1. Gumybob

    Upgrade to Anti-Lock Brakes

    Here is my delima. Have a 94 LandCruiser, already upgraded and added ARB Front Bumper, Sliders, Springs, Camelback Toyota rebuilt the top half of engine and all that goes with that, new Radiator, PS Pump, Alternator, and Brakes. The issue is now when I hit the brakes hard, and I have had to...
  2. sunrk

    Bottle jack alternatives and how to safely store/secure them

    I ditched the factory jack some time back as mine was dodgy and it doesn't work well with a lifted 80. Instead I have a Masada MH-7 which is bigger but made in Japan is high quality. It does't fit into the factory jack pocket (and that's a pretty poor place to put the jack IMHO). pic page...
  3. TYM4FUN

    Any safety benefit wtih in cab winch controls?

    Is there any safety benefit with in cab winch controls? I have only had to use it once and used the handheld wired controller and worked just fine. If there is a safety gain then I will install a switch.... All I see is: One less item to store. Someone else can hook up while you stay in the cab.
  4. Dozer18

    Headlight upgrades and VA Safety Inspection

    Gents, I'm looking to upgrade the headlights in my 62 using the popular harness from slcfj62 here on Mud, and wanted to upgrade the headlamps to H4/H1s. However, H4s - and any non-DOT headlamps - are technically illegal here in VA (but H1s are okay). Are any of you running these and/or have...
  5. Mackeath

    Safety on Highway

    Greetings all, 9 years ago I took my 62 to the southern Arizona border and northern Mexico for a great week of photos and filming. This memorial weekend I would like to take it back for a follow up. Only issues is it is now 9 years older. I've kept up on tranny and engine and other critical...
  6. pkelly72

    Wanted Neutral safety switch 97

    Looking for a NSS for a 97 80 series. Send a pm or email
  7. ZeGerman

    Bolts & Safety - Please Read!!

    I have been tearing into my cruiser. Took the entire interior apart as well as other parts of the vehicle. I have been tearing apart vehicles for quite sometime and there seems to be one thing that I encounter all too frequently. Usage of inadequate bolts. Everybody on this site likes to tinker...
  8. R

    Scissor lift safety question

    When I was working on my old Jeep, the Bendpak would raise it enough to work under, and I could still use conventional jack stands as a safety back up (the lift has a mechanical lock). I find that for good clearance on this truck, I have to raise it higher than the jacks will reach. Bendpak...
  9. pkelly72

    Wanted Neutral Safety Switch and harness 97 LX

    I'm looking for a NSS and complete harness for a 97LX. Like the picture below but harness needs to be complete, not cut.
  10. scottm

    Bifocal Safety Glasses, Sunglasses, Cheaters

    I've reached that age, been trying to compensate, nothing seems to work as well as I'd like. At least I can experiment fairly cheaply buying safety glasses for work with various levels of cheaters in the bottom. I picked up a set of (red) +3.5 reading glasses for a buck at the hardware store...
  11. mep1811

    Emergency triangle mounting

    After having my emergency triangles floating around the truck I wanted a good out of the way location but was accessible. I found this mounting bracket. Triangle Kit Mounting Bracket: Industrial & Scientific The triangle case I had was a little short for the mount so I used a...
  12. Wadesters

    Wanted Hood safety catch FJ40 79-83 (see picture)

    I need one shipped to zip code 30265. Thanks.
  13. G

    1993 first time owner transmission concerns

    Hello All, I've long wanted an FZJ80 and finally pulled the trigger on one earlier this week. The rig I bought is a 1993 with a tick over 200k. I think it's an A442F transmission. I had the prior owner meet me at a friends mechanic's shop who primarily...
  14. jstigler

    Child seats in an 80 (seat belt info)

    So I searched and it seems that my 93 is the last year that the second row doesn't have the ratchet feature once the belt is fully pulled. Can someone confirm that any model 94 and up will have ratcheting belts in the 2nd row. If so can you install 94+ 2nd row belts on a 91-93 model. Do the...
  15. B

    80 Series Safety

    We are looking at buying an 80 series LC as a daily driver, but wanted to hear the groups thoughts about safety. We have a 3yr old son and I want to make sure he'll be fine in our rig should something happen. Thoughts? Should I look at something newer?
  16. kansascityFJ

    Anyone use SOR's REAR 3 POINT BELT CONVERSION on FJ60?

    Hey just wondering if anyone has used this aftermarket REAR 3 POINT BELT CONVERSION kit on their FJ60 from SOR? Ive searched threads and find retrofits from FJ62's...but need anyones thoughts on their kit. Its the one at the bottom of the page: the REAR 3 POINT BELT CONVERSION Link: Page 305...
  17. Iceaxe


    I've been quietly watching a few recent threads highlighting potentially dangerous things happening to our rigs that may threaten the lives of us and our loved ones. We all acknowledge these trucks are old and require maintenance, but I think we should maintain a "CRITICAL SAFETY ALERT" thread...
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