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HJ62 Build

Hi Guys. Should have added this build thread a couple of years ago. Put on about 10,000 miles since the build up. Some of the pics are in under my albums. Sorry they are kind of out of order. But the basics are a MINT FJ62 body, a 12HT imported from Japan that Sheldon completely rebuilt, new everything basically ( including exhaust which are not in the pics). Thanks:)
That's in a different section. There is a build-up directory in Hardcore as well.

Since I had mentioned the 6BT in my earlier post in this section I figured I would include the link even though its over in hardcore.
I am new to the site, but have referenced it for valuable information. I am also new to the vintage LC's and quickly found out what a following they have, while I am not new to the vintage or car world at all, I chose to "build" an 85 Land Cruiser FJ60. I found this 60 locally and had been keeping an eye half peeled for a few years for a good prospect. I drove into the business park where my office is one morning and there it sat "for sale", sun beams shooting off of it, calling my name. I actually drove by it a few times and about the third day was realizing just how straight the 60 really was. (147,000 miles)

I ended up negotiating a deal on it and set out to build what I needed, which is a reliable FJ60 (remember I am not new to this so I had no preconceived notions as to what reliable is) I had about 90 days to complete it and get it to my place in Montana where it will live out the rest of it's life.

I did some checking around and in my home area in northern Ca. (2.5 hrs. away) the name Mudrak kept surfacing, I gave Gary a call and discussed the project with him, he was willing to take the project on and meet my schedule. When not doing the work myself I am a firm believer in using a quality shop with a good reputation. I certainly found this in Gary Kardum @ Mudrak.

So we don't get long winded and give an explanation for every decision made, here is my list of items addressed on this build.

1. Full ARB OME suspension*
2. Front axle rebuild*
3. Rear axle inspection and seals*
4. Brakes complete*
5. Clutch master & slave*
6. Mirrors*
7. Marker lights*
8. H55F 5 speed*
9. Clutch pack*
10. Transfer case kit*
11. Tie rod ends*
12. Rear main seal*
13. Head, valves etc..*
14. Belts, hoses and vacuum line replacement*
15. Tuffy console*
16. 4plus front bumper*
17. 4plus rear bumper with tire and can racks*
18. 8K winch*
19. ARB slider steps*
20. Carb rebuild*
21. ARB tradesman roof rack*
22. ARB head lights*
23. Water pump*
24. Alternator*
25. Thermostat*
26. Timing cover gasket*
27. Front timing seal*
28. Battery*
29. ARB Intensity lights, 1 beam, 1 spot
30. Dash cap
31. Aussie inclinometer
32. Aussie grab bar
33. New carpet kit w/ pad
34. New seat covers
35. 2- 12v outlets ran in 10ga
36. Aux. fuse terminal
37. New 16 x 7 US wheels 3.75 backset, powder coated
38. BFG LT235 85 R 16*
39. Sony blue tooth head unit with new speakers
40. Hush Mat sound deadener entire floor, doors, kick panels and rear panel areas
41. New windshield
42. Tinted all windows
43. ARB 50qt. fridge

*Work completed by Mudrak

Mudrak did not perform all of this work, the mechanical, bumpers, suspension, roof rack was performed by them*, all other work was done by me or one of my buddies. My buddies cannot stand it when there is a project going on, especially when it's something all of us have not worked on before. I've always been a street rod, collector/correct car guy and race a 500hp to the wheels STi in SCCA club racing, so this was a nice departure and a relatively simple project. It helps starting with a nice example.....and parts availability was great. A great group of enthusiasts and suppliers in the LandCruiser community.....

Im not sure if its quite worthy, but I thought Id post it.

Basic rundown:

Im 17 and love my land cruiser. Its my first car, and heres what Iv done.

OME Lift
Fabricated my own rear bumper and re-built a hi-lift I got for free
Knuckle rebuild
New calipers and rotors
5 speed transmission swap and Tcase rebuild
complete strip and sound deadening of the rear half of the car
And the big one: 12HT SWAP!!!! Its still in progress, but should be polished up in a week or so.

Im pretty young so I have plenty of time to do a LOT more with my rig. Im so happy I got into cruisers this early. I have a lot of ideas for the future too!

-Sliders and front bumper fabrication
-Aux lighting
-New carpet
-Sound deaden front half of the car
-Roof rack

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