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Talk to me about that stubby antennae you are running, please. How is that set up?
My brother in law gave it to me for Christmas. 0.1 banana job.

AntennaMastsRus - Conversion Kit is Compatible with Toyota Land Cruiser (08-1996-1997) - Lexus LX 450 (1996-1997) Amazon product
Careful with that thing. I would guess that is illegal in California, if it is not illegal I would still be worried that it would make your rig a target for extremists. I mean a gas guzzler and an abnormally large round of ammo is bound to make somebody mad.....

Haha, just kidding. Looks like a good time with all the snow. Good looking cruiser, flag, and dog.
Lolz! Thanks friend, yeah its an oreilly antenna replacement thing, not a real .50 cal round! I get funny looks all the time, but it doesn't bother me any. I get compliments on the truck also, so its nice to know that people appreciate it.

P.s. my dogs name is 'Merica, haha. Had to do it.
I bought parts for it, since it is a needy b**** but also drove it to a friends house to help tear off a roof. No one could believe I was actually driving it, since I've put 30 miles on it since June.
Got the motor out
I like this. I have been thinking of something similar, but have yet to attack it. What kind of hinges are those? Do they lock both in the up and down positions?
Amazon special

Amazon product

They only lock in one position
Who's the maker of that rear bumper?
I like its departure angles...
It's a 4x4labs one. I did the kit version and welded it myself to save some money (and I like projects.)

Was a bit more work than I had anticipated (cutting the exhaust, sourcing extra lugnuts, and a few other "oh yeah" moments) but super happy with it and it's held up great so far. Only downside is I get a bit of a rattle on bumpy roads, currently I solve that but sticking a piece of cardboard at the strike plate and that takes care of it, but I think some adhesive backed rubber will be my long term fix. Seems to be a common thing with them based on searches I've done here.
Making running boards sexy again, put them back on Sunday.

View attachment 2557568

View attachment 2557570
They look great but if you plan to wheel seriously, I'd get a set of sliders. If you come down hard on rock it will bend up your running boards like paper. If it also bends your rocker panel, (the strip of metal under your doors), you might not be able to open and close your doors. If you are already aware of this, please disregard my reply. Just trying to help out a fellow mudder.
Left Atlanta to chase the little bit of snow we got in the mountains to the north. We had a great time.



@CJM80 It's the standard ARB Safari. I read about interference as well. But maybe they made a subtle change to the mounting template? Not sure as all I did was attach that to the truck about a dozen times to make sure it was 100% lol and drill the needed holes.
Thanks. Reached out to ARB and looks like the changed the design slightly a couple hrs ago to not interfere with the antenna.

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