1. DirtDawg

    Alignment Help: Cross Steering Angle Inclination

    So I have been battling an issue with steering wheel feedback almost the whole life of my ownership. It was even noticeable at stock height. I have almost completely remedied the situation by replacing sway bar bushings, r&r'd the AHC suspension, and this previous weekend replacing the rack &...
  2. WaTrout88

    FJ40 Seat Alignment

    I have a 1978 FJ40. I replaced the stock seats with the Corbeau Sport Seat, Corbeau seat bracket and stock mounts. I am having some issues with the alignment. I used washers to shim everything level at the back of the seat but I am not happy with the results. I feel like the seat brackets...
  3. M

    Lift installed, have alignment questions

    So I installed the 2" Ironman lift and took it in for an alignment to find out my wheel bearings were bad and I needed new inner tie rods. I replaced the tie rods and repacked the bearings as they were in good condition. Took it back for an alignment and here is where I am. Theguu that did it...
  4. SNLC

    RTH - SoCal - alignment.

    I may need a little rth today which is now Monday the 23rd. I am traveling and need an alignment ASAP. I am in El Segundo, California tonight and have to hit Anaheim tomorrow at some point before 5pm before I enter Baja early Tuesday morning. I just spent the last four days in my friends shop...
  5. L

    Ideal alignment specs for stock GX470?

    My 2004 GX has a terrible ride, and since I've already replaced most of the suspension (rear shocks and air springs; front shocks and mounts; front sway bar links; lower control arm bushings) and had no improvement, I am thinking maybe it's the alignment that's the problem? Would really like to...
  6. 808Fafner

    Alignment Advice

    Hi this is my first real post on this forum and I hope I can find the answer to my question. I was wondering if I could get some advice. I'm about to buy a new to me 2000 Lexus Lx470. It has a few problems nothing to be too concerned about. My main worry is when test driving it I had to hold the...
  7. 85x

    After OME lift steering pulls right despite alignment within spec- any suggestions?

    So, I've searched high and low and couldnt find any threads addressing a similar mystery- hoping you guys can give me an idea. I have a 99 LC with complete 2.5" OME kit, diff drop and SPC UCA's on 285.7516 BFG's. Did the suspension over a weekend with a friend taking our time. Once we...
  8. LeftHandRev

    BJ70 Alignment Specs

    I did some searching on Google and here, but couldn't find any definitive information. Does anybody have the specs for alignment of an '88 BJ70? Everything is bone stock, other than the tires, which are 175/65R15.
  9. LittleRedWgon

    Torque numbers for Suspension

    Hey gang....Just installed an entire new SOR Heavy Duty Suspension 3" Lift Kit on my 85 Fj60. I added the Skid plates, they seem pretty burly..hope that they do well. Read some old reviews about it after the if they suck, I am gonna change to the Bolt flip kit from 4+plus. Cleaned...
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