1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Factory Denso Alternator and FAN from 94 1FZE Tests well

    SoCal Running car had only 180,000 miles on it. Head Gasket went two months ago. car is being parted out. Prices do not include shipping. Alternator $65 Bench tested to be sure it is in good shape and it is. Fan $35 Fan Clutch (aftermarket) $25 Fan Shroud $45 Radiator is sold.
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Distributor and smog parts for 1FZE from 94FJ80

    SoCal. Prices do not include shipping. Paypal OK Does NOT fit 3FE engine. All these parts are from a good running 94 that lost it's head gasket. Distributor with cap $85 Plug Wire set Smog Valves, etc. Please send me a picture of what you are looking for to Deathvalleypaul@yahoo.com OR...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Driver side door handle interior insert (scoop) Brown $20

    SoCal Xlnt condition - NO cracks or damage. Paypal ok. Shipping $5.95 priority mail Fits ONLY on driver side front or driver side rear door, Same part used 91-97
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Air Intake hose (from MAF to intake manifold $56.74 shipped

    From a 1FZE 1994 Model. You need to verify if it is the same for your year. I don't know. VERY GOOD CONDITION in SoCAl Shipping is anywhere in USA only. No cracks or leaks, no patching. Hose clamps are included. Price is firm Paypal
  5. smokymtnjoe

    Wanted 93-94 FZJ80 Air Flow Meter

    Looking for a working AFM for my '93 cruiser. Thank you.
  6. B

    Wanted Oil Level Sensor '93-'97 1FZ-FE

    Looking for an oil sensor for my '95 LC. Pretty sure anything '93-'97 will work.
  7. LSDbrand

    Engine bogs under full throttle

    Hello eveyone. I have been reading a lot in IH8MUD and it has been very helpful on my truck. I actually have a Toyota FJZ73 but the engine is exactly the same as on the injection FJZ80 so I think I will get more replies on this forum. just to start the car is Toyota 1998 FJZ73 Engine 1FZ-FE...
  8. F

    Help Buying 70 1PZ

    Hi guys, I have found a 92 70 series with a 1PZ in it with 150k miles. I"m looking for a 1FZ but those are impossible to find where I live. All 70s here are diesels. I plan on using my LC as a daily driver and some light offroading. I will add a bull bar, larger tires and a winch. Do you have...
  9. parkamatt

    Cracked Head 1FZFE

    hey guys, I'm new to this forum and to 4WDing, I have a 95 1FZFE which has a cracked head. It'd been replaced by the previous owner, who went cheap and bought a Chinese one. Just wanting to know if there are particular brands / sellers who sell decent heads in Australia.
  10. Azca

    Engine pull and rebuild, final thoughts…

    Well after 5 weeks, not all of it working on the engine, it is back in the rig and runs great. To say this did not go smooth is an understatement; a number of things went wrong, were missing or just plain would not work. Had everything fallen into place I would not have rebuilt the bottom end...
  11. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 1FZE Cylinder Head, Just machined, ground, resurfaced, etc.

    SOLD $850. The machining and magnafluxing alone cost over $400. Lifters included. Everything is calibrated. Ready to install. Toyota Factory Head Gasket available also at half of factory price. Paypal accepted and shipping is possible, however this is a very large and heavy item to ship...
  12. R

    80 series oil pump idler gear brass bushing...

    Hey guys, So recently I rebuilt the 1FZ-FE, there was only one issue that I felt were left out. I rebuilt the engine, put it all back together and in the process I noticed the this brass bushing was discolored from the time it spent in the acid bath at the machine shop, it wasn't pitted or...
  13. danadog

    So are there any TRD Superchargers left?

    I have been trying to source a TRD Supercharger for my 80. I thought I could find at least one! Does anyone know of any out there? New or used? Perhaps there will be more from Toyota in the future?
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