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  1. Schol

    FJ40 barn door dimensions

    Can someone tell me the dimensions of the 1974 rear barn doors please?
  2. sunrk

    Barn door glass panel differences

    Toyodiy lists a bunch of glass panel part numbers for the barn-door 80's such as mine - can something decipher what all the descriptions mean please? 68131C GLASS, BACK DOOR, RH 68131-60040 *TT, T=3.5 1 $172.58 68131-60050 *EHTT, T=3.5 1 $425.66 68131-60070 *EHT, T=3.5 1 $235.68...
  3. Drake2

    Barn Door Differences (footman loops)

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me why some barn doors have 3 footman loops, some have 2 loops, and some have none. I am assuming that the footman loop versions only came on FST rigs and the ones with no loops were on factory hardtop rigs. If that's true was it a year change between the...
  4. 1989 land cruiser VX FJ62

    1989 land cruiser VX FJ62

    This is my 1989 LandCruiser VX
  5. AlexMoore91

    For Sale  Toyota FJ40 Parts & Tub

    (2) Front Doors: $350/pair (includes new inner panel, needs some work on rusty bottoms, includes key that works with lock, windows work) (5) Door hinges: **SOLD** (2) Barn Doors: **SOLD** (2) OEM Wheels (Never used): **SOLD** (2) Rusty Fenders: $100/pair (1) Ambulance Door (Rusty bottom): $100...
  6. I

    For Sale  Fj40 parts. Mostly early

    Check out what I have left: Barn doors, headlight bucket assembly, license plate holder, 2f repair manual, 2 styles of bottle jack brackets and early jack crank arm brackets, wiper motor and assembly (not sure if land cruiser), battery tray w/support arm, restored air intake breather, steering...
  7. pardion

    For Sale  FJ40 Barn Doors Camino, Ca.

    SOLD SOLD SOLD NO RUST ! Doors with hinges, latch, and working foot bolt. Doors are 72ish with the licence plate mounted to the right door for a 76 plus 40. I am supplying the early u shaped mount if you want to use these on an early 40. One small dent on left door at the bottom by the...
  8. obxalbemarle

    Wanted  rear short barn doors to fit a 74 fj40

    looking for reasonably priced rear lower doors with latch/hardware hinges ect. replacing homemade tailgate. shipped to 27947 NC
  9. 4

    For Sale  Barn Doors

    Barn Doors no rust $250 prSOLD
  10. 73tlcv8

    For Sale  Set of FJ40 barn doors in NC SOLD

    I have this set of barn doors with hardware that were on my 73 FJ40. Would like to get $300 plus shipping for these. Some rust through on the bottom as you can see in the pictures. send me an email address for more pictures.
  11. david2

    Wanted  78 FJ40 BARN DOORS

    looking for a fair deal on barn doors (half doors), if there is some rust its ok I can repair them, just need to be straight
  12. Tank5

    For Sale  FJ40 Rust Free Barn Doors, NM

    I am selling a set of rust free barn doors. They come with all the hinges and latches pictured. Rust free means no cancer rust they do have a little surface rust but nothing more than that. No significant dents, they look pretty straight. Asking 450.00 350.00 300.00 for the set buyer pays...

    Wanted  Trade for Hard top front and rear doors for 74-78 fiberglass body

    I am a woodworker who specializes in custom tables, barn doors and farmhouse furniture. I am looking to trade a table or custom piece for a 40 series hard top, sides, front doors and rear ambulance doors in good to great condition. The trick is I need it to fit a 74-78 aftermarket fiberglass...
  14. GreekFJ80

    For Sale  1983 FJ40, Stock Except Wheels, 98k miles, w/all special 1983 parts original and included

    Highly desired and rare, this vehicle would be great to plop a new tub and a used hardtop on as the underside and running gear are pretty tight and it seems to drive nice and reliable. Happy to discuss or show the vehicle. It is a two owner car, but technically on paper / carfax a three owner...
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