1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - 93-94 Transmission Pan and Skid Plate and Neutral Safety Start and Bell Housing

    A442F Aisin Warner Automatic. Parts are not compatible with 91-92 OR 95-97 Neutral Safety Start $85, Shipping is $22, works well Trans Pan and Factory Skid Plate $75, shipping is $20 to $32 NO dents, NO leaks Bell housing $75. No cracks or warpage. Please send me a personal message.
  2. mrjordann

    Wanted  Anybody know where I can get an oil pump for a 1973 FJ40?

    I believe Aisin is OEM, am I correct? Anyways I can't find a new one anywhere on the internet. If you could point me to someone, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. gyngbld

    Is my LSPV bad, brake lines clogged, or other?

    I'm stuck and am hoping someone can tell me why my brakes are so bad on my new 1991 FJ80. Ive searched the Forums for hours without any success. When i press the pedal, 90% of the pedal travel nothing happens and the last little bit the pedal gets hard and I slow down (though not well). The...
  4. Darb

    For Sale  1979 fj40 2f factory carb

    Factory carb that was rebuilt shortly before it was replaced for a Weber 38. Carb ran excellent when removed in 2012, it’s been on my shelf since then. I would think you can bolt it right up and not need anything at all but I can’t guarantee it. It ran perfect I only replaced it because I...
  5. A

    For Sale  LOW MILEAGE 1986 LJ71 SX5

    Hello all. Up for sale is my '86 Land Cruiser with 43k original miles. This truck is a JDM model and was imported to the States a couple years ago. Supposedly it belonged to one of Toyota's lead engineers in Japan and was purchased from his estate sale. A "major" service, which included timing...
  6. Vavrinyuk

    AISIN parts any good?

    I want to replace my aftermarket Autozone fan clutch to a OEM but I heard that AISIN makes a lot of the parts for factory Land Cruisers? 16210-61160 AISIN Fan Clutch Radiator Cooling New for Toyota Land FCT-049 | eBay Thanks
  7. H

    For Sale  HDJ81 Factory Bumper and AISIN Winch w/ remote - Texas (US)

    I have a 1991 Land Cruiser HDJ81 (RHD, Japanese Domestic Market) FACTORY Toyota bumper and AISIN FACTORY electric winch (12v) for sale as a packaged deal. I am asking $900 for everything, plus shipping cost, in the U.S. only! It includes the HDJ81 factory bumper, factory electric winch bumper...
  8. UZJ40

    For Sale  40 front axle with discs and Aisin hubs

    Great condition front axle out of an early 80's BJ40. 4.11 gears and Aisin hubs. No rust. $500 picked up in Las Vegas, NV, or I can ship via Fastenal. Thanks
  9. Dissent

    Aisin Hubs Axle Groove Question

    I just wrapped up my birf overhaul with the new Aisin hubs on my 97 LX450. I had the 2nd groove machined on my axle and everything went great until I had to put the snap rings on. the new groove and ring seated perfectly but I wasn't sure if I still needed the original clip. The outer...
  10. cruiseroutfit

    YWST: AISIN Hubs & Hub Parts

    Yeah, we stock that! Are you in need of some new AISIN hubs for your Land Cruiser or Truck/4Runner? We've got the cure! We stock more AISIN hubs than anybody, pallet loads. Chances are we not only have exactly what you need but in a color of your choice too! Fits 8/99+ 76/78/79 Series - w/5...
  11. ewillis

    SOLD  SOLD SOLD Super Sexy OEM Aisin Blue Hub Fan Clutch 80 Series

    Brand new OEM Blue hub here...straight from Japan! Get ready for summer! Fits 93-97 cruisers. $90 shipped CONUS PP F/F.
  12. Not A CJ

    SOLD  Aisan Carburetor

    $95 + actual shipping from NC Aisan Carb date code 4G18 that came off my 1978 Fj40 2F. I was told that is this a newer carb from possibly 1984 FJ60. It was on my rig and running fine, until I upgraded to a period correct Trolhole carb. Pay Pal Perfered
  13. Bripars40

    For Sale  [AR] Aisin Hubs with Chromoly inners

    I have a set of used Aisin hubs with chromoly inners. They are currently on an FJ40 axle with 30 spline longfields. Asking $180 shipped.
  14. 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine

    Wanted  60 or 62 series Aisin locking hubs

    Looking for a pair of good working order Aisin manual locking hubs 30 spline with associated nuts and bolts, to 98579. Thank you! Dave
  15. cruiseroutfit

    Part-Time Conversion on the mind?

    Let us help quench the thirst! Part# TC80PTKIT - $525/kit Fits 1/1990 - 7/1992 FJ80 or customers who already have a Center Diff Lock Switch Includes T-Case Spool, 2xAISIN Hubs (Gold, other colors available) & Hub Gaskets. Part# TC80PTEKIT - $600/kit Fits 8/1992-1/95 FZJ80 Includes T-Case...
  16. Bripars40

    For Sale  [AR] '86 2F Aisin Carb

    I have a stock carb from an '86 2F for sale. It was rebuilt by the previous owner of the engine, and it could use some fine tuning. I removed it to replace it with a desmogged version. Asking $200 shipped
  17. cruiseroutfit

    2B & 3B Japanese (AISIN) Clutch Kit Sale - $175.00 (Reg $227.50)

    2B/3B SALE PRICING :cool: Part# CL3BEKIT (Fits 8/80-10/84 BJ41/BJ42/BJ44 2B/3B Diesel) - Sale has ended, now $227.50 Part# CL3BMKIT (Fits 8/80-09/89 BJ6x/7x 3B Diesel) - Sale has ended, now $227.50 We stock clutch kits for most gasoline and diesel application Cruisers, learn more here...
  18. B

    Aisin 442 limp mode

    Hey guys, Ive got a 94 Fzj80 with a 94 6bt swapped in using the Diesel Adapters Kit. It still has the Original Aisin 442 with compushift. The trans has been in limp mode for about 50% of time I have started it for the past month. Seems like a loose connection but the only one I could find is on...
  19. Rocky_LC

    Aisin Hub Won't Lock....

    My drivers side hub won't lock anymore (It has worked fine since I did a disk brake swap, which included a change to fine-spline birfields, in about 2002). This is a '74 FJ-40. When I lock the Passenger Side, I can turn the passenger wheel, and the driveshaft will spin. When I lock the...
  20. zgarre

    For Sale  (2) Aisin FHT013 Locking Hubs (Used)

    Two of these pulled off a 1986 FJ60. Tested and function perfectly, just need some cosmetic touchup. Acorn nuts and washers included. $100 + sh for the pair. Hoping someone can put these to good use. Pics to follow.
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