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NAPA has good stuff and might even be OME on something like a wheel brake cylinder. I would go with an AISIN master cylinder. Sometimes you can find them on rockauto or other cheep sites. I believe that Advics is also made by AISIN

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progress: clutch master, clutch slave installed and goes into all thes gears.

Next up ...... brakes!

Question: looks like the resivors and lines are seperate systems for the front / rear. There are obvious leaks in the front wheel cylinders.
If the front wheel MS resivor looks like its been empty and dry but intact /no signs of leaking, can I get away with just replacong the wheel cylinders, clips, springs and pads if needed or since the resivor has been dry and potentially exposed to moissture should I replace the master as well?

Thanks in advance!

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You can rebuild the MC, they are pretty easy to take apart.
I think you can get rebuild kits at NAPA.
Obviously if the bore is pitted from having wet sludge sitting on the bottom, it is time to move on...
Thanks. @DirtDauberGarage
I was thinking of taking that approach. these brake parts seem to be available at a number of different sites, even Napa auto. Is there any reason why I would want to use one brand , site or store vs another ? I get OEM is usually the way to go.
Kurt @cruiseroutfit carries a very large inventory of MCs. He can hook you up!
While I am paitently waiting to receive the brake parts, thought I would attampt to tackle the multi guage cluster :oops:and ....what a cluster F it is...

The oil presure guage works, guage lights work(took out the gauges and tested them and they are all working including light bulbs) but the temp and fuel guages not registering when plugged into the fuel/temp sending units. Used a toner and found the wires to each are good back to the cluster wheel but there is no power reaching either of them when plugged in and ignition on.

Using the FSM(I know I am learning) ;). I tested the guage for power at point A( pic attached)have power (12v) but, there is little to no voltage when testing at point b which should be fluxuating between 2v-7v per the manual. If no voltage is detected here does this mean the guage regulator is the issue or something else? with the ignition on I couldnt verify any voltage at the number 2 port in the wire wheel(power from the ignition) with the wire wheel plug unplugged.

thoughts ? suggestions??

Thanks in advance...

testing the guage FSM.jpg

fuel temp oil guage.jpg
If fuel gauge not working it's usually a ground issue just like the directionals 🤔😉
the Tank has been redone and is bolted to the body so I am assuming thats a good ground souerce. I tested the fuel sender wire for power at the tank using a ground wire fastened to one of the screws holes that hold the sender unit on and no voltage was found w/ the ignition on. did a similar test at the wire at the temp sender unit no voltage
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Alright alright alright. Been a while since Ive posted . This non stop rain has put a significant damper on any bigger fixes. I did tke take gauges out and am in the process of painting the needles, new brass hardware and light bulbs. Seems the rubber glass gasket was a bit of a chore to source but as always, I was able to find something that might work on Amazon.. I know suprise right?. After reading through @roadstr6 buckys build and @PabloCruise Javalina threads I am super motoivated to start going again. Those threads are so amazing with all that detail!!! ALso, Just picked up the correct early model hood too (thank you @Half Wacked aka Split Pea for the hood and all the awesome information. Dale has done some very nice work on his pig as well!
More to come as soon as this insane rain tapers off. joined TLCA too :D!

clean circuit board.jpg
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Some progress. Removed the guages, installed new LED bulbs, painted the guage needles and new hardware. I took everything apart and cleaned up boards and parts with circuit board cleaner & windex also installed new guage glass rubber that I sourced from amazon. One of the blinkers not functioning but likely a ground issue.

elec cleaner.jpg
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