Just purchased this gem in eastern Oregon.

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A.K.A. TheCraftyGreek
Sep 26, 2005
Putting it in the queue for resto....
A nice original unhacked beauty...
The guy in the pic is the owner since 80..
Greek, I feel like I have my eye out for cruisers in the state but holy crap man you have the market cornered!!
Yes it was a bit sad. But he felt it was a good idea to let her go as he's not able to fix her back up they way he would like. His name is Wes and he and his wife were just lovely people. I told him I would come back and give them a nice ride to Wallowa lake.
I found this rig while working in Enterprise Oregon about three months ago. I always have my eyes peeled and sure enough, there she was. I talked with Wes and his wife for over an hour leaving them my info. He wasn't ready just yet at that time, but I got a call a couple weeks ago and he was ready. So I happened to be out there again for work yesterday (my birthday!!!!) And made it official. I'll come back out in a couple weeks and flat trailer her home.
Since this is an eastern Oregon truck the rust is minimal.
Here she is with the great couple....

And a shot of the near rust free rear end. Everything is still in this rig. Bottle jack and all....


Another bonus are the original plates...
Oh and the dual bumper thing.... he found the old bumper "up in the hills" where he left it 25 years ago.... wow.... so he set it back where you see it. It is perfectly straight....!
Wow!!!! Nice find and looks like wonderful PO's!!

Best of luck with her!!
Yes, I even mentioned the bezel orientation to him and he laughed about it saying he never messed with it.... nor thought of it.
Only thing not original are the wheels. Tho he still had the caps! Oh and the original spare wheel....
My kind of luck - right place, right time and access to $$:beer: Good deal!
Couple of dings in the back are from when a trailer he was towing "got loose" on him and kissed the backside.....
Wes did alot of hunting in this thing. His father and brother in law would ride on the roof angering the passengers in the truck who missed out on getting Thier buck due to the better view and shot angle from the rooftop. Lol....

You better give 'em a ride to the lake.
Is that where the tram runs all summer, but not in the winter?
Nice find! I know you said you were working in Enterprise but, was the Cruiser actually located in Wallowa?

Yes, it was in Wallowa in plain sight just off the highway. !

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