1. I

    For Sale  Central America 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser LHD BJ40 A/C

    Good afternoon, Land Cruiser Mart brings you a 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser LHD BJ40 . Mileage is 122,000 KM's / 76,000 Miles. 3.4 Naturally Aspirated Diesel Engine. Location is Nicaragua, Price is 19, 000 with US customs clearance landed in Miami. Inland Transportation from Port of Miami onwards...
  2. D

    Wanted  Chile. Land Cruiser 80 series 1995.

    I'm looking for the heater core/box. Really need one...the plastic box need the most!
  3. denverj86

    A/C Vent Cover Discoloration/Stains?

    Hi to all - new 2005 LX owner, just flew down to TN and drove her back to Denver. 260k, but very minimal wear. I finally found my creampuff! HOWEVER, and I know this is common - but does anyone have any experience repainting the a/c vents next to the nav/HU? Very simple to remove, but one...
  4. Toler

    For Sale  PS Sanden Compressor Bracket for 1F Engine

    Greetings all, Just bought am A/C system from Old Air and need to source a passenger side mounted bracket for my Sanden Compressor. Searched the forum with spotty results - thought I'd ask for guidance from the community. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.
  5. TeamJB

    For Sale  24V A/C controller switch FJ40.

    Hello, I have a used a/c switch 24v for sale. 175$
  6. gamecockLX

    2006 LX + question about infotainment options

    Hi all, thanks to those that helped answer questions when I was looking. I pulled the trigger on this beauty: 2006 LX 470 with ~126k miles. Living in Boston, it's going to be my winter daily driver (bike commute in the summer) and number one vehicle for camping and ski trips (with two ~70 pound...
  7. 4

    A/C Compressor not cycling

    1995 FZJ80 Recently replaced most of the A/C system. Installed new compressor, condenser, dryer, expansion valve, pressure switch. Using vacuum pump, removed moisture and added freon with manifold gauges. Low side pressure was around 25 and high side pressure 275ish (maybe a little higher) with...
  8. Navyator

    A/C blows cold but with clicking sound and rpm changes

    Hey all, My A/C never worked while in Japan, but it was hardly ever an issue with the climate there. When I came back to the states, however, I got the system recharged and it has been working great ever since (year and a half). Unfortunately, the compressor started to go and finally failed...
  9. pokerDawg

    Troubleshooting the A/C on my FJ60

    My 60 is finally something I can drive everyday. The next thing for me to try and fix is the A/C. The PO said it used to work. 1. A/C does not light up when pressed. 2. A/C fuse under the dash is not blown 3. Fan works 4. A mechanic showed me the compressor still works when he gave power to the...
  10. KonTiki

    Wanted  3FE FJ62 A/C compressor service port (AL/US)

    Im looking for just the service ports off the AC compressor, this style. The part held in the hand in the first pic. Second pic shows it mounted to the compressor. I dont need the entire compressor.
  11. R

    91 FJ80 low freon

    I have a 1991 FJ80 (3FE) that has started blowing cool as opposed to cold air, as well as blowing the high high air relay. I checked the sight glass and with the air on the second highest setting I am seeing alot of air bubbles so I know I am low on freon and that I must have a leak somewhere...
  12. J

    Heater/A/C not working

    Hello, New to the site so I apologize if I am out of order on something. I recently purchased an 84 fj60. 2f engine that had been desmogged and had a Holley carb installed. Runs well. Short version, I have no working a/c and no heater fan. Has a good fuse. Please help. Summer is heating up...
  13. L

    2000 LX470 A/C Not Working - DTC 19, 37, 47

    Hello All, 2000 LX470 ~110k miles - no known previous work done on the a/c system. Before I ask what the codes mean, a brief history of the problem: First, noticed issue when cold air stop coming out of the vents with the A/C on. A/C light was not blinking at this time, but remained solid...
  14. 8

    '94 FZJ80 A/C turns off at low RPMs

    Hi guys, I have a 1994 petrol FZJ80 MT. The compressor turns off when idle (RPMs below 1000). If I step on the gas an bring the RPMs back up it turns back up. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Thanks!
  15. sigorama

    For Sale  FJ55 Air Conditioning System

    A/C system out of a late model FJ55. Looks to be aftermarket except for the little fan control part. Will sell it all or pieces. PM me for pricing. See photos here.
  16. Riviera

    HVAC Control Head & Blower Motor

    1998 Lexus LX470 with factory radio (pre-nav) and digital readout/automatic climate control. So, about 3 weeks ago, I started my car to let it warm up as it was -10 and let it run for about 15 minutes. When I climbed in to go to work, I realized the fan wasn't blowing. I played with the fan...
  17. F

    Question about Fj60 AC compressor thread size.

    Does anyone know the size and threading of the bolt pattern on the suction and discharge line connection points of an OEM 1983 FJ60 AC compressor ? I need to do some work that requires me to move the compressor, and I want to fill the compressor with oil and seal it up while I have it removed...
  18. A

    Front AC blower stopped working

    Greetings! This morning cold air stopped blowing from any of the front vents on my 200 lc (2009). Rear vents work fine as well as the cool box. I tried different combinations for the screen AC/blower settings but can't get them to work. I do hear the blower at work as I increase the fan...
  19. E

    FJ60 Funky A/C to Radiator Connection?

    Hey guys, I went to replace the radiator in my '85 FJ60 last night and ran into a small speed bump. I ordered the Champion aluminum radiator from Cruiser Corps (here). When I went to take out the old one, I noticed two connections from the A/C system to the radiator that the new radiator...
  20. sigorama

    For Sale  Various FJ55 Parts including complete factory A/C and more

    I have a variety of parts off a 1973 FJ55. List below. PM me for pricing. View photos of the parts here -Complete factory A/C system (nippon denso). Compressor, lines, fan, brackets, electrical components, etc. -Interior door handles -Interior door pieces -Window crank handles -Emblems...
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