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  1. dsweeney

    For Sale  Dallas Fort Worth factory 16 inch wheels off of my 02

    For sale, set of 16 inch wheels from my 2002 cruiser. Chrome finish. Would be great to have painted, or ready to put on. Would prefer local pickup. Make offer.
  2. DColbyT

    For Sale  Bartlett TN 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser 144k

    2000 Toyota Land Cruiser - 144k. $16,000. - Vin - JT3HT05J4Y0086019 2 owners. Rust Free. The timing belt was done at 98k. Clean history report. The only issue is exhaust manifold will need to be done. Let me know if there are any questions.
  3. cinnanek

    Rattle Sound Over Bumps - Help diagnosing

    Hello all! First post here. Thank you for your help. My 100 Series makes a very rattly sound when going over bumps. Almost sounds like a chain clinking together. I can't figure out what it is and need help diagnosing it. I have posted a video where you can hear it clearly. Thank you!

    Hino W06ET / W06DT into 80 / 105 series Land Cruiser?

    Hi just wondering if its possible or if anyones ever fitted a HINO W06ET or W06DT into a Land Cruiser 80 / 105 Series? Thanks
  5. VAPny54

    Debris or Broken Screw on Land Cruiser?

    Hi All - I made the trip from Zion to Moab. After inspecting the LC, I found this broken screw piece in this tiny space in the right rear tirewell where stones and pebbles typically get caught in. Do you all know if this just debris from the drive or a possible broken piece from the vehicle...
  6. MF34Inc

    For Sale  SOCAL (4) Black powder coated 08' Land Cruiser 200 18" wheels

    Factory 5-spoke 18" wheels from 2008 Land Cruiser 200. Powder coated matte black. Great condition. Painted center caps could use a fresh spray. Local pickup in Los Angeles 90025. $500
  7. A

    For Sale  Columbia, SC: '05 LX470

    Hello Everyone, No affiliation. Thought I'd post for anyone looking. Under 190K miles. Undercarriage looks pretty good. Love the Slee sliders, 2.5" lift and BFGs. One incident noted on AutoCheck, so please do your due diligence. Not sure about "overland ready," but negotiate a little...
  8. VAPny54

    Need Help / Moab in 2 Weeks!!!

    Hi All - TL/DR: Need off-road trail suggestions for Moab! I made a post a few weeks back on going to Zion / Arches / Bryce / Moab and per everyone's suggestions, we made it to Zion safe and having a great time! We'll be making our way to Moab in 2 weeks and noticed a ton of activity...
  9. J

    New to forum

    Hey y'all, I'm Joshua out in Baton Rouge Louisiana, and recently obtained my first Land Cruiser. I come from a Yota family, my last vehicle being a 4Runner, and after getting smashed by a guy who blew a red light, just upgraded to the 1999 Land Cruiser. I'm actually on here because I'm just...
  10. Bshane

    For Sale  2 Third-Row Seats, ‘91-‘97 Land Cruiser FJ80, Beige

    ‘91-‘97 Toyota Land Cruiser fj80 pair of third-row seats. Beige leather, very good condition. See eBay listing; bids for pair start at $250, or buy now for $390: 91-97 Toyota land cruiser fj80 beige leather third row seats in very good shape | eBay -
  11. K

    Faulty fuel gauge

    Hey everybody, I wasn’t sure which forum to post this too. So I’m sorry if I post this to the wrong one. I recently purchased my first car, a 1991 Landcruiser, and the fuel gauge doesn’t seem to work very well. It will say it’s full after I fill it up and then appears to work alright for a...
  12. MarkoTLC

    SOLD  Seattle, WA: Michelin Defender LTX 275 /60 R18, Set of 4

    Factory tire size for the 100 Series Land Cruiser (1998-2007) Top of the line all season SUV tire. Great on and off the road. 70,000 mile warranty with approximately 50% tread remaining. Next owner can purchase Replacement Certificates from Discount Tire for a small fee. Asking $200 Retail =...
  13. W

    For Sale  IA: 4 Oversized tires on OEM Landcruier Wheels $300 OBO

    Came on the vehicle when I bought it from the dealership. Still have Toyota TPMS installed. Have since upgraded to the newer generation models. Tires are 295/70/18 300 OBO
  14. thorkea

    SOLD  Fjz80 Axle shaft Full Float

    Hi, I’m looking for a Short side axle shaft for my Fjz80 Full float. Contact me if you have one please! Im in California
  15. montanadrifter

    SOLD  1987 Toyota FJ60 - Montana

    Up for sale is a Daily Driver Fj60. This is a September 1986 Build. The Legendary 2f engine and 4 speed manual transmission, round headlights. All engine and drive train original except for aluminum radiator. Please see the pictures and ask all questions. I will be adding more pictures asap...
  16. mdsterl

    SOLD  Denver, CO: 2009 / Toyota / Land Cruiser

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser. If interested, I will send more photos. Pricing is open to discussion. I'm located in downtown Denver. - Michael
  17. C

    FJ80 No start!! Have read a ton of articles and need help!

    Hey there, I am a long time reader of this forum and appreciate all of the resources that come from this place. I have a 1991 FJ80 with 300,XXX miles on it. I have recently purchased this 80 as a parts rig for my original 80. My original 80 is currently getting the front end rebuilt and 4.88's...

    SOLD  Removed Due To Lack Of Serious Buyers

    Removed due to lack of serious buyers. Will just continue to enjoy it instead.
  19. Vintagevibes

    SOLD  Flagstaff, AZ 1985 FJ60

    Selling my 1985 FJ60 Toyota Landcruiser. 225k mi. I have owned it proudly for three years. I really love this vehicle, but my situation has changed and it’s time to sell. The following projects and services have been performed during my ownership: New gaskets installed throughout including rear...
  20. EnnK

    For Sale  Land Cruiser 200 (2008-2015)

    For sale is trunk spoiler for 2008-2015 Land Cruiser 200. The color is PEARL WHITE. It is brand new and ready to attach with 3M tape on back. I ordered this awhile back for my 2016 LC but just getting to it now and realized that this is specific to 2008-2015 models. Since I can’t return it, I...
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