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Aug 29, 2011
I'm not going to try to reinvent the wheel with this thread or offer anything that has not already been done, covered, thought of or anything else. Mission is simple here, to document my build as I go, for me it is a log on what I do for future reference.

Started 4 years ago, I rebuilt a 2F from an 83 FJ60 that I salvaged, everything seemed great, had minor issues here and there, until I started having problems cooling the engine. Eventually I found that the radiator was clogged from crap floating around in the block after I had rebuilt it, ran it HOT a time or two before I realized how HOT that it was. Installed a new Autometer gauge in it and found that it had been running hot for a while. New radiator, thermostat, water pump, and hoses all came next. Ran great, that is until this past winter. That is when I noticed during regular maintenance that the air filter was totally saturated with oil, the carb was fouled, along with the plugs. Started digging in to find out why oil was blowing into the air cleaner. BLOWBY. I hate it. Ran a compression check, found 3 cylinders low, like 110 ish. Wound up rebuilding the top end, suspecting a blown head gasket. WRONG. I didn't see anything wrong in the cylinders while the head was off, but after the upper end was rebuilt I still had the same compression #s............................pulled the mighty 2F.

Now comes the fun.
Here come the goods




3 out of 6 pistons had a skirt broken, all on the same side. All the damage to all 6 pistons was on the same side, rings broken, ring lands broken.....yadda, yadda, yadda

Heat kills.
:bang: Holy crap, how many year's you figure you've aged since you began? In FJ40 repair years that is...
So after I disassembled the engine I found a few issues, all a result of running it to hot. Some bearings had been ruined, camshaft bearings look like 2 of them turned a bit in the block, surprisingly the main bearings look perfect. Rod bearings, not so much. As stated earlier all of the pistons had some type of serious damage, but nothing to the block!

Camshaft-sent to Delta Camshaft in WA state to get fixed, two lobes were damaged. going with a different grind also (KC)
Crankshaft- mics out good, need to send it to get polished.
Block- has been power washed, degreased, and miked out, ALL od the cylinders are within specs. Measurements to come later.
Head- it was just reworked 500 miles before it came off did have 2 bent valves though, lots of carbon built up in some valve seats.

After going through and measuring everything, I decided to start the rebuild again, this time with ALL OEM parts.
Contacted Beno and got things rolling $1800 and a Paypal headache later I have the guts of the "mighty 2F" ordered

Pistons, rings, rod bearings, main bearings, cam bearings, new radiator, and a full gasket set.
With a 3-4 week lead time on all of the guts for the engine, I figured it would be a good time to address other minor things on the 40. The front knuckles were rebuilt in the spring while the head was off, nothing to do there, maybe clean up the engine bay? Maybe. Follow the lead of the man in Kingwood and remove the rust camouflaging bed lined that had been sprayed in the tub? Maybe.
Then I thought, "What the hell, it would be a lot easier to rebuild this beast with the tub off, I could even take care of some of the rust while I'm at it."
So it began..............................wrench here, wrench there, here a beer, there a beer, 2 boxes of zip lock bags to keep track of what is what (learned that after the last engine build), did I mention beer?
While I had the time to spare I removed most everything that was attached to the body. The engine bay is in pretty good shape, as I workedy way to the back I started to find some cancer here and there. The usual suspects were right there. The rear sill is something I had my eye on for a while, there are two fist sized holes where the original rear benches used to mount. Found a couple pretty decent sized areas under the cab as well.

Broke all the body mount bolts with exception of 2, no big deal, there are being replaced anyways. With a little help from a chain hoist and my engine hoist the body was off and sitting on jack stands in about an hour. Time for a beer.

After a good look at the frame I am delighted, no rust, it is in excellent condition. Worked on stripping down the frame last night, everything is removed except the steering box.



Bottom of one of the barn doors

A few shots of the rear sill




Both sides where the rear seats used to mount, my kids used to sit there until I found that rust! Now they have a fold and tumble in the back.


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Journeyman Fred

Ole' Fred is down and out with a broken leg. "Flying accident" as I recall. I need to head your way for some commiseration activities.
Hope it wasn't an FUI or FWI or whatever it's called in the Land of Nod...

I'm gonna call for an update on 44 tomorrow... Should be done soon :clap: but, I won't hurry them... Just do it right and get the muffler shop to do it right too.

Once I get past this ne t round of Dr appts and take another short Tundra/Casita trip or two with Dianna and the boys, I'm hoping to make a few 44 trips up into the Big Empty before it's too cold to camp.

I'll keep you apprised.

BTW the 'fee' campgrounds in the Conejos River Valley of the Rio Grande National Forest close after Labor Day. But the dispersed camping is available... As long as the road (NFS 250, off of Hwy 17, between Anotonito, CO and Chama, NM) is open.

If you have the time, it's a great place to fly fish... A lot of public access, with a lot of different types of conditions... Rainbows and browns and Platoro Reservoir (highest man made reservoir in U.S.) has some type of salmon... Chinook? Can't recall.

Sorry for the hijack, Ryan!! But, good camping/fishing info for you too!!
I always liked to fish the Hunter-Fryingpan wilderness area, the back side of Mt Holy Cross. WAY up past Ruedi reservoir.
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Poor Fred, he was used and abused, tossed out with a broken leg once the hard work was done!

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