For Sale 1983 FJ40, Stock Except Wheels, 98k miles, w/all special 1983 parts original and included (1 Viewer)

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Highly desired and rare, this vehicle would be great to plop a new tub and a used hardtop on as the underside and running gear are pretty tight and it seems to drive nice and reliable.

Happy to discuss or show the vehicle.

It is a two owner car, but technically on paper / carfax a three owner car because daughter titled after father, but she never drove it. Our friends family bought it for their mom to drive and she recently passed away. The truck has 98k original miles, and is largely all original except the wheels and tires and shocks.

The vehicle is a cosmetic project but drives rather tight, does not leak fluids, does not burn oil, 4wd works excellent, so its a good project for someone because once done these things are worth a good bit more than other model years. I would like to do it myself but recent neck and back injuries have me sidelined from projects for a bit.

I have many other photos showing this is accident free, and not a bondo bucket.
It is a decent running, driving example that you can have fun with right away and fix up over time.

$14,000 obo
email me at
thank you.





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Oct 29, 2015
Chicago, IL
Only reached $6900 on A couple other FJ40s have gone for top dollar on BaT so I suspect $7K was a heck of a lot closer then $14K for a truck needing a new tub, top, doors, etc. I'd never pay top dollar for a rusty example when there are plenty of rust free projects available for less. GLWTS.

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