1. L

    100 series keeps losing alignment...why?

    I noticed that my alignment is off again! I have an 06 LX470 with over 250k. I have had it aligned two times within the past year. I haven't gone off road with it or hit any huge potholes/bumps etc. So why would the alignment keep going all wonky every 3 or 4 months!?!? I have also noticed...
  2. J

    For Sale New member

    Hey guys and ladies I am a new member to the Fj family and so far it’s been pretty exciting. I just bought a 1978 fj40 with a Chevy 5.7 vortec, 4 inch spring over lift, and running all stock running gear and on 37s. Now to buisiness I have a question on the sequence of how to strip down the...
  3. CruiseLanderAZ

    Firestone Lifetime Alignment - recommendations in Arizona?

    I'm looking to get the Lifetime alignment from Firestone since I'm making incremental changes over the year. Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with certain Firestone locations in the valley? Hoping someone knows of a good tech that's familiar with lifted cruisers.
  4. S

    Despite many tries my steering wheels Doesn't get alligined it rapidly pulls at left side whensetfre

    My vehicle recently made with an accident and main accident impact was an left side despite changing geniune oem Knuckle hub tie rods both sides and left tyre lower arm susension control (don't know what exactly it is called) and restructring chassis it continues to pull over left side when...
  5. Kilgore

    '76 Rear Axle too Far To Passenger Side

    My 1976 FJ40 seems to drive fine, but Ive always been curious about the rear axle. When you look at the body above the rear tires, the passenger rear tire is flush with the body, but the drivers side is at least 2" inset of the drivers side fender. Im looking into doing a real alignment this...
  6. RFB

    replaced TREs after doing Birfields

    The truck didnt move counted the threads put them back exactly the same now shes pulling to passenger whilst driving.alignment?? Tough to find anyone dumb enough to work on her let alone align 37s nittos, and yes I regret them and will be going to 35s. after road trip
  7. O

    Alignment isssue - slight dog tracking - is my rear axle bent?

    Hey ya'll I've been chasing an alignment issue as I've been baselining my 2001 hundy with 235k miles for several months now. She pulls slightly to the right, but VERY consistently. I drive a lot of hwy miles and it drives me crazy always having to correct the steering. Most recent alignment...
  8. bluesquirrel

    Alignment shop, Phoenix AZ area

    Any of you have good experience with an alignment shop in the Phoenix area? Last place I took my other Toyota, didn't do too good of a job
  9. 1966FJ40

    Wanted Looking to buy Siamese port sleeves for a early 1fv

    Looking to buy Siamese port alignment sleeves for a early 1F
  10. 1966FJ40

    Wanted Looking to buy alignment sleeves for a early Siamese Port 1F

    Hello I'm looking to buy the alignment sleeves for a early Siamese port intake manifold
  11. Tripledave

    Torque Steer on newly lifted LC

    Has anyone noticed and/or addressed a torque steer issue on their 200? I recently had my 200 lifted with the OME/SPC UCA Kit by the fine folks at Slee Offroad, didn't visually notice that the rear axle had moved one way or another, alignment was done at their shop (specs look great on paper)...
  12. selfbows

    New 1FZ-FE Short Block alignment pins

    Doing a new short block and cylinder head overhaul on my 96 LC, think I have all the gaskets, then realized there are a lot of alignment pins, I noticed the head and "1 oil pan, tranny and rear crank oil seal retainer and timing chain cover pins. Are there others I missed and any other little...
  13. TheForger

    Weird Alignment Issues

    So after finishing up my slight lift (2" springs in the rear & a torsion bar reindex/crank) I took it to the Toyota dealership to get it aligned today. After a few minutes on the lift I get word from the mechanic that he will not be able to accurately adjust my camber and caster. I will try to...
  14. ElJayBird

    A Couple Nagging Issues Following OME 2.5" Lift Install

    I'm having some alignment issues following my OME install. The truck still pulls to the right even after an alignment. It's not terrible but it's definitely noticeable at highway speeds. If I take my hands off the wheel, I'll be in the next lane within a second or two. I took it back to the shop...
  15. Javelin

    Height gain after Alignment Question

    I just got my truck back from TJ performance in Orange. Had OME 865s / Torsions / diff drop / Slee Ucas / Fox 2.0s. Truck rides Amazing much better than stock. However their idea of level differs from mine. They had the torsions cranked so high there was 15mm of down travel. Before After...
  16. 94lc80series

    Belt alignment

    Had to replace ac compressor. Now it seems that the other belts aren't aligning well.
  17. DirtDawg

    Alignment Help: Cross Steering Angle Inclination

    So I have been battling an issue with steering wheel feedback almost the whole life of my ownership. It was even noticeable at stock height. I have almost completely remedied the situation by replacing sway bar bushings, r&r'd the AHC suspension, and this previous weekend replacing the rack &...
  18. WaTrout88

    FJ40 Seat Alignment

    I have a 1978 FJ40. I replaced the stock seats with the Corbeau Sport Seat, Corbeau seat bracket and stock mounts. I am having some issues with the alignment. I used washers to shim everything level at the back of the seat but I am not happy with the results. I feel like the seat brackets...
  19. M

    Lift installed, have alignment questions

    So I installed the 2" Ironman lift and took it in for an alignment to find out my wheel bearings were bad and I needed new inner tie rods. I replaced the tie rods and repacked the bearings as they were in good condition. Took it back for an alignment and here is where I am. Theguu that did it...
  20. SNLC

    RTH - SoCal - alignment.

    I may need a little rth today which is now Monday the 23rd. I am traveling and need an alignment ASAP. I am in El Segundo, California tonight and have to hit Anaheim tomorrow at some point before 5pm before I enter Baja early Tuesday morning. I just spent the last four days in my friends shop...
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