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  2. green_fj40

    My 83 SR5 build

    This is my first 3rd gen. I spotted this truck in an old mans shed off the road. It had been sitting the last 14 years after a never completed timing chain job was started and not completed. After asking about it for several months and taking awhile for him to find the keys it was finally mine...
  3. K

    LC Mechanics in South Arizona (Sierra Vista, Tuscon area)

    Just moved to AZ from CO and trying to find a solid mechanic who knows Landcruisers well and won't overcharge work. Need to get my 1983 FJ60 outfitted with A/C. Just need someone who knows how to do the job and will do it well. I can provide all the parts. Any info you can share would be...
  4. Chachi254

    SOLD  1983 Toyota Pickup Long Bed SR5 - 63k orig. miles, incredible interior.

    Hey Mudders, Found out my wife is pregnant and unfortunately am having to part with my beloved '83 pickup. See all the details here: Builds - "JAWS" - My new 1983 Toyota Pickup 4x4 Currently has 63,500k original miles on it. Make an offer. Open to trades for land cruisers. Please text or...
  5. Chachi254

    Wanted  Removed

    ***Previous prospective buyer fell through, so it’s back up for sale*** Hey Mudders, Found out my wife is pregnant and unfortunately am having to part with my beloved '83 pickup. See all the details here: Builds - "JAWS" - My new 1983 Toyota Pickup 4x4 Currently has 63,500k original miles on...
  6. F

    Speedometer and tachometer both "gone" simultaneously.

    Both my speedometer and tachometer both stopped working at the same time on mystic 1983 FJ60. By stopped working I mean "both don't move from zero". If the tach is based on a signal from the voltage regulator, and the speedo is based on a signal from the speedo gear in the tranny housing, what...
  7. Chachi254

    Looking for replacement truck bed sides for 1983 Toyota Pickup Long Box

    Hey Mudders, I bought a 1983 Toyota Pickup long box this last summer, and while the bed is in pretty good shape, it's starting to rust and I want to get it fixed/replaced. I've been looking online and there are a few aftermarket bed sides around, but none of which are long-bed length. Does...
  8. Chachi254

    Wanted  1983 Toyota Hilux Pickup Body Parts

    Hi Mudders, I recently purchased a 1983 Toyota Hilux from a guy in Oklahoma. The body is actually in really good shape but there is some rust starting on the bedsides and I really want to just replace the bed completely. I'm also looking for any 1983 body or interior parts. Truck bed sides...
  9. JJ Cruiser

    For Sale  1983 FJ40 US Import Real Deal

    The truck has the Old Man Emu suspension which provides 2.5" of lift and offers a superior ride. New 33x10.5 BFGoodrich tires. New $1700 Warn 16.5ti winch with a massive 16,500lbs. of pulling capacity. In front you have the heavy duty ARB Bull Bar which is not longer available. Includes the...
  10. Wes

    FREE  ~DONATED~ (TX) 1983 Land Cruiser Owner's Manual

    I am offering a heavily worn 1983 Land Cruiser owner's manual for free. The cover has all but completely detached from the rest of the pages and there are heavy water stains on the inside. It is still readable. It was given to me by another Mud member some time ago. I have since acquired the...
  11. pbanddamn

    For Sale  1983 FJ60 $8495

    1983 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser Daily Driver 2F Motor 173,000 miles 4 spd manual 35x12.5r15 BFG 70% tread 4.88 gears Aussie lockers 4"Shackle Lift Winch front bumper Swing out rear tire carrier ARB on board air New water pump New aluminum radiator New timing cover gaskets Saginaw steering pump...
  12. dustin weaver

    eBay  1983 fj40 not mine

    Look at this on eBay: 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 | eBay 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
  13. Ian Crawford

    Builds  1983 Cruiser Story

    As most of these threads start, I've been looking for a 60 since December/January of this year, I called and emailed on a dozen and drove two. Most were priced (what I considered) too high and did not accept my offer, several just ended up being too far away and one got away... I wanted to...
  14. BTUMAN

    Wanted  1983 Radio Delete Plate (Wider one for revised late model grey Dash)

    Probably like a Unicorn- but you guys come through all the time. I need a 1983/84 Radio Delete Plate for the newer dash on the 83/84.
  15. orangefj45

    Wanted  1983 40-series radio brackets

    Trti g to put the finishing touches on a late HJ47 and need both side brackets for the factory radio. Oem part numbers: 86211-60030 86212-60030 Here's a pic. Thanks in advance!!! Georg @ Valley Hybrids & Cruiser Brothers

    For Sale  [ME] 1983 FJ60 TAN Front Seats Very Clean

    Looking to sell these clean seats, they are too clean for my winter beater. Recently bought some BMW seats and will install soon. Only real issue is the driver's side vinyl section, it has some minor cracking per usual. No tears on the fabric. Very serviceable, plenty of life left. The...
  17. NookShneer

    Builds  FitzJ60 1983 FJ60 Build

    I’ve been lurking and stealing knowledge for the last 6 years from this great forum. Long overdue build thread and hoping to use the motivation to keep the momentum with the build. I first got introduced to Landcruisers when a good friend @xtiaan2000 asked if I wanted to go skiing. At the time...
  18. crawlin cruiser

    Parting Out  1983 bj60 in bc

    Currently running and complete 83bj60 3b 1200usd 5spd 950usd Power steering 500usd Everything else available, just ask 324km
  19. seadog

    For Sale  1983 toyota land cruiser bj60

    its my daily driver but its time to get rid of it. frame is pretty rusted but you can't beat the 4 cylinder diesel engine. 5 spd manual transmission. 1500$ for a quick sale location is in nelson canada
  20. T

    For Sale  1983 fj40 Factory power steering

    This is one of my customers trucks I did a few upgrades for him but he would like to sell his vehicle the truck came from Colombia but the frame and body are in excellent shape I can get you extra pictures has two or three flaws in the paint factory power steering low mile 2f motor runs...
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