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  1. Y

    Defective new OEM steering rack?

    Hi All, First post here, though I have been lurking for a long time. I went through the pain of replacing the steering rack on my ’99 LX, but now I have an issue. I have ZERO play in the wheel, which is awesome. However, now it is like I have manual steering… With the front wheels off the...
  2. freepowder

    Add P/S to non-P/S block?

    How hard is this gonna be? Is it even do-able? Options? I.e. non-Toyota pumps & mounting options?
  3. AllLC

    Power steering Trouble shooting Help

    I did a search in the 100 series section and didnt find anything. I find this hard to believe so if you've read a good Power steering troubleshooting post for a 1999 land cruiser please share. otherwise i'll get one going to share what i find. Situation: Wheeling this weekend barried almost up...
  4. amagnono

    Steering box replacement - documented

    Okay boys, I've recently worked through changing out my power steering box and I wanted to post the process here. I can say that this swap made an incredible difference in eliminating slop in the steering wheel for my rig. It went from being genuinely terrifying at highway speeds to feeling...
  5. mgsmith125

    slight whine when turning (power steering)

    2006 Land Cruiser 110K miles I had my timing belt / water pump / serp belt / tensioners , seals, etc. done today. I drain and filled my power steering fluid on October 31st. I noticed when pulling into a parking deck earlier that when I turned my vehicle there was a faint whine noise. It is...
  6. DoubleNickels

    Reversing direction on a Saginaw power steering box

    Heya Anyone know if it's possible to rearrange the internals on a Saginaw power steering box, to reverse the motion of input vs output shaft rotation? I've seen write-ups on manual boxes, but not power. Thanks! Calvin
  7. CaptainAussum

    Delete Power Steering Pump on 1KZ-TE?

    Hello everyone quick question, has anyone done or heard of deleting the power steering pump on the 1KZ-TE engine? I have a ‘94 engine living in a FJ40 that will be getting electric power steering so no need for the pump. Im just unsure of gear driven pumps and what effect the lack of one may...
  8. ridgeback rig

    80s power steering hoses

    I have a 1993 . I want to replace the hoses between power steering reservoir and the power steering pump. I called AutoZone and they said the high pressure hose is about $50. Can anyone point me to a cheaper source? Also can anyone tell me which is which or maybe send me a link to another thread...
  9. nomoremud79

    1hz compatible steering boxes?

    Hey everyone, ive got a 2004 79 series 1HZJ79R with a steering box thats buggered, just wondering if theres a cheaper option other than a $750 rebuild of the box? Cheers!
  10. Nothinghead

    For Sale UT - 72 FJ40 350 automatic

    my father is selling his cruiser against his better judgment and despite my protests. Please see the craigslist post and contact him directly: https://www.ksl.com/auto/listing/5330229
  11. yamoto78

    Power Steering Issue

    Quick question for you all. I own a '99 LX470 that recently had the rack and pinion replaced. I brought it home and about 2 days later the power steering pump went out. Before replacing the pump I had the shop clean the filter (which was filthy and full of debris) and flush the system, but there...
  12. wretchedfred

    oil leak power steering?

    Hello, 2003 LC. I think I have a power steering oil leak. But the threads here seemed vague (probably just can't find the right one). Issue: Quite a bit of oil on the ground for the last few days. Reddish brown. Drivers side directly under the frame just in front of the axle. Leak is not...
  13. ridgeback rig

    Power steering problems

    Our 93 leaks fluid from the power steering reservoir. It comes out under the lid when the engine has been turned on. This is been going on for a while and it's getting progressively worse. I've gotten different opinions about what's wrong with it but I could use some expert advice from you all...
  14. J

    For Sale 1969 FJ55 LandCruiser 79/80 engine & power steering

    $5500 -Pittsburgh PA 1969 Toyota Landcruiser FJ55 that Ive loved having but need to sell. Has an newer (79-80) 2f engine that was rebuilt before i bought it. There are many new parts on it and it was my daily for 6 year. New Exhaust Headers New Exhaust Muffler and entire exhaust pipe Newer...
  15. PanchoLedezma

    I know some of you will have the answer to this (VIDEO)

    Hi, I am searching for an answer, after doing everything a i could, and changing every part around the problem, (thread: 80's People this one caught me off Guard... this is what i found VIDEO ) when i was getting out of answers, i found this, check this out The knocking sound that i was...
  16. Paraglider

    Power steering options on an HJ47?

    Hi mudders, I've got 2 HJ47s and one's a bit tougher to steer than the other, so I'm thinking of installing power steering on it but don't know what's feasible. I know the 60 series power steering is a typical one but I'm hoping there are other options that would make it easier to find and easy...
  17. Mr Cimarron

    SOLD Power Steering parts - 3B

    Power steering parts off a 3B. $300
  18. P

    ALL the Hoses- FJ80

    Does anyone have a good list (or direct me towards) a list of all the hoses in the FJ80? I have a good shop near me that is reasonable on rates and I'm thinking of having most of the hoses replaced on my 91 or all the old ones that are harder than rocks. I've seen people recommend rockauto...
  19. PanchoLedezma

    Power Steering Fluid ATF vs ATF Full Synthetic ?

    After Days in the Forum reading and looking videos of a Power Steering Flush, I came across this question, ATF or ATF Full Synth? After a flush will the mix of mineral fluid vs synthetic will cause Gunk? Or Synthetic will eat the seals... As my PS Pump is leaking and Using Standard PS Fluid...
  20. PanchoLedezma

    Big Tires = PSF Leak?

    Have some of you found a problem with the power steering pump, after set your tires. Or this pump work fine even some 38.1 Thanks in advance!
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