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  1. Justintheweb

    Wanted  So Cal: 275/70/16 all terrains or similar

    Looking for a set of 4 or 5 ; 275/70/16 all terrains or similar. Anything less than 6 years old with at least 50% tread to get me through the build process. Still in baseline status but current tires are 14 years old and cracking. Completely unsafe.
  2. jmcclusk

    BFGoodrich T/A KO2 10.5 wide not being mounted stock rims anymore...

    So I'm not sure how old this news is, I've seen a couple comments saying the same this year, just wanted to put it out there in its own thread: I was in Discount Tire and they said they can't mount 10.5 wide BFG tires on stock Land Cruiser steel 6" wide rims anymore. They said it was being...
  3. CalifTLC

    SOLD  Simi Valley, CA- New BFG KO2 Tires near new + Steel Rims 285/60/R18

    $599. 285/60/R18D AT. Purchased these tires on 2/5/19 from Big Brand along with some used Toyota Tundra rims for my 2018 LC 200. I used them once to drive from my house in Simi Valley to Mammoth and back and then I put my street tires back on. They were purchased as an extra set of winter tires...
  4. J

    For Sale  Florida: BFG KM3 285/75/R16

    Got a set of 5 KM3s in this size. Full tread depth never been run. Asking $900. PM if interested.
  5. J

    For Sale  BF Goodrich KM3s 285/75/R16

    I've got a set of 5 BFG KM3s size 285/75/R16. They've never been run and have 100% tread. Asking %1100 for the set and open to offers. Thanks -James
  6. J

    For Sale  Florida: BF Goodrich KM3s (285/75/R16)

    Hey guys, I've got a set of 5 BFG KM3s in the 285/75/16 size (33s). They've got about 5000 miles on them with around 95 percent tread left (they're basically brand new). The tire on the spare has never seen the road and has the exact same tread depth as the other 4. Asking $1100 and open to...
  7. Kolokythi

    For Sale  Like new BFGoodrich Mud Terrains LT315 /75 R16 and Powder Coated Wheels

    Selling five BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2 LT315 /75 R16 121Q D2 RWL mounted and balanced to the OEM Land Cruiser (sand blasted then powder coated) 16-inch wheels. The tires have very light use on them except for the unused rear tire. Measured with a caliper no difference in tread. Total Price...
  8. J

    For Sale  New BF Goodrich KM3s 285/75/16 (Set of 5)

    Hey guys, I bought these tires not too long ago and I'm looking to sell them because I want to run a slightly larger size of the same tire. They have at least 95% tread as I've only put a few thousand miles on them and they're brand new in real terms. I've really liked them so far- especially...
  9. shawnFZJ

    SOLD  33" 5X 285/75/r16 BF Goodrich T/A KO (85%) SoCal

    Great tires that only saw 1 longish road trip and a couple of light trails. Never any damage or punctures. 4 tires with 85% tread and 1 unused spare. Switched to 35" and making room in garage $350 obo located West LA
  10. G

    For Sale  Los Angeles: Nitto Trail Grapplers

    FS in Burbank, CA Nitto Trail Grapplers 295/70r17 Set of 4 used tires coming off a 3rd gen T4R Avg 10/32nd tread left. No plugs/patches $500 OBO - local pick up only
  11. LXColorado

    SOLD  Denver, CO: (5) Tundra TRD Pro Wheels, with 50-60% 285/65/18 KO2's

    Hey, Mud. I just installed 315/75/16 KM3's. I love the look of the TRD Pro wheels, but really need 16" wheels for the wheeling I am doing. For sale are the 5 wheels I've been using for about ~30,000 miles. One wheel has some trail damage from the PO, but purely cosmetic. All wheels/tires have...
  12. cruisercesar

    SOLD  5-315/75R16 BF Goodrich KM2 Tires

    Tires were SOLD. Set of 5-315/75R16 BF Goodrich KM2 MT Tires, Load Range D.
  13. christianleeboy


    ***SOLD*** Selling used tires (5)- BF GOODRICH MUD TERRAIN T/A KM2'S. ALL TIRES ARE SIZE 33X10.50R15 Asking $275 obo. Located in La Habra, CA Listed in craigslist: BF GOODRICH MUD-TERRAIN T/A KM2 33X10.50R15LT
  14. prerunner84

    Wanted  Bf Goodrich 33x10.50r15 at ko1

    looking for new or good condition 33x10.50r15 KO1 thanks
  15. prerunner84

    Wanted  Bf Goodrich 33x10.50r15at ko1

    looking for new or good condition 33x10.50r15 KO1 thanks
  16. apinti

    For Sale  TRD wheels with KM2

    For sale is my set of TRD wheels with KM2 . I only had them on my truck twice to go camping Wheels and tires have about 300 miles on them. They also come with TRD lug nuts and socket. The price for the set is $2200 and i can meet around NoVA. Call me if you have questions. 703-674-9971
  17. prerunner84

    Wanted  Bf Goodrich 315 75r16 KO1

    im looking for a new 1 bf goodrich ko1 or if anyone knows where I can purchase one..that's a KO1. Thanks
  18. S

    Any issues mounting T/A KO2 on stock wheels & no lift

    Hey everyone! I am a newbie and look forward to learning from y'all. Just bought a 2011 LC, I am pumped!! Unfortunately it came with street tires. I have the T/A KO2 on my 4runner and I love them. Forgive a stupid question, can I mount some T/A KO2 285/60R 18s on the stock rims without lifting...
  19. NNVATXFJ80

    For Sale  (TX) 2 BF Goodrich AT KO33x12.5x15 with wheels

    2 BF Goodrich AT KO 33x12.5x15 with wheels. I replaced all my wheels and tires (went to 17s) and am keeping 2 as spares. Both tires have a lot of tread left. One of the wheels has a gouge inside from a brake caliper bolt coming out, but are in good shape otherwise. ($350 OBO) Austin TX
  20. Benny99

    Trade  35x12.5 Inch BFG Mud Terrain

    In possession of complete set of 35x12.5 inch, BFG Mud Terrains. 60-70% Tread left. Looking to downsize to 33's.
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