What did you do with your 60 this weekend? (4 Viewers)

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Test fit 3FE downpipes. @HemiAlex posted about these as replacements with a 3FE exhaust. I decided to purchase two rear pipes to see how they would fit. Not well and I kind of expected this. Using the rear pipe in the front will not work due to mounting interference with the rear pipe. But hey, this was a test and we'll be having an exhaust fabbed anyway. When we have an exhaust built it will eliminate having one of the pipes routed under the frame. This was a reason I wanted to see if using two of these aftermarket pipes would work. Our exhaust guy is good and he'll be able to put something together to retain the O2 sensor positions and route the pipes within the frame.

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That’s pretty good. Some cutting and welding and you’ve got a nice solution that’s like 75% out of the box.
Got a call from a wheel manufacturer to do a photoshoot with their wheels. Not my style for the 60 but fitment was perfect.



Longest winter ever I swear, and to make matters worse May 1 - 2 we got another 30" of snow. Fortunately it melted quick. Anyways, I finally got my cruiser out a couple days ago. First thing was to change out the piece of crap EMUSA wastegate( had holes in the diaphragm) for a high quality Tial. It's running absolutely perfect! I went with a 6 psi spring and pretty sure that's where I'm going to stay.

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Are those wheels Vintiques?

Frick… I just noticed this while loading dogs in today. My lower gate is in bad shape but I thought my upper was dialed :/

Looks like I need to do some sanding and rust converter.
Added in a lid assembly from an 80 series and painted it SEM Cordovan Brown. Pretty good match. Old lid was in very poor shape. Really like that this had metal hinges vs a plastic hinge on the original.
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I copied you on this little project. Looking good so far. I was wondering if you were able to get the bottom portion of the new lid to latch with the console? Did you modify the latch to get it to sit further forward?


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