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  1. M

    Power Steering Help

    Bought a '75 FJ40 a little over a year ago (Finally!) :D. It has a Saginaw power steering conversion that was done by a PO to the PO, supposedly years ago by a shop in Portland, OR area. Don't know any details beyond that, but the steering has a lot of play now. R/H rod end to the pitman arm...
  2. Chibu

    2000 Lexus LX470 Power Steering Leak with Pics (Possible Leak Identified, please advise)

    Alright, back again with my beloved. The car has had a power steering (PS) leak for about a year now. Don't use the car much but it's pesky and I think I've found the leaky line. So from the PS reservoir, there's a hose that goes to the PS pump, then there's another line running from the PS...
  3. D

    SOLD  OH. OEM power Steering Pump and bracket like new condition

    OEM power steering pump and bracket. Came off a 1981 Fj60. Brand new was run for less than 1000 miles and the the truck was t boned by an f250. Comes with all shown. $ 500 plus the ride
  4. SweetTNFJ80

    Best resource/thread for diagnosing/fixing 80 series power steering?

    I have already spent about $650 on power steering system replacing lines and buying a rebuilt pump. I still have a leak. I also broke the lid off reservoir today... need best resource for parts/diagnostic/repair. Appreciate the help. I have searched the forum and can’t seem to figure out how to...
  5. RhinoRig

    For Sale  2H power steering system

    Used from a 1985 HJ75 RHD Aussie Includes: Pump High Pressure line Return line Reservoir and hoses Bracket and pulley $500 plus ride. Boxed and ready. Not heavy, just bulky because of the high pressure line.
  6. L

    Drag link identification help needed

    I have a late 75 Fj40 with a 2f . A some point it has been fitted with Power Steering, the Koyo box has a Pitman arm connect to this drag link. I wanted to either refurb or replace it but it doesn't look like any I can see on the parts stores. Any ideas what it's from. The rod connected to it...
  7. 4estLX

    First week with my LX470... (HELP!!!)

    Hi all, I'm glad to be a part of this amazing website. I just picked up a new to me '98 LX470 last week and drove it home about 800 miles. It seemed to be the roadtrip from hell. When I first inspected the truck, everything ran fine and worked properly with no CEL. Then just 200 miles into the...
  8. B

    Minor Oil Leak

    Just acquired a 1993 80 Series (1FZ-FE) and I have located a small oil leak. The bloke I bought it from said it was from the power steering, but that doesn't seem to be the cause to me? Doesn't look like the main seal, could it be the orange o-ring on the pressure relief valve? Photo is from...
  9. wunu

    CityRacer Power Steering Pump - Anyone installed this?

    https://www.cityracerllc.com/collections/land-cruiser-60-series/products/power-steering-pump-for-us-land-cruiser-fj40-fj60?variant=14502735216699 Hi All, I have a 1984 FJ60 and I've been looking at Valley Hybrids kit for steering pump conversion and also this one from City Racer. My pump is...
  10. AlbertoSD

    For Sale  3B Power Steering Pump

    I have a power steering pump for a 3B engine. Might fit other vehicles, too. Very clean. I bought it from another MUD member a while ago. Asking $100 shipped. -Alberto
  11. CaptainAussum

    Rebuilt Power Steering System Sucks Now?!

    I have a ‘97 LX450 that was squealing like a pig every time I turned the wheels. So this weekend I fully rebuilt the PS pump and gear box using the fine resources on Mud and OEM rebuild kits and a new bearing in the pump (original one was absolutely toast). After the rebuild, torquing...
  12. C

    RHD 1980 HJ45 PS Conversion

    Im having trouble finding a PS system that will fit my H engine and is made for RHD. Does anyone know of any companies that has a system for these trucks. Or will I have to find a steering box and everything out of a RHD FJ60. Any info is appreciated.
  13. E

    Aftermarket Power Steering Pump Pulley?

    Wanted to see if anyone knew of an aftermarket option for the pulley (44311-60010) on an OEM power steering pump. I'm not finding a new OEM pulley in-stock anywhere and I haven't found a thread here with an aftermarket alternative (minus the many saginaw conversions). Thanks in advance! :cheers:
  14. DesertCruiser80

    Trouble Installing Power Steering Bolt

    Hey guys, I am trying to install a P/S pump bolt, the one that runs along the channel and locks the pump in place. It seems the hole on the pump does not align with the channel slot. Either the slot bracket is too long or the pump is too short. I have tried to push the towards the bolt to try...
  15. DesertCruiser80

    3FE Power Steering Bolt

    Hello all, I am in need of a part number for a power steering bolt. I am refering to the one that travels along the channel, not the fulcrum of rotation. The one on the left in the picture. Anyone have the p/n? Also need any washers, nuts, etc. (I bought my fj80 without that bolt.) Thank you!
  16. Y

    Defective new OEM steering rack?

    Hi All, First post here, though I have been lurking for a long time. I went through the pain of replacing the steering rack on my ’99 LX, but now I have an issue. I have ZERO play in the wheel, which is awesome. However, now it is like I have manual steering… With the front wheels off the...
  17. freepowder

    Add P/S to non-P/S block?

    How hard is this gonna be? Is it even do-able? Options? I.e. non-Toyota pumps & mounting options?
  18. AllLC

    Power steering Trouble shooting Help

    I did a search in the 100 series section and didnt find anything. I find this hard to believe so if you've read a good Power steering troubleshooting post for a 1999 land cruiser please share. otherwise i'll get one going to share what i find. Situation: Wheeling this weekend barried almost up...
  19. amagnono

    Steering box replacement - documented

    Okay boys, I've recently worked through changing out my power steering box and I wanted to post the process here. I can say that this swap made an incredible difference in eliminating slop in the steering wheel for my rig. It went from being genuinely terrifying at highway speeds to feeling...
  20. mgsmith125

    slight whine when turning (power steering)

    2006 Land Cruiser 110K miles I had my timing belt / water pump / serp belt / tensioners , seals, etc. done today. I drain and filled my power steering fluid on October 31st. I noticed when pulling into a parking deck earlier that when I turned my vehicle there was a faint whine noise. It is...
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