transmission fluid

  1. thomasedwa

    FZJ80 died while idling for 10 minutes and has been shifting slow recently

    For the last month my 80 has been shifting a little slower, I didn't think much of it since the 80s aren't known for their fast shifting, but yesterday, I put my car in park and left the AC running while I was waiting for someone. About 10 minutes of keeping the car in park the RPMs started...
  2. scottcb

    Overfilled Transmission Surprise

    I went to check my transmission fluid level. When I undid the drain plug, too my surprise tons of oil came out. Am I safe to believe it’s been overfilled? Isn’t it just suppose to be to the edge of the fill plug without leaking out? I wonder if it was filled from the top as I’ve read that can be...
  3. lathamb

    For Sale Transmission fluid, Case, Toyota Type T-IV, Dallas, TX

    I ordered a case of WS fluid a year ago and just now got around to doing my fluid exchange, only to find out they sent me T-IV fluid. SO I have a new case of Toyota T-IV for sale if anyone can use it. Paid $118. Asking $90, Local Pickup in Plano, TX (North Dallas)
  4. OregonB

    2005 LX transmission fluid q's

    Finishing up baselining my fluids...unless I'm totally missing something, this is a sealed transmission (?), no dipstick/fill tube. In all the threads on MUD about draining/refilling, pulling the pan, flushing (or not flushing), etc., there seems to be little mention of this "feature". Is this...
  5. cwmoser

    Techstream - Transmission fluid temperature ...

    I can't find anywhere in my Techstream that will show the temperature of the Transmission fluid. Is this just not accessible by Techstream????
  6. AppleTech

    2006 Transmission Fluid Service

    My 2006 (140k mi) is due for transmission fluid service by my count. I believe it was done previously based on the notes from PO but I don't know what type of fluid (I doubt it was the correct type). I want to flush the system and put in the proper Toyota WS stuff. Couple questions since there...
  7. 2001LC

    Dexron III or Toyota WS ATF transmission fluid. What ATF are you using?

    It' my understanding the A750 5spd transmission was first introduced in the 2003 Land Cruiser/LX470 USA. In 2004 - 2007 dip stick was removed from this transmission. Was 2003 the first year Toyota WS ATF fluid was installed at factory? No Toyota T-IV in 03, 04 was first for WS. What ATF fluid...
  8. jpsfj60

    A442F Transmission Fluid Level

    Going to drop my pan and change my transmission fluid. Will clean the metal screen of the valve body also while the pan is down. My question is how many quarts of transmission fluid does the A442F hold? What type of automatic transmission fluid is everyone using or the best ATF to use...
  9. M

    Manual transmission fluid top up

    Hi all and thanks in advance, before I pull any thing apart I wanted to double check to make sure that the top of the hose was the top up manual transmission fluid reservoir? Toyota land cruiser hj61 12ht 1988 Why was a hose put in to connect? I am topping up with penrite
  10. route11

    Transmission Fluid 3.6,4,5 6.5???

    Hi all, I need some advice. I changed my ATF last night and got my self confused. Searched forum beforehand and concluded 4qt for 95+ J80 People reported getting 3.6 to 4qt drained old fluid. And more for 94 J80 about 5qt.Then I looked into owner's menu and it reads 6.5qt. I drained and filled...
  11. A

    Transmission Fluid Question

    Hi Guys, Been reading on the forum about which transmission fluid to use and just needed some clarification before I perform a quick drain and refill on my 2001 LC. According to this TSB - This is the type of Transmission Fluid I should be...
  12. PhillipPinot

    Do y'all recommend a transmission fluid flush?

    Hi everyone, new owner of a 2013. I'm pretty paranoid and proactive about maintenance so I'm wondering if y'all recommend changing that I get the transmission fluid changed. It was purchased from carmax and I don't have a full record of maintenance. My prior car was a Subaru where I went up...
  13. HJZ73Beast

    HZJ73 Transfer Case Problem

    Hello folks, need some advice & help with a diagnosis. I have a HZJ73 and am currently travelling across the US. My transfer case has been leaking quite badly recently. I topped it up to full and put some manual T stop leak in 2 days ago, and started a drive today. Got 80 miles into the drive &...
  14. dahlmaker

    Ugh...Discovered a Leak but Can't Find the Culprit

    I was planning a run through Cleghorn Ridge tomorrow so I was just going through and checking fluids and noticed my transmission fluid seemed a bit low. It was warm and the reading was just below the hot mark. I honestly can't remember if that's the level it was the last time I checked. I...
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