What did he do?

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May 11, 2011
Flat Lands
I am a Cruiser widow. Unfortunately- literally I am. My husband used to spend many an hour reading IH8Mud, but passed away with cancer last year. I have his Cruiser and am planning to sell it, but am trying to figure out what he did to it and what it is worth.

I know he put on power stearing and 33" tires. He did something to the suspension- what he did, I do not know. Can you tell me anything from the picture? I'm not certain about the gear ratio. And I'm not sure about the winch. I have one winch on the vehicle and another one in the garage. I know there was big talk about a "PTO" winch. Can you tell from the picture if that is what is on the vehicle?

I'd appreciate any info you can give me. I've got spare parts (of course), new metal for many of the rusted areas, original hard top and ambulance doors. Runs great. Uncertain of miles- speedometer quit working well some time ago but I know it's over 130K. Engine was rebuilt about 30K miles before we bought it in 2001. Thanks in advance.
I am very sad to hear about your loss....we'll try to help you out the best we can....

I cant see any pictures?

...what was his screen name here on MUD? maybe we can find more information about his truck from posts that he had made in the past.

Is there nobody in the family to pass it onto?

Again am sorry about your husband
post some pictures and your location. I'm sure someone here on MUD would be happy to take a look at the truck and help you out, there's a lot of good people that view this site.
Your pics are on wordpress and they are where you have to be logged in to see them.

Like Johnny said above if he had a Mud username please post it.

And very sorry for your loss.
I wish I knew what his username was. His first name was Jeff. I think he read much more than he posted.

I can see the pics on my view, but obviously nobody else does. How do I get the pictures to insert into my post? Bet that answer is on FAQ??!
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Vinyl factory-style softtop, the "bows" alone are worth about $600, and the top another maybe $400.

33x10.5 tires, 2.5" or 4" SUA lift.

Nice Nato gas can with holder for four cans or one and an ice chest.

Warn or Bellvue winch with nice bumper and roller fairlead. It's not a PTO winch.

Some pretty good rust there on the rear quarter panel.

Rear aux fuel tank has been removed.

Can't see the power steering in any of these pics. Need pics of the interior and under the hood.

You should not consider less than $5000 for it IMO.

There are users of the forum from Lincoln that might help a lady out. Here's an example, send him a PM:

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Sylvia looks like you husband had great tast...an oem style soft top is a big bonus...it is a Pakistan top ...not oem....but still very good and he had kept the top in good shape...did he buy the top or did the truck come with it?

looks like a 1978? fj40

33" sidewinder Mt radial tires
Bellevue Winch
Good lift maybe 4" total?
Alloy rims

Any more pictures that you can post ...interior?

did he pall around with any Land Cruiser clubs near you?
I am very sorry about your loss. This is a great website and a great community. Hopefully there is some local cruiser heads on this board that will see your post and come give you a hand...
Johnny, he bought the soft top- I believe through this site- with a group that ordered from Pakistan. I think it was the first group order. We were living in the middle of WY at the time. He was a TLCA member but we never went on any group outings. Dreamed of going to AK on their annual outing, but never made it.

Looks like I can only upload 3 pictures...? Not sure how to post more.

Thanks for the contact info on the local member. I'll see if they'd be willing to help me out.
I cant really share much, but I did just want to offer my condolences. Usually the threads begin rather humorous, but I was very sorry to read on and learn that he had passed on.

Very sorry for your loss.

Again...there is NO ONE that you could pass a beautiful rig like that on to? Someone near and dear to you both that will see HIS dreams of it to fruition?

Again. Sorry!

here are three more pictures from Sylvia...glad i could help...any more i'll be happy to post them up for you...once we get an idea of the truck and an honest value...you can post up all the information in the classifides section here on MUD as well as on craigslist or even Ebay

I was going to say it must have been an early ehsan top...he hasnt really been making the single large window in the back for quite some time...he definitly has some posts on here if he was on that group order...the early group orders took well over a year to get their stuff.

for those reading it a '76 FJ40
sorry to hear of your loss :frown:
So very sorry about your loss Sylvia and letting something go that your husband obviously enjoyed is hard to do but I do know of many reasons why to part because I lost a wife once too. These people on Mud will help you out. I cannot contribute much but I do hope you the best an Go Bless!
My condolances to you and your family.
There is a PTO shifter poking through the floor, PTO box visible in undercar pic. But no PTO winch on the front. If there is a PTO winch in the parts stash, the PTO+winch package can be worth some money. Since there is already an elec. winch on the truck, the PTO could be pulled off, and the whole PTO winch set-up sold separately. Depending on condition, can be worth anywhere between $400-$1000.

Looks like a Mini-Truck PowerSteering install. A good upgrade that is not very intrusive to the truck.
here are some more pictures from Sylvia they bought it in 2000 looks like the 1st picture was before some mods...she does have the hardtop mayhave sold the rack...

has anybody seen this truck on MUD before?

anybody have an idea of what she would be able to get for it?
I'm thinking 5K - 6K however it does come with alot ...or...is that too high...

what are you guys thinking?

It would be nice to have a family member fix it all up and enjoy it...nobody wants it Sylvia?

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