
  10. C

    BluezClues Build '79 RN37 Pickup

    BluezClues build. Name hit me as it was the favorite tv show of my cousin who passed away right before the end of 2019. Having been in a wheelchair all his life, he would have enjoyed riding in some larger wheels the same color as his favorite tv show character. I didn’t do a build thread on my...
  11. Crzywlf

    What have I done.....81 FJ60 aka Tetanus

    Well I'm usually the guy who figures out he wants a certain classic 5 years after they become popular and decent examples become expensive and the rest are a ton of work. I decided I wanted a 60 bad enough to take on a pretty big project. I doubt it's the most rusty but it's definitely going to...
  12. Pura Vida

    My progression over the coming years with an interesting forty

    I’m going to be posting to this thread with my progression of my truck. This truck is my first car that I bought when I was 15.It is a 1979 (sike, turns out it’s a 77) BJ40 diesel. I bought it from a guy in Costa Rica who restored a ton of stuff back to factory spec. I got a killer deal on it...
  13. camlsu7

    CAM’s 2016 GX460 Build

    I’m glad to jump back on this site after 14 years of owning a Mustang and an almost unmentionable Altima. I guess the kiddos toys were more important than dad’s toys. BUT... that’s all changing now. The information I’ve already found here is really invaluable as building up a GX is not as...
  14. LazarusTaxa

    Rediscovering an '87 FJ60

    OK, finally time to start a thread documenting my work on my FJ60. Through this thread, I'm hoping to give back what I can to the community. I'll do my best to document everything and include part numbers. Though, I realize now how hard it is to stop and take pictures when you're in the middle...
  15. OffRte66

    Builds  GXOR or Bust! GX470 w KDSS Build

    Hi All! Figured I'd get going and do a write up of what I've got going on. Stay tuned, more parts are on their way! 2006 GX470 Sport, Nav+KDSS. (I know..I know..Still going to try!) Current Mods: -Metaltech stage 3 rear coil conversion(stock height) -Height control/autoleveling disable...
  16. Bullzi

    Builds  Bean! The Adventure Continues (1987 FJ60)

    Feb. 1987 FJ60 Freeborn Red As of February 2021: ~155K miles on engine (about 260K on body) I’ve been putting this off for a while now, but I think the time has finally come to start documenting the continuation of the Bean’s journey. My wife and I were lucky enough to buy the Bean back in...
  17. H

    4/86 fj60 build

    so begins my journey, im sure many headaches and joys are ahead. bought a 86 fj60 from a friend that had sat in his garage for ten years. he said that the power steering pump was leaking when he drove it last. i got a hold of it, and started going through things. it started and ran, fiddled with...
  18. Vitek

    Contrast: HDJ 80 1996 vs HZJ 80 1993, building a LHD VX Limited in EU

    Hi, So me and my dad we have two 80s, in this topic I will discuss their story, purpose and the work on them. 1996 VX spec hdj80, factory triple locked, full leather, sunroof etc. 1HD-FT, full time 4wd h151f with hf2av 1993 STD spec hzj80, no lockers, bench first row, vinly everything and...
  19. Analog

    Analog’s ’19 GX460 Alaska Build

    I picked up a lightly used (≈10k mile) CPO ’19 GX460 in December in preparation for a move from Texas to Alaska for work. As much as I loved my '06 GX470, I wanted something newer and lower mileage. I went with the simplest GX I could find. No air suspension, no camera-based driving aids. I’m...
  20. efg34

    Aluminum Falcon - 2010 GX460 build

    Hey folks! I just picked up a 2010 GX460 Base in Knight's Armor with 108k miles. This is my first truck and my secondary vehicle after my 2018 Porsche Cayman GTS. As you can tell, I live in the NYC area and am looking forward to exploring the Upstate NY, NNJ, and PA in my new off-roader.
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