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Aug 6, 2005
Corpus Christi/Austin, Texas
Well, I've kinda been dragging my feet on this after promising to do make a thread 4 months ago over in the help section. This 40/55 section has a lot of build up threads and it has gotten to the point that I'm running out of room in my Bookmarks for all of them :D

So hopefully this thread will make it a lot easier to follow all the restos, builds, frame offs, etc. that this section has.

If I missed your build up or if you know of some that I've missed, please PM me with a link. Once I get 5 or more threads to be added I'll ask for the thread to be opened so I can edit it. Thanks.


1973Guppie: Guppie's FJ55 Build Thread
ROTW Guppie's 73 TLC FJ40

79fj40moneypit: My rusty 79 fj40 rebuild

84oz: Oz FJ40 Buildup / Restoration

90 Weight: My First Landcruiser: 78' Frame Off Restofication

AATLAS1X: 1979 FJ40 Build up Resto Thread

aircrew: 1978 BJ40 Restoration, The Klunk Munkey

alumacruiser: Alumacruiser

apeterson: My 74 Build up

Bad Coco: Poo Flinger build up

bbalbano: My Build, So far......

BELMONT148: 71' Fj40 Build

bsevans: My Yoda

bull: Project: Colonel 1979 FJ40

calsum2: No longer a rookie

centerlineseal: New Build For 15 Year Old

cowboy695: Down To The Frame(my Build Thread)

cubbg46: cubbg46 75 build up

DomSmith: DomSmith’s H55 build Thread… SBC Fj40

dunntexas: 79 FJ40 build thread

fj40_73: fj40_73 Build Thread

FJ-40Original: '65 FJ40 Restoration finally with pics!

fjbj40: it has begun, my 74 restoration

FJ_Jarhead: Enduring Task: 1968 + 1978 Build/Merge Project

fytattoo: 1980 FJ40 Project

Halogrinder: Halo's New Ride

HeavyLift: 1978 BJ40 buildup broadcast...

IanB: 1976 '40 Resto/Buildup

jackbrad: FJ 40 project

kvanoort: 1972 FJ40 Restoration Project

LakeNorman_FJ40: '79 FJ40 Rebuild

MandMAutomotive: Been here two days...

mattcrandle: 1972 fj40 build-up thread

matt.mcinnes: 2F + 3F-E = 2F-ETI Into My FJ40

mel lowe: My new pair of fjs

Melloj123: Spread the Mustard 78 Resto

mikedickbek: 1978 Restoration (the best I can...)

my64fj40: 1964 FJ40 Build

nick: Another 74 FJ40 frame off

okie: 1970 frame off

paranoid56: 71 FJ40 build up using my 84 xcab chassis (camotoy)

Poser: H55/Splitcase into 02/79-40 Series

pportmd: 78 FJ40 Resto Project

projektdotnet: Official Projekt "Rusty" Buildup thread

RIDDLER: 1979 FJ40 frame off in Spokane, WA

Rigger: Builds - Hard Ways - Rigger's 1969 FJ40

rockcod: Operation Sinus Infection (A build up of Snotz)

scott67fj40: fj40 with 4 link fj80 axles project

spencerweb4: Just another '69 build up

TEQ: Uglina's (78 FJ40) Fix-up Thread

thecrazygreek: Well looky here!

thegreencantina: Starting my frame off Restore Project!!! Comments Welcomed!!!

timmbuck2: 1973 FJ40 a newbie

Twisty: Aussie 1978 FJ40 Buildup - Offroad pics and vids added!

Waorani: 1980 Frame-Off Resto

webelk6: 04/75 frame off

mailking: complete BJ45 rebuild in Bolivia


Hardcore Corner Builds

2007: ROTW

Pre-2007: ROTW

FJ25 / Early FJ40 Project Threads - Restoration and Otherwise

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