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Oct 18, 2002
Cottonwood, Az.
The thread “There And Back Again...” is the history of my rig, and so now separately, moving forward, this will be the thread with what’s going on currently, or rather, new history.

ATM, I’m trying to check off a huge number of needed repairs in order to hopefully make the Pig Party 2018.
My family and I just got back from a week vacation in Maui, so now that the post vacation vacuum is now here, I can give the Cruiser some attention.
Thankfully, I took off another week from work!

The list for the week is -
Lengthen rear d-shaft
New side view mirrors
Restore and repair battery trays, cables and auxiliary fuse box
Replace front seatbelts
Service engine and grease chassis
Repair oil leak from aftermarket oil pressure gauge line

If I can knock those out, I’ll be pretty happy.
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Are you having a shop lengthen the shaft? That might take a few days. All the rest seem doable. Cottonwood, I just read about cottonwood road, seems that pretty close to the Party.
The original battery tray has been beat on and neglected, time for some refreshment. My auxiliary battery tray isn’t much to look at (fabbed up years and years ago), but noticed my engineering skills were shabby where hold-down placement is concerned. Gonna change that.
When I put the longer, taller Alcan Springs in the rear, I was never able to lengthen my drive shaft accordingly due to my local d-shaft builder closed shop, then the economy tanked, and I had no money for such expenditures, and plus it still worked, so f-it. Over time, the springs have relaxed and the yoke is barely holding on, so it really needs to get taken care of.
And then I noticed for the first time, that there is no method of pressure reduction in the yoke as it compresses, so my idea is to drill a hole in the cap and insert a rubber plug with a weep hole.




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And yes, a shop in Chino Valley is the only place I can find in N AZ that does d-shafts. They are a Monday through Thursday, 8am - 3pm kind of a shop that requires me to take a day off just to get there.
When I installed the overdrive in my Pig, I was certain that would be the best modification. Next I put in power steering and couldn't imagine anything could top that. Then I installed late model F-150 captains chairs with adjustable lumbar support. THAT was the ultimate upgrade.
Looks like you got some comfy seats...enjoy. Look forward to meeting you at the Pig Party.
So, running into more work (par for the course). Found some, *gasp*, rust, on the rear floorboard. This will hopefully get addressed soon as well as a full tub coating of an at present undecided rust inhibiting and protective chemical compound.
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