What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week? (19 Viewers)

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Tom have you ever pulled out a transmission and transfer case?
Not yet but getting ready to, I have learned the painful way that if you want something done right, do it yourself👍
Let me re-phrase that:

Oh kind Sir, where didst thou purchase such a wondrous floor mat?

I have small diamond plate mats from Specter. I'd like to replace or protect my stock original with a full sized version.
Not sure, this isn’t a personal 40. It seemed pretty nice.
the reason mr. Evan your turns stop working is there only have the AMPS draw as the full / both RH ad LH sides lamps blinking all at one time .......

your internals on your original NipponDenso metal flasher can , are weak and old .........

- a new GENUINE NipponDenso NOS one awaits you PLC Staus approval for H55F fast to you incoming TEq .....

soon you will be ascending to ILC status and i will simply be making these choices for you , so you can spend more time in your man cave etc.......

- fact :

- the original OEM flasher CAN was a 23W unit .........

- below is a NON-USA HEAVY DUTY version , the word ( CONVOY ) is in parentheses on the microfiche , i can onlky conclude after a bit of dead end R&D that meant a TOWING package , and a fully illuminated trailer on the pintle hook behind a Land Cruiser 40 and 55 in the SAUDI SPEC. Region and also JAPAN Spec. regions only had these .......

- but , 27W - 23W = 4W watts more capible ,

this translates to me into a COLD SPEC. feature package too ............

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I wondered WTH that little can was on the interior firewall.

Well, December has arrived. For all you northerners who have mothballed your 40s for winter…

Nanny nanny boo boo!

Didn't think this would ever happen and about a week ago I was looking to see how much shipping would be on the Real Steel bow kit. My Craigslist search alerts have been running for around 5 years and never alerted on soft top bows until a few days ago. Super lucky/thankful to get this factory soft top bow set for my 72 FST with bonus front seats in really good condition. I forgot to ask the seller if he's on mud, if he is and sees this, thanks again.

Sent my son in to the auto parts store to get me some blinker fluid when he was a little guy.
He came out about 15 minutes later a little pissed.😂
We still joke about it almost every time we go to the auto parts store.
When I was a new recruit first time out to sea the guys in the boiler room sent me up to the bridge for some stack gas.
I had friends that had been in the navy and was set wise to the hazing's so spent almost an hour top deck goofing off before I went back down in the hole. (Boiler room)
When asked what took so long I told them that I checked in with every division and then went to the Capitan.
He told me over coffee what a bunch of jokers you guys were and if you gave me any more grief to come to him and he would straighten you all out.
I was a bit of a problem child during my hitch but I think that first episode set the standard and no one gave me much guff after that.
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Decorated for Christmas. Drove her a couple hundred miles......loving the new power steering gear box from btb, almost a full turn more than the old one.
Are those FJC steelies or Taco/4Runner steelies? Love the stance and wheel tire combo.
sadly they use too much salt here in NW Illinois so I need to choose wisely when we go for a ride. Seems like MT has been a bit colder than normal so far this winter.......
There's probably been more days below zero than above freezing in the last month over here.
Around here there is:
Dry salt - not so sticky so not so bad
Roads that don't get salted - too poor to do maintenance on all of them.
Places not too far that don't get too much snow so they are not so bad for more of the time during the winter.
Destinations with regular sand, washboard, and mud.
There are strategic paths to get you on unloved BLM 'jeep-roads' without too much road brine, so the rust from a little salt here can't be as bad as the mud that most of us probably are attracted to during the warmer months.

You have to take it for a spin just to lay tracks before the snowplows, even if it is just thru residential. It is so ridiculously cold driving a 40.

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