1. OlyWaFJ

    Wanted  1FZ-FE Engine Wanted - WA State

    My 93 is in need of a replacement engine, the recent test results were not good. I would prefer one that is already rebuilt, I have cash in in hand and own a truck with a 2 ton lift gate. Located in Olympia, WA willing to travel the PNW for pickup.
  2. I

    FSM Toyota 1FZ-FE Engine Emission Control Manual - Publication Number RM096E (pdf) Publication Number RM096E (pdf)

    Toyota 1FZ-FE Engine Emission Control Manual - Publication Number RM096E (pdf) gasoline petrol
  3. I

    FSM Toyota 1FZ, 1FZ-FE Engine Repair Manual Publ Number RM321E Publication Number RM321E

    Toyota 1FZ, 1FZ-FE Engine Repair Manual - Publication Number RM321E gasoline petrol

    For Sale  Grand Prairie Texas 1FZ-FE for sale

    I am selling a 1fzfe engine whit out accessories the deal is with transmission and transfer case 170k Milles the engine run with out problems or noise. I have the the frame too with out rust or bend Prices don't include shipping, buyer pays shipping.
  5. E

    Missing MAF ?

    Dear all, This is my first post. I live in Qatar and I just bought my first Toyota, a gorgeous 2001 LC, 50th anniversary, with 540k km on the clock. The car runs pretty well despite the high mileage. In fact, it was the best LC I tested and inspected when I was looking around. Most of the LCs...
  6. offroadvegan

    SOLD  Professionally Rebuilt 1FZ-FE and A442F Transmission

    Hello I am selling my 1993 1FZ-FE that was rebuilt by Pacific Japanese Engines in Oregon about 20k miles ago. It was bored out .2-.3 over, and all OEM components were used in the rebuild. Head was machined, larger pistons, new timing, etc. Also was all rebaselined with new plugs/belts/water...
  7. eikelben

    PAIR Reed Valve - rattle on startup

    I was shocked to find not a single posting about this noise – I was hoping to learn that it's a "land cruiser" sound and nothing to be worried about. I have read about people eliminating the system entirely – we do have emissions where I live so not likely a path I want to go down unless it...
  8. B

    Minor Oil Leak

    Just acquired a 1993 80 Series (1FZ-FE) and I have located a small oil leak. The bloke I bought it from said it was from the power steering, but that doesn't seem to be the cause to me? Doesn't look like the main seal, could it be the orange o-ring on the pressure relief valve? Photo is from...
  9. S

    1Fz-fe new starter motor grinding noise at the end of a start

    Hi everyone, I got a 1998 1fz-fe 105 series with automatic transmission. I took it to the mechanic to get the alternator and the starter motor changed over the weekend. After I got my car back I immediately noticed that there was a grinding noise when I start the car. The grinding noise only...
  10. FZJ8xero

    For Sale  SoCal FZJ80 1FZ-FE Air Cleaner Filter Box

    Hi folks, Up for sale are some FZJ80 parts. These were for my 93 that I no longer own. Someone with a 93-94 will benefit from these parts, if you need help passing smog. CA Smog parts: PAIR + EGR Valve - $120 - sold 1FZ-FE AIR CLEANER FILTER BOX ASSEMBLY OEM - $80 Interior Parts: Driver side...
  11. Panick619

    93 1FZ-FE EGR Valve w/no Temp Sensor

    My 93 FZJ80 is throwing the Code 71. After cleaning the modulator and replacing all the lines, I ordered a new EGR valve. My issue is that my new EGR valve did not come with the temp sensor hole, assuming it's from a 95-97. Can I still use this valve and have a functioning EGR system? And/or...
  12. Stutes

    Builds  FJ-43 Build

    UPDATE OCT 29th, 2020 It has been three months and 2500 miles (updated on Oct 29, 2020) since I received my FJ43 from Terra Cruisers (FJ-43 Build) and I have been spending a lot of time going through, learning and checking everything during my quarantine downtime. I created another thread...
  13. My FZJ100

    My FZJ100

    With high performance N/A engine.
  14. anothernord

    SOLD  CO: Good running 1FZ-FE w 212k - $250

    I pulled this out to make way for the diesel swap I'm working on. It ran great when pulled, but has noisy power steering pump. It had great power and sounded great other than the whining power steering pump. Wiring harness and throttle body are not included, local pickup only. $250...
  15. Unrealbarracuda

    For Sale  1997 LX450 80 Series Land Cruiser

    This particular 80 series land Cruiser is well maintained and had the same owner for 19 years. It still retains the new car smell, the wood trim is untampered, and the leather seats are plush. Unfortunately there’s no lockers however shifting to 4 low is no issue and smooth. Slight under...
  16. Chachi254

    1996 1FZ-FE with 200k started billowing thick white smoke when accelerating from stoplight

    So, a couple days ago I cleaned my TB and intake with TB cleaner and Seafoam. Everything has been fine but today, after driving all day without issue, I accelerated from a stoplight and white smoke began billowing out of my exhaust for a good 50yds. It was thick white smoke and it hung around...
  17. Chachi254

    Upstream o2 Sensor Issues - Intermittent P0135 error still present after replacing sensor

    Hey Mudders, I've searched quite a bit for similar posts to my issue, but I cant seem to find anything that helps explain what I'm experiencing. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or has had a similar issue they were able to fix. The P0135 error is intermittent and can...
  18. Wompom

    1FZ-FE Break In Procedures/Tips/Advice

    Yes - I searched. There are about two threads that I could find that really cover this. I'm hoping to pick some peoples brains who have broken in their motors with a similar rebuild on them. Planning on getting my fresh 1fz in the truck this weekend. It has a rebuilt head (same cams -...
  19. Kolokythi

    Parting Out  Feeler -- 1996 Land Cruiser - 1FZ-FE motor + transmission + parts for sale

    I just pull my engine. Putting in a lq9. I am looking to sell the engine and transmission. I really prefer to sell it as a whole engine/transmission or at least as major pieces. I don’t really know prices but a lot of what I put in is new oem genuine Toyota parts. Please pm me and we can talk...
  20. JonnyB96TLC

    Flex Plate Bent??? Maybe?

    Preamble: I'm a new owner of a 96 FZJ80. I've tried finding info on this, but I have not found a satisfactory answer. If you know of a thread, directing me there would be of great help. Data: 4.5L inline six, AT, all time 4WD The Problem: When going at Interstate speeds >70mph and IN DRIVE...
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